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Just made my deposit and scheduled my procedure...

Just made my deposit and scheduled my procedure date. After months of reading reviews and checking out 5 doctors work, I find myself coming back to #1. His work looks beautiful. Im flying into Miami for the procedure. My coordinator is Joanna and shes been really sweet and super helpful. She called me on Thursday to discuss my procedure and asked if I had any concerns.


This process is a JOKE. You are told to go to the 2nd floor of a nasty building. The waiting room is the size of a postage stamp. Upon arrival you sign in! Ha. They also take your id and give you a big stack of paperwork to fill out.
1 hour later your put in a small room to go over your payments. Not only do they take copies of your credit cards again but also your id.
2 hours later I'm shoved into a small office with the "nurse" she checks my weight and skins though the blood work paperwork. My file is being put together in front of Me! What the!
No one wears badges and can barley speak English.
I'm then told to go to the 3rd floor for sizers. After waiting again, I'm hurried back and asked what size I want. She doesn't even tell me how to put the inserts in!
I haven't met the doctor or the person putting me to sleep.
They said I would have to get my prescriptions tomorrow after surgery. What!?
Are these women even licensed?
How do I know it's Ary Krau who's going to do my procedure!
There where 12 women getting surgery tomorrow. I counted! They left the appoitment screen up in front of me. 12 !!!!
They didn't measure me, they didnt even touch me.
They said they would call by 6 pm to let me know what time my appoitment would be.
4:30 They called and told me 6:30 am
By 5 pm I received another phone call from pre op saying I needed to provide proof of a payment. This payment proof was already taken care of a month ago. My bank issued another card. But they wanted me to shoe proof again! She said she would call back in 5 mins. While I'm trying to get the screen shot from my phone, Deenia, calls back to tell me that my appoitment time has been changed to 3 pm. I explained to her that I couldn't provide the proof while talking on the phone. After 3 more emails she calls back again to say my appoitment is at 10 am to be there at 9. Wow
All they care about is money. Not the patient. I'm so worked up over this, I'm crying and sick to my stomach.
My gf was waiting in the car. She told me she seen 3 women come out at the same time. HOW? She said the one lady was so doped up the nurse was literally pushing her back in her wheel chair. Sounds like she needed more recovery time. Another was vomiting. The other was screaming when the seat belt was placed over her. Before this the nurses came out for a smoke break, sat down papers then walked away to smoke. These same papers where given to the ladies in the wheel chair. HIPPA anyone?

At what cost is it to beautiful? Will I walk away from this alive?


After a long discussion with my gf and my husband I barley slept. Woke up the morning of my surgery so still feeling upset, still crying, and still very uneasy. I prayed last night. I asked God to show me a sign. I know the credentials of this doctor. I've seen his work. However if you hit the "don't recommend " section of yelp you'll find some alarming reviews. Why would these women lie? One posted she screamed and cried in pain for hours. Another was knocked out before she seen her doctor. Another even said she seen 3 beds in the operating room. On the other side. How he CG cosmetics still in practice? If you look for medical license numbers you will find none!


I prayed to God for a sign. It's raining in Miami, which is common. I get ready for surgery. I take my shower, I don't eat or drink and I get dressed. As I'm standing in the front lobby looking at the downpour of rain, I see this man we met from the hotel bar the day before. He's dressed in scrubs. As we are talking he says that he's a surgeon and is waiting on his buddy to arrive, even though he's not going to make it in the storm. I ask what surgeries he has done. Arms, knees, hips, boobs, noses, you name it. I then tell him what my plans are for the day and start to explain to him what my doubts where. The look of shock and horror on his face was indescribable! He said honey you don't know me from Adam and quite frankly I'm gonna tell you. Go inside and eat, and effing run. You mean to tell me you haven't even met your doctor or the man who is putting you to sleep? Have they reviewed the complications with you? No name tags? Are they real? Are you pooping Me? He's saying this is a classic Miami deal. Lesser price for less quality of service. They don't care about me, just the money. He asked who was going to take out my drains? Umm what drains? They didn't even tell me before hand to remove my acrylic nails. Just on preop day. (On the sign in the office and the paperwork they gave me)
Just so you know they need a real nail bed to press on to while your under. This tells them if your dying in case the machines fail. I didn't see any type of accredited papers in the office for the operating room or instruments. This guy was my sign. If his buddy would've landed on time they would've been in town, making advancements in knee replacements. But since the storm came in, he couldn't be there so they cancelled. God works in mysterious ways.
I went inside the ate, and emailed Joanna and Preop a list of why I wouldn't be at surgery. I felt so much better. Wonder what would've happened if I was under the knife and the power went Out? I'm sure they don't have generators. Happy to be alive!

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