25yr old Cali Girl who Needs New Stargazing Besties (BA/BL) - Miami, FL

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I've been thinking about a BL/BA since I grew my...

I've been thinking about a BL/BA since I grew my boobs. I always struggled with very saggy boobies since I was 16. Probably didn't help going from mosquito bites to a C cup from 6th grade to 7th. Then also not knowing how to properly support them didn't help keep them perky. I've always struggled with weight gain and loss so my girls look like they've been put thru hell on national geographic and I want them to look 25 not like sandbags lol. I don't even have the excuse of kids ugh. Anyways currently I am a 38 DD and booked my surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega since his work looks awesome. I was looking into Dr Ary Krau and stalking all his patients on here but after having so much trouble (lack of any response) with his coordinator I just felt more comfortable choosing which path was pointing me elsewhere. I have severe ptosis and wish for stargazers lol. I know I have DD but want a small implant for that high profile look or fake boobs look as I call it. I want that bubble cleavage without any bra. Swimsuits would be so much easier to choose from if I didn't have to find some with duck tape inserts to hold em up. So my breast lift with saline implants ($4500) is booked for January 14th with Dr Mel Ortega and my coordinator is Liz. (Originally was Candise but they quickly changed coordinators since she didn't respond after several emails) Seems like Miami/FL just may not be as organized as I expected. I'm posting this because I don't see too many women without kids who have saggy boobs getting surgeries. Hope this post will help and a bit nervous to post my pics lol. Don't judge the gut I'm working on it. I was thinking of getting a tummy tuck but want to try losing it on my own first. Crossing my fingers. I currently weigh 190 and am 5'3".

Everything is planned flight & recovery care! ????

So I have officially paid my last "scheduling deposit" switched my surgery to the 15th of January instead and booked Keyla's Recovery House for 24hr post op care. I'll be flying into Fort Lauderdale on 1/6-1/23 (I requested handicap assistance with JetBlue lol). Scared of anyone hitting my boob on accident waiting in line or my suitcase being a bitch to wheel around. Flying in way ahead ($290 round trip from Cali) that way I can spend time with my sis and get a mini vacation since it will be my first time to Florida. I chose to stay with Keyla for the first 24hrs because my sister lives in Aventura (who is more nervous than I am about cosmetic surgery) and she works so i wanted to make it easier on her. I heard first 24 hrs are the most rough so figured it's probably best staying with someone who knows after surgery care. Then Saturday my sis will pick me up, and it's the weekend so my sis will be off and can help wipe my ass if needed lol. Then I'll be on my own from her work schedule on unless her fiancée is home but think it'd be weird asking him for any favors. I don't like being a burden in the first place.
I remember when my mom got her boobs done that's one thing we had to assist with bathroom trips and making her food catering to her. I chose Keyla 1 (786) 518-1352 based on all the RealSelf reviews so hope you all are right. At least it's only one night can't be too bad.
Should add sometimes I'm a bit nervous about my coordinator Liz/Spectrum. She doesn't explain everything so questions pop up I call her over and over if I don't catch her in the office I leave her a VM and she doesn't return my call so I have to call her lol. Then the financial department guy doesn't seem too efficient either. Not sure if it's a Florida thing everyone's living the relaxed lifestyle. It's just not the great customer service or even good customer service I expect from a PS office. I know I read this from several reviews prior to booking it in Miami but I just thought they were high maintenanced or neurotic lol. But no they're not cuz I know I'm not. For example one of my questions was how do I get the order form for blood work? You think she would go thru everything step by step when I agreed to the quote but I didn't think to ask this until after I signed the documents and it mentioned blood work must be sent 15days prior to the surgery date. So I found out their nurse will contact me at this point any medications I am taking I need to stop, she will send me a form and I will get blood work done by the same company branch where I live and that's it. Then another thing they should explain is you pay a 300$ deposit to lock in your quote which all deposits go towards actual surgery price. You pay $200 when you schedule your surgery. I had to ask their financial department guy about their final payment because it said on their contract to mail in the remaining amount 15days prior to surgery date. I spoke with him and he said I can just pay it in person when I get there. Wouldn't have all these weird random questions if they would just explain it to me all instead of expecting it to be on the contract and within the emails. (Which they are definitely not the email type in my experience) I guess I am more paranoid too after reading a few reviews of what an unorganized office can cause. Just want to be sure when I get there everything is taken care of. No mishaps lol. The rest I'll let God and my guardian angels take care of. Gosh this post has turned into an unloading of my brain lol sorry. I tend to be OCD on details.

Post op supplies Supplements and bras? What will I need?

Almost forgot! So I've read a bunch of people buy the make me heal supplements for post op is that recommended by the doctors or by personal choice? My didn't do any of that when she got hers done so just want a couple opinions if I NEED it or should WANT it. N why? N if you have taken it do You think it helped? Are they pills or powder? I'm assuming powder I can't take on a plane.

Anyone ever have keloids? I've had one develop before on my ear after a large piercing I scar pretty bad guess it's my skin type. Anyone have recommendations for post op or pre op? I don't mind scars really just don't like keloids and hoping if I get a scar it's not a darker than my skin type. In my head I can live with scars but not the sag of my boobs.

N the doctor gives us one surgical bra n we wear that one bra for how long? I purchased a zip up sports bra from Walmart but now I'm thinking will it hurt to wear it because the lining will hit under my boob scar? Or will I be wrapped the entire time? If I don't get responses I guess my faithful YouTube might help to find out lol. The coordinator didn't give me a list of anything I need so I'm really not sure what I'll need except what type of clothes to pack. But do I need gauze (the first 8 days) and stuff like that? I want to pack light so I don't have to lug a huge suitcase back to Cali all sore.

Thanks ladies if you can give me advice I'd appreciate it :)


Today I was emailed Spectrums health clearance manager/nurse asking if I could do my labs and make sure I fast 8hrs before I go. Didn't check my email right away and had a busy day so plan on getting them done tomorrow morning. They do make it clear in the email they want them done within these 2 days in case anything is irregular. If I was super busy I would've liked more of a heads up lol. Good thing I'm not. Havent been taking any vitamins or anything since I had routine lab work done for my primary in October and everything was normal. So hope everything is still normal lol. I have been taking phentermine and topiamine to lose weight like a cheater lol so hope that doesn't effect my blood in any way. But I will have to stop taking phentermine 15days before my surgery date. Had laser hair removal today and the nurse asked if I was nervous about the upcoming big day and I realized I'm most nervous about the recovery.

Anyone know about prescriptions....

So I have been trying to get ahold of Spectrum and maybe because it's the holiday they're not answering or those I need to ask are on vacation. Does anyone know if they will send the prescription for your post op to you if you're out of state ahead of time? I want my insurance to cover them and unfortunately the type of insurance I have only covers in my state CA. Cuz I'm guessing the scripts are another expense not covered? I've only read about girls picking up their meds right after their preop appt never before they see the doctor. Anyone know?
Biggest frustration with the clinic/staff is they can never return a call or email.

I fly out next week already!

So I fly out the 6th and can't believe I leave already! I'm leaving a week ahead of surgery date just so I can soak in some Florida sun and be a tourist a bit before. I imagine I might be too much of a zombie after surgery to enjoy anything more than a couch or bed lol. The clearing manager contacted me Monday telling me my blood results came back fine but it looked like I had a UTI. So now I'm on antibiotics and need to do pee test Monday when I finish the 7day Rx. But now I'm so nervous because I would have already flown out by the time she contacts me back if it cleared up! Never had one before, I drink plenty of water and I wasn't experiencing any symptoms although I did read one of my normal Rx can cause that as a side effect. What bad luck. I stopped taking my Rx cuz it was just to lose some weight. So hoping and crossing my fingers everything is cleared by Monday's pee test after I finish the antibiotics! Now I'm a bit of a worry wart with this embarrassing surprise. Lol

I survived and now I have new boobies yay!

So I just got home today after my first recovery week! My BA/BL went well! I've been trying to update my post op in Fl but the wifi was so spotty not sure if it was the storm or just crappy wifi lol. I have zombie boobs rn that are slowly healing and as soon as I remember I'll take post op pics and post em with tons of details!

1 week and some change post op

Just wanted to post some pics of my BA/BL. Prior to surgery I wasn't nervous so that was great. The day before surgery they let me know my surgery would be at 2:30pm. Then a couple hours later they called me back saying it was being bumped up to 1:30pm which I thought I was happy about since I had to fast for the morning of. I get to my appt go in at 1:45 get told to undress while the medical assistant or preop nurse who's still in the room (no privacy). Lol oh well. Then she asks me all preop questions she's extremely impatient aka a bitch! She had a thick Spanish accent and some questions I had to ask her to repeat which she got pissed off about and gave me a ride tone. Way to make the client more comfortable! Anyways I waited in the room for 2hrs for Dr Ortega to come see me and his assistant comes in as well think her name is Christina could be wrong. Shes not the most professional however she's in a upbeat positive mood which makes you feel more comfortable. Dr Ortega was really nice as well. After our chat I told him I just wanted the small implants to provide high profile look and add nice bubble to my cleavage. He suggested I could do 380CC or 420CC. I said 380 doesn't seem too bad lol. But I trusted his medical opinion. So after all that he told me the anesthesiologist would be in shortly. I waited until 5:00 or 6:00pm starving at this point. Then the anesthesiologist came in and asked me the same exact questions the bitchy preop nurse asked. Maybe they have separate charts? Or that she just has to confirm every single question for herself. She leaves and said she will be back once she's ready. Another hour goes by think it's 7 or 8 at this point and the Drs surgical assistant his second? Comes and gets me and he's super nice as well. I walk to the back jump up on the surgical table while they're prepping me Dr Ortega just reassures me I will be fine and I'm in good hands. Really nice guy. The anesthesiologist asks me what's my favorite drink and I answer her look up at the ceiling and lights out lol. I woke up to the anesthesiologist yelling my name and shaking me to wake me up. I'm like wtf!?! What kind of wake up is that!? Scared the shit out of me. Lol guess since it was my first time under I didn't expect that kind of wake up call. Then she says sit up and I do and she asks what am I doing? Lol ok my mistake I'm drugged up didn't know how far u needed me to sit up. I lay back down and she forcefully puts my surgical bra on. I could feel the force however didn't feel pain. Or at least didn't remember pain. She has me stand and get dressed which she's rude about and sits me in a wheelchair. She calls Keyla who seriously lives 10mins away. At this time I call my sis and mom let them know I'm alive! The anesthesiologist tells me I should call Keyla. N I asked you want me to call her again? She said yes. Like damn not my fault there's no nurse to help me leave and the anesthesiologist has to do it. Not sure if they were under staffed or what but the anesthesiologist was just not happy or patient. I wasn't even a pain in the ass. So I call Keyla she says she's coming which I knew. Lol but to make the anesthesiologist happy I did. Then she asks me to sign my discharge papers and Keyla arrives and escorts me down to Keylas car. I could get in the car fine and get out fine. I walked to Keylas from the driveway fine and Keyla fed me and was extremely sweet! Went to sleep after Keyla gave me a dose of my meds. Woke up and I could go to restroom on my own sitting up was a bit more of a challenge just had to use any bit of ab strength I have. Lol had a post op appt the morning of. Keyla fed me breakfast and gave me my pills. She had her assistant drop me off at Spectrum. Dr Ortega wasn't available since I came a lil before I'm assuming. So his assistant checked me out told me I needed to wear a band that pushes my implants down but everything looked good but she needed the dr to see me before I left. I told her I just needed to check my sisters schedule once she picked me up so I'd call to reserve the appt. Later after I had my sisters schedule I called booked an apt The Tuesday 19th? At 7am which the office receptionist said that was the ONLY morning appt left. Also she said it would be with the assistant Christina again because Dr Ortega was sick and wouldn't be in that week. Which I was totally fine with I understand the circumstances. So the morning of 19th I get there at 7am and the office is Closed! Other apt showed up at 7:30. The office was still closed. Their massage therapist was even there at 7:30. The bitch preop nurse didn't open the door until 8am. Which my sis had to go to work that morning and had a meeting. We get there and the bitch nurse of course doesn't help and said we have to wait and she doesn't do post op follow ups. So of course we had to deal with this bitch and she said wait ten mins til Christina get there. Ten mins pass no Christina. We asked the massage therapist for help cuz she was the only nice one and she called Christina asking her when she will be there and was told 20mins but at this point my sis didn't work in the area and needed to leave. The MT was told by Christina to just do the follow up and examined me and that was it. Thank god the MT was there! I know the MT isn't a DR or nurse but figured she's seen enough to know if everything looks as it should and to start taking Arnica every 2hrs. So I recommend getting their emergency after hours like I didn't! Which I might've had because there were 2 numbers on my discharge papers. Failed to bring them with me. For recovery I slept upright with pillows behind me and iced my chest to help with the swelling. Didn't seem to help lol. What seemed to help were the anti-inflammatory meds I got prescribed. Every time I took those I felt so much less stiffness and swelling it was great. I showered and was able to clean myself on my own just needed my sisters assistance for the first 3 days putting the bra on. Stretching my arms and even pushing on a soap dispenser had its challenges. I'd have to say although the muscle soreness is a bit awkward my itchy stitches and bruises are driving me more nuts. The bruises send like nerve zingers through my nipples every once in a while. The stiff scanning of the scars and stitches is the absolute worse in my opinion. They didn't say I can put anything on it so I haven't and just been cleaning it with bactine and changing gauze everyday. The yellow discharge which I was told is healing juice your body lets out to seal the wounds was kinda gross. Dried up like cement on the gauze lol. I bought extra large which wrap one boob each gauze. They're pretty nice. The yellow discharge is probably to a tiny few specks on my gauze after 7days. All in all I'd highly recommend the Doctor but it's too bad the office staff can't get their shit together minus a few of their employees. Seems like they need an office manage to retrain quite a few of them. I do love my new boobs though. Just wanted to give you low expectations of staff and how they run their office.

Infection? I'm scared! Caution with pics lol

So I'm almost one month post op and have been noticing my right boob is tiny bit larger than my left but know you can't judge them this early. They healed differently as well scabs came off sooner on my left boob and on my right I'm still discharging a tiny bit of that same fluid (yellow). Of course I've been waiting to start scar creams and such but was advised if there are still scabs don't put anything on them. So I have just been using lotion away from any incisions to help with the dryness itching on side of my boobs. My left boob is healing great except it's harder for me to sleep on my left than right. Guess the left knot scar hurts on my side. My right boob where the vertical and horizontal cuts meet I've read takes the longest to heal due to blood flow. Anyways mine is white and red with splitting stitches lol. You will see in the pic there is a piece with a yellow scabish thing which I had on all my large knots. So I did call Spectrum before they said it was normal this was 2wks ago. I googled what an infection looks like but I'm not experiencing any symptoms really besides chills. (Somehow think it's normal since it's cold here, I'm just colder than others around me. No fever, no foul smell, no tenderness when I touch the site, tiny bit of discharge which is less than what I started. Only tender if I reach but so is my other boob lol) anyways found girls on here ask the PS if their boobs or incisions look infected they said no some looked worse than mine, that area takes longer to heal and the white is skin healing but the blood is trying to flow back into that area. So listening to the nurse and reading that felt good.

Today went to my primary dr for other stuff but asked if he can just check it out make sure I'm healing fine. He said my right boob is infected! He prescribed me antibiotics and an ointment and said to only clean it with antibacterial soap and a wash cloth. I was but I was spraying with bactine after the shower thinking in case my towel had germs on it lmao! N then I'd wipe it with a cotton to dry the bactine off let it air dry out some gauze and sports bra/surgical bra. So.:.. Wth that's scary I could've lost my boob calling spectrum if this is really an infection. Dunno what to think so I'm going to take the antibiotics my primary prescribed me and call Spectrum tomorrow for a second opinion. Since primary's don't deal with PS post ops too often I just want the second opinion. Even tho my primary did ER for his early years you think he knows his stuff lol. N to think you can take such good care of the incision and a complication can still happen. :(

Spoke with spectrum about possible infection

So I got a peace of mind sent my pics in to spectrum today so Dr Ortega can take a look and see if he thinks it's infected. He's prescribing me a different set of antibiotics and cream than what my primary gave me. Leyla the post op nurse said Dr Ortega said it wasn't infected but it did need to close. The antibiotics are just to make sure I don't develop an infection and the cream is what will help seal the area. Honestly I called Leyla about this 2wks before and she said it was normal but until I went to my dr and sent her the pics and she showed Dr Ortega I got a solution. Next time I recommend anyone who thinks something might be a bit off just to send pics in. Should've done that in the first place instead of trusting a conversation over the phone. You pay for the Dr.'s expertise not the post op nurse. You live and learn. Sometimes gotta learn to be more needy I think or bitchy lol.

Also asked about the stitches that are starting to pop out of my skin everywhere lol guess they didn't dissolve she said I can cut them off. Yay because they hurt to pluck those suckers out.

Healing Slowly but surely

So finished antibiotics and still using Silver Sud-whatever cream to close the lil open incision. It's still a lil open but seems to be healing. Just very slow. Now I experience I can't stand wearing any of my bras anymore because they feel like they're rubbing my scars raw. Ouch. So I haven't been lol. Which I know I should to support the skin but it feels like I add more tension when I have them strapped up. Dunno why. Might just be the scars maturing and blood flows all connected working a lil too well with nerves and such. Not a clue. I've been waiting to hear back from the post op nurse about my nip size one being slightly larger than the other if its cuz ones swelled will it shrink? I read you should wait til 6 months post op to really judge before you make assumptions but some Ortega dolls look so symmetrical my nips look like step sisters lol. Anywho guess I will wait to hear back.

I take it back! Sorry :(

As I posted on the Dr review I mentioned now that I am over the 8month mark I am not satisfied with the outcome. My breasts are cousins not sisters. My left boob is perfect with scarring but I don't really blame Dr Ortega for scarring badly. He could've improved his staff performance when I made numerous calls and email about my splitting stiches and what to do with them but by then the skin had already started healing in lumps over it. Those split stitches are the areas where I formed keloids and hypertrophic scars. My left nipple and areola scarred minimally due to not having split stitches. My right completely different story and outcome. My left is a cute high profile boob where I will wait anxiously to see when the scar will ultimately fade at 2yrs. The right breast which if anyone read my earlier posts, my areola nipple is larger than my left nipple and I have zero feeling on the areola and nipple. When I wear a bra I have to shove my left boob down and try and pull the right one up as much as it will let me so they look like both sides have an implant in them or just equal. I still sleep with tons of pillows and my scars are still irritated always itchy, red, dark, bumpy, flat, anything u can describe a scar texture my boob has! Forget wearing normal cute bras or bathing suits like I once dreamt of. Of course the dream is to get rid of the sag to wear cute tops without the support of duct tape. :( Fully clothed I feel I look okay, naked my boobs could've just been way better. I probably would've left a different review about the quality of he surgery because I knew the scarring could be bad or great. Seeing as he had nurses, the anesthesiologist, and a male surgical assistant I'm going to guess as he didn't help the nurses prep me on the table. This surgery could have been performed or finished by two men but when Dr Ortega sees 2 breasts looking different shouldn't he have corrected it? Since you feel like you're waiting hours and hours in the consult room where you undress, are starving, and anxious shouldn't they not rush a breast lift when they're cutting into that much nipple/areola and breast tissue? Nope they had 2 girls after me and mine started so late in sure they rushed into the next resulting in breasts I have. I paid for these I should get what I deserve not what half fast procedure they can stack to make more money. So now I have to contact or flood their inbox and calls again trying to see how this problem can be fixed. Really though why should I have to spend anesthesia expenses, medical expenses, op room fees, flight expenses, recovery fees just because they rushed everything!?! Ridiculous office should've went with Dr Krau for $1000 more. Anyways wish I could've been happy. Least I can say my boobs don't sag. Just need the other problems fixed and then possibly will be happy. I'll try and take new pics soon to post results of what I'm referring to with my boobs.

Photo Update

Don't know why if a "perfectionist" PS couldn't create sisters he's considered a perfectionist. Thought I'd post some updated pictures to go along. Let them speak for themselves. I get i should be greatful but not when everyone else seems to get great results with him. Did he perform when he shouldn't seeing as he called out the following day? Bunching too many surgeries in one day getting to him? Not sure. Is this what you get when you say a breast lift with high profile implants under the muscle?
This is definitely not what I hoped for when it came to shape and nipple sisters. I seen Dr Ortega do better work on women who have severe asymmetry than what I ended up with. Which I just thought prior to my surgery I had sagging breasts that were huge. Now I'll be saving up for a revision of popping the implant in place and trimming the size of my right aereola so that it can also fit or be covered with a bra. Really feel like my investment was a waste and I should've spent more initially and went with Dr Krau. Now I have a complex about my wonky Popeyed aereolas and one boob being higher than the other. You live and learn.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

After hitting 8month recovery mark I think I have given enough time to give a full honest review. Both my breast are fully healed however I believe the scars might be hypertrophic, one part a keloid and all could've been helped to not come out that way if they post op nurse answered questions. I still can't sleep on my breasts due to my scars. My right breast nipple is placed way too high or it's just because it's noticeably larger than the left. The left nipple has sensitivity and the right has absolutely none. My left breast the scars are healing better than the right but the scars itself are still bright red and dark. My boobs I didn't expect to be perfect but at least better. Yay for not having sagging boobs but the implant one being higher than the other and one nipples being larger doesn't make me happy. (They're cousins not even sisters) my right implant is not a high profile like I asked for and is sitting on the right. When feeling and squeezing both implants one seems larger the left being larger than the right but he marked on my implant card the same number of CCs. Both breasts look possibly the same size just my left breast is perfect high profile as it should be. The nipple doesn't show like my right outside of the bra line. My scars I did tell Dr Ortega I scar pretty bad so it possibly isn't his fault but seeing as both breasts look like they have been done by different Drs has me questioning if his assistant helps him more than he should? The office staff is horrible. I didn't even get a follow up with Dr Ortega because he called out and the girls scheduled me at a time nobody would be there. Awful post op experience. They take your money first then have you undress waiting for hours on surgery day waiting for your consultation before surgery. It's honestly ridiculous how the office is ran. Maybe if he wasn't so booked he can get quality and not quantity results. Honestly he's okay if you're doing one simple procedure. Judging how I'm lopsided and now will have to undergo a correction and risk more scarring makes me wish I would've spent more to begin with. Dr Ortega I hope you read your reviews to improve your staff's performance and ensure your patients get the quality results you're able to give them. I have seen his work on others with similar breasts and they have had greater symmetry but now he is lacking his "touch"/"skill". Hate giving this review on a doctor who has so many other great reviews but I just have to be honest with how my outcome is.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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