23 Years Old, Mother of One in Need of Breast Lift. Miami, FL

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So after a year of reading reviews I finally...

So after a year of reading reviews I finally decide to have my breast done! Before I was pregnant I was a Dd cup, while pregnant I went up to GG, FF after I breastfeed my baby boy I ended with a saggy DDD.
I'm schedule for July 1st , anchor lift with HP mentor implants, for size I want 350 but my doctor wants to try 250,300,350 and 400 ccs.
I hope my scars can heal good with no complications.

Lab work done!

Hi ladies!!
I had my lab work done Thursday and everything came back normal!

I had an appoiment for 10 am, I got there at 9:40. It was 12:30pm and I was still waiting! I was the second one in the wating list ( the first patient was for her 6 month follow up app at 9am and it was 12 and still waiting)
I hope next time they can do everything on time.
Tomorrow and doing my breast ultrasound. Wish me luck!

Surgery done 3days post op.

The pain...... Jesus!
The pain killers and helping for an hour, only making me sleep. My caretaker hit me twice in my right boob and it hurt more than giving birth to my son....

After this tree days I don't want to have anything else done!

5 days out.

9 days post op!

Hi everybody!
I'm currently 5 days out and I still can't lift my arms a lot , im not taking pain killers since day 5.
I get sharp pain in my scars, so painful that I need to take Tylenol to alive the discomfort.
I'm cleaning my wounds one time a day with saline water and gauze, after I clean it I apply triple antibiotic ointment and gauze...
If I get sore or itchi input
More ointment. I get a lil yellow or red discharge from my incision but the dr said it was normal.

I don't see any different on swelling & still pretty high implant placement.
Plantation Physician

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