Breast Lift Help?!!! I Need a Great Doctor

Hey dolls i am looking to have a breast lift. I...

hey dolls i am looking to have a breast lift. I was thinking i could go to any of these states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama or D.C so i have some options. I currently live in Atl Ga but they charge crazy prices because apparently its hollywood of the south. This go round I'm extremely scared. I mean I've had a BBL but my boobs!!! i haven't had kids but would like to breast feed if i do get bless to have them one day. I will not be telling my family because omg they made a big freaking deal when i had a bbl and one of my sister literally though i should be like a video vixen smh. I mean love my fullness but i need and want my boobs to be perky. Ideally i don't want to pay more then $6,000 but base off whatever and whoever the doctor says they will need to do i could have to go up. Im not going to say surgery is addictive its more of a i wish i could fix this a little and when you actually get to fix it, its like a high. I am currently losing weight ( 15 pound which i gained after sx and the holidays and i am going to try to work on my arms and thighs but funny let me tell you if they get too difficult to get smaller i will get my fairy god surgeon and i will get it down. One thing at a time thought. My boobs are next and base off my previous Surgeon a thigh lift is what i would need. So the hard part is what surgeon can give me the look I'm hoping to achieve?

Hey dolls i am almost completely done with my journey to the new me...

However i need a breast lift and arm lipo. Growing up i have always ad huge breast and although the are full i have always wanted to be one of those girls who had perky breast and could go with a bra in those sexy dresses so now I'm hoping hat can have it. Im currently losing 15 pounds and although i have had a bbl i go back and forth on if my bum should be bigger but as of right now I'm thinking about my boobs. Its crazy because my first procedure i told my family but this time no one will know. I will need to get a nurse and everything i did before. I have a couple of question

How long was recovery?
who would do my reduction the best?
if i decided to have a baby could i still breast feed?
how much is this procedure?
would insurance cover it?

Breast time!

Hey dolls ! I think I'm gong to start going to some consultation. I want a lift! I looked at Aisha McKnight Baron, Dr Nunn but I'm still not 100% sold I need more options I want my boobs to look amazing . My bobs are heavy and leaves marks with my bra. I'm current a 32H so
I have plenty of fullness they just need to be reduce and lifted. Who knows maybe my back won't hurt from time to time anymore and I'll feel my journey is over. Any suggestions?
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