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Soooooo after finally deciding, yep, this is what...

Soooooo after finally deciding, yep, this is what I want to do, I'm getting some boobs! I live in Georgia and decided to have my procedure at Spectrum Aesthetics. My surgery is tomorrow morning with Dr. Ortega. I'm excited, and nerves haven't kicked in yet. Flew down early this morning to be here for my pre-op this afternoon. Was kind of surprised when I walked in at how packed it was lol. Anyway, filled out my paperwork and had a few pics and last minute test done and scheduled for the morning. That's when I will meet Dr. Ortega apparently and go over size. I think I'm going to go bigger than what I originally wanted because The amount of women that experience "boob greed" is entirely to high and convincing for my liking. This is too big a deal to come out not completely satisfied. I Finalized my shopping for food and silicone strips. Oh Let me just say, Lyft is SUPER cheap out here. Thought I would be spending $10-20 everywhere I needed to go, not at all. More like $2-7. Pleasant pocket saving surprise. I will be mad once this is over though, so I can stop stalking breasts all day lol

One day post op

Met with Ortega yesterday morning right before my surgery. We decided on 365, partially under, full profile.
Woke up in pain of course. Had my friend collect my meds while I was in surgery so I took them soon as I got to my room. Can I just say Percocet is the greatest drug EVER! Pain is gone, still lots of soreness. My bff has been the best in catering to me. I have a massage and post op scheduled in the morning. Will try and get some post pics then

Day 2 post op

Had my post op appt this morning. Things are getting better. Able to move my arms more. Left incision area is only thing stinging/annoying me. Still very swollen as you can see. This Percocet has been the best thing ever. Been cleared to take showers and gentle massages on the top. Was told I had to wear the band now till I like were they drop. Had my bandages changed.

Post op BA DAY 6

Got back home yesterday and had my first day of work today. Wasn't my usual speed walking self, these melons sitting on my chest is gonna take some gettin use to as far as breathing goes. This inicison on my left boob is still paining me and making it impossible to wear the band they gave me. I just got out the shower and took of the tape hoping that would give some relief. It only acts up if I'm standing too long. I noticed that it isn't as straight across like my right boob incision. I'm sure that has something to do with it. Sucks that I can't go back into the office but I am going to call them in the morning to find out what's going on. In the meantime I have started doing light massages and ore frequent with the ice. Can't wait for the D&F.

Slowly but surely

Almost 2 weeks post op and things are definitely getting better. They have softened up a lot! After speaking with Dr. Ortega, he informed me the pain is from left over fluid during my procedure, and will work its way out. I looked up YouTube for massage techniques that could help speed things up, and what a difference! The pain has almost completely disappeared. Still get an ache with certain movements, but massaging the area makes it go right away. They have dropped slightly but still looking like torpedoes from the side lol, sheesh. Will be glad when that over. I was told to wear my band 24/7 but there's no way that's gonna happen. I can barely breathe with that thing on tight, not to mention it's hot as hell outside. I wear it around the house and while I'm sleeping. My incisions are at the raised stage, not cute, and I've started wearing my silicon stripes to help with the healing. Anyhoo, they are starting to feel like they are apart of my body. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

They feel like mine

I'll be a month post op this Saturday and things are healing great. The silicone strips on my scars really do work. The dropping continues daily. I stopped wearing my band after one full day of it because I got a huge bruise on the side my left breast and it freaked me out. I know bruising can occur but it appeared so quickly and so big. It's since gone away. I'll just continue with my downward massages to aid in dropping. They are super squishy now and starting so move like natural breasts. One is bigger than the other, not sure if that because of them dropping at different speeds. Glad they are past that pornstar looking stage in tank tops tho lol. Can't wait to see what next month brings.

Forgot to add

My nipples are ridiculously sensitive! Every movement in my clothes irritates them. Hope this passes sooner than later!
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