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I've been really encouraged by all the other women...

I've been really encouraged by all the other women on here who posted their explant stories so thank you!!!
I was a saggy 32C (looked like a small B though) and I had always been dead against implants as I never wanted big breasts. I'm small-framed and was happy with my size. But I was embarrassed about my sagging. It's not down to age (I'm 40) as I've always had this shape since I was a teenager. It's just genetics. I had a benelli (do-nut) lift with Dr Roudner in Miami in 2008 and had fantastic results. But after a few years, they sagged again. A full lift would have worked better but I didn't want the scars from that if I could avoid them. This year I decided to go back to him in June for another benelli lift but this time I decided I needed small implants too. I was so on the fence with implants still, as I didn't like the idea and didn't want to be bigger, but I thought a very small implant would just 'round out' the flat slopes of my breasts and that would be it - just an improved shape. I tried on a load of sizers and didn't honestly like any of them. I looked too big and not like myself. But I went ahead anyway, thinking the shape would just be way better with the implants. I chose v small ones - 150CCs silicone cohesive gel.
Within a week of the surgery I regretted it. I just looked bigger all over with the implants and most importantly I felt wrong. I want to emphasize my surgeon is a genius. He is truly excellent and has done excellent reductions, lifts and implants on my friends. Really incredible work. The implants gave me the rounder pretty shape I wanted but I found it didn't matter-they weren't mine and they felt fake and looked fake to me. I can't really describe the feeling except to say i wasn't at all comfortable and didn't feel like myself.
I called and begged the Dr to remove the implants but he said I needed to wait 3 months to heal. I suspect he thought I'd get used to them and decide to keep them, but when I make up my mind I tend to stick to it.
So I contacted Dr Lavinia Chong in CA (where I live) and she said she would be comfortable removing the implants at 2 months, but would want to do it via a new incision in the breast fold, to protect the benelli lift Dr Roudner had done. If she went back in through the nipple, the lift (and permanent sutures that hold it together) might be affected
I ended up flying back to Miami this past week to have the implants removed through the original incision. Dr Roudner promised he would do a bit of lifting if my breasts needed some help once the implants were out. Plus he gave me a huge discount as he was the surgeon who put them in.
Before surgery Dr R told me recovery would be easy, especially compared to having them put in. He also told me my breasts probably wouldn't need another lift once the implants came out.
Surgery went well and I was a bit sore for the first couple of days so I took the Vicodin I was prescribed. Now I'm on day 4. I got my first look at my breasts yesterday on day 3 when the nurses took off the gauze pads and tape. Dr R doesn't use any compression or drains. My capsules were left in. So my breasts are a little sad but better than pre-implants actually because of the lift I had. I'm hoping they fluff a bit.
Dr R cleared me to fly home to LA on Day 3 - i guess this surgery is considered relatively minor because previously I had to stay in Miami for 10 days post-op.
Oh yes and while he was in there Dr R revised my scar around the top of my right nipple (it had healed a bit wobbly from the lift I had before at the time of the implant insertion). I haven't seen my incisions yet as they are under the steri-strips still and I've ben told to let those fall off on their own.
Do you guys think my breasts will fluff up anymore? They are really jelly-like too, like the texture has got sloppy.... Anyway thanks again for all your explant stories ladies! They've really kept me going.
Finally and most importantly, it took getting these implants to actually realize I didn't need them. I'm not going to say implants are bad - they make some people happy - but I honestly think in most cases people look better without them. Natural is nice I think:) I was instantly happier as soon as mine were taken out! Good luck everyone out there dealing with this issue.

Dr Roudner is no-nonsense and doesn't chit chat much so if you're looking to have a long conversation about how you feel he's not your guy. BUT he is an amazing surgeon and gets on with the job at hand with no messing about! He has done over 10,000 breast surgeries. When I called to say I wanted an explant right after he'd given me implants, he was very kind and said, 'Whatever makes you happy, that's what counts.' His bedside manner is not why I went to see him. I can get emotional support from my friends and loved ones. What I want in a surgeon is skill skill skill and this guy has it in spades!!! His results on me and several of my friends have been incredible. If you go to Dr R you can trust he will give you the best result possible

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