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21 years old, no kids. I have had stem cell...

21 years old, no kids.

I have had stem cell breast augmentation. It failed. This is really a hit or miss procedure. I was 21 had no kids and wanted this procedure because my sister had done it. First of all, it worked for my sister kind of. She was a b cup and had used the brava system. She ended up with a C. Her doctor was in sf. Victor Liu. He pumped her boobs up to a D and she said they shrank a lot. It was worth it for her.

I had a different doctor. Let me just say he is apparently very famous for liposuction. Over 10,000 patients in his time. I heal from scars very well and quickly. I hate my scars. If your gonna get this procedure done just know there are many many scars. I have 16 unfortunately. I had my surgery performed 2 years after my sister and my scars are healing better than hers however I heal very well and quick.

Anyways, I am the a b as we'll and went up to D. However I did not use the brava system and have no kids. My fat did not stay at all within less than a year they are back to normal. Now I just have to deal with these scars. Plus, I had a bad nose job. Eyes were alright. Not happy with the work.
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