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I have been looking for a new look . My breast...

I have been looking for a new look . My breast aren't as perky as I would like - hopefully I can get them back to the look I want.. I have been looking into Dr. Mel Ortega .. His work looks good .. ..and of his past patients have any feed back for me ?
Also I noticed online it says he works out of C.G cosmetics and Spectrum Ascetics .. Is this true and which office have most of his patients prefer or is there no difference.. Thanks to ever gets back to me.. Ill post pics later of what the girls are looking like..

how long to hear back from Dr. Baez

I filled out the instant message on Dr. Baez website. I'm planning on now emailing her personal email. Does Anyone know if the following Email is the correct one? draustraliafragosobaez@outlook.com
I'm hoping I get answer soon. :) I'm excited to see my quote and book my Sx. Im trying to get breast lift, lipo all areas . I really want to make sure the waist and thighs are done really aggressive. I want my backbra rolls gone. Lol i have a side boob that needs to go. Any fee back from the ladies that have had


Dtill waiting for a call or text or email from Dr. Baez. Been 4 days now going on 5 days no answers. I just want to BOOK A B.A.. I'm fusterated... :(
Help .. Anyone?


Dr. Baez sent me a email toda. 5 days after I tried to contact her. I'm just glad she finally emailed me back!!. I was getting nervous. Lol anyway she need information about me . What procedure i wanted. I sent that all over and i sent pics of me and wish pics as well. Now I'm waiting for a email back to get my quote for procedure. Soon come back with my update !


So i was told no lipo for me. I'm so upset since i thought the lipo from Dr. Baez would be no problem. I was told I just have loose skin but no fat. I feel differently about that and I know the pictures I post you all will see and feel differently like I do. I was told however I
can get a B.A with a lift no problem. I feel so let down and I was looking forward to the complete package I had my mind set on. Any suggestions?? - i don't mind looking for another surgeon in the D.R. Yily or Duran. but I hear they do many surgical procedures a day. Who's better ??? Please comment or tell me what you guys think. Thanks in advance.

WISH PICS / the thighs, waist and breast. I want

Wish pics . The waist, thighs and breast are on point to me. I have alot of muscle in my legs so i think this is achievable. The breast are perfect to me . Nice and plumb.

Waiting on a consultation with Dr. Ortega

Found the location fairly easy with my GPS. Parking area has maybe 15 spots so it very tight. I luckily got a good spot when someone was leaving. You take the elevator to the first floor and there is
the lobby. Everyone at the counter seems very nice. They are super busy but still smiling. That's a great first impression. There office is huge I'm waiting in the room to meet the doctor. I'll post next my experience with him. Yay :) they currently have silicone for 3000 . I'm going to ask about the gummies to see if that particular silicone implant is included in the special

consultation completed

Hi there ladies,
I completed my consulation. Dr. Ortega is very nice and knowledgeable. He told me what I need which is a breast lift no doubt. Which I mentioned I wanted my breast a little bigger. He suggested 300cc's. I agreed but i may day 350 cc's when i get closer to the surgery date. Lol
he really seemed to know what he is talking about . I'm booking my hotel in advance anf I'm in p.b.c do i can drive there and stay for the week in Miami.


Christie Dr. Ortega ' s assistant I think. She was really nice . She was checking on me while I was waiting for Dr. Ortega. I made sure to ask for her name since she did a really nice job of keeping the patients waiting happy. The office was so
busy. I also forgot today to mention- I didn't book an appointment prior to
going down to the clinic. I tried to but when I called no one answered the phone . I tried 3 different numbers and i
finally got through to the office at 10
am. I belive they have surgery early in the morning and do consults right after..so I guess i was squeezed in to see the doc. After the consult i sat with a patient cordinnator - Emily. Very nice girl . I'm supposed to put down a $ 500.00 deposit to lock my date and then I'm set for the date i want . Which is August 10th. Planning on doing this deposit this weekend.. I didn't get a chance to find out how long will ihave to stay in Miami after the surgery but I'm assuming it's 3
days at least. My bbl i stayed for 3 days and went back to P.B.C Any one of Dr. Ortega patients stay for longer than 3days? I'm really not sure if anyone is following my journey but the comments
and feed back go a long way to me
especially with a new surgery. Thanks for reading.


Everything is under way. I have confirmed a date with Dr. Diaz. I have the account info to put my deposit down. I'm looking at flights. Damn damn damn lol I see prices between 869.00 a person to 138.00 per person. Any ideas on flights? American unites spirit delta etc? ? I'm leaving toward spirit airlines.. hmmm..

How can I switch my doctor ?

I want to switch my doctor. It won't let me.


Soooo today i made my $500.00 dollar deposit. Now I'm looking my flight. Looking for a one way ticket. :)
i also changed my date to Tuesday- August 11th rather than Monday- August 10th. Flights are better on a weekday. I'm hoping I can have a travel buddy. my husband may not make it anymore with me and I didn't want to travel alone. I also booked my first night at the Marriott courtyard. (Monday night). Hoping to be the first surgery on Tuesday. So i can get back to my hotel or recovery house on Wednesday morning. Havn't decided where I'm going to stay.


Paradise recovery 1-809-779-3663
Recovery Armonia 1-849-353-5456
Real recovery 1-849-205-2018
Maria's recovery 1-809-819-2558
Angelas recover 1-809-595-3109
Daisy's recovery 1-829-423-2847

Here is a list if recovery houses I compiled. I'm sure i forgot some but Please add in the comments if you have anymore RH's. I'm trying to figure out
which one is the best for me. Personally I want a private room with hospital bed. I'll have to sleep elevated since I'm getting a B.A. I want 3 meals a day with snacks. Clean and preferably newer... I want nurses not house mothers. Incase something is wrong I want the right people there. If any other vets know please let me know. Thanks friends.

flight booked / can't belive it's happening so quickly.

Flight on jet blue for 328.00 i purchased the "extra space." For 35.00 which will be so worth it I'm in the 1 section so I'm assuming that's up close after first class. Yay. I also got wheel chair assistance. The flight was the most bothersome
since rates were crazy high. I snagged a
good rate plus carry on free /one checked bag free. :)

found a travel buddy. yay !

Everything is coming together. Which is awesome and u feel positive knowing I have a friend traveling with me. Flight there abd flight back. rh house together etc. I feel at ease.
I added some more pics of me and wish pics.

Me pics

Going to the DR / Dr. Diaz

okay so back last year I was ready to go to the DR for my surgery. Plans changed last minute. I found out I was pregnant. like 2 months preg and I didn't know it.. still had aunt flow and everything (tmi sorry ) and I had no idea there was a baby growing inside me! I felt sick in the 2nd month pretty bad and breast hurt ( my breast always hurt during the time of the month- so it wasn't anything really new), so I took a test just to rule it out and there it was a positive. yay.. anyway I cancelled my surgery plans for august and planned for a later time. well its that later time now. I had the baby already ( she came early )so by the time March hits it will be 4 month post baby. ( you have to wait 4 months per Dr. Diaz) I'm planning on going sometime mid March. I have to plan the trip kinda quick . Place to stay and stuff. I already have my ticket from last August.
( good thing I have insurance on my purchase. )
I'm going to re look into the RH's in the DR but most likely i'll use Marias's RH she was who I planned on using last time. I liked her rooms and beds the most. I heard about airbnb.com never used it but ill also check that out incase I want to be solo and just hire a nurse. I also updated the procedure I'm going to get. I'm getting Lipo. back, stomach, hips, thighs. I have to tighte this ass up some . With the baby it has gotten a little droopy. Ill post pics so you can see what I see. It may just be me but I like a firm tushy and that not what I have. Granted it has only been 2 months since the baby was born but I'm used to being tight and right. I give my self another 2 months to workout hard and eat good to loose any extra baby weight before the surgery. Lipo is just to remove any unwanted fat pockets not to help you loose weight, Soi have to give it my all before I go into surgery. right? ok here are my pics . thanks..

2months and counting

I have finally confirmed my date after a changing my surgery date from Aug 2015 to March 2017. LI have spoken with Dr Diaz a few times to re fresh our conversation and making sure we are same page with what surgery I'm getting. I have 2100$ dollars left to pay and then I'll be paid in full. I'm not planning on bringing much money with me except for tips for the nurses at the RH. I originally wanted to stay at Marias RH but I haven't spoken to here in also over a year. So I'll have to see how much she is charging now. Anyone recommend any RH's they stayed at recently that really liked in open to hearing. Earlier in my review I posted a list of RH's that I researched. I may just go back to the drawing board and touch base with all of them. I'll post some pics so people can see my before pics. I'm around 13 months post baby so I have developed some cellulite and some dents in my butt. Nothing to much in my opinion but when u gain weight it goes to where u had a fat transfer originally and in my case I had my BBL back in 2012. It's been a few years. Added about 40 pounds with my baby so my booty is ALOT juicier. lol I've lost about 20 of those pounds and before surgery in mArch my goal is to loose another 10-15 pounds. My butt is prolly around 50 inches by now or more for the booty and to me that's too big. I want more of a realistic figure not niki Minaj or chyna looking booty but more of a j lo booty. I want to be back to 38 inches for the booty and around 36/34 for hips and 30 for the waist. Touch base soon :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega is great for my breast lift W/ implants for later down the road. possibly for Christmas time. I decided on Dr. Manuel Diaz for lipo. Dr. Diaz has great correspondence with me. answered all my emails fast and got back to me fast on WhatsApp . Looking forward to booking him in March or April. Excited!

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