Consultation Review - Possible Breast Augmentation but I Am Having Second Doubt - Miami, FL

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I had consultation with Dr.Sam yesterday 8/16/16....

I had consultation with Dr.Sam yesterday 8/16/16. The front desk staff was really nice and very accomadating. My appointment was for 4:30 and I didn't get seen until 5:20. I was fine with that only because I am sure that others you were getting consultations done probably had lots of questions to ask. Anyways the doctor finally walked in and I felt like things were rushed and very brief. Still I was fine with that only because I didn't have much questions to ask. After talking to the doctor I met up with the patient coordinator. She asked me about my appointment and I mentioned I felt like it was very brief (probably spent 15 minutes max with the doctor). I am not sure if that's the norm but I was reassured that if I do decide to proceed with the procedure I would get the chance to speak to the doctor, ask more questions and made any changes that I would like. Once I got home from my consult I decided to do more research and started to write down more questions for the next meet up. From my research I learned about breast width diameter. I remember the doctor measuring me and also writing notes down. Today I decided to call the office just to get a copy of his notes so that I could continue doing more research and bring up more questions. Well when I spoke to the patient coordinator her first answer was a quick "no". I asked her why not. She told me those were his notes nobody in the past asked for notes before. Then her question to me was, "why do you need his notes?" I told her I was doing more reading and educating myself and wanted to see what he wrote down. I guess she thinks it's illegal to provide a patient with notes that were written for/about her. I didn't feel like arguing with her I just said thank you, I'll figure it out. What she has done was pushed me away and I will be looking for another surgeon.
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