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Just scheduled my surgery for June 17th, 2016 with...

Just scheduled my surgery for June 17th, 2016 with Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri. My consultantion went great. The office and facilities are modern, clean and beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the doctor is very knowledgeable. I went for a consultantion with another doctor here in Miami, and the experience was not even close. The doctor recommended 325-350cc under the muscle moderate plus profile. I am currently A/B cup and should be a C when it's all done. My goal is to look as natural as possible which is also the doctor's goal for me. I am 5'8" and 140 lbs.

One Day Pre-Op Appointment

Had a quick appt with the Doctor today. My surgery is tomorrow. He took lots of pictures and asked me what size I wanted. He said he had 325 and 350cc ready. I asked for his professional opinion, and he recommended 350cc since women often wish they had gone bigger. His assistant gave me prescriptions for four medications: antibiotic, pain killer, sleeping pills and anti nausea. Hopefully, I won't need them that much. My husband and I bought fruit and ziplock bags to put ice in. Excited for tomorrow. :)

Had My Surgery Today

Had my surgery at 8am. Everything went pretty smoothly. I felt nauseous on a ride home so I took anti nausea medicine and now doing ok. If you're going to get a hotel, you should try to get it close by because the ride sucks. Haven't taken pain medicine yet. Slept a little. Last note: Doctor decided to go with 325cc implants.

Recovery Sucks Balls!!!!!

Idk who out there is returning to work after 4 days, but I'm on day 3 and still suffering. Finally don't feel like I have the worst hangover of my life anymore (from anesthesia) and took a shower today (with a lot of help from my husband). Uploading pics. Boobs r still too high, but I'm wearing a compressor band or whatever it's called to push them down.

Worried They Are Too Big

It's day 5, and I feel pretty good. Bought some sports bras. I'm worried I may have gone too big (dr put in 325cc). Do you guys think they fit with my body? I just wanted to be proportional before the surgery. My husband swears they are the perfect size for me and tells me I'm freaking out for no reason. What do you guys think?

One Week: Started Massages Today

I'm definitely seeing improvement in how my boobs are healing. I don't have painful feelings anymore, and it's mostly like I pulled a muscle kind of pain. I think they're also settling in a little bit more. What do u guys think? Today makes a week since my surgery, and I started doing massages as doctor ordered. I have to do them twice a day for five minutes. They're uncomfortable but also are weird because I can see the implant move inside my boob (which is the point of the massages). As weird as it is, it is also pretty cool; science and medicine have come so far. I still don't have a normal feeling in my boobs or my nipples but I feel like it's getting better every day.

Tried on Some Bras Today

My breasts r settling in nicely, especially since I started doing massages. I cheated and tried on a couple of bras today. I'm not supposed to wear those for 6 weeks, I think. I'm a 36C. Hopefully that stays since D cup kinda freaks me out. I didn't try on 34D since I think band 34 is too small and will squish my rib cage. What's really the difference between sizes 34 and 36?

Two Weeks Today!

I am feeling better and better every day. I can sleep comfortably on the side but definitely miss my favorite way to sleep which is on my stomach. Still wearing the compression strap and doing massages twice a day. The best part so far is that my husband really likes my new boobs and doesn't seem freaked out or grossed out that there are implants underneath my natural breasts. I was concerned about his approval since he's the type of a man that prefers his women to look very natural (for example, no makeup). Also, my breasts are slowly falling more into place. One negative is that parts of my breasts still feel numb. I'm staying positive and waiting for full feeling to come back. Also, my implants r poking a little through the skin which makes it look like I have a lump on the side of my boob. My doctor's nurse told me once implants settle, this should improve, and I should give it a month.

1 Month Update

Everything is going fine. I'm still wearing sports bras and the band. I'm having more feeling in my boobs and nipples but it doesn't feel normal yet. Not sleeping on my stomach. I'd like more fullness in the lower part of the breasts, but maybe that will come with time. I have uneven lump/dent situation on the left side. I'm hoping this will resolve as the implants settle. However, rippling is not uncommon for thin people like me so I might be stuck with it. I definitely would like to have nice side boob in dresses and bikinis. Have any of you guys experienced bumps or dents on breasts that resolved eventually? I don't think it's anything dangerous, just annoying. I'm assuming the pocket is just too tight right now and I need to be patient and wait for the skin to stretch.

Almost Two Months

I think at this point in pretty much healed from surgery. I haven't tried working out yet. Nervous about that. I can sleep in my stomach which is awesome, and have regained about 70% of feeling in my breasts including the nipples. There is still some unevenness on the side of my left breast, but I think it's getting better. I'll upload photos of the changes. Breasts seem more settled. Right one is a little higher, I think.

2.5 Months

Posting pics for those of you girls that are following my review.
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