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So I've finally decided to document my journey....

So I've finally decided to document my journey. But not for myself, but for the ladies : ) I have been doing my research on here for about two yrs. and I finally decided to write my review with the final decision that I'm going to do this bc its something I truly wont. Since the beginning I've been following Dr. Fisher in Miami and Dr. Duran in D.R. I feel more comfortable with Fisher being that were in the same state but those Drs. in D.R are talented, they get them women snatched. The price being cheaper is just a bonus on top. I also just started following Dr. Molina!


So I booked a date with Fisher!!! I was told that the next available date was 9/29. Two days later I called back, he was all booked up so 9/30 it is!!! yay, and my coordinator saved that date for me other wise my date would be 10/4. Ladies if your interested in fisher please put money down now even if your not ready till next year. he is going up on his prices and fast. when I first started following him his price was 4,000 a week ago it was 5,500 now its 6000. My coordinator Amy said it will continue to go up bc he's became so known and popular.


Soo yesterday around 11am I had a voicemail on my cell phone from Amy, my surgery coordinator. Asking me to call her back regarding my surgery. I knew right away there was an issue... Oct 3, 2016 is now my new official date SMFH. She told me there was a miss understanding with her and her manager. I had just got off work and just had no energy to argue with her. I'm very upset because I really wanted this procedure done no later than Aug. but I'm a be patient and let god lead. However, I will continue to look at other drs., in DR by the way, and also stay on top of vanity because there infamous for fuck up SMFH.
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