1 Year to Become a Fisher Doll. Miami, FL

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Hello all I'm 30 years old and have two kids . My...

Hello all I'm 30 years old and have two kids . My BBL is next year with fisher so it gives me one year to safe money and get everything I need . I feel like I have so much to learn and get before the surgery but I'm happy and nervous about it . I'm 150 pound and 5.3 my my waist is 37 and my butt is 40 inch I have to much belly fat :-(. I hope to get a small waist and big but with hips I will load some before and wish pictures later .

should i lose weight ???

I'm 5.3 and 152 lbs. should I lose maybe 5-10 pounds? I want a big butt and small waist. I'm so nervous what if I don't like the result what if my butt is not big enough and my waist is still to big :-( I have one year to go but I'm making my self crazy .

Picture and measurement update

ok I think I have to lose weight now I gained weight :-( I'm 157 right now my measurement are waist is almost 38 and butt is almost 42 . I know fisher dolls lose after surgery 4 inch from there waist and gain like 2 inch on there butt. I need to be under 30 inch waist I hope I can lose some belly fat .

Where to stay with my family

Hi all my surgery is next year in April 28 but I'm trying to find a good and not to expensive place for my two boys, hubby and me to stay. Any recommendations would be great. I also was thinking on getting a nurse to stay with us .

How do I order the right size Faja

Hello all I'm trying to figure out what size Vedette 929 should i order . do i go base on my waist or butt measurement to order me

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