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Initially I was scheduled with Dr.Hasan but that...

Initially I was scheduled with Dr.Hasan but that fell through. I had already bought my plan ticket and booked my recovery room. Yaritza called me and told me they had to cancel my date becuase Hasan hadn't returned to vanity. I was extremely upset becuase i would have never even found out that he was gone if it wasnt for the realself ladies. I was also upset becuase i asked Yaritza before i booked my ticket if i was scheduled for sure and she said yes without a doubt. Now i have to pay a 200 dollar fee to rechedule my flight. More money out of my pocket. Smh Now i am going with Dr. Fisher and i just pray that this is the best life changing experience of my life.

Booked another flight

I booked another flight yesterday. I leave for miami 6am on aug 22. My surgery date is aug 23rd. After booking my flight my excitement began to build once more. So i decided to go by some supplies that i seen that are essential for a bbl. I think Ive gotten everything except lipo foam and bbl pillow. Does any one have any good recommendations for the pillow the boppy seems like it would be too soft but wasnt really sure. I have a 5 hour flight and I am a social worker so i do alot of sitting and driving.

3 Days until New Bootie

So im flying out to miami monday morning because Vanity says they need me to complete paper work and do blood work the day before. I already got my blood work done in my state so im not really worried about the blood work. But im nervous about being away from my family for a week and staying with people i dont know. I am going to be staying at a recovery house. The womans name is Magdalena. She seems really nice by phone so i hope she remains nice while im in pain LOL. But long story short I will be posting all of my before and after pics for everyone to see. So stay tuned!

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