Back to Drawing Board...Alvarez or Nahhhhh?

I did a virtual consult with Nancy for Salamas. I...

I did a virtual consult with Nancy for Salamas. I sent her a few more questions but did not hear anything back. It's been like two weeks. I am big on customer service. At this point I am not impressed (with the service). Anywho, Salamas has the best results I have seen so far. I need to check out dates as well because I currently have no one to travel with me when I go. I am going to need tending to. So many many questions...I didn't tell my husband. I just want him to come back from deployment like WOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I am thinking about getting this done before my BA because of the healing time. I am looking to change jobs so I plan to do it after I resign. Ladies, did you need more than two weeks. How was returning to work? I think I may need like a month recovery, so I can get back to working out. Your thoughts?

Hey Ladies, If you have purchased someones BBL...

Hey Ladies, If you have purchased someones BBL appointment I would like to know how that process worked out. I do not have a date yet but since Dr. S is booked for most of Spring 2013, I will be looking for a date to purchase next month for March/April. Thanks in advance.

Recurring BBL thoughts

Last year I had BA sx in February. I am seriously considering a BBL. It seems like a lot of effort and preparation but the satisfaction rate is great. I've been trolling RS for a while and the Doc I had for my BA offers the sx. He quoted me 6500 since I am a returning patient. He said I would be a good candidate and will transfer fat from abs, back, and flanks. The recovery part is what scares me. The pics seem unbearable. How do you manage with all those drainage tubes? Do they hurt? How much of these supply list items do you reeeeaaaalllllly use? I have so may questions...

My husband is not thrilled. Initially I told him that I was going to do lipo but for 2K more I can have my dream body. Like I did with my BA, I'll probably do it while he's out of the country have a family member take care of me and he'll reap the benefits.

Inspirational Accessories

These are a few of my favorite derrières! Love the natural look of enhancement. I don't want a donk, just an enhancement of my curves.

Inspirational Accessories P2

These are a few of my favorite derrières! Love the natural look of enhancement. I don't want a donk, just an enhancement of my curves.

Research Required

I have been searching high and low for a combination of talent, service, and costs. I think I have found the right doctor, Dr. Fisher of Vanity Miami. I recently spoke with Anna who gave me a quote of $7500. The BBL which includes lipo to full abdomen and back, flanks, and love handles is $5000. While recovering I will be staying at Home Away Vanity for 10 days for $2500 and if I pay in full I'll get a discount.

I am 95.75% certain that this is the best option for me and Iove his results. The Home Away package is great and inclusive. Of course I have to work out minor details...scheduling vacation time so that it and the sx coincides with one another; then recovery process since I'm at a desk all day and finally a list of necessities. I think some people go overboard with these lists.

Decisions Decisions...

Tomorrow is the day I'm supposed to put my down payment for Dr Hassan at Vanity Miami. I have like a million questions though. I've been stalking and gawking RS vets to get an idea of a fine tuned list of necessities. For those that flew how was that flight? If I fly I will have a 4 hr flight w/ about 2 hrs each. Should i take the train; ummm 24hrs from Mia to VA but I would have a room where I can lay down. How was driving with the yoga mat to relieve stress on the booty? I would only be taking a week off, has anyone done this? Some doctor reviews say being off one week is adequate others say two, I have a desk job but stand a lot to relieve my back from sitting all the time so I would be able to stand...I honestly just don't want to look crazy. I'm having all types of thoughts. Most wants require some compromise so decisions, decisions. I need some feedback.

Since I 90% positive

I'm going to schedule tomorrow I am 5 ' 3" 150lbs. My measurements are 36-32-41. I have hips what I truly want is my waist snatched and projection but still look natural.

It's Official

I'm scheduled for Dr. Hasan in less than 2 months. I couldn't deal with the anxiety of waiting for long. I just need time enough to get my list of items for recovery, labs and get snatched. I'm too calm which is making me nervous...mostly because I will be alone. I did the recovery package. The costs were comparable or less booking everything separately. I did opt to stay at Extended Stay rather than HA. Any feedback, suggestions and advice would be helpful.

Some of my body crushes...

Shenanigans or nah??

I have had several consults…in each situation I completed a medical history form so that the doctor could familiarize himself with me. Did any of you complete this form prior to going to Vanity for sx? The pre op directions are very general, and it simply states to stop all meds a week prior to the procedure. I was not given any direction on this. I brought it up to the coordinator and only then did she ask for a list of my current medication b/c some of them are prescribed daily. I emailed her with my concerns so we will see what’s up tomorrow. The main problem is because I am flying in from out of town, bought the package and want to get everything I paid for…including my 4 massages. I am a bit anal and like order. Bottom line my sx needs to be on time and seamless or we will see what that peace of mind money back guarantee is poppycock. Looking back I should have asked more questions but did not know what to expect during the BBL process. When I did my BA it was very professional and customer oriented. I even received a packet in the mail regarding the process before, during and a timeline of what’s to come after the surgery. I guess you get what you pay for…

On another note

Not sure how tall she is but her whole body is my wish pic...curves for days and projection...I want to drive my husband crazy when he arrives from the sand box

So my aunt...

said she has a feeling that I should not go through with my scheduled BBL next month. She is concerned about complications that may arise, the pouches of liquid and whether or not I will be satisfied with my results. She is certain that I will look like a striper. I am not seeking any recognition,I just want my stomach snatched and a little bit more booty. Is that too much to ask. I have been praying and searching internally on whether or not I should or should not go through with my procedure. I am comfortable with my decision to go through with the sx as planned. I have my flight, time off from work hiccups in my plans to date. If i do have any concerns or feel any uncertainty I am secure enough to wait. There is some added comfort with their "Peace of Mind" money back guarantee. I have a month and seven days...

I don't have any feelings of anxiety or butterflies regarding the surgery. My only point of concern is the recovery, especially in the workplace. I do not want folks in my business. I work in an office setting, at a cubicle. I have a cushioned chair that already gives me back issues. I am trying to be proactive about the upcoming sx so will probably have a boppy pillow and some back support next week. That will offset those questions, hopefully. But is it that serious, hells yeah! It's my business and my body.


Is my official one month pre op. No concerns except I don't have a companion. Didn't want to go alone but I may have to thug my way through. I'm a big baby and I need some one to coddle me. I've been buying things but trying to anticipate all the things I need. On a high note, all these Hasan Dolls are getting me hype. Can't wait but dreading the recovery. I will be working out daily starting tomorrow, have to tone my arms so they don't look like they came from another person. Gonna look like the total package when he'' done.

RANDOM...As each day passes

I think about how things will change for me. I will be more confident, although my husband tells me I look good I had to let him know this is a personal decision that would make me comfortable. I do appreciate that he is supportive, I think his main concern is that he isn't here to take care of me. I want to be fully healed when he gets home off that ship. I want him to lose his mind when he sees my body. The fact that he hasn't seen me since he deployed and to come home to a haute wife that's alllll his. I get excited, just hope he doesn't try to knock me up. Lol. I am not spending these coins to turn around and get knocked.

Right now my focus is clean eating. When I did my BA I cut out salt, sugar. I recently cut out oils. I am eating clean and working out so that I can heal faster too. I be been out buying things like foam rollers but I need to have that cut in half and use one for driving and one for work. I picked up a few maxi dresses on sale 4$. I didn't want to shop for dresses and have them destroyed by drainage sauce. Also thinking about buying a black compression garment. I've seen some on ebay but haven't ordered. Not sure if they are true to the size chart.

I've attached more of my BBL goals.


Who the hell is the fluff fairy???

Soooo Anxious...

Wonder in the days leading up to Hasanification of all my sisters were experiencing the same rush of emotions. I daydream, dream, fantasize, basically obsess about what I will look like. I'm so nervous. But I feel fat as hells, stress eating and all. But need to get my life cause I'm not paying all this money to have to pay again for some maintenance. I normally eat healthy but stress... My clothes are screaming right now, I feel bloated and I refuse to buy clothes until I am snatched. It will take some getting used too. I will have to embrace all that body. I've been faking with my family like I go to the gym all the time when I actually go half the time. I am truly in awe at what I am about to do...

...then More Questions

I was contacted by Nubia since I've opted to stay at HAW. I gave her my flight info and of course had questions about how close it was to civilization-15 to 20 minutes from the mall. I highly doubt I will go to the mall but I like to know everything. She confirmed that she would be in contact the week prior to discuss last minute details about my arrival.

Should I order additional foam and ab boards? Do you change these? How long are these worn?

Where exactly are the incisions located? How long does it take for them to heal? When should I start using mederma?

I was told to buy tank tops, are the ribbed ones Ok or should I get the smooth ones? What the hell are for anyway?

Does the garment have a bra and is it crotchless? Has anyone had to get a smaller garment within a week?

Is the stage 2 garment just a second one or is that a specific garment?

Thanks in advance. These weeks are flying by and I need to be prepared.

Of course

I'm filled with a plethora of thoughts as I go contemplate what I will look like when Dr Hasan finishes. I'm trying on my waist trainer to get an idea. Lol, I can't even focus right now...I've attached some pics--like the hip to waist ratio, but hoping for a tiny waist and of course PROJECTION!

To alleviate my aunts woes my mother will be joining me. We had a long conversation about keeping her mouth shut since she blabbed to the whole family when I got my boobs done two years ago. She agreed and is excited to get away from the family. I don't plan on being dependent on her since ahe needs a getaway herself. She just needs a change of scenery. I'm also excited because we didn't have a great relationship growing up but we are oh so close now. Glad to know that she is going to be by my side as I get snatched.

More wishes

More booty pics...

And...I've been practicing sitting. I got a foam roller cut in half and it works great for sitting. I'm taking half to work tomorrow. I will do a test run on a drive this weekend.

Making Moves

Got the script to get my labs completed at my doctor. Scheduled my lab work as well as an ekg so I am good to go on Monday. I have to be there at 7am. Bright and early, there is a walk in clinic. I'm going to talk to my PC about getting a second garment since I don't need the labs going to ask about meds too. I only pay $5 for each prescription so paying what they asking for meds is cray!

Buuuuttttt...I was talking to my docs assistant. She asked what procedure I was having...thinking she's asking for medical purposes do I told her. She talking about "for real! How much does it cost" and of course I put her on to Realself. She was on the site before we got off the phone. Thought that was too funny.

Half a Foam Roller

I've been prepping my work are. I bought a foam roller cut it in half. I sit up high enough with it under my thighs that by booty hangs off the back. Score...I initially got questions about it and just told them my back hurts from sitting all day...they're like oh that's a good idea.

Labs Today and EKG

So I did my labs and U/A today will have those results in a few days, I guess. I did an EKG as well. I don't think that it was good either. It mentioned that I had unknown abnormalities o_O. Thinking this may shut my BBL plans down. Idk if this means I won't be a good candidate or if it means that it's what the anesthesiologist will use to ensure that my heart rate is consistent during the sx. Not feeling great right now. This sucks nuts.

Part 2: Labs Today and EKG

One of my fake Mom's is a RN with a wealth of experience. She was able to explain the EKG results to me. She stated that I was fine. It is a result of one of my prescriptions. At this point I am uncertain of whether or not it will affect the anesthesia process. I submitted the list of medication a few weeks ago. I am two weeks out...I am waiting for Hasan's assistant to follow up with me regarding my medication, what needs to be adjusted if at all...

To be continued...

Assless in VA

So after Hasan reviewed my info. I need a medical release, which is cool. This was the plan anyway. So I had labs done a week ago, followed up with my doctor on Wednesday, then Friday...Vanity reached out on Friday and nothing. I called again this morning...Anywho I scheduled an appointment with another doctor to review my labs, EKG and my personal medical concerns. I am scheduled for next Tuesday for sx, but that remains to be seen.

At this point I am over it. If it's meant to be its mine if not I saved some $.Either way a win.

Thanks to all my Real Sisters for the support, feedback, and sharing your journey's. Whether or not I get my BBL, I am still thankful to be a part of this community.


So I flew all the way to Miami, booked a room, took PTO and purchased a ton of recovery items. All this was done in vain. When I got to Vanity I checked in, was taken to a room and never spoke to Dr. Hassan. I waited for like 5 hours for them to tell me that he needed another release form! At that point they offered me another doctor who felt comfortable doing my BBL. I'm sitting there flabbergasted like wtf is he...I haven't researched him for over a year. Then they tried to reimburse me a portion of my money. If you go to Vanity only pay the deposit until you confirm all the details, then pay the balance. Thankfully I paid on a credit card instead of a cashiers check because I was able to dispute the portion they tried to keep. Their rationale was due to a consult...Hell I never even spoke to Hasan. Bottom line, I got a full refund because they could not prove anything and I got a copy of all the release forms I signed...I'm anal ocd but I'd be short a couple of grand if I wasn't. Ultimately it was not for me so I still have my God-given derrière.

So Ummmm Yeah...

I think I'm addicted...I am chasing the perfect image of what I want to look like. I am back on the hunt for my BBL...I have a couple of friends going to Alveraz at Spectrum. I did buy into that price lock they have right now but I've decided to revert back to what I truly wanted. My smartlipo was great and I had my lower back and flanks done. I lost 23 lbs prior to my lipo but still unable to get rid of this belly flab no matter how hard I sweat or clean I eat. I've decided to just get snatched and plumped at the same one time. I need that Miami fix!

Speaking of...I plan to go in mid January. If anyone is interested in staying with Claudia let me know. Perhaps they offer discount for 2 occupants. Send me a message if you're interested.

Inspo & Recovery

With so many great derrières out here it's hard to choose the perfect one...also found the site for a RealSelf community jewel the It inflates and deflates...only 50$!

Moving on Up

I didn't have the patience to wait until next year so I got an earlier date. Also I didn't want to experience waking up feeling like I was hit by a truck alone. I have a friend that is scheduled the same day so we can thug our way thru it together.

We plan staying with Claudia. I don't like that she only accepts your flight ticket for the reservation. I'd prefer to pay a deposit. Besides, I haven't purchased my flight yet. I'd like my friend and I to purchase together so we can be seated together.

The Waiting Game

If you've read my previous posts, my previous attempt to get my BBL with Hasan was a disaster. This time I was more aware, considering why I was denied after I'd flown all the way to Miami a,d flabbergasted because the ,epically coordinators are not the surgeon. Well after going through the hell and high water with Liz, my coordinator at Spectrum, I was finally able to speak to Dr. Alveraz. I explained my medical condition to him and he was actually please that I too, the initiative to speak with him. He explained that he had some concerns related to my medications and he needed to speak to his anesthesiologist before approving me for my procedure. I haven't even completed my medical labs or anything but just wanted to be in a better position.

I just wanted to share this because if you have concerns and you need to speak to the surgeon stay the course. I was told that the surgeons are very busy and it isn't common practice for them to do phone consults. What saved me was our initial contact stating my price included the procedure as well as a phone consult. Liz stated she a had to speak with her manager, Stephanie. I took the initiative to cc her on the email I sent Liz of her offer. The irony is that my friend who is having her procedure the same day as I already had a phone consultation with Dr. Alvarez. Again just make sure that you take charge and you are diligent if you have a valid concern regarding your medical health.

Thanks Dolls

The Verdict

I appreciate follow up and as promised Dr. Alvarez followed up with me today. He cleared me to move forward and I am too hype. November 18th!

Now I just have to break the news to my husband...

Impatiently waiting...

I need to get over myself. These days are ticking away and I dream of my bbl, daydream of my bbl. So glad I moved my date up to November instead of January. At this point these reviews are only to communicate with other ladies and gain some wisdom from the vets. I've decided I will create a separate review to thoroughly document the journey. There is just too much on this review..
Miami Physician

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