Who is a better BBL Surgeon. Dr. Mendieta, Dr. Salama, Dr. Jimerson or Dr. Yily

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I didn't have it yet . I'm considering Dr. Salama...

I didn't have it yet . I'm considering Dr. Salama or Dr. Mendieta. I'm 5'2 about 115 pounds. Can someone please help me with my decision. ??? I've always wanted one but I'm finally talking it more serious. I've researched forever. It was between these two & Jimerson buy he doesn't respond to shit so .. anyway I'd love you guys input

Still deciding !!!

I want the best results I can get. I not only want a big booty, I want a smaller waist, I want my back to be shaped & defined & I want it to look natural for my body size. Dr. Salama seems very good but I've seen post about how he burned the skin off of a women's stomach while using aggressive lipo! It scares me but also his good results are amazing ! I need the input for people who have had a bbl from any of the doctors I'm considering !
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