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I was going to go to Spectrum with Miami but...

I was going to go to Spectrum with Miami but unfortunately DR. O. Lost his license so I been on RS night and day. I saw a lot of great reviews and before and after pictures on Dr. J. Fisher. I contacted them today. For the BBL produce it's currently going for 5500 the areas of lipo included are upper and lower abdomen, flanks , love handles and bra line. You could get a package deal for 550 for 5 massages, garments, the abdomen board and she said one more thing but I forgot. Sorry. And the are also associate with a RH 1600 for 6 nights, help around the clock , transport etc (what are RHs include) BUTTTT I could bring someone with me and they could stay with me for free. Wish I been thinking of bring my cousin. They do want a 1000 deposit to lock in the price and date. I'm thinking for this fall around September or October of 2016. I'm a out of state patent so I have to do a online consultation which the coordinator send over right away via email. I have to take some photos and send it back so the doctor can evaluate them. I'm excited. I'm looking for anyone going to DR Fisher around the same date. XOXO.


Took my measurements
122 LBS.
LOL. I'm tiny. But I had a baby about a year ago and want my 24 inch waist. I will post pics of pre baby body and post baby body.
Before baby my measurements were

More wish pics <3.

More wish pics. I really love hips but not too much and a nice bubble butt.

I'm addicted.

I'm on RS more than my snapchat IG and FB. I love this type of projection.

RH & Massages

So Vanity told me they are asscoiated with a RH for 1600 for 6 nights butttt I read some one review and she was so pissed. She said it was an extended stay and the room smelled like cigarettes, there was strange people hanging around, she said someone with get all my meds and transportation but she did state I would get care the first 24 hours after surgery. Well ladies 1600 is a lot right...I found this new (just opened) RH and for 6nights and 7 days is 1450 but is beautiful, so gorgeous. Doesn't mean I'm going to pick this Arab because I'm wanting to save money , I just came acrossed they're page. They could record your entire recovery for 100 dollars more with HD camera. (Interesting). Vanity said 550 for the massages and the garments , ya think is worth it ? I know a lot of ladies get all the garments on Amazon and EBay.

How long for recovery ?

I plan on taking two weeks off from work. 7 days in Miami to wait for my Post Op and 7 days at home...I'm trying to save up my Paid Time Off hours to be able to get paid on the days I want to take off. I don't know if I need more time off...I work technical support and I sit for 8 hours. I can and will work standing that's no issue but is two weeks enough ?????

Oh boy. Here we go...

So today I heard back from Angie. Dr. Fisher stated he's suggesting aggressive lipo for my stomach and waist and just lipo for my back. He also stated to not lose any weight but if I wanted a bigger butt and hips I could gain some weight but he does not operate on girls with a BMI of 30 or higher. I'm currently have a BMI of 25. Friday I'm putting half of my 1000 deposit. Once I pay the deposit off. I will have a SX date for you ladies.

Recovery House

I was going back and forth between Keyla recovery house and Miami Escape. Miami Escape is a bit on the expensive side but is beautiful....BUT** I just found a recovery by the name of BluCove Recovery and for 1400 I could stay for 7 nights/ 8 Day and it includes.. 3 meals a day including snacks and drinks ***5 Post OP Massages*** (my favorite part) clean private rooms Transportation around the clock assistance by a RN and laundry service My favorite is the massages...Vanity wants to charge me 550...that recovery i want to stay in goes for about 1000-1500 but it does not including the massage. I think that the 5 massages included in my price for recovery house is perfect all I have to do is buy everything else of amazon. I will be searching my butt off I don't know everything I would need and where to get it from but best believe I will find out. XO

Locked in price

Ok ladies. I locked in my price for DR Fisher. In two weeks I will be picking my date. I want the next available date since DR Fosher is booked til August. I'm excited. XO.

Weight Gain

So I have decide I'm going to gain 15 LBS. I'm currently 122 LBS 4' 10" with a BMI of 25.5 gaining 15 LBS would put my BMI at 28.6. I want a nice big butt not too big but big enough. Brought a box of ensure so I could drink one with every meal. 1 servings has 220 calories. I'm going to start counting my calories. I know 3500 calories is a LB. I have 4 months to gain 15 LBS. that's almost a LB a week. Sheesh. Happy eating.

DR. Fisher Before and After Pixs

I found these ladies on RS and they went to DR. Fisher. I love his works.


I picked my RH. I'm going with Cosmicare. They have so many different packages. I will upload the email. The package I want is the silver package they include EVERYTHING garments , pillows lipo foams massages etc...for 2300.
But let's think everything as far has where to get massages , what size to buy the garments and a RH rolled up into one price I'm down with the that. Security deposit is 250.

Dr. Hasan

Ok. Girls. By the April 29th my surgery at Vanity would be completely paid off. Now I'm starting to think I want to go with Dr. Hasan. He has available dates in June and July. By the 29th I would also be buying my flight. Hell if I could do in May I would. Dr. Hasan does really good work. I just want to get this done and over with enjoys my new body...just venting I guess. By the end of May I could have the RH paid off then is the waiting game...I'm so indecisive...

Wish Pics

Here's my wish pics.


So in a matter of a week I have gain 2LBS. I know that's not a lot but is a start. I was reading about weight gain for BBLs and 4000cc (which is the max) is about 9-10LBS. I'm only 4'10" a good weight would be between 89-119 lBS. LOL. Hell no I don't see myself being 89lBS. 120 I think is ideal for me. So I want to be around 130-135lBS for my surgery. I'm going to ask Vantiy if they have any opens in JUNE / JULY. I also been looking at DR Blinski BBLS and he's goooooood but I honesty don't want to deal with Vanoty Refund drama so I might stay put !!!

Miami Escape <3.

Come Stay at Miami Escape!!

You heard your stay with us now for a stay from now til June 31 and get the $175 per night charge. (Savings of $25 a night)

If you have already paid a deposit for May or June I will adjust your invoice to reflect the $175 price.

If I have invoiced you and you have not yet made your deposit, If you do so by April 14th I will honor the $175.00 price.

For new reservations or existing reservations previously invoiced and deposit made.....If you pay in full I will offer and additional $100.00 off your total price.

Call today for more info 754-224-9683 or email

I got this email from Miami escape ! I'm still waiting for the video to process. Not only is this house beautiful but Dani is behind awesome and I'm not even in pain yet !! I'm also getting their supply box for 60 dollars so I won't have to pack everything and take it with me. I'm getting my massages through them , and have them record my recovery hehe :D. I got a surgery date for May 18th 2016 with Dr. Mcadoo. He awesome has well..I'll update on that. But ladies please check out Miami Escape !!


Got my surgery date today from Vanity. They told me Fisher next available date is September. Hasan told vanity they could start booking his appointment in June but he has not responded to them she said I could have a refund OR check out other doctors at their location. She send me some pictures of Mcadoo's work and I was pretty impressed. So I got a SX date for May 18th. I started taking my iron pills. I hit Dani from Miami escape she send me my invoice. 1185 that's for 1 massage , all my supplies and 7 days. Measurements I'm wishing for 32.24.42. Trying to gain another 5-8 LBS. XO.

Full Throttle.

So like I have mentioned before I want to gain 10-15 lB. So far I have gained 5 in about 1 week. I plan on eating a lot of paste and I brought a few boxes of ensure PLUS ! Just because the doctors take out 4000cc of fat doesn't mean 4000cc goes back in. It need to be pure fat. So I'm trying to gain some good fat here. I don't know how many cc I want. I just know I want a nice silhouette.

Sh*t just got REAL.

Awh man 32 days and counting...


So I put brought most of my stuff on walmarts website. Didn't feel like driving to the store. I got Arnica tablets Compression socks toeless (EBay) Go girl Firming scrub(tree hut) Firming lotion (tree hut) (Have a Bobby pillow already) In two weeks I buying like 3-4 maxi dresses from boohoo (is hot in Az anyways) scaraway , l really want the booty RH was supply the small themes. this is getting so surreal.

Change my Doctor.

How can I edit my doctor and price ??

3 Weeks To Go !!

It feels like 3 weeks is right around the corner , or if it's far away. I know I'm super anxious !!!!


I have booked flights for my previous boss and know a couloe of trick butttttt I find this app called Hopper , (iPhone don't know about androids) it give you tips on when to fly out and when to purchase your flight for the best deals !!!

Miami Escape 150 a night !!

So I haven't booked my RH yet and got an email from Miami Escape they have a special going for 150 a night !!! I just saved more money.

$150 PER DAY.

New reservations only. This includes 3 meals and snacks, transportation to all medical appointments. airport pickup/drop off and 24 hour care with licensed MA's and CNA's and a stay in a 5500 square foot state of the art facility .


Feel free to talk to one of our team members at anytime by calling 754-224-9683

15 days left !!!!!

I'm beyond nervous and excited !!! 15 days left !!! I brought some travel size stuff and waiting on my booty buddy to come in the mail.

Weight gain / wish pics

Sooooo this is me before I started gaining weight...I have gain 10 lbs since this pics was taken. I want hips cause I have none and some projection and a tiny waist !!!!

Move my date !!!

New surgery date June 24th. Anyone want to be SX buddy's ? Got all my supplies. :D

The time as come.

I arrived to Miami this morning and went to my preop filled out my paper work and met Dr. McAdoo. He was down to earth , a funny guy...asked me if I had a picture of the butt I wanted I said yeah. He asked me what kind of fruit was it ...hmmm. I couldn't called it. So he asked me if I rather have a cake pop or a pear. I just cake pop. I got my scripts and left. I was there from 9am to about noon. Surgery is tomorrow 9am.

Jet lag

Sorry for all the typos. I'm sooooo tired going from coast to coast is no joke.

I'm loving it.

Day of my surgery. They call me to a back room made me try on the faja, put on my socks and hat. They walk me to the OR where it was freezing cold. One minutes I'm listening and humming one of my songs. The anesthesialogist tells this medication is to help you relax and that's all I remember. I woke up in the recovery room. Well here are some before and after pictures. :D

2 Day Post Op

No pain , only stiffness and soreness.

2Day Post Op

Pictures didn't load.

6Days Post Op

My butt is starting to feel soft. I still sore and stiffness especially in my back area.

6Days Post Op

I never had this problem until after post op. That's funny. That pictures didn't load again.

Waist training.

So a lot of girls on her tailor their fajas , my mom could sew and I mean really good. I tried to tailor my faja ; didn't matter how she did it , it did NOT want to pass my butt. So I had her undo it. And I found my waist trainer. And do it on !!!!
Measurements before surgery
Measurements after surgery
I been using Arnica Ointment which has been helping my bruising. Mostly for my butt.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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