4 months post op. Dr. Salzhauer beauty warrior ;)

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Hi Ladies. I am 21 years old. no kids. female....

Hi Ladies. I am 21 years old. no kids. female. current weight 118 pounds. full time college student who also works. I am doing this because I feel like I deserve it for how hard I work and I deserve to feel good about my body in my 20s.
I am getting a BBL with the famous Dr. Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami on May 18th, 2016. I am so excited and counting down the days.

I am naturally pretty slim, when I decided I wanted a BBL I was only 104 pounds! flat stomach and all, but I had a little bit of flanks that bothered me and would never go away, and of course the more weight I lost the more my booty shrunk, despite the fact that I would do leg workouts and squats.
I have already begun my weight gain journey... I don't know why since my surgery isn't for another 8 months.. dumb mistake. I am now 118 and I look disgusting. I am only 5 feet tall and small boned so 118 is tiny for people in general but on me it looks horrible. My stomach has taken a lot of the weight but also my face, arms, and thighs.. literally EVERYTHING but the booty.. how annoying. I also think I have tight skin on my legs because my thighs have cellulite now! :( I am feeling emotionally a little low, thank god the winter is coming up so I can cover some of the weight ive gained. all I think about everyday is my BBL.

I forgot to mention that another reason why I wanted this surgery is because I model and having a nice but and hourglass body shape is so in right now. I am moving to LA next summer for college but also in hopes to get more modeling jobs and improve my hopeful career in the entertainment industry.

because I have gained weight in lots of places I am probably going to add my arms and I am considering buccal fat removal (cheek fat) Dr. Salzhauer calls me on 09/30/2015 so I will tell you what he has to say then! :)

thanks for reading.

dr. miami is booked

Hi so I have some people asking how I got such an early date (May 18th 2016) I should have mentioned in my last post that I actually booked with Salzhauer back in early April of this year and I got the soonest available date. I hear now that he is booked for the next 2 years. I still have 8 months to go but overall I'm waiting over a year which is hard but I hear he is worth the wait!

What I am now vs wish

1st picture me now (around 118 pounds) and the second picture is what I hope to look like after the surgery. Any tips/advice? I plan to be about 125 by the time surgery comes around I don't think I will need to gain much more to achieve something nice. What do you ladies think?

Weight gain update + my phone call with dr. Miami

Hi I have had no problem gaining weight cause I just eat a ton of Taco Bell and Mac and cheese lol but I am about 119 (looks huge on my frame) and I plan to go into surgery at 125.

I spoke with the doctor today! I was nervous since he is like a celebrity now lol but he is very nice just asked about medical history and my overall Heath :) he said he can tell I have a very small waist and I won't need to gain much more. I am too excited, just getting to talk to him made this experience feel even more real.

If anyone would like to switch dates!!

Btw, I am scheduled May 18, 2016 but if anyone has a date between late December 2015 thru January 12th 2016 and wouldn't mind to switch for my may date I would greatly appreciate it!

6 more months..

The weight gain is REAL ladies. Lol. I haven't posted in about a little over a month but I've probably gained about 2 pounds so my body isn't gaining fat like crazy anymore which is good. The month before my surgery I'm going to drink some ensure to gain a few extra pounds. I cant wait though!
.. Oh btw!

UPDATE: I have added arms as an extra area of lipo! I will probably add my inner thighs too, however I am still deciding. I also want to do buccal fat because my face is gaining weight, but I don't think its worth an extra 3k :/

anxiously waiting for this, I have been feeling so discouraged at my body! I'm trying to stay positive - will update in a few weeks. I have attached some wish photos of other bootyful booties!

Before the weight gain

I have never posted photos BEFORE I began my weight gain journey. Here are some photos taken in 2014 before I decided to gain weight before my BBL.

Weight gain update

Feeling huge and gross on the inside and the outside. This was taken today. I think I have enough fat now for my surgery and I hope my wishes are fulfilled.

20 pound weight gain!! Please Dr. Miami suck out ALL this fat :(

Problem with my surgery date :(

Ugh. So I just got my spring schedule for school and I have my college graduation ceremony on May 27th! I don't think I will be able to leave Florida a week after surgery because I believe arianny told me I have to stay at least 10 days.

However my spring schedule also said that I have spring break in mid March so I really hope to see if I can get a date in mid March if someone cancels. If not I'll see if someone who is going late May can switch with me (I'm sure they would) so I can get surgery after graduation. I feel like there is always something that has to get in the way :( feeling so discouraged and I don't know if I can wait any longer than May, and if I do I will probably just switch doctors :( I will keep everyone updated.

If there is anyone going to doctor Salz in March and would be willing to switch with me for May please let me know, it would be such a huge favor for me. Thanks everyone

CANCELLING with Salzhauer May 2016, who wants my date?

Yes, I have spoken with my coordinator and there is nothing she can do for me in order to move my date. I have finals the week of my surgery and school comes first.
My surgery is May 18 2016 with Dr. Salzhauer In Miami. If anyone is willing to refund me my deposit then you can have my date. Private message me if you want it.

Also, this doesn't mean my BBL journey is over. I am going to Beverly hills with a different doctor who works great on petite girls. I will be documenting my journey with him. I plan on getting surgery with him in March. Thank you dolls.

No longer cancelling! SURGERY WITH DR. MIAMI JAN 7th 2016!

hey everyone. I was able to get a date next month, my original date was conflicting with school and I could no longer do it. Luckily I signed up on the waiting list months ago and they had a cancellation so I am now going January 7th 2016. I have a month to prepare and I am so excited!! I will update in a few days :)


Hi Dolls. I have been spending the last two weeks booking everything as fast as I can. I turned in my medical clearance on the 21st which was a pain in the ass. I hated doing my medical clearance, It is such a long process and I barley turned it in on the day of the deadline, but luckily I got it in! I also booked my airline ticket and I will be arriving in Miami the 5th and my surgery is the 7th. I am leaving Miami on the 14th in the evening. I have been juggling 2 jobs, finals, and trying to do all this surgery stuff and I was under extreme stress and I think I lost some weight. I am at 119 and I'm hoping I can gain 3 pounds by surgery. I have been talking to Taylor, the out of town coordinator a lot and she is really nice and helpful. I haven't ordered my surgery supplies yet and I plan to do that either tomorrow or the next day. I will keep you ladies updated with everything :)

Arrived in Miami!

Such a long flight! I have just arrived. I am renting out a condo out here. So far everything is good. I am going to stop by the docs office tomorrow because I have no idea what time my surgery is the following day. I haven't even gotten all my supplies yet I need to go tomorrow. I feel so unprepared! Lol. But I'm happy I am finally in Miami, I am staying about 20 mins away from the office. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I will update y'all on surgery day!! So excited

Surgery tomorrow!

Ok I wanted to post one last update before surgery because I am so excited! I just took my Xanax so hopefully I'll be able to relax a little because I can't stop thinking about tomorrow! I decided to stop by the office to meet the doctor and he ended up doing an evaluation and said he thinks I have enough fat for my desired results.. Ever since he said that I have been ecstatic! ( I want a big butt) I took a few pics with him, he is even cuter in person btw! I was nervous about going under general anestesia but he made me feel better. i am scheduled to arrive at 10:45 tomorrow and my surgery is going to be sometime after that because there is paper work, etc. (I think I am his 2nd case of the day, make sure to watch ladies! Lol) It was so weird to see all the girls from snap chat in person, I've been watching his snap since he started snapping.

I love the area where is office is, the rest of Miami in not crazy about.. I actually miss my home in Cali lol. I'm kinda nervous for recovery because im bad with pain, and I hope I don't throw up I HATE throw up. Hopefully the Vicodin and my anti nausea pills will do me good. Anyways I think that's it for now, I will update tomorrow :D

1200 Ccs per cheek!

Just got back to the condo from surgery. So far this recovery is SO hard. After I woke up I was in so much pain I had them give me morphine. The worst part was my abdomen, feels like period cramps times 10000000000 I couldn't bear it. My butt hurts my arms hurt and I can't support myself (I got my arms lipoed too) when I was in recovery the doc stopped by to ask how I was doing and I asked how many CCs and he said 1200 per cheek! This morning when I was weighed I was only 117. Petite girls can get a booty too! I am
So happy, but let me say recovery is no joke and I am draining like crazy, my face is also so swollen.

1 day post op.

Still feeling horrible and very swollen my. I only sleep in 2 hour increments because I get woken up by the pain :( sleeping on your tummy gets very stiff so I'll sit on my boppy pillow a lot, nurse and doc said its fine and it's not as bad to sit on your butt as people make it out to be especially during the swelling period. When it starts to fluff more they said try to lay on my stomach more. Nurse came and changed my garment and showered me, I didn't think I could do it but I did and I am feeling a lot better. I am able to walk around without getting light headed which is good, the more I walk the faster I heal. I also didn't order the pee-z funnel cause I totally forgot so I've been sitting on the toilet but the nurse said its good because getting myself from standing to sitting position is good for my circulation and healing. She also said I'm very swollen but my butt looks good lol. I feel like a balloon! Anestesia Also gives you a lot of gas (sorry tmi) this recovery is still pretty rough. All I've been eating is yogurt and pineapples and I've been taking my norcos with zofran. I also started my antibiotics today. I can't wait to be fully healed! Anyways I think that's all for now I will update soon xoxo

Day 4 post op.

Swelling seems to not subside but bruising has gotten so much better. I swell like CRAZY when I wake up in the morning it's so painful. Recovery is still horrible but everyday does get a little better. Butt has shrunk a little I sleep on my stomach but I sit in my boppy sometimes throughout the day it's hard not to sit on it. Having the drains in my stomach make it so painful to lay on my tummy because it's putting pressure on them. I have to take a Vicodin before bed because of this :( I took a shower on my own today and my mom helped me put on my garment. I can't wait for my follow up I'm ready for these drains out and to be put in spanks! Lol. I still feel like my stomach has A LOT of fluid, it's so numb which scares me I can't wait to get feeling back in my stomach. Vets were you very numb as well? When did it start to get better? Nurse said 6 weeks but that sounds so long ugh I have always hated the feeling of being numb. Anyways that's it for now I will update after my follow up :)

Day 6 post op.

So today I had my follow up with doctor right before I leave back home to Cali tomorrow :) Marlene took out my drains which wasn't as painful as I thought it'd be. I feel 10000x better without them, I HATED them! I was also told I no longer have to wear my garment, just spanks. So happy and I'm loving my results- not too big :) I'm no longer in a ton of pain, just a lot of soreness. He said my tummy will go down in about a month but will be numb for about 3 can't wait to show it off, but it's way to swollen to show it off yet. I will keep updating every few days for you dolls. Thanks xoxo

Is this a Seroma?

Seroma? Will it go away on its own?

Explicit - Click to view

Hey everyone! So far everything has been going well but I took of my spanks garment to take a shower and I think I have a pocket of fluid, is this a Seroma? I sent it dr right now but still waiting on a reply. Kind of nervous I don't want anything to dely healing. I haven't gotten any massages, should I get one? Or maybe go get it drained by a plastic surgeon in my area? I'm back home in Cali and there's no massage therapists in my area that focus on post liposuction drainage massage, there are some that do regular lymphphatic massages though. Vets I need help! Lol. As you can see when I poke my tummy it's nice and firm and then I hit that spot and it looks like I have fluid moving around. Ahhh :(

2 weeks post op

Hi dolls, I am 14 days post op. Not too much has changed. Still having trouble sleeping because I am very stiff. The stiffness is so bad I'm scared it feels like if you stretch even a little bit you will rip something. Feels like that with my arms too. I was told this is normal, I think the stiffness is the worst part of the recovery. I can hardly bend over or turn around because of the stiffness. Other than that everything is going pretty good. My arms have gotten smaller from the arm lipo I'm happy I did it, at first I couldn't tell a difference but now they are getting smaller and smaller, they're still kind of bruised. I still have a fluid pocket on the left side of my stomach, I will probably get it drained. I also have either swelling or fluid in my lower back which sucks. My butt has gone down but I am still pretty satisfied with the size, I just hope it doesn't go down much more. Waist is measuring at 26.5 inches, before surgery I was around 30, My booty measuring 39 inches, I didn't measure before surgery (sorry). I hope my waist goes down an inch or two more. Anyways that's all for now! Just wanted to do a quick update!

17 days post op.

Hey guys! Wanted to review this lumpiness that I have. My tummy is sooo knotted. Wonder if I should've gotten some massages :( hopefully they will go away soon, I know this is all a normal part of the process but I just thought I'd share. Once the swelling goes down the next thing is the lumps! Ugh! I still look small but the lumps are soo hard. My tummy is tender to the touch still- & super knotted. Here are some photos. I pointed out some areas that are especially hard. Like my sides and my abdomen, my lower abdomen still feels like I have drains in it, it's so hard and feels like the tubes are still in there if that makes sense.. I'm guessing it's scar tissue forming but I hope it softens and feels like normal again within the next few weeks. Is it too late for me to get massages? My drain incisions have already closed up. Can't wait til my tummy is soft again and back to normal. Still feeling very tight, stiff, and numb.

1 month post op.

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't gotten the chance to reply to everyone! however I am about 1 month post op and slowly but surely feeling better. My booty and hips have shrunk, hoping it doesn't go down anymore, I'm still happy with my results though. My butt is measuring 38.5 inches. I'm still tender in the lipo areas I can't wait til it gets back to normal.

On another note, and I really hate to say this, but the service I received was not as great as I thought. Let me start off by saying I love Dr. Salzhauer. But his staff really irritate me and I feel like I did not receive good service from them. Although I am very thankful that my coordinator Ari did get me an earlier date, I feel like she was irritated by me at times and after I gave her the remainder of my payment she never talked to me again. she never told me when my medical clearance was due so I had to go out of my way and inquire about it and they said "as soon as possible" i actually almost missed my surgery day due to no one telling me my medical clearance was due. Thank god for real self I had the general idea of when it was due which caused me to inquire to them about it. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have gotten it. And they had the nerve to tell me to "stay on top of it" like really? You guys never even told me anything.
Not to mention Yeni never called me regarding where to go to get my Seroma drained.. So guess what, my body absorbed it. I feel like they just wanted me to stop bothering them. I just wanted my results to be the best they could and I felt like a bother when I had a concern. The doctor is so big on calling when the patient has a concern but when you do the staff blows you off. I work in customer service but I just wanted them to do their job I didn't care about exceptional service I just wanted this surgery journey to go smooth as possible. Don't get me wrong, I want to go back to Dr. Salz in the future (after I have kids) because his results are great, he is so smart, and health is such a concern for him. He's amazing. (Oh and he's so cute lol)

Not all the staff were neglectful of me though, Taylor the out of state coordinator was the best. She was like my coordinator, I ended up texting her with my concerns and she answered everything right on time and was so nice. She helped me with finding a condo, flights, and she even came to drop off my prescriptions. She is also really funny, lol. I also have to say Jessica the nurse was so patient with me when I was in recovery I had to stay extra long because I couldn't handle the pain and she was so helpful, gentle, and nice.


Hey dolls. I wanted to write a review about my scars. They all seemed to heal great except for one, anyone have any recommendations for scar fading? Not sure why the one on my left cheeck is not healing right but it's very noticeable.

2 months post op.

Hey dolls!
Hope everyone is doing well. I am now 2 months post op and feeling pretty good. I am still pretty lumpy and knotted. Sometimes I massage my tummy which helps and I wear my compression garment or spanks to bed only sometimes (I need to get better at wearing them more) they seem help the lumpiness after wearing it over night but it comes back after a few times of not wearing it.

I am just now experiencing the burning sensation I've been hearing some other dolls talk about. It mostly happens when I stretch especially in the morning. I hear that this means my nerves are rebuilding which makes sense because I'm not numb anymore. However with the numbness starts the pain, my stomach and back are really sensitive. ( for example My boyfriend tried picking me up by my torso and it was so painful it feels like your skin is burning so I tell him not to pick me up anymore lol) it's hard to explain but putting pressure or dry friction on my skin hurts like hell! Hopefully it will feel better soon but that's my main concern. My butt has also shrunk. I feel like it looks almost the same as before when I wear black leggings but when I buy tight dresses it looks pretty good. I haven't measured but I'm guessing i lost maybe half an inch so around 38 inches. My butt feels soft and normal it's not hard at all and has no noticeable hard spots (I notice that some girls have this) other than these concerns I'm pretty much back to normal. I wish it was bigger but not to the point where I'm going to get a round 2 (I can't afford that anyway, lol) i still get lots compliments at work and people ask me if I do squats sometimes lol and one girl asked if I got my butt done, she was a stranger but she asked in a respectful way and so I decided to tell her because she said she was searching for a doctor because she wants a bbl really bad. Lol I told her my doctor and I also told her about real self and how it helped me. Anyways here are some photos I will probably update again at 3 months, If not sooner. I love this site and will continue to update. Thanks to all the dolls that have contributed to my reviews I feel like I have such a connection to you guys, these are topics we don't talk about in our everyday lives to people since cosmetic surgery is so controversial and unfortunately people become jealous or judge mental. Once again thank you to my real self sisters!

3 months post op

Hey ladies. Just hit 3 months on the 7th of April. Can't believe how time flies! Not much has changed. My booty hasn't shrunk since my last update. In fact I'm getting so many compliments and comments on my body, it's flattering but also annoying because people actually blunty ask if it's real. I never admit to surgery, very few people actually know about my surgery. But ladies be prepared of people asking you all the time if it's real and asking nosey questions lol! You'll get a lot of haters and stares too. It's just starting to happen and I'm not really used to it yet.

You can't tell in this photo, but my scar hasn't healed very well. It's pretty noticeable I am going to get a scar cream tomorrow and pray it helps. Ladies make sure you watch your scarring during recovery and don't touch them, I wish I would've kept bandaids on them for the entire first month or even month and a half because I feel like my clothes interrupted the healing process on one of my scars and it didn't heal right which can make it a dead giveaway of a BBL :(

Anyways despite all of this, I am so happy with my results. this surgery was so worth it and if anyone is on the spectrum I say do it. My body would NEVER look like this through diet and excercise. not only am I happy with my booty, but dr Salz gave me a waist I could never achieve through diet and Workout (trust me I tried). I am very happy with my results and I am very happy to call Dr Salzhauer my doctor. If I could do it all over again I would. The pain is so worth it. I hope one day I could visit Miami again and thank him because for the first time in my life I am happy with my body.

I will post more photos too, this is just a spontaneous one I took right now for the update.

Just some quick photos

I have been asked for some photos of my tummy so I just took these and decided to throw in another booth picture lol.

Tummy still a little lumpy and I have an awkward crease when I bend over but it's not too bad. The lumpiness is slowly but surely improving :)

3 and a half month progress
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Overall I made my review as honest as possible. However I must say Dr. Salzhauer is the best doctor. He is very Nice, smart, and I love how safety is his #1 concern. He completely transformed my body into something diet and excercise could never do (not even close!) he gave me exactly what I wanted and he is the only Doctor I trust 100% with my health, and desired results when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Next time I go to Miami again I want to visit him and thank him because for the first time I am 100% happy with my body. Thank you Dr. Salzhauer.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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