Scheduled with Fischer at Vanity but Thinking About Changing Due to Staff - Miami, FL

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So, originally I wanted Fischer for a BBL because...

So, originally I wanted Fischer for a BBL because he's so damn good. I was told Fischer was booked until October (this was on 6/22). I didn't want to wait that long so I settled for Hasan. Liz called me and said that Fischer had a cancellation and would be open for Aug 29, I gladly took it. Then she called me back days later and said, he a lot of surgeries that day so I can go first Aug 30. I was a little annoyed because they really don't know what people have to do in order to accommodate their procedure. Two days ago Ana called me (the doctor's coordinator) and said that Fischer had to attend a conference from Aug 29-Sep1. So she then said she had to push me to October. I don't understand why would you push me to October when you should push everyone back a few days. So I was very annoyed at this point, I told them about themselves and demanded my money back. I feel as if there was never a real date in Aug to begin with they just wanted my deposit. So, she's calls me back 5 minutes later and said they were able to squeeze me in for Sep 2. This is nerve wrecking, there's so much accommodations we need to do prior to the procedure it's not right to play w people like this. Fischer is really good and I really want him to do my procedure, but their U professionalism, I don't think I can deal.

Considering switching BBL to Dr. Blinski

I'm considering on switching to Dr. Blinski, don't want any more surprises with Vanity, any suggestions on Blinski?

Getting closure.

Funny, today Liz called me and said there was a cancellation for August 12th and asked if I was willing to take it. No girl, you guys changed my date twice already, just leave me be!

Anyway, I did my blood work with my original PCP, I should have the results by next week. Once, I have them I will forward it to a Vanity, *crosses fingers*
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