Revision BBL with DR Mendieta! - Miami, FL not so sure anymore

Hi there RS community, I am posting this review,...

Hi there RS community, I am posting this review, well more of a blog for International Patients of Dr Constantino Mendieta.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. couple of years ago I had a botched BBl with a Dr here in Melbourne, I wont go into details as i want this blog to be positive and full of great energy, but i did contract an infection and lost all my fat.

Years on and I'm still wanting more lipo, a smaller shape and bigger booty!
I heard of Dr mendieta years ago, and following him on social media i found his work to be beautiful and the lipo artistic and gorgeous.

I contacted his office and Marisol (his patient advisor) has been nothing but helpful and wonderful.
I have locked in surgery for 21st sept and fly out to Miami in 2days, eeeek! so excited!

The only thing that has been left to last minute is the insurance as Dr M, from my understanding offers on patient to patient basis (i think) So i am praying marisol gets back to me with great news in the next couple of days as i want to be covered, just in case! Unlike Aus, medical bills can be crazy in US and the last thing i would ever want is that. It SUPER important to me to have this insurance, so fingers crossed!
The insurance company is cosmet insure for anyone curious.

Oh and to add also, I had my skype consult with Dr M a couple of weeks ago also-
He seemed lovely, I had written down a bunch of question to ask him, the consult was short, but fine as he answered everything i needed to know, (i was also half asleep as it was 5am in aus;)) I explained my medical history and my hopes for results etc, he seemed to be positive, but said i needed to gain at least 10 pounds which is ALOT for me considering i was currently sitting at a much higher than usual weight due to back injury and lack of gym. But all good, i want the results so i have been a eating machine! hehe. All good foods, just lots of healthy fats and carbs together.
I have gained about 3kilos, so hopefully he will be happy :)

I have an apartment booked in coconut grove (close to dr ms rooms) for a month.
I also have a nurse whom i have booked to care for me for the first 24hrs- I assume I will prob extend her, but will see how i am feeling on the day.

I am travelling by myself, so of course im nervous, but also excited!

I shall post some pics below!

My current body pre op

I have arrived in Miami! Yay!

Hi RS team! So I arrived in Miami last night after a long 25hr journey from Aus! Tiring, but not that bad. I adore Miami, so it's lovely to be here. I am staying at an air BnB locally in coconut grove. I woke this morning feeling great! I really enjoy company on my own. Im just sitting at a local organic cafe now enjoying some juices. Normally the first thing I would do it hit the gym when I arrive at a new holiday destination... But as I am trying to preserve and gain all my fat. Guess that option is out! Haha. I went for a walk earlier to enjoy the sunshine. It's Sunday here. My operation is on Wednesday. Tomorrow I have my checkup/medical with dr Miranda in coral gables, then Tuesday I see dr Mendieta.
I'm so hoping I've gained all the weight he needs me too, and also hope he will suck it ALL out and get me lean again! Of course I have lost a lot of my muscle. But that's cool, as long as I can get a tiny waist, slim thighs and arms and a big round booty I'm happy :) I took this pic last night. Let me know what you think if I've gained enough!

I plan to head back to apt now, shower then go food shopping to load up on veggies, fresh fish, fruits etc to prepare for while I'm recovering.
I also need to buy a few maxis dresses as all I packed is tights and t shirts, and it's way too hot for that!

What I normally look like...

A couple pics what my usual form is... Gah! So hoping dr m can ensure he removes enough fat to bring me back to this shape, but much curvier with a bigger bootay! Oh yeahhhh :p

Current bum shot, took this today. So this is me at my highest weight

2 days pre op

Hi ladies! so today I am 2 days pre-op. Feeling super, super jet lagged as only slept for about 2hrs last night. I just couldn't sleep even though I was so exhausted. Eek!
Also I really wanted to chat to my friends and mum back home, whom for them is day time when its my night, so kept me up late then only slept for 2hrs and was awake for rest of night!

This in turn is making me a bit emotional and nervous. I'm feeling so, so uncomfortable right now with all this weight gain. I know it will be worth it in the end but right now isn't fun!
I think I also feel so awful as I normally workout EVERY day, rain, hail or shine, but as I'm on the gain train I haven't been able to.
I really thrive off intense, crazy training, so for me this is really messing with my head.

This morning I had my medical with dr Miranda whom is dr mendietas doctor he uses for all medical checkups. Oh my gosh she was absolutely lovely! Such a delightful woman and made me feel relaxed and at ease. She answered any questions I may have, I was a little concerned about the fact that I use an ecig with nicotine, she recommended for me to stop using now, and not use again till I am completely healed.
I completely understand this. It will be hard as I am sooooo addicted. But it's a habit that isn't so great so it's def for the best. Anything to speed up healing!
I also need to get my X-ray this afternoon so just waiting around at the coffee store now before I grab an uber. Also bought some nice slip on shoes and a maxi dress for post op.
A word of warning for those coming out of town- I thought I would be fineeeeeee getting around in gym clothes/tights etc. first of all, it's freaking BOILING here, and also, post op it's not realistic to get in and out of gym clothes that are tight ect, so easy just to throw on a maxi.

Tomorrow afternoon I have my pre op with dr Mendieta! Yay! Can't wait!
I hope he is happy with all my weight gain, and I also hope he can remove ALL the fat I have gained along with of course sculpting my body and booty. Can I ask the other ladies whom had to gain weight, did your dr remove ALL of the fat you gained (hopefully plus more) ??? This is something that I'm curious about!
My apt is at 2pm tomorrow, so in the morning I plan to have a big workout! I can't stand this non gym thing, and I'm sure working out once one day pre op won't do any harm! I'm sure it will be quite good for circulation etc.

OH! And I completely forgot, I also contacted ESther whom is dr mendietas go to lady for care taking post op. I have a nurse booked for the first 24hrs. But as I'm completely by myself in Miami, I will also need assistance for the first few days, so I am about to return her call now so lock things in and find out prices etc.

I also contacted Esperanza whom is the lady 4 beauty recommends for post op massage. She is also getting back to me with times for tomorrow for a pre op to get my body prepped for surgery then will continue on with her for the entire time I am in Miami. Lymphatic massage is incredible ladies! Last time I had my first Botched BBl it was the only thing that saved me from having huge lumps and bumps, I am SO lucky to be completely free of them!

Ok ladies! So that's my update for now, I can't think of anything else!

If there are any ladies in the Miami area wanting to catch up I would absolutely love some company, so feel free to DM me :)

Great day today! 1day pre op

Hi ladies!!!
So just keeping you all updated with my journey.
Today was a great day.
Yesterday I literally had a meltdown in the afternoon and came down with a shocking migraine. And was crying ect, I went to bed @ 5.30pm and woke at 7am!! I now realise I was suffering from exauhstion. Jet lag is a bitch. Lol.
So I woke feeling great and positive.
I met with Esperanza this morning for my first lymphatic drainage massage. I can't recommend her HIGHLY enough. She is an absolute GEM!!! Her energy is so soft, calm, and maternal. She is beautiful inside and out.
I have attached her no in this update in the pics. Please, contact her if you are in Miami needing post surgery massage.
Dr Mendieta doesn't recommend anyone in particular for massage and doesn't push it.
It's extremely important for results and recovery. I purchased 10 massages. The cost was $700 usd
Worth every penny :)

This afternoon I headed off to my pre op apt with dr Mendieta.
It was wonderful!!!!
Now, this is something really important I want to cover for ALL patients in America, well really all over the world.
Normal health insurance DOES NOT cover plastic surgery. Now, this is soooooooo important to have if something goes wrong. Esp being in a different country, and believe me, things do go wrong. I nearly died in my last cosmetic procedure (botched job in Aus) so this was a must for me.
Amazing Marisol my patient coordinator was able to arrange this for me, and now the whole of dr mendietas future patients!!!
They didn't have it before and I pushed and pushed it, and finally Marisol was able to get permission to enrol all of dr mendietas patients, yay!!!!! So "your welcome" in advance. Lol.
The name of the company is "cosmet assure"

Ok, so where was I?
All went well when I arrived at dr mendietas rooms, I met with my lovely nurse Andrea and of course Marisol, I filled out all my paper work and then dr mendieta came in!
What a lovely man!
Now for anyone that has says he is rushed etc. he isn't, he will cover everything that needs to be done, and discussed, he is just snappy.
I get it as I am similar, I think fast and talk fast so I rolled out all my questions quickly and he answered really well, he is realistic but also creative. He showed me some awesome "after" images on the vectra that he can give me- oh my god amazing!
Also, he was impressed with my 15 pound weight gain and believes I now have enough fat,
I also wanted my arms lipoed, that unfortunately brings the cost up by $2500 as dr Mendieta doesn't like doing arms/requires to change tools is fidly etc.
but I want amazing results and don't want to leave any stone "unturned" lol. So decided to get this too. This Brought my cost up to $15,500
So about $18,000 AUD for me. Ouch but, worth it I know! I'm blessed to be able to afford this, and I came all the way here to Miami, so may as well go all out ;)

I forgot to show dr Mendieta my wish pics, so asked for him to come back into consult room, he loved the pics and asked me to email them to him so he can have them all printed out on screen in surgery tomorrow! Yay! I gave him a big cuddle. He is cute, he told me how he had his booty done and I asked him to twerk for me lol. I have added the wish pics to this update too, total dream body right there!

Andrea the nurse gave me all the scripts etc, and also the pillow they provide, now can I just say, their pillow is THE bEST!!! Omg, so I also purchased the BBl pillow online, which is huge, awful and impossible to sit on!
Dr mendietas is so much better and smaller, so thank god now I will actually be able to go out in public and use the pillow, no issues. This was really stressing me out.

This afternoon after consult etc (which took about 3hrs all up) I head to publix, and got my last few supplies. Then pharmacy for scripts.
I requested to have antibiotics as they no longer provide for patients due to possible resistance build up, but I wanted them, esp for the fact I seem to be prone to infection. (Last two surgeries infections)

I plan on keeping pain meds to minimal, but shall see obviously how I go.

Oh, and I also have the nurse for 24hrs, then after that I have beautiful Esther whom I also met today, who is the care giver for dr M, she has a little boutique company and is a real gem. I have hired her for 3days for 3 hrs a day. Her fee is $450 in total. I def will need the support.

Sooooo big day is tomorrow! Surgery is at 6.45am, so excited. Just had a beautiful big salad now going to relax and head to bed!

Will update tomorrow after surgery! Yay!

No drains!

Oh!!! And just wanted to update, dr Mendieta also no longer uses drains as they have such an updated technique they no longer need as this technique cuts down the risk of Seroma/fluid build up :)

Sitting here with IV surgery time

Omg!! Sitting here with my IV in, it's surgery time!
Nurse is lovely went over paper work with me, so comforting and beautiful.
Dr Mendieta came in and drew all over me, he seems super focused.
Now to breathe..... See you on the other side! X

Made it through surgery

Hi ladies.
I made it. In agony with nurse at my apt now. But she beautiful and taking care of me.
Surgery was huge success. My entire body is agony as they lipo every part of me including Arms. I'm bleeding everywhere through bed.

I found out they got 1100cc each cheek! Oh my god!!!! That means survival rate of 700cc. Over the moon.

Post op tomorrow at 8.30am X

Wow! Got through the first 24hrs, soooo happy!

Hi ladies!
So I couldn't really post last night as was a mess, so tired, pain and also back was killing me. (I have arthritis in my lower back)
Safe to say I survived with the wonderful care of my nurse whom I hired through dr ms concierge company.
I have Esther the caregiver whom is also great arriving in a couple of hours.

I had the catherdar in last night which was just awful, but I honestly was filling up a L bag every 2hrs! Oh my god I drunk SO much water and pineapple juice! Lol. And also had a little natural yogurt.
I just couldn't get comfy, was groaning/in pain all night as didn't want to take the Valium as for me it causes bad emotional side affects a few days later. I prob will have to tonight though.

So, to the exciting news!
I didn't get to see dr Mendieta this morning as he was in a rush for surgery or something- can't remember. But was all good as got to see my nurse and Marisol. And they were soooo impressed with results!
Dr m removed 4L or fat and injected 1,100cc into each side! Oh yeah!!!!! Hehe!!!
My ass is so curvy! Here are some pics, and keep in mind I am super duper swollen.
Feeling really tired now, so will sleep.
I will post my "before" photos from Tuesday and my current from this morning.

More pics before

Also to add I have been smashing down my vit c powder and organic turmeric powder for inflammation. Also have been drinking organic whey protein powder with almond milk X I will get onto meats and veggies later

Small protein meals

My first solid meal!
Super important to get lots of goodness into you post op. Just having some organic turkey, Avo, hommus and tomato with smoked paprika in butter lettuce, will also have protein shake with almond milk.
Feels sooooo good to be back to normal clean eating again! And a photo of me just for fun lol


Hi ladies!! Just wanted to update from this afternoon,
So my beautiful care giver Esther came this afternoon to take care of me for the the next 24hrs. She was just amazing, she came in, cleaned up my entire apartment which unfortunately the nurse previous hadn't cleaned up at all. My place was covered in blood stains/messy etc.
She is like the best friend and mother all rolled into one! What a blessing. I can't recommend her highly enough if you are looking for care for any cosmetic procedure.
Her vivacious energy and positive outlook is just infection and takes away any blues or doubt you may be having.
At this point I'm over the moon with my results, and it's only day 2!!! I have attached Esther's business card. Xx


Hi ladies,
So and update keep it short as really tired.
Big day, woke with shocking migraine didn't sleep much Esther was up with me most of night as I reacted to the perecot drug- narcotics are awful for me and make me feel like I am wired/can't sleep. We went back to dr mendietas and has stitches taken out and Esther wanted to change my pain meds. Much better now taking strong Tylenol.
I took too much magnesium and got the worst diareah, blocked the toilet and oh my god GOD BLESS Esther she literally pulled the baby wipes caught out in toilet for me, cleaned up I was a mess. This woman is next level.
She showered me, cooked, shopped and I passed out all afternoon as barely slept last night.
V swollen. Dr mendieta was v happy with results and I will see him again next week.

Just to Remind you ladies,
Eating a healthy diet full of protein is SO SO important post op. Xxx
Sorry it this is short/doesn't make much sense really feeling average. Will post more pics when not so swollen

Update day 3 post op

Hi ladies!
Sooooo I actually slept last night, even though was in a lot of pain Esther my wonderful caregiver said I was Moaning and sleep talking all night- LOL it's a habit when I'm unwell haha.
But I got some sleep, and managed breakfast and also a trip l CVS to get a few things with her and my new pain meds.
I really can't stress this enough ladies AFTER CARE is Soooooo important! If you do not have a caregiver post op. You may as well not have surgery. Esther by far is superior and her passion and love is just soo special and appreciated. Nothing is too much for her.
I will attach her business card once again.
I have her till tomorrow afternoon. To be honest I would like her for ever lol.
I am still super duper swollen and my arms hurt ALOT and are really bruised. I can't wait for some of this swelling to go down.
This evening when it's cooler we are going shopping to buy some long sleeve kaftans to get around in.
I have my first post op massage at 3.30pm with Esperanza also. Yay!


Hi ladies, so I I'm post op 4 days now,
Recovery is going extremely well.
My beautiful carer Esther is just about to take me to whole foods Now, then she will have finished her 3 days with me.
Absolutely Perfect amount of time plus 24hrs post surgery with previous nurse.
You need this 100% for smooth recovery.
I have been eating every 2-3hrs healthy protein veg and fruit etc.
my swelling is still there but goes down day by day. My arms are prob the worst/most swollen.
My shape is amazing, however I do feel a little "big" at the moment, but of course that is just swelling. My waist is tiny.
I am off all pain meds expect Tylenol as I hate narcotics. I don't want a "come down"
To me that is just not worth it.
My tummy is super flat.
There is a slight area around bellow boobs that is either swollen or has a tiny tiny bit of fat, but I think it's swelling.
After all I'm only day 4 and I literally have the shape of Kim k!!!

I'm a little nervous about being by myself from now on as Esther has become like my best friend. But I know it's ok and I will be fine. I will meditate a lot and focus on keeping my energy light and positive.

I will see Esther again on Tuesday for 3 hours as we are going to go shopping to get some nice long dresses etc.

My sleeping hasn't been good as I become so stiff/in pain and apparently I moan all night lol.
I will need a nap This afternoon I think.

I have posted a pic today of after my shower! Let me know what you think! I'm happy!!!

Amazing how quickly I am healing!

Day 6 post op

Hi ladies!
Ah so I am at 6 days post op today, and I'm not going to lie- this has been HARD!!!
Painful, tiring, and just a lot in general.
So it's morning here in Miami. I have just been on my morning walk down to the water (this is my 2x daily ritual) no matter how shocking I feel.

In all honesty the heat has been the hardest thing.

Pain wise, as I has soooo many areas lipoed to get max fat removal and then of course my booty I find night time pain is the worst as you become stiff, and my neck hurts from only lying on tummy and not being able to roll onto my side.

If I can say one thing- being a person who has had a lot of surgeries in their young life, is that routine is SO important.

Mine goes something like this:

Morning: wake, drink 1L pure water
Plus 1 tsp asorbic acid, iron, 1tsp turmeric, 1 fresh lemon squeezed in warm water.

Stretch/walk around apartment.
Put happy music on.
Then go for no 2 so take full body suit off plus lipo foam (which my amazing lymphatic therapist gave me for swelling- helping heaps!)

Clean myself well obv.
Then have 1 cup coffee and breakfast normally consisting of natural organic yogurt with strawberries and a few almonds.

I then go for my morning walk- ninja style- cap and sunnies long loose dress and flip flops- I look look spounge bob at the moment lol. All the padding I have to wear but I have to learn to not give of fuck cause I know how amazing I look underneath lol. Oh and I always take happy music and water!!!!

I come home all sweaty, shower, change into new clean suit and by then I'm so tired I have a sleep and watch a movie and have lunch. Which consists of either boiled eggs and salad or turkey/tuna/ salad. I have more vit c, iron and zinc tab then.

By the time I wake it's normally around 3pm. So my massage lady comes- Esperanaza- who had saved me! Like I mean this woman is incredible. My vagina was black and blue and rock hard yesterday. She fixed it! And loosing so much fluid it's great.

I try to have a organic whey protein shake In arvo and put my superfoods blend in it also with almond milk.
Then go for my second walk for the day.
And go to CVS and get my water for the following day and any bit and Pieces I need.

By then I'm pooped I come back, wash my face/feet.
Make dinner and flop!!!

I find it hard tho as I am so tired by night time but sleep doesn't seem to come easy which is a shame.
But it's DEF getting easier each night which is a plus :)

Today my care giver Esther is also coming at 3pm to take me shopping to whole foods for supplies and also buy some long huge dresses to get around in and I really only have gym clothes which o can't wear or even dream of fitting into at the moment due to swelling!!!!! Lol.

Also I have had some pain in my right butt cheek, I emailed nurse today and she said most likely nerve pain as all settling and its normal.

Ohhhhh and in regards to sleeping pills and pain meds.
I refused to take the awful narcotic they offer- ladies avoid at all costs.
So I have just been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4hrs and if pain really bad I take accetephemene, or however u spell that. Lol. But it's bad for your liver so I avoid.
I took a Valium a couple of times but I actually find they are crap too, don't help me sleep just make me groggy and have headache.

I can't stress enough how important eating regularly and clean is! If you want to heal quickly and look amazing you must do this! It's not a time to diet and you will find you will naturally Spring into shape!
My massage last Esperanaza is coming early today so I will shower with her and will take some pics too! Xx
Esperanza no is: +1 (786) 390-9108
Make sure you book with her as recovery is just as important as surgery!

Post op day 8

Hi everybody.
Just wanted to post my update on my journey.
Today is post op day 8.
This afternoon I actually have a post op apt with dr Mendieta.
Wow; well what can I say but wow wow wow!

This journey is so interesting. As any surgery there are ups and downs.
But coming from Australia solo, I have actually enjoyed this journey.
For me it's been deeper than just surgery. It's given me time out from the "world" and to go within and heal and rely on myself as a soul. And be my own comfort.
It's a very special thing.
Breathing and meditation has been crucial to me, and my 1x daily massages from my angel lymphatic masseuse Esperanaza has been so joyful, and relieving!

Now girls and guys, it's important to remember, heat makes swelling BAD, and swelling is NoT what you want, of course your going to swell like crazy but try to prevent if you can. I was a little over enthusiastic going out for walks in Miami Heat.
By day 5 my swelling was really bad and I was truly exaughted. I have stopped the walking outside for a day now, and wow, woke up this morning looking amazing!
I just have to make do with walking around the apartment and doing calf raises etc. and that's ok!

Pain wise- I am just starting to really itch all over. Def still in some pain esp considering I had my arms done too. It's more of stiffness/sore and tender than agony like first 2days.

My vagina was a rock for the first few days due to swelling, it's starting to soften from massages now, my tummy is also really hard, but I know from previous lipo, that this all goes with time.
You gotta be patient.
Now- the booty! Omg!
It's fucking Amazing!!!!!!!
It's huge, the pics don't really do justice and really starting to pop on the side now too!
First few days post op not at all, but each day I wake and look in mirror my legs gets less swollen, booty pops out more!
Anyways, any questions etc please feel free to comment!

Post op apt with dr Mendieta the legend!

Oh I am so sooooo happy!
I met with dr Mendieta and all the beautiful nurses and team today,
They are all so wonderful and I feel so grateful for them and the amazing results.
I feel like I was in such safe hands with dr Mendieta and after all that's all that matters in the end. My results are so beautiful so far and I'm only day 8. Here is a sneaky booty shot in the rooms today. LOL. And I also was trying on my lingerie. Still swollen, but my shape is awesome and I can't wait to shrink down to pre surgery weight! He was really impressed with how well I am/quickly I healed. Said I could fly back to Australia right away if I wanted. But I have another 10days here and want to be feeling much better before I fly as I still get tired and sore standing/walking for long periods.
So I plan on continuing to eat clean, rest and get my wonderful daily massages with Esperanza.
I asked dr Mendieta how my surgery exactly went and he said my fat was a little fibourous/hard to get out, but he hit the 4L and of course 1100cc each cheek.
I think that was cause of having lipo before so difficult as scar tissue.
My vagina and tummy still hard and swollen but massage gets it softer everyday, I'm also wearing lipo foam. They said I don't need the triangle anymore but I think I will still sleep with it :)

10days post op update!

I just wanted to update today, I'm exactly 10days post op today,
Yay!!!!! The last 24hrs have not been fabulous as I got my period yesterday morning and it Turned out to be very, very painful one! Gah!
I woke early, went for a walk then slept the entire day and wore and adult diaper as I was too afraid to wear "undies" incase they cut into my butt. All I wanted to do was curl up into a ball on my side, but alas, tummy sleeping only.
I had my first "upset moment" post op the other day too, it was soooo silly. I started trying on some clothes to see my new body, which was amazing but I found a tiny bit of fat/skin below my boobs (upper tummy) which dr Mendieta was unable to remove (I spoke to him about this already- it's was too difficult/fibourous) and I lost it! So angry and crying! Reflecting now I feel silly about the whole thing. Here is me crying about literally nothing as with this perfect body. Lol.
So I breathed and got over it quick smart lol.
I took some pics of my body last night after yet again one of my awesome massages with Esperanaza. I'll post her no once again for anyone needing massages post op- I have one everyday which I swear has added to my fast recovery.
My tummy still is a little hard, vagina still a little hard too but improves everyday with massage.

Now. My BUTT has def lost volume since day 1, which of course is normal.
I don't want to loose any more volume. I def didn't get Kim K proportions, but that's ok! I'm still soooooo curvy and yummy. I love my body, I think dr Mendieta really nailed my wish pic which he had up during surgery, I'll post on here along with my current post op shots and my massage therapist Esperanaza phone number.
I think I will get close to that figure once I'm back at gym and build my muscle back up :)
I'm still resting, taking it easy, staying inside as much as possible.
The sitting is really only a problem and frustrating if in public but I'm doing my best to avoid it! Of course in 8days when. Fly home I will have to sit for take off etc with my pillow of course, I'm going to try and get to at least 6 weeks with no sitting/lying. I'll do my best for 8 weeks though :)

Post op day 12

Hi everyone.
Just an update, I had a super tough last 2days and yesterday was just the worst. It was surgery related, not completely just extremely hormonal, I had THE worst period of ever and shocking pain and sadness/Lonley etc.
my mind started playing tricks on my and I was not liking my body etc.
I'm out the other side now.
I'm pretty mobile getting around. Just staying out of heat, I need lots of rest and seems night times are very hard to sleep and get comfy, but afternoon naps seem to be the best for me.
The heat is hardest thing to cope with, I would never do surgery again in these kind of temps!
My swelling has drastically gone down, how we still a fair bit to go.
My but has certainly "shrunk" but I do understand this is all swelling and its normal so I'm trying not to "freak out" I remind myself that I look so natural and lovely, I would have hoped for more side projection, but I wanted a beautiful round shape more than anything which I certainly have.
The scar tissue on my tummy goes down day by day. My legs and inner thighs become slimmer each morning.
My butt is still hard, of course I do not sit on it etc.
I'm soooooooo missing my beautiful home and friends.
I love miami, but not when I'm "recovering"
I have to keep reminding myself of this.
It's my birthday on Saturday, so I will try and take myself to get my nails done and maybe lunch, I'll see how I go. But will make sure I do something nice for myself at least.
Here are some photos of today.
I also took my measurements.
I'm hoping to shrink my waist by at least another 3inches. Xx

Before and right now shots, it's such a diff to my shape, so happy :)

More booty pics! So in love with my shape!

Gah! Couldn't help myself playing around with clothes today, so in love with my shape! Yay!

Post op 12dAys! Update with pics :)

Hi ladies, just an update with pics.
Each day swelling goes down and my waist gets smaller, but has lost all swelling now and is just a gorgeous shape. I love it all.
I'm still stiff, try to stretch and move as much as I can.
I haven't had an afternoon nap in 2days now, but certainly stay indoors and cool most of the day then walk in the evenings.
My tummy scar tissue is getting better each day, I know from my last lipo this does take time.
So I'm not worried at all.
I use my BBl pillow in the morning when I wake and eat breakfast etc.
then the rest of the day I just kneel if I need to on the floor.
My massages have helped tremendously. Esperanza is wonderful and I am so grateful to her. She has been my saviour. Pics bellow! Loving my Curvy hips and full booty!

Post op 19days

Hi everyone.
Just posting my post op 19days.
Wow what a journey it has been.
I will post another update 3 months from now after this one then prob leave it as i feel I will have final results by then.
I'm currently at the lounge in Miami about to start my journey home.
Not too comfy trying to balance on my booty pillow lol.
Oh well such is life!
Ok. So, the process from I would say day 10 was a big turn around. My swelling dramatically decreased and my energy started to come back.
My shape becomes slimmer each day and waist smaller and smaller.
My but has shrunk a lot in volume but in a good way.
It's not over the top big. But a BEAUTIFUL round sexy shape and my hips are also divine and round.
I had my moment at about day 10 feeling upset that my butt wasn't huge etc. but realistically, that's not normal and wouldn't suit me.
It's big and round and delish. Don't me wrong. I'm very happy.
I've updated with pics also. This was about day 17 post op.
Scar tissue on my tummy continues to go down each day.

5 1/2 weeks post op

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do an update on my BBL with dr Mendieta.
So I am home now and back to normal living and work- except no sitting still for another 2 1/2 weeks to get to the 8 week mark, and no gym. I can't actually believe how incredible my results are. Looking back over my first couple of weeks and photos I have a giggle as I thought that was my results. But NO lol. Your body takes a while to heal, and still is!!! So each day I wake, and my body just gets better! My all over body lipo gets slimmer and smoother and my booty is round and soft and gorgeous! I adore the way de Mendieta shaped me, and I truly can't thank him enough. I am now 44inchies in hips and 27 inches in waist! Amazing. I have posted some pics, this was today.
I can't stress how important post op recovery is. Not sitting, massages, and eating super clean is crucial. Also remember you will go up and down with your emotions and how you feel about the results. I found I settled and was truly happy only the last week or so. And also remember- there is no such thing as perfection! My booty looks natural, but big and turns heads! Hehe
The way he filled my hips is truly genius too!

Not happy

Hi Ladies,
So i think its only right to do an update on my glowing review- which is not so glowing anymore.
I have had many ladies inquire with me, im sorry i have not written back to you all, But i can not reccomend Dr Mendiata anymore.
I am now post op 81/2 weeks.
I was happy, thrilled with my results for the first few weeks, but about 2 weeks ago, i started noticing big dimples appearing on my butt and fat pockets disapearing. I lost pretty much all my volume and projection and have had awful headaches last few days, im assuming my body is detoxing the dead fat of of my system.
MY RESULTS are not great anymore and my butt had lost any projection. I followed dr mendietas advice to the absolute T, i did not sit for 8 weeks, no gym etc, eating healthy, but i have been loosing weight and shape and projection.

I was devastated as you can imagine. ALL THAT TIME energy, money and effort.
All the weight i had to gain which i absolute hated to have such little results.

I have been doing my research, and understand this is actually very common with BBLs, not many people keep the fat, esp if they were told to gain it quickly fr surgery as this fat is unstable.
i have emailed dr mendieta but no reply.

I am not giving up and will get surgery over in Colombia with Dr Juan Mejia next year in maybe 6 months or so. I shall go for the implants of course.
He mentioned that this is very common and he gets patients coming from miami regularly from failed BBLs.
Anyways dolls, just my update. Will post photos when i get my head around it. xx

My flat booty nearly the same as before :( 8 1/2 weeks post op

My true "Pre surgery, pre weight gain" photos

Hi ladies a few of you can been commenting that my "pre" surgery body is a lot better than my current shape. Not really. This was my body before dr wanted me to gain the weight. I love this body. I just wanted more booty. Don't get me wrong I am happy with the hips he added and that has stayed. But the volume and projection is actually what I wanted.

4 months post op update

Hi everyone sorry for the absence, I needed to take some time out from "surgery world" to get things in perspective after being upset with my results. In all honesty at this stage I'm not super unhappy anymore. I've been training super hard again (have a photoshoot this weekend) so been hitting the gym 6xdays. My butt has lifted a bit and it def is bigger, not the projection I wanted but it's still a great butt to be honest. I would say now I have shrunk my butt looks bigger.
I'm unsure at this stage about implants, but I actually need to get my boobs redone at the end of year and maybe my nose too. Lol.
Here r some pics for you all x
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mendieta is truly an ARTIST for the female and male body, his understanding, skill and experience in my experience is superior to many plastic surgeons in the world, hence my travel all the way from Melbourne Australia, I was absolutely comforted by the fact that Dr Mendieta has now insured ALL his patients with special plastic surgery insurance through cosmetassure, definitely an extra added benefit and crucial for anyone having cosmetic surgery. My Entire experience so far has been wonderful and Dr Mendieta and his staff are all lovely people. The only thing I may critique is that i feel his waiting areas and surgical centre waiting area are in need of an upgrade for a high end surgeon, and also even though Dr mendieta does answer all question, i did at times feel he was really in a hurry- this is not to say he did not do his job and satisfy any of my concerns/queries, its just that it seems he has ALOT of patients and is in high demand, which i completely understand. Dr Mendietas nursing staff and patient advisors are just all beautiful people and are very comforting and friendly.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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