Office Review - I Do Not Recommend Any Procedures at Spectrum Aesthetics - Miami, FL

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I was expecting to schedule my BBL with spectrum...

I was expecting to schedule my BBL with spectrum aesthetics however I was having very hard troubles with the coordinator getting in touch with her or anyone in the office. She started texting information after hours trying to answer my questions which was very unprofessional. Originally inquired back in November 2015 Dr Lorente was having a special of 3800 and she emailed me that doctor Ortega can do the BBL for 4000. I informed her that I was just trying to find out information because I was planning to pay in cash for a bbl this month. when I was calling to pay and get on the schedule the pricing has changed although I had it in writing that it was going to be 4000 to get the surgery from Dr Ortega. And Although they are still having a special for 3800 with Dr. Lorente I was not interested in Dr. Lorente doing my surgery because he has very little experience and a criminal background according to some other reviewers on realself. Com. At also there are very little pictures of his work on and their Instagram page. I tried explaining this to the coordinator via email but she would not get back to me. So I requested a different coordinator but when the new coordinator contacted me she kept speaking over me and would not listen to anything I had to say, explaining that the first coordinator was better than her. I exclaimed what happened to the customer service and the rule of the customer always being right? why aren't you listening to me? or answering any of my questions? She was very unprofessional! I asked to speak to a manager and at that point the answering person (Chris) said he was the manager I began to explain the situation to him and he started talking over me as well. He also said that he didn't know what price was listed on their own website therefore I had to screenshot the information and email it to him. Now he refuses to get back with me. I wouldn't recommend anyone going to this company for any procedure expecially when this type of money is on the line. I advise you find a company who will be more than happy to treat you with respect and professionalism. I traveled to Miami from MI to CG cosmetics for a breast Aug. and have had a very good experience with them I can upload pics if interested. I'd very much rather pay an extra thousand for my BBL to know that I will be getting good quality and good customer service. I wouldn't recommend spectrum aesthetics to anyone!

I love my new look CG cosmetics is awesome

Bad Communication with Spectrum Aesthetics

I had a very bad experience with this office and I wrote a review on Realself explaining my troubles and why I wouldn't recommend anyone going to Spectrum. The staff is horrible and really shows they dont care about new patients. Maybe there just too busy or dealing with legal issues but I have not had any good experience with them. I was contacted recently which was a year later after I wrote my review. By what said to be Dr.Ortega profile. He was the original doctor I wanted to go with. Who ever contacted me explained that my experience was not normal for there office and they apologized for my bad experience. They gave me a quote for Dr.Rami because Dr.Ortega was fully booked. I became interested in the promotional price and re considered dealing with this company. But after I received the quote and I showed interest the communication stopped on Realself and I couldn't get any more responses from Dr.Ortega. I then started contacting the office and couldn't get an answer. I was considering paying cash but I figured I'd see if i would qualify for the financing so I got pre-approved from Loan hero which was thru Spectrum aesthetics, as well as Care credit, and United Medical. I got 3 approvals but I wanted to find out the terms for Loan hero so I can continue with Dr.Rami. However No one would call me back regarding my approval or my request for a evaluation with Doc.Rami. I contacted them for an entire week and was told that my assigned coordinator was Emily but here we are as of today Emily Still has not reached out to me. I had to contact the other office in Keywest and explain the situation and they confirmed that they can not complete the financing documents until Emily does her part. They told me that Stephanie was the head coordinator and that they would forward her my info. But she did not contact me. I had to contact them and request to speak to Stephanie. At that point she said Emily left early that day and she proceeded to email me the medical questionnaire and start the evaluation process. She told me she would get back to me the next morning. As of today she has not gotten back to me to follow up on my evaluation or the loan process and Emily still has not reached out to me not once. Im getting very frustrated with this because Dr.Rami does amazing work and has excellent reviews and I would really like for him to be my doctor for this procedure. However his staff and coordinators are just making it impossible for me to want to deal with this company. I own my own business and If these people worked for me and was causing me to lose customers because of there lack of duties I would sure get rid of them. Im not pleased at all and this is the second time ive been displeased with how they run the office.

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