Fisher doll Officially !!!

Hey bombshells I'm new to this site, I've been...

Hey bombshells I'm new to this site, I've been researching like crazy about BBL and doctors. It was really hard, at first I was wanting to go with Dr. Miami I follow him on my snap chat. He educates you as he makes you laugh while doing surgery i was sold!!! His staff are extremely friendly I was ready to book until they told me he was booked until Late July 2017 ???? I was so crushed. So I then started my search and stumbled across real self omg the ladies have helped me so much, it actually how I found my soon to be doctor. People raved about so many docters but my focus was on 3 doctors Dr. Hassan, Dr. Jonathan Fisher, and Dr Mal Ortega.
I then researched the super important stuff like being board certified, if they ever did reconstructive surgery and being Plastic Surgeon certified and that's when it got real. To me these things are important because I want experience and wanted to know about malpractice or deaths then the two top Surgeons were Fisher and Ortega. When I called Vanity Miami they were super nice I spoke with Leo she went over everything with me, I love her quick turn around she follows up and give you great insights on the surgeons there. At the time I hadn't completed my research and she told me Dr. Hassan could do my surgery ( even though in my heart I knew I needed to research) I was told the deposit was $1,000 and that the special would be ending soon so I should get me deposit in. I was so excited!! But after further research decided to narrow it down. Dr. Fisher holds the title of most BBL in the U.S which is impressive because that means he has had a lot of practice. Dr Ortega is honestly hands down the ish he has down reconstructive surgery, vagina surgery you name it he's down it. I loved that both these docters have done so much. It's really a hard decision. I spoke with Lisa today from Spectrum Aesthetics she wasn't very personable or as friendly as most but she was informative on everything. She told me I would need to pay a $300 deposit and the procedure would be $5,000 . She told me basically to book quickly because they will get filled fast. Right now I'm leaning towards Fisher because of the experience thus far however everything will be determined by tomorrow. Leo was out today from Dr.Fisher but I need to make sure Dr. Fisher is available March 2016 , I'm crossing my fingers that he is. If so then I'm on my way. Wish me luck ladies!!!!!


OMG!!! So freaking excited I will be going to Dr. Fisher for my BBL. I waited to talk to my coordinator Leo and she said the date looks good as well as the time. I could literally scream!! I'll be making my deposit tomorrow sharp as soon as the bank open and sending her my confirmation. I want to pay everything in full but my boyfriend said pay the deposit and later see if I want to take out a loan. So that's the next decision either do a loan and pay it off or do a loan for the remainder. I'm so excited but nervous I been reading so many peoples review and some people say they have lost volume has any went through there? Is there any Fisher Dolls out there ? That can shed light

Recovery house??? Lose weight?

Hey Everyone,

I'm so scared and hoping I made the right decision with Dr Fisher I really hope he can sculpt me like I hope he can. I'm also wondering if I should do a recovery house at first I was thinking my BF could take of me but now I'm like maybe I should leave it to a professional. What do you guys think? Please I need advice Also I'm huge 194 I want to lose weight and get to 163 what do y'all think?

Fisher doll

I'm really trying not to be so obsessed with this but I am I look at butts every day at first I wanted a modest butt but now heck no!!! I'm starting my diet Monday right now I'm 5'7 measurements 38 30 47 my hips are crazy I've always had hips with no a$$'so hopefully I'll get the A$$ I've been missing, in so Nxious I'm thinking about moving my date, any thoughts ? Anyone know anything that I should just buy immediately??? Also i want fisher but I love Hassan results as well except he isn't board certified I'm so nervous I've posted some pictures of me being smaller but I don't think I should get back to this weight, anyone else have suggestions???

Wish? And hoping my butt will come out ok

I've been looking at some post and I'm scared to lose to much weight, I heard the max that they can put in your butt is 10 pounds so is it that I need to be my ideal weight plus an extra 10 pounds, I definitely need some advice I don't want to not get a booty I want. I have seen some girl who butts weren't as big ugh I wish I knew the exact height and weight to get a nice round plump booty

Lose weight or wAit......

Hey dolls it's October I love this time of the season any who I'm obsessed with this site. I think I'm going to call Leo( my coordinator to see if I should lose weight now or weight. I must admit I feel like a fatty now I can fit any of my clothes. I'm thinking about doing HCG, right now I'm like shy 200 lb just way to big. My BMI is still within range but I need to do better especially if I want a snatched waist like this one fisher doll I follow. She looks amazing !!!! I know I'm 5-6 months out but that's more encouragement to get healthy!!!!

Before pic

Hoping to get to the 160's before my surgery date. I'm going to my docter tomorrow to ensure I'm 109% healthy by my date

Ready but going back and forth...

I am so ready to have the SX if it wasn't for the fact I was trying to lose weight I would be on that table ASAP!!! I go back and forth about the docter I have chosen. I love Dr. Fisher but these Hasnifisd chicks be looking so on point!!! They all have small snatched waist with nice butts, ugh I know everybody body is different I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision for me. I don't want to go back 2 and 3 times. Alright RS sisters help me out here , have y'all ever been where I am now? Also I was thinking about adding inner thigh lipo. Has anyone ever did an add on? Any suggestions or prices??? I'm 5 months out so I have time to decide it just so nerve wrecking!!! I'll also post my weight lost journey in case any doll wants to know about HCG . Remember alway talk to you PCP before trying any diet or lifestyle change. I'm 100% healthy and have informed my docter of both this surgery any my diet. Take care dolls, please anyone who added a lipo suction let me know!!!

I'm switching teams......

So after stalking this page for over 8 hours I think I want to be hasanified , I will be calling Leo( my coordinator) tomorrow to confirm this change. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition no vanity BS that I hear a lot about . I haven't had a bad experience so cross fingers that everything will go smoothly. I'm so scared , after looking at several before and afters Hasan gives snatch waist and rounds butts while fisher is great many girls in my opinion he has worked on butts have a flat at top then cuff under, then it's wide I don't want to worry if it will be round that should be a given , however to each it own. Cross fingers ladies !!!!

The switch is Complete

I will be going to see Dr. Hasan I am so nervous about so many thing but cross finger the switch is the move I needed, any Hasan girls have any advice I'm super nervous.

Hasanified Doll....Anyone....Help!!!!'

Hey dolls, I'm still on my weight loss journey to make it to 163 before my SX but in the meantime I need you guys help to be successful in this SX . What supplies will I need? And I really want to know when did you guys start waist training? What waist trainers dos y'all use ? Is there any doll out there that's close to my height that can express to me what there wait was and possibly results were? I'm planning to get my first garment from Vanity but should I just buy them all there or I also heard there's a shop close by. I'm planing to stay March 9-21 to insure I'm ok. Do you dolls know where I can stay For weekly rates??? Please give me any information you can.

Where should I stay....For how long?? vets help!!

Hey dolls,

It's been a minute I've been stressed with work ugh which hasn't been good for weight loss. Any who I'm trying to get everything squared away I hate stressing at the end soooo lady's what recovery house are you staying at? And how long is long enough? I mean my sx date is March 11th should I come 2 days before? Or is a day ok? How long should I stay in a recovery house meaning how long until I can take care of myself??? Sorry I really just want to know, I hate to spend money on a 10 dat recovery if everyone says 5 days and then get the hell on. Some people say a week I'm just guessing. I need vets help!!! ASAP!!!

Update on Recovery house and Weight loss

Hey Dolls I thought if I post my weight loss Journey possible it will help me to continue to lose weight, so I'll be updating you all on that but back to the juicy stuff soo I found a Recovey home it's called cosmicare, they seem really nice and extremely caring. I was quoted ( thanks to hasandolly) 1125 a private room, guest stays for free( keep in mind it's a queen or king bed so they share this with you. 5 days 4 night 3 meals, 3 snacks transportation o
And essential supplies included. I felt like 5 days would be enough for me so I felt like it seemed to be a great deal!! All I need to do now is make my deposit and I'll be hopefully on my way. I know sometimes it's annoying when no one responds to messages so I will be an open book on my journey. I will also post my supply list that I had before Cosmicare told me that had everything but that would be on my next post because typing on this iPhone 6 Plus no ma'am I need my tablet smh but scroll to the pics to see the quote and updated pics of weight loss challenge to myself please tell me what you guys think and your advice especially Vets keep in mind I'm 5'6 shy 200 and working on it .

Let's keep it real

Ok first let me start but saying what the hell is wrong with some of y'all? I mean from fake pages to just plain lying. Get your whack self off this self. Don't stay on here trying to make others upset about their decision to improve themeselves , I mean are you really that bored with you life. I've seen so much Tom foolery but I will address 3 of them ONLY to educate my real self sister whom may get discouraged by the haters.

1. The Cosmetics Surgeon Vrs Plastic Surgeon
aka Hasan Vrs Fisher.

First let me say these are both from what I've seen ( basically results) great surgeons so I am not going to bash one to make the other look better. I will just state facts. If you look up the true difference of a Cosmetic Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon you will have a better ilunderstanding.

In your free time please read. cosmetic surgeon specializes in breast augmentation, liposuction, basically contouring your body this is exactly what Dr. Hasan specialize in so my my RS sister no worries he is certified and honestly will send you information to prove it, now keep in mind Fisher is as well. Dr Fisher also continued his education in Plastic surgery. He is he not only is Cosmetic certified but he also is Plastic certified what this means he can do reconstructive surgery, like burns repair, breast reconstruction eyc the list goes on so in my all state voice "you're in good hands."

2. Your experience is your experience
I appreciate and love hearing everyone's experience but some of you guys try to force your experience on people, bashing what they have going on. Like I use to tell my friend that's what you went through my experience may be different everything is a learning experience and trust we all learn a lot so being supportive and sharing your experience is cool but don't use no scare tactics or be a hater be real, show us pictures of what the surgeon f up or the recovery house look like if you can. And if something is beneficial for you shRe it don't keep it to yourself we would Ike to know what helped or doesnot help it help us really.

3. Lastly to my Vets I love you guys( the ones that help ) if you're a vet I know life gets busy but popping in just to ask a question and not helping anyone isn't cool. I know girls ask multiple question and duplicated question but be like Hasanified0819 she will be like " ok read the above she will let you know boo boo kitty I've already answered that so please read" I love it but ignoring your RS sister isn't cool. We all need some help so in Kevin Hart voice "Help me!" Lol I consider a vet anyone who has entered booty land. I hope everyone see this as just and educational message. I love my RS community. Also I will put the supply list I have collected so fat I care anyone needs a peak anyone can chime in and add as they like I'm just here to hopefully help.

Arnica Gel
Benadryl ( the itch I heard was real)
Iron vitamin
Chux Pad
Tylenol extra strength
Baby wipes
5 maxi dresses
Compression socks
Bobby pillow/ buddy
Go girl per cup
Antibacterial soap ) dial
Extra faja
Lipo foam/ board
Alcohol pads
Sterile abdominal pads
Scar away silicon pad
Camisoles 6 of them
Maxi pad large
10 disposable white was clothes
Medical gloves
Ab board
Heating pad
Bed liners
Bed pads
Waist trainer ( Ann cherry is awesome I use the one with the arms so I don't miss back fat)

This is all I have anyone can chime in and add I'll be going to my recovery house.

Now ATL girls on Buford there are medical supply warehouses that sell everything you need for the low low,'they also have fajas and waist trainers for great price I mean just ride down Buford also know as little China you will see them. Inbox me if you need more info. Also Discover mills have them as well so you have options. Below I also put my recovery house info and little things to help

Has he did that! Thigh gap anyone?

Has anyone ever had their thighs done?? Does Hasan do inner thighs ?
And if he does has anyone have this done on them?please help, but in the man time my boyfriend helped me create the look that I want as my wish pic, I hope it is possible , I'm still slyly tying to lose weight and become hasanifeid I kid need him to hook a sister up! Lol I am going to schedule a sit down with him before my schedule so he can have a full understanding of what I want. Here are some pics we played with last night

Massages in Tampa

Hey dolls!!! Guess what I'm moving I'm absolutely terrified but fingers cross everything will be great. Do you knows any massage places that are great there?......

Weight loss!! Wish pic

Hey dolls!!

I know I said I'll keep y'all posted on my weight loss journey I've been so busy I'm currently down I'm 192 from 200 ,so I'm making progress little by little( I literally did it in 7 days on HCG) today I have a minor tummy virus I can't keep anything inside me comes straight out but I'll be ok. Do any other dolls have
Suggestions on weight loss???! I want this stuff gone !! So I will
Look great with my new butt. All I want to do is look like my wishes pic

10 pounds in 10 days!!

Hey dolls!!

I know I said I'll keep y'all posted on my weight loss journey I've been so busy I'm currently down I'm 189 from 200 ,so I'm making progress little by little( I literally did it in 10 days on HCG) today I have a minor cold but I'll be ok does anyone have any
Suggestions on weight loss???! I want this stuff gone !! So I will Look great with my new butt. All I want to do is look like my wishes pic lol hopefully I can have my wish but in the mean time my goal is 173 smallest 170 so I have 16 more pounds to go!!!!

How long should I be....

In a recovery house? Vets how long truly did it take you before you where able to do everything on your own? How was your work affected. Did Any of you drive to your home town after sx? Was it uncomfortable? What are your suggestions? Also update on weight loss it's coming along but between moving and being without cookware I've gain 3.4 of the weight back however I'm not nervous every it will come back off fingers crossed

Update Dolls ...weight lose...what's you body type?

Hey dolls it's been a min but I wanted to update you on my weight loss journey it has been a crazy roller coaster. I'm doing great on losing weight and I'm happy to see some of my other fav dolls using HCG to lose weight. If you work the HCG protocol it will work for you. Keep in mind everyone weight loss journey is different so don't compare yourself to others losing weight quicker it's not a race ! It a jump start to a healthier smaller you. I will still keep you updated and will show you/ and tell you pounds and pictures I think my last weigh in I will do will be in Feb so stay tune. Anywho I've been speaking to my docter / a plastic surgeon / vets about results I mean come on people in very realistic yes I have a lot of wish pics but how close can I actually get o those pic off of SX. The docter stated its really base off you anatomy and what I have , he told me everyone naturally has a certain type of body as they do is enhance it in certain area for example Dr fisher give ladies beautiful hips he sculpts this hips, Dr J give you ass for days he told me I just build on what you already have. The docter also told me some women want Kim k this boons like that but it takes more than one surgery for that. I was so intrigued . Even though I'm in my mind like "Hasan hook me up" am I really asking for too much? What do you think about what this Surgeon told me??? I'm going to meet Hasan in January for my own reason and intend to ask him these question as well. I know some Vets have told me they agree but how do y'all feel? He told me about Apple shape. Pear and hourglass shape I was all in the convo. I've posted pics. What shape are y'all? I'm still trying to see me natural shape and which pick I am..

Vanity? Switching?!!! cancelling? New Cord

Hey dolls I've been so busy and stressed apparently I miss the whole Vanity switching up. I got word that Dr. H was cancelling appointments and refunding money I was like WTF?!!! So of course I was feeling uneasy 1 because I didn't know if this was a habit and 2 I have heard horrible stories and I haven't seem him yet. I decided to call Leo my Cord to make sure I was in the clear I spoke to Ana btw (rude) and lied to me and said Leo was busy but quickly asked about money. She said Leo would call me back lies lies lies I went on the portal to see I have a new Cord Roxanna so I called back and got her right away, she came off dry told me her extension 365 and that she is taking over Leo then stated you're still clear for surgery her tone was dry and sound very irritated. Y'all I don't have time for games. I'm hoping everything works out. I'm wishing Dr Miami was available Vanity professionalism is not there. I'm scared I'm crossing fingers wondering about other doctors smh it's sad

Happy holidays, GreAt News, Vets help, I'm scared

Well, well, well 74 days until my surgery and 61 days to lose weight was at least to get to 163 or 173 . I thought my BMI was over 30 but after going to my doctor he told me that I am 100% healthy and my BMI doesn't exceed 30. I told him I wanted to lose weight and he told me a healthy BMI would be 155 pounds. It's so crazy bcc I can drop pounds I just don't want to get to the point where I have no fat to transfer so I'll do 163-173 I mean what good is having this procedure if I'm still fat in the end with a butt lol. My new doctor is great and has had 3 patients whom have had bbl done in Miami so I feel comfortable knowing I have him after my surgery , I found a great person for my massages I just have a couple of question for you much are the faja next door to vanity? Is it all cash to purchase from vanity?? I was thinking I'll purchase my fajas from vanity, How long after sx did your faja not fit? Well those are my questions it's getting closer to my day I'll just keep you guys posted.

Oh and lastly I'm terrified of going under any advice? How did you guys feel? Going under and coming out?

61 days leftNew Year, help I need a plan B recovery

Omg I can't believe I have 61 days until my SX I've been dreaming about it lol however the only thing I see is a snatched waist I my dream and random rappers Saint I'm my voice all you need to do is lose 20-30 pounds in 61 days it's crazy. Im good for surgery now but I really want to be 163-173 I would be uber happy so wish me luck ladies !!! I'm going to have my blood tested again this month last month my doctor said everything was great!! So I'm hoping this month won't be different so I'll be testing that again. I'm still taking prenatal pills and iron pills I'm crossing fingers for the rest.

Does anyone know the earliest I can submit paper work for blood?? I heard 30 days out, ugh I hope everything goes well

Next ladies Cosmicare is scaring me, I've been waiting for a review but I haven't seen one yet plus their Miami house pictures have gone ghost on the website, which is making me want to go ghost. I am definitely a planner and like any planner when you see something going disarray you make or have a plan B. Now I know a couple of places but what do you dolls think?? Who are y'all going with??? I'll keep you fab ladies posted 61 day omg!!! Jan, Feb and march here I come.

O yeah lastly praying for everyone one to have projection fat butt slim snatched waist my final wish pic

Is Cosmicare a scam??!!!

I haven't seen one real picture, no grand opening ( supposedly they opened this January I haven't seen nothing if you google keshamarie on real self it looks like she was a patient who amps herself up for a recovery home that I haven't seen yet? Does anyone have in sight?

Cosmicare Kesha last post cut off

The lady seems cool and I will always support small business I do not have much insight on this recovery home therefore until I see or experience it for myself or hear from a doll I'm on the defense, if anyone knows anything else about a better home please inbox me about it or a private nurse

47 days left! Cosmicare update! Dr Hasan and Roxann

Hey dolls I have 47 days left and I am still losing weight I will send my updated weight and pictures on my post op picture so cross fingers I'll look banging! As for Cosmicare Kesha Marie isn't a fake she is an entrepreneur starting a recovery home, she may had a few bumps on the road but she is still pushing. So far Cosmicare has done a periscope and showed viewers where we would be staying, she also introduce us to the staff which you can look up on Instagram @wercosmicare she included her team. I haven't stayed there yet and will do a full review once I have, thus far Kesha is understanding and pleasant to speak with. The prices are amazing and so far from that long list of things to purchase all I need to get is a squeem and faja which Kesha will be selling soon so honey I'm relieved, now as for Vanity so far from my personal experience Roxanna is really great at communication. She emails me what she needs and I email her back. I have my post op blood work info as well as suggested weight which was really great! I'm crossing finger and toes that everything works out. As for Dr Hasan I'm hoping everything is ok with he and his family, to have to leave abruptly like that it has to be something serious. I'll be praying for him and all the other dolls for surgery and a speedy recovery. I have 47 days until SX I'm super nervous and scared but ready to see the new improvement

Lost for words Vanity is horrible

I'm so pissed how do you tell clients you don't know when Hasan coming back? I'm at a lost for words I want Hasan and still do but at this point I'm like wtf is going on? All the coordinators lie, or arnt informative or apologetic. Honestly idk where the man has gone I'm I'm saying is a heads up would be nice. Now I'm stuck looking for a new doctor. Everyone says fishe bur honestly no offense he only does GREAT on short petite women. Then people who has gone to Hasan say fisher is great but I'm like if he's so great why didn't you go to him? Fisher was the plan B. I'm 5'6 in a half would be 173 and Hasan would've had me on point I'm not sure about Fisher. I stopped following him when I made my mind up. Now I have to research him and other doctors I do not plan on settling Vanity has my money and so far my experience with them is real if you. If you all know any fisher dolls that look bomb please put there names in the comment. If you know any doctors in Florida who is bomb let me know. I am So sad and list for words. I need a Maricle and this man comes back

Hasan is coming back? Vanity?fisher?WTF

So excused me if I'm just blunt but the fuckery at Vanity is real 3 days ago my sx buddy/friend called me and informed me Hasan wasn't going to be avalible for our March dates. I was so shocked I immediately called Vanity and they pretty much said they do not know when he's coming back. First how in the hell you not know when he's coming back 2. Why didn't I get an email or call of this info my friend had to call me.we both quickly chose another date seeing that to get in with dr Fisher would be an additional $500 and he was getting booked fast. I swear over the next 3 days was stressful we called Cosmicare and they accomendated us rearranged hotels told my job idk what's going on and would let them know at the latest Monday as well as researching to see if Fisher could hive me my booty. I want a snatched waist and big butt so this is important to me. Heck all of us. I also started researching Dr. Osak now I haven't seen many of his girls and that made me ne Roy's than I read 3 steps infection and lawsuit and I started getting scared. Ladies a stepf could happen anywhere but when I hear several I get nervous. My decision was a tug of war but in the end I'm still looking for that fatty Fisher can give. Smh Hasan whe evyou at? I guess I'll have to until April to find out.

Who y'all going to??

If you love your results please post

The weirdest thing I can't find dr Osak dolls who love their results and have posted pen Fisher besides Maddyfisher it's weird . I wonder if they just don't need the site anymore idk but if your are a beautiful Fisherdoll or An Osak O doll please post reviews/ pic we are all here learning, all dolls would appreciate it especially with the Hasan issue

Vet I need help?? Recovery

I have almost everything completely checked off but today while talking to my manager she said that she didn't feel like 8 days was going to be enough for recovery and she would need to know a rough guesstimate. Let me just say where I work I stand on my feet for 10 hrs, what do you guys think ? How long before y'all felt better ?

56 days? Vanity crap!info on Cosmicare, weight loss Vets??

I'm 56 days before surgery and I'm still trying to lose weight omg I picked a fine time I swear every holiday I lose then gain it back but I have to come to a happy medium to keep it off especially if I want to weigh 165-173. I can do it I just need to get it together. Again I'm 5"6 and half the minimum I must weigh 190 which I'm less then that but I'm on a for real mission to get 165 or 173 so I'm attacking 15 pounds to look sexy.

Well apparently I'm on my 3rd coordinator Anna idk why they keep switching but whatever So everyone per Vanity you must pay in full for your surgery 2 weeks before your surgery this includes if you recently switched to Fisher. Hopefully no more disappearing acts and everything will go smoothly I honestly just want to get this over with, I also don't think it's fair I have to pay an extra 500 for Fisher when I was originally paid for Hasan so let me just say I'm annoyed with them.

Lastly Vet I hear a lot about being emotionally ready as well as preparing do you guys have any suggesting to get my mind ready for this surgery ???

Dr Osak?!!! WTH!!

Well well I wish I could say I'm extremely shock but I'm not. Literally when I first found out about Hasan and had to choose another doctor I did my research. I made calls looked up info and although Osak was with Vanity I couldn't make the switch something about him was off, the work was ok but something wasn't right. Now his license is suspended. Omg Vanity!!! Seriously this is people's lives. I'm still sticking by Dr Fisher. I'm praying for you all please make the safe responsible decision. If you're worried about BMI lose what you can and speak with your doctor about risk. It's not worth your life

44 days to Fisherfied ? 20 pounds? Should I get hips!?

Omg I can't believe how quick time has pass. I'm almost there to homes stretch I can honestly say this is the worst. Having to change dates due to unpredictable dr, Vanitu lying etc I'm just still hoping for the best . I'm still tryin to lose 20'more pounds before April 12th ugh wish me luck and who does anyone know if the 12 areas of lipo includes upper back. I've been reading a lot of other dolls saying they didn't have it done but is it included? Also help me out do you dolls think this wish pic is achievable and should omit will I need my hips ?

Surgery! Vanity! Dr Fisher update

Dolls it's been a minute. I honestly was stressed to the max. So let me tell you what happened so I was originally suppose to have my surgery on March 11, 2016 but as you ladies all know Dr Hasan was MIA instead of waiting for him to return I switched to Fisher and date changed to April 12th. My SX buddy told me about Osak and even though he had nice butts something didn't sit right with me. She wanted to try her luck with him but I was like hell no, I rather do 2 rounds ( if I had to) with fisher then be on Osak table. No shade my gut just didn't feel it. After researching a little U.K. Read things like Steph infections and other infections patients got. I understand sometimes depending on the after care or hints could happen but I was still uneasy. It was really a rough two weeks , I wanted Hasan but he was gone. Fisher to me was the safe option. I went back and forth with the decision. I even started following Osak dolls but no matter how amazing the girls look I literally couldn't swap. After 2 weeks of the vanity roller coaster I set my eyes on fisher and just told myself " Fisher is safe and by the book, he will deliver have hope". I finally started getting happy again and then i seek Osak crazy ish smh about being on probation and being able to operate until a hearing like WTF. Then with all the craziness my SX buddy needed my time before surgery and some how Vanity and myself had a mix up of words so my SX buddy was changed to May 12th and I was still April 12th it was to the point where I was over it. My family couldn't come down for Apri so I would be all alone . So I called Anna and switched my date to May 12th it wasn't easy though Yisel helped a lot to get me in. Fisher is stupid dumb crazy book. I was uneasy with the switch although they assured me it was done my portal was blank. It had no count down or coodinator or a date. I was so over it and to top it all off I was suppose to stay with Cosmicare but my new date was booked. I was so furious. Me and my SX buddy now had to find a recovery house/ hotel. Get supplies and make sure we lose enough weigh so we are snatched by Fisher. We literally have been there for each other through all this mess. After weeks of searching we have a place to stay Amy will be taking care of us and are splitting everything. My portal is up and running I'm paid in full and I'm still trying to get down as much as possible I have 59 days to lose 24 pounds. I'm focused ! My SX losing weight also I know it seems crazy bc we need fat for the bbl but for me fisher does great on smaller people or people whom have bigger tummies. I'm not either. Over never had a huge tummies but I have and can lose a little so we shall see. I can't wait for this Vanity roller coaster to be over. I'm hoping no more crazy happens. I'm going to lose weight take my iron everyday schedule an appt with my doctor to test me closer to the middle of the month then test my in April to send Vanity my blood work. It has been so stressful but ladies we have to be strong. However looking at the bright side since my date change my family can come down. I get to have the highly rated Amy and Mariam massages. Plus I made a really good friend my SX buddy we really support each other. We don't just talk butts we talk life plus it doesn't hurt that both of our guys got us traveling around the states for them lucky for us we will be in the same state. I wouldn't know what to do without my SX buddy when craziness at Vanity broke out and I was at work she called me to let me know. She helped me a lot when I was working because half the time I got off Vanity was close so ladies I'm not saying get one but I am saying have a support system.

Now I'm trying to get my happy on slowly from being drain from Vanity. Be strong dolls don't let anyone take your moment or joy. It's your time!!!

Update on weight loss!!! Honestly Please Vets

Well I've had some ups and downs with Vanity doctors even my relationship and god knows my weight dos the same thing. I'm disappointed that I'm not at goal but I'm not giving up. I've loss some weight though. I'm currently 5'6 1/2 183 lb. my overall goal for weight loss is 163 if I could be this by surgery I'll be super happy. If not 168-173 would do and I will continue to get to goal. Thank you for everyone's support and not getting ghost after your procedure pre Hasan doll from day one has showed us reviews and tawanna which I really appreciate. Thank you guys so much.

Now Vets

Do you feel like Disher was aggressive with lipo?

Do you feel like the smaller you are for fisher the better ?

And lastly is there something you wish Fisher did ni didn't ? I posted updated pics of my weight
Loss I'm still going wish
Me luck

40 days left updates weight, FMLA with fisher???when do drains come out?

Omg I can't believe I have 40 days left. My weight is slowly but surely coming off. It's so hard sometimes but I'm so committed to making sure everything is ok. I am booked for my hotel. I have my nurse confirm all I need to do is confirm family flights and finish gett supplies. I'm current 5'6 and 1/2 and I'm 180 my BMI is 29.05 and I'm still attempting to lose more weight. Although my surgery is May 12th I'll stop cutting calories 2 weeks before surgery so I can maintain. This gives me 27 days to lose 12 pounds to get to 168 pounds. I hope I get there but if not I'll be ok. I need those last 2weeks to maintain my weight. But anyways I'll be having my blood work done on April 12th I'm taking my iron pills everyday so we will see.

Has anyone ever had FMLA paperwork done?? For Fisher? Or how long were you out. Any advice helps

Supplies 34 days left what supplies do I really need???

Omg I can't believe I have 34 days left it's crazy , I'm still crossing my T and dotting my eyes because lord know I don't have time for foolishness I want to go into Vanity have this SX and I'm crossing doing era that I will be snatched tiny waist big ole ATL booty. Anyways my weight is currently 178 and it's been 178 this whole weeks. I'm really annoyed with that because I'm really trying hard to get to 163-173 but that damn scale must be on protest smh but today I'm going to see if I can break that I'm going to do an Apole day where I eat nothing but 6 apples and as needed water. We will see. My supplies are coming in and I'm crossing finger I have all that I need. I will get lipo form ab board and faja from Vanity. My nurse will be Amy I have my family and I'm ready. I will be doing my blood work this week I'm crossing fingers now. What supplies did you guys truly use and what is a healthy blood level??

30 days out

Omg I'm 30 days until SX I'm officially nervous and anxious. I still have 10 pounds to lose I'm 177. I have so much going on I'm flying out twice in April for biz and May 3 times heck I'm tired already. I'm going I'll be ok and come out as gorg as some of you other dolls wish me luck and prayers that are positive I rebuke neg ones

Blood work being cleared

Omg the this is getting so real my anxiety is on a 12 so my doctor actually went ahead and did my blood work today I'm kind of nervous I haven't ate the best these last 2 days but I definitely take my vitamins every everyday, please pray for me crossing fingers that I pass. I was so nervous. Vanity believe it or not has been calling me, making sure I completed blood work and have everything I need to have surgery including my after care stuff. Ana has been really sweet. I have all supplies but faja ab board Lopo foam and bbl pillow that I plan to getting from Vanity. I swear all I've been doing is spending money I'll be happy when I'm not stressing this count down. Wish me luck lady bootyland here I come

Stressed out

I took my blood work and I received the info back like ASAP. I don't know how to read this junk I had 2 things come back low but I'm not sure what the heck they mean it's 7 am and I'm waiting for Vanity to open I'm so stressed hemo 13.3

It's going down For real

Thank you God!!!! I've been cleared!!! I'm going to be a Fisherdoll May 12th!!!! Thank you dolls for all prays advice and you guys honestly Ana my coordinator has helped a lot!!!!?28 days until something I wanted for a while happens . I have mentally been through hell but I'm ready I have 9.4 pounds to be 168 or 4.4 pounds to be 173 my body has been pushing but honestly ladies I'm no longer dieting after the 22 of April whatever I am at that time thiats it. I'm so happy I could cry

Getting closer/ message to my RS sister

Omg it's getting closer I can't believe it! I've been dreaming about what I would look like the outfits I will wear. I'm so excited!!! I'm sick right now u guess this weather change got me all the way messed up smh but thank god now then later because I need these meds and vitamins. I'm still on the struggle bus on weight loss i go back and forth I'm 177.4 and I really want to be 163-173 heck God fix it!! Help a sister out let that scale go down but as promised to myself this is my last week trying to lose. I will maintain after this and once after surgery get to my goal of 163.

To my real self sisters

But any who I want to tell all my real self sisters if this is something you really want don't give up if it's losing weight or trying to gain weight don't give up!!! Let them turn you down. Continue your journey at the end trust Vanity not turning people down they want those coins!! When have you read reviews that said they wouldn't take them??? Exactly keep pushing!!

Does Vanity take Credit Cards for fajas?Ekg/ X-ray not feeling 100%

Well dolls I'm still not feeling 100% and I'm at the doctors. My nurse (who is awesome) asked me if I wanted to do X-rays to see if I'm ok with longs and heart. I get so anxious whenever I have to take test but I agreed to do it. Might as well I'm going to make sure when I do go into booty land I come back out. Safety is very important. I'll keep you guys posted!!

False Alarm

Just came back from the doctors I just have an uppe respiratory infection and got a Z pack. I rather have this now then on surgery. He did an EKG which came back great!!! And x-Ray my doctor is on it. He is definitely making sure I'm 100% going in but honestly I'm just super nervous. Anxiety is on 100 but I'm soon ready to be snatched. The recovery is what's scares me the most.

19 more days ! lose weight! Can we still take allergy meds? and Miami Today

I am 19 days away from finally having something that I've always wanted. I was so insecure walking pass men with my flat but I can't wait to have projection. I'm going to type out and give Dr Fisher exactly what I want for myself and of course pics. My weight goes from 177-178 I'm like wth I want to be atleast 173 going into surgery and my overall goal is 163 my body is playing games. Does anyone know how I can drop a quick 5 pounds? Starting Monday I'm hitting the gym hard!!!. I attached pics of me please excuse my nasty looking body. I'm also going to Miami today. I'm going to look at the store next to Vanity get supplies and really just lay eyes on where I will be staying

Went to Vanity? Faja info? The portal interesting fact

Hey dolls it's like 4am but I had to update you guys on somethings I saw noticed etc so let's just jump right in. Ok for my portal it says 18 days left !! Exciting right?? Well apparently the portal doesn't count weekends so it's actually more like 25 days.(great because your girl still losing weight)...... Now that that's out the way Vanity!!! Well first let me tell you I love a great swap meet but I guess seeing it as a place I'm having surgery wasn't that appealing. Vanity is definitely in a shopping Plaza next door is a shoe store and to the left is a day care center ( not a faja store. Honestly when I saw it had it not been for the great results I've seen from the fisher dolls and dr fisher I would be blowing Vanity up for a refund. I'm hoping looks are deceiving. I do wonder why dr Fisher hasn't moved down to bal harbor or Ventura it's more upscale and doesn't look questionable. The only reason I could come up with is the rent is cheap which is more money for him. I'm not sure but I'll try it out and see maybe it's just me. I was really taken back anyway after looking at Vanity I also noticed there were other surgery places in that area one which is really close to Vanity, I notice a lot of the docs I guess operate out of strip plazas because they had lipo, Botox you name it. My boyfriend I know in his head was like WTF!!!!! So I'm glad my mom is joining me after the procedure because she would flip her freaking lid.( keep in mind I'm from ATL) our things just look a little different but that doesn't take from fisher work I'm sure he will do great so no worries I mean at the end of the day it's my money. Just want to let my out of towners know the deal for they pop up.

Now secondly y'all the faja store( next door) no ma'am this Faja store is in another section of the strip mall so let me correct this so everyone will know I went to faja columbiana next door in the strip to the left if you are facing Vanity. Please don't get lost. I met Luis he is Columbiana the lipo fins are 2 for 25 and the ab board is 20. We looked at faja but he was out of my size plus I can't determine my swelling and may need a smaller or bigger one and there isn't any refunds. This place sells them for 60 vanity 120 I'm better safe then sorry. I'm going with Vanity. Once I know my swelling size I will send my sister to get it for me. So ladies there you have it.

Lol Tripoing I have 18 days left

Sorry y'all my last post smh I was tripping instead of counting sheep I was making up numbers I really do have 18 day to lose 5 pounds my bad ladies lol


Here is the ab board and lipo foam

15 days !!! Excited ,Supplies in bag

OMG !!! It's coming so soon I'm so excited!!! Please pray for my SX buddy they are putting her through hell and she really deserves this surgery

Weight loss can I do it

Ok people it's getting to the wire me and my surgery buddy are both trying to lose 10 pounds in 15 day this morning I was 176.8 so she and I are on the grind if I get to 168 ( losing 8 pounds) but if I go for 163 I will have (14.8)
But y'all know I'll be happy at 173 I'm in my size 6 jeans so I'm not complaining I just want it not to come back and have a nice butt!!! I can't believe how close I am

Relationship Issues

Sooo this whole process has been very stressful especially with my relationship, I moved with my boyfriend to a state I do not like but came hoping our relationship would be better, honestly I think he is insecure. I'm truly annoyed with him. I mean this dude makes 6 figures and not at one point did he ask if I financially needed help with the SX , supplies, nurse anything I mean WTF where is the support. When I talk about the SX he looks really irritated which irritates me. I'm so glad I have a SX buddy bc between him and my family my family and SX buddy are the most supportive. I recently had a birthday and he called himself being supportive driving me to Miami and checking out Vanity .......girl bye. To me it's a fake attempt. Then he got mad that I bought Beyoncé ticket for myself. What dude gets mad at a women going to Beyoncé ??? A insecure dude. Tell me y'all am I tripping? He's been irritating the shit out of me so bad. Sooo for my SX day I am only asking my boyfriend to come preop, SX day and leave the next I will stay in Miami the remainder days stress free loving myself. When I'm done being snatched for the gods I'll be like Beyoncé (sorry I'm not sorry

Look at me, lipo foam question and waist training question

Hey dolls ! How many lipo foams do I need?
When can I start waist training? I want to make sure I'm prepared all the way. Also for Dolls who went to Vanity did they measure you the day before your surgery for the faja? And if you went to the local faja store how did those faja work out? And guess what 13 more days until booty land and I'm 174.4 today I'm doing HCG my last days well until the 6th or I get to 168 which would be awesome I attached pics of my last 2 days on HCG let me know if you have questions on how to do it

10 days left! When to waist train? Home Care??

Hey ladies!!! I'm 10 days away and I made it to 173 now you know I'm going to pushe to 168 but I'm feeling great. I'm in my size 6 jeans and I'm feeling a lot healthier. I was concern that I would lose too much but Fisher finds all types of fat on people especially tiny girls . So if he can find it on them he definitely can find it on me. This surgery trip and all is becoming so expensive !! Honestly I'm ready to get it over with. I really hope my recovery will be quick ugh!! I'm scared but I'm praying all goes well. I'm 173 so y'all already know my second goal is 168 ( final goal 163). So I'll try to lose 5 more pounds in 10 days so we shall see. Does anyone know of nurses I can compare prices with? How many days do I really need a nurse ? I mean what day were you all able to get around?

I'm doing it , 6 days away Anxiety help!!!

I can't believe in 6 days away. I'm so nervous and my anxiety is on 100 I'm over here freaking out thinking omg what am I doing to myself? What if I come out fucked up? What if he gives me super wide hips? Has anyone had anxiety like this? I've lost more weight having anxiety smh lord help me, y'all please pray for me. I told my boyfriend what I was scared of and he was like " I would be scared too." WTF smh so yea needless to say he doesn't have a way with words. Any advice about my mix feeling

3 days away

I'm so anxious I've been have dreams about the whole surgery. I took more pictures ... Well at lest this will be the last pic of post op. I've prepared myself and mentally I'm scared and hope all goes well. My support system will be there( mom and sister) and lately my boyfriend has been trying to act right. Idk we will see. I'm really hoping for projection and ting waist. My SX buddy has been through hell so I'm hoping when she gets here today it will be smooth sailing. Tomorrow me and my boyfriend has decided to be Miami bound so we can relax a little. Pray for me dolls

Miami Bound

Well I'm in Miami, nope I drove I liver super close. Everyone thinks it's vacation time heck even I do. I ate everything layer on the beach although I'm still nervous i want to see what my new body will look like. I will ask fisher tones of question and I'll keep you all posted. 1 day until I'm in bootyland

Post Op review

Video of vanity and where it is
Inside vanity
Hey dolls just left Vanity everyone was so nice. Fisher was in surgery as I suspected so I didn't get to see him. I signed all paperwork. everyone was so nice. I honestly got nervous when reading the complication and will Reread them again tonight but for now I'm all green for surgery. I'm going to stay hydrated and prepare for tomorrow so my and my guy will make our Walmart run and I'll get hydrated.


I'm ok just sore I will post later thanks for all the prayers

I'm here dolls results

This recovery is no walk in the Patk. Me and my SX buddy are staying strong. Ladies please get Amy she is amazing way better than any recovery house. She is honest gentle and will make sure you are good. She is an absolute Angel. She is always bleaching and cleaning I mean amazing. I will review vanity later but ladies do yourself a favor Amy is the shit

Warning for recovery houses Also my nurse Information for Amy

Please please read this carefully. Amy is a god send. From every scratch to yarn Amy if there this surgery is so intense. I mean I'm a tough girl but I'm thanking God i had Amy please don't waste you money looking for a hotel she does it all for you. She tells you what you need and she's VIP at Vanity when I went to my post op I had no wait I was seen immediately in a private room. Dr fisher said I was lucky to have her because she is the best, this women is the best!!! She washed me because lord knows you can't do it yourself . She literally held my go girl urinal bc I couldn't hold it. I'm a grown women I peed on myself and she cleaned me up washed my faja because sanitation is her priority. I took my meds she reminds me and will keep you on all your meds. You will be stronger everyday . Recovery houses are horrible I've seen them for my own eyes . One recovery house forfeit this girl was coming she and I was fresh off the SX table and she was screaming in pain meanwhile I'm rolling off with Amy great! She has a massage lady name Elsie who comes to you. She is gentle and comes to you because getting around hurts.Whenever someone touches you it hurts so spare yourself the pain and book Amy . Oh yea and if you think your family' can handle it omg don't assume this is a real deal surgery my sister is a Doctor and was shocked at the amount of pain my boyfriend couldn't deal with the urine he literally turned his nose and was like Amy!!! I was changed cleaned up and back to being normal. I am so happy with Amy please just go with Amy. I don't want you to be like some of these girls I know on real self with seroma Steph infection just nasty they disappear off the site because of things they caught and are either embarrassed or sick it's sad please pick your after care carfully. Amy works with her hubby he has caught me many of times from coming down passing out. You may think it won't happen but there are moments. Vanity does your SX but after care choose wisely that will make or break you this is my first review because it is so important . (239) 850-5987 This is Amy number call her for the massage lady Info. Happy healing will review Vanity soon

Day of SX review / Vanity review/ Dr Fisher

Sorry it's been minute my arms and hands tingle on and off so I haven't been trying to use my phone but I wanted to update you ladies on Vanity and Fisher who everyone praises but I had a different experience with him so hold tight so I can get it all out for you guys remember, my review is just that"my review" if yours was different it's just that a different review, my surgery time was at 9:30am I work in tv / radio which everyone know if you are not there they will move on so I go there like 8:45am Vanity was open I came in skin dry as heck and all ready. I checked in from a girl named Amy who was very sweet and patient . I may Lee asked her about my thought hot and BBL pillow and how to purchase and get fitted for one. She directed me in the back and I was feeding buy a Nother young lady named Daniela . Daniela was very nice and cool tempered . My sister went to the back of the Hospital with me. She began to bring garments and I tried them on. She told me that it was hard fitting me baca use I already have an hourglass shape with good legs and she said the girls usually come have skinny chicken legs and do not fit. I finally got my garment which was a Diane 42 XXL. I purchased a bbl pillow (which is a waste of money) and then waited in the lobby and a lady who spoke little to know English came for me to sign paperwork . I was annoyed bc how in the hell can she explain in detail what was going on if she didn't peak English I spoke a little Spanglish ( yes Spanish english) so I was trying , she had me initially things and putting my contact information on spots. She was very sweet but the language barrier was definitely there. I finally told my sister good bye but gave her my phone in case Vanity called for someone to pick me up I had a feeling that the lady wanted me to put down Pick up info but I honestly didn't know what she needed so in case my sister would be the receiver on that call. I told her to answer my phone and pray for me, she agreed and left. I then was escorted to a different room which had a TV and I was in my scrubs. Yuliet came in and gave me paperwork to contact her which I feel like should have been given to me prior . This information was in case I have any questions. Then I played the waiting game I watch an episode and 1/2 of miami SVU and the same women who spoke little to no English took pictures of me then she was gone. I started to fall asleep and that's when I kept seeing the anastesiologist. The. Dr.Fisher finally came in.

He was very loquacious (talkative). He told me about himself and I told him about myself honestly he seem arrogant but I guess he does so many bbl he doesn't give a flying banana because he knows what he is doing. It was a drive through experience for me. Not at all personal like everyone else keeps posting. He then looked at me and was like they're is no was in hell yours 5'6 1/2 and I'm like but I am he thought I was taller but I'm not. I asked home my questions that I composed for home then He had me stand up and began to ask me about my body he said my skin was good because I have the skin that can drastically put on weight and snap back and the skin wouldn't be loose. He said I had an aqute scoliosis (which my mom said she fugured) and he would try to make everything asymmetrical( I think my right sid is longer ). He told me I already have natural curves and he couldn't wait to attack my love handles. Then we went into my wish pics. I laugh because I actually liked my body and wanted only projection most of my wish pics where of people like Jennifer love Huwitt (sorry if I spelled her name wrong ) but that girl has projection and the legs to back it up. And then I showed him delicious waste and curves from the back he told me my butt now was bigger than hers I just needed the projection and as for my waste he will try to get is smaller. I think he was trying to under promise then over deliver after our talk I was like hopefully he gets it he has the wish pics then he took pictures and told me my surgery would began momentarily. After he left the Anastesiologist came in I didn't get his name said "you ready?" I was like yea but may I empty my bladder first? He escorted me to the restroom then I walked over to the O.R there he asked me to hope on the table. I immediately told him I was scared and have anxiety so I would appreciate if he gave me something for my anxiety he said sure thing stuck me with the sleep sauce and I was out.

When I woke up I was on my knees confused and a lady was telling me to stand on my knees she was asking me question about where my family was I was totally confused nothing was registering. Then she pushed me out the back of Vanity in a wheelchair and asked me if I recognized any of the cars. Thank god I saw my boyfriend circling the building. I pointed and he came quickly to me. He was pissed because he said my butt and key parts where out and they should have covered me, then he asked me why I didn't call.... After that I was pretty much out

I woke up and I was with my nurse Amy who helped me. I was in and out for 2 days my experience with Vanity was like I payed to go to Tijuana it was all over the place . I just kept thanking God that I was alive and I was breathing. The next day I turned on the TV and a girl died at Encore by Dr Macadoo I was so sad for her. Everyday I'm just trying to survive look for signs build my system back up. After Amy left I had stuff like cold tingling hand, dischard like blood but I'm not on my period or bad swelling and I've called Vanity and left messages no one has called me back. It's scary after surgery you're on your on. I feel like they don't care about you they gout their "money" and now you're just another number to them. It's sad. I'm going to continue to update everyone on my recovery and if Vanity gets better but as of now. I would advised a person to choose another hospital. A hospital that truly cares about caring for their people. A hospital that isn't a drive through. A lot of us paid a lot of money and if I had to do it all over again I would have waited on Dr Miami. He follow ups is gentle and listens. Not treat me and my body like a drive through. Ladies again this is my review. I plan to call Vanity for a 4th time about my issues that I am having and see if they pick up or respond. My response for them is to stop being money hungry listen to your patients and are more. Today marks day 7 out of surgery. I'm just trying to get my energy back up and survive please continue to keep me in all you guys prays. I will keep you all posted

About the BM / and BF Swell hell

So on my day 3 I had the BM it doesn't hurt ladies but the thing is you feel like you are pooping between 2 cement which is now your butt I literally took my medical gloves opened my cheeks while staying steady and let it out smh. I mean my tummy felt like I was having contractions. It came out no problems I was just super sore . The boyfriend girls he is MIA he definitely is showing me that he doesn't have a nurturing bone in his body. I truly feel a lone. He isn't happy for me. I have learned to do it on my own but that ok Karma will get home. All he cares about is his stupid job smh I'm just so glad I have a family that has been here for me so I will continue on. I definitely think he is jealous and insecure but again that's not my problem #SWERVEHIM. Today I even had a BM I always feel like I'm going to poop more ugh but I guess better out then in. I'm swelling like hell. Vanity won't return any of my calls but let's just keep praying all is well.

Boyfriend Crazy after SX Beware/ advice any dolls?

Well let me tell you that my recovery has been drama and hell filled. My now ex us showed his ass yesterday . Yesterday was a normal recovery day. It had it challenges going in and out of sleep I poop like everyday and of course walking. My boyfriend left at 8 am and didn't get back until 11:40 pm his butt was at the Casino. See my boyfriend is the VP of his company he doesn't have to go in or do anything really. Honestly he can work from home but no his ass was no where to be found. Every time I called him he would lie say he was on his was ladies I'm talking about just lying. I was home helpless and couldn't really do ish I needed dial soap I impervised bathed with hibiclean made all meals for myself struggled to my damn socks on but did it. Set an alarm for pulse so even when the percocets had me high I wouldn't forget my antibiotics. Let my dogs out clean my garments. Now don't get me wrong ladies I'm no super women indefinitely was running off addrileane because I was pissed. I was all good until I called my brother ( a good man) and he was like that dude isn't there? I started crying because my emotions have been crazy since the is whole surgery and 2. Because stranger have shown more concern than he has and I was deeply sadden. I took my perc and finally he came home drunk and from the Casino. Then he started going off on me. I told him we are over because I love myself more than he could every love any part of me. He was like I knew you were going to break off with me after your surgery then he was like give me back my Valentino I gave you I said ok then he was like naw I rather have the money then he said so you not getting me nothing for my birthday? I was like are you kidding me? Then he was yelling at me and y'all when I say this dude didn't pay a dime of this surgery he didn't pay a dime I did everything all the way to supplies and food. When I was in the hospital he went and got my garment and I was like take my card he was like I'll get it later fast foward yesterday he was like you better give me my F ing money I'm like seriously so I was like ok he was like give me my money now y'all it's 11:40 pm I was like I'll do it tomorrow he was like now he was so horrible. How are you yelling at your girlfriend she can't move like dude you're weak for that. Then he tried to kick me out the house and I was like my name is on the lease as well sir. Like who tries to kick there girl out? This dude stays at the casino winning but you asking me for 202? Dude you make 6 figures but you trying to use a scare tactic to get your 202. It was horrible smh my friend SX buddy was turnt up with me on the phone she and her boyfriend were about to come get me smh but my friend I made at work came and got me because the convo between he and I was bad and he was threatening me like seriously y'all. After all that drama my brother and family are planing to get me and take me back to sweet GA( home) everything is happening so fast I have a job in Florida but I'll have to think it through its stressful. I'm at the beginning of my recovery I really need to be mobile before I do anything . Part of me want to continue my recovery in Florida and just stay in the other half of the bedroom but that's lying to myself because he evil. Well what do you all think?

In the flip side does anyone know anything else I can do for these bruises and are our stitches dissolvable ?

Ups and down to recovery so far 8 days post op

Well, I can't bend over to get anything. After my shower me and my Maltese battle over my socks and let me say this chick be winning smdh lol. The ab board is my enemy I literally can't lay comfortable with the damn thing on. If feels like I'm laying on cement. The stiffness is real I have to force myself to get up everyday to prevent stiffness. The percocets makes me trip out so bad that I can only take it once or twice a day. I take Tylenol extra strength instead. My ab board makes me poop like the compression from everything makes me pop. I do feel better everyday but I'm so bruised it's hard to want to dress up. I mean my kitty is so bruised it looks like I have a fufa and I don't and never have had one but between inflammation and bruises it's here right now smh. I honestly haven't tried on any clothes because my skin hurts to the touch I am just waiting to recover. However I feel super confident like really. I haven't gotten dressed and been out but I already know I'm super happy and confident I can't thank you ladies enough for the support. Thanknyounladies

WTF did I do to myself ???

Y'all I'm miserable I'm so swollen I don't see my collar bone. I've never not seen my collar bone. My thighs are huge like this is the first time in my life I feel fat. It's messing with my head and self esteem, not to mention the garment is tight as hell on my vagina smdh i think I need tonreallybwatch my diet these last two days like no bread or nothing because my skin can't extend no more y'all I wore a size 6!post op I'm probably like 210 pound right night atleast that's how big I feel I am my sister literally was like don't get on the scale it will just upset you because its uncontrollable. Then on top of that I can't sleep. There is no comfortable position for me. I wake up almost everyday with a swollen face. This morning my face was so swollen my BF looked at me and immediately went to get me Benedryl. I literally do not leave my house because I feel fat and ugly. Y'all I waddle when I walk. I waddle like I'm preggo. I'm super sad y'all smh Sorry I needed to vent. Plus I can't sleep. I'm rethinking this surgery y'all I'm low key depressed. My family has been my rock. They check up on me and visit me. Like my sister drove 6 hrs to see me. She keeps it 100% she told me that I'm going to be after it come down so don't be sad but really I'm depressed. If I go MIA for a couple just remember y'all be strong I have to get my mind right.

It's been 11 days since surgery / Vanity is horrible

Omg!! 11 days I can't say time has flown because I felt each and every one of these days. So it's been 11 days and Vanity ain't ish y'all I've called them for when I needed them and no one ever followed up. I've had an horrible experience I'm just glad that I survived the surgery. I called Vanity about the removal of my stitches and asked about when I can come girl no one knew nothing. I'm back home but it seems like I'm going to have to go else where to have my stitches removed so pray for me because I'm still having people pulling on my body smh. I'll be happy once my stitches are out. As for my body the stiffness is horrible and being swollen is the worst but I'm actually feeling better day by day. My sister came and she noticed my self esteem and me overall feeling shitty. My sister forced me to go outside walk way more than I had bought me groceries and a new stage 2 faja I mean she was giving me life when I was over it. My sister support was everything hell she even did a couples therapy with me and my boyfriend I mean she's like Iyana fix my life lmao everything is ok. Now I swelled up real bad the day before yesterday and my sister was like should we do a water pill or what? We didn't do that then I tried to sleep and my face and eyes blew up like a blow fish I'm telling you recovery isn't a joke. I go from forcing myself to eat to forcing myself to walk it's crazy you're literally bringing your body back to life. I will always keep it 100% with y'all so hell no I haven't been on no dates, or turning heads at no freaking grocery store. My butt literally and figuratively have been in the house, one because Florida is hot as hell and I have on ad board lipo foam faja and my kitty hanging out so let's just say she's not here for it. So today I woke up stiff but told myself I was going to get up and fight I made myself breakfast took my shower and noticed some of the swelling has gone down. I was so happy I showed my bow friend and he agreed that it has. At least my body. My legs are still huge as hell but baby steps. I'm praying to God that I continue to come down my thighs are absolutely unacceptable they are disrespectful. O yea about the embolism socks, I no ticked on the paper work it said can discontinue use after 7 days my swelling went down when I started to reuse them so ladies don't throw them away just yet. I will keep you posted on my stitches being removed everyday is a struggle thank you everyone for your support and kinds words. For the ladies going to Vanity When you go to Vanity I pray you experience is better. I pray they care for you and when they do follow up( because they will) they actually give a care. I pray a speedy recover and cover you in in the blood of JC. This prayer is for you. If you have any question inbox me this journey is a hard one and support is very much needed.

2nd stage garment?? Help vets? Waist train and updates

Well people it's day 11 I'm feeling way better. My yesterday I got my stitches out I was so freaking happy I got on the scale and it said 188.8 I was like WTF the nurse was like hunny you're really swollen stop looking at the scale I'm like I really can't. After that I went back home and the one on my back hurt like hell and the one close to your vajajay omg! ( sorry ) anyway this morning I fell right into routine I got up made breakfast did my walk put on arnica gel etc and then decided to jump on the scale, it was weird I felt smaller and then viola I was 183.8 meaning I'm 10.8 pounds from my surgery weight it's crazy because I feel way bigger. My 2nd stage garment came in I honestly want to put it on I'm not feeling much compression but Fisher instructions say 4 weeks minimum ugh!!! Vets?? Anyone know the best way to waist train?. I did finally get an answer from Vanity which was if its too big opt for a smaller one for the best results. I think I'm going to get my original faja taken in. My new faja butt looks different then the original one it looks like it's super tight so I'm a little apparhensive but I will give it a couple of days maybe check out some other faja places and go see the stream tress. Hopefully I'll find a better faja. Any suggestion??????? Also when did you guys waist train or take your marble out

Stage 2 faja tug of war does anybody booty get warm? Like radiate? Am I shrinking?? Help?

Well ladies I foundation faja store in tampa, a lady who does lymphatic massages but!!!!! Literally my ass was too big for my stage 2. See the original one was from vanity Diane 42 I tried that 49 lord it fit everywhere but my butt I got it up and felt food except for my butt felt like the circulation was cut off I tried cutting around the faja until finally i put back on old faithful. I'm like darn it I need the compression for my waist so then I tried a waist trainer and then that was an epic fail. My last result tomorrow will be getting it taken it. Y'all pray for me smh then instartedbgettibg paranoid thinking my butt was going down. I hope it doesn't I don't know if it's dropping or what. In still swollen of course but my butt seems smaller or it dropped I need my projection it's my life!! I had hip but I need this but to hold strong I'm praying that garment didn't squash my booty dead:(

Have you guys every felt radiation on your but or felt it warming up? I hope all my dolls are recovering and feeling beautifully

Going back to work soon? First pic need advice on work

Hey dolls this swelling I can't smh but anyways I'm trying to drink as much water as possible because I'll be getting my first massage tomorrow and I want to make sure I don't pass out. I'm getting my strength back everyday but I'm scared to go back to work. My job consist of a lot of walking I'm talking anywhere from 6-10 miles walking back and forth sometimes outside in this hot Florida weather. Ladies how are y'all doing it with ab board lipo foam and all? I mean part of my personal recovery is walking so I don't get stiff but I'm very apprehensive. My manager asked me to come in earlier if I could and I'm not objecting to it because I would love to do half days to see where I am so far and how I can take it. I don't know any advice ladies. Also how did you dress to cover the booty aka Chanel my booty also when is fluffing and is it real?

First lymphatic massage since leaving Miami, ab board sleeping, getting back down

I had my first massage and ladies it hurt so good she worked at my knotsbthat was on my tummy and told me to drink plenty of water to flush it out. I was nervous at first because she wanted me to lay my back on the table and my but in this thing she had. I put all weight on my legs and it seemed to have worked it was $70 for the first massage and $50 for each one now on she massages my legs and everything. I literally have been pooping all day. ( sorry) hopefully this is flushing my system of of the toxin she told me is in my body. The masseuse also told me that when the doctors does the surgery he always fills butts to the max because some of the fat dies. After the massage my tummy and back felt better but turned up I immediately went home ( pooped ) and felt better. I guess I really needed that massage like you dolls stated so let me eat my words.

My ab boards --

Ladies believe it or not I sleep better with my ab board. I usually do not sleep with my ab board I sleep with lipo foam and triangle but last night I was so exhausted I fell comfortably asleep with it on. I know this sounds crazy but it was very comfy. I'm not sure if I will do this every night but I'm going to try it for a while for more compression. I wish I could go ahead and get my garnet taken in but I'm rushing out of town for the holiday so I'm going to see if can use ace bandage like a friend suggested for compression.

O yeah ladies I came down some more I'm 177 I was 173 going into surgery so I'm 4 pounds away my legs are still swollen but I'm managing. I will still wait 6 week before waiting out but so far I'm managing drinking water and walking. The stiffness comes and goesim hoping for a 27 inch waist I'll wait to waist train so I can make sure I'm healthy and my body can take it.

The itch is real /more pics

Hey dolls last nigh I swelled up so bad and was extremely sore my butt felt like it was radiating heat I kept looking like please don't go down. Out of nowhere my whole body was itching , it started with the surgery scare on my back , then my thighs and lords knows I put every lotion on me but no relief until I popped that Benadryl and hallelujah lol I've learned that hydrating is the best thing for my body right now so I put on palmers stretch marks, bio oil, arnica oil and Eucerin extra dry all through out the day. It's an all day process but I have to to do it. As gir that surgery scar on my back I'm using scar away. I'll let you know how it goes, hopefully it fades away. The place where my drain was is healing on its own. I'm still the same measurement holding at 46 for my butt. My weight is 176 I'm almost back to 173 my overall goal is 163 but I'm not forcing weightloss until I get this butt under control. On some days I'm like its dropping to fill out on other days it sits high as a horse. The jury is still out. I hope it stays.

5 hrs without faja / the hardest thing about the surgery

Happy Memorial Day dolls. I recently went out of town for a family function and lord let me tell you my experience. Well besides the fact that everyone wanted to hug me and I had to tell them gently it started off great. I wish I could lie to you and tell you omg it was amazing and here's my pics but that was a lie. I stood at every event I went to it was akward at first but then my sister and brother( who know about my procedure) stood on and off with me so I didn't look so crazy. For the most part I wore my faja ab board and triangle everywhere with a t-shirt which was my family reunion shirt. At night when everyone turnt up through the the early 2 and 3 am I was in bed laying down from all the standing plus I'm not drinking( personal decision while my body recovers). I was doing great until my family banquet. I wore my tight dress and although i felt great ( body wise) the part started at 6 and ended at 10:30 soooo 5 1/2 hours later I was damn near running to my room. I didn't feel the swell until literally the 5th hour I popped a Benadryl put on my garment and y'all I still felt bad. I'm telling you I felt itchy, swollen just the worse. I needed more compression but I just wasn't getting it. Y'all it wasn't worth it my garment is my skin lol I need it . What's the longest y'all ever went??

The itch is real

Here I am yesterday the swelling is horrible
Good Morning dolls I want to make sure I keep y'all posted on the recovery and how I've been coming along. My eyes and face are always puffy in the morning it's crazy because I've never seen my face look like its having an allergic reaction when it's not. The itching omg it's the worse so let me tell you why you dolls will itch(your nerves are reconnecting from the surgery this means all the places you had surgery will itch at some point. You will also experience almost like lightning stings all on your body. For me thenitchingnis the worse because it's not necessarily something I can control. There are area on my body that are numb to the touch so if you are numb but have a sensation to scratch nothing really happens if that makes sense to you guys. You basically just either take an benedryl or something ( which knocks me out) and continue on smdh. I hate taking the Benadryl it puts me to sleep but I need to be active so the stiffness won't come smh. Ladies the itch will happens the stinging feeling will happen I just want you all to be prepared . My measurement for my butt varies 46-46 1/2 my waist is a 30 but I'm not waist training until I reach a month due to the swelling which is horrible I hope to get to a 26-27 waist cross fingers ladies my boobs are a 34. I own tons of true religion RR Jean Hudson buffalo jeans and they are all size 6 however I will retire the jeans until month 3. I also would love to tone my legs and lose some weight. I want to lose about 18 pounds but I'm going to wait until 6 weeks which is when I can go to the gym.

Vets help?!!! Itching, swelling. Update on how many cc aspirtsted

Omg when does the itching go away vets it's like I have fleas.i finally got my garment taken in and god it's tight in my waist but atleast its compression. I ordered dr Miami bbl booty buddy I hope it's as great as everyone says, I'll review it. I also ordered2 more lipo form for a total of 5 ( 2 on the side 1 for the tummy 2 for my back) this compression is everything and right now I think my back needs attention. I'm feeling ok . My but is getting softer I'm still stiff in the Am but once I get around I'm ok. I eat healthy bc I feel better elwhen I do and I drink 74oz of water. Dr Fishers aspirated 4000cc. The itch is horrible some days I feel my but it flat other I don't, I know it's the surgery blues y'all I'm praying for a speedy recovery I just Ent to feel normal again.

Measurement update and what they don't tell you

Hey dolls keeping you guys updated through this journey is very important to me. I remember being like where the heck these girls go after SX. Well I'm still here. If you read my previous post I got my garment taken in and lord that thing at night is my #1 enemy. I swell so bad at night , during the day while standing the swelling if any tends to got downwards to our legs) but during the night it goes upwards toward our faces hand etc which brings me to my face y'all I've never in my life had bags but this SX omg fat face and bags it literally has me insecure. I know its temporary but I feel like at night I turn into Fiona on Shrek lol like seriously. It's crazy I literally hide from the mirrors and I haven't put on make up in like forever the bags are real smh. So ladies you swell your face swells hands go numb at night it's crazy. I'm just waiting to make it to month 3. It is true when the other dolls say good bye to a good sleep this is so true which I'm sure isn't helping with the bags. Any ways I'm doing ok the itch is still annoying my measurement are waist 28 1/2 my hips/butt 46 this AM( keep in mind I always had hips. I hope to have a 26-27 waist but we will see. I wish I could work out but I can't until week 6. My thighs are huge. I don't focus on the scale as much because of swelling but as of this morning I'm right at 173.6 I'm still trying to lose weight but will not try anything hardcore until week six. I'm also using scar away for the SX scar on my back and pelvic area which are smalX Marks. I'll let you ladies know how that goes. Good luck to everyone having SX prayers going up.

Stitches??? Avoid these after SX ??

Well well well so this morning I work up and checked my body as I always do and low and behold a stitch was left a the top of my crack. Y'all I was pissed so I tried to get it out but it wasn't coming out. I knew I had two option get it out with the help of my boyfriend or go back to the doctors on this stormy Sunday smh I opted to do it myself. It seemed to me it was small enough. So I got a pair of my tiny manicure/eye brow scissors and my boyfriend tried but he was more scared to hurt me so it wasn't coming out smh finally her cut the not out and got that think out like an ingrown hair and it was long. I feel so much better. It was just an annoying itch. Honestly it felt like an ingrown and we all know those suck. Anywho the scar away must be doing its job my boyfriend month dropped when he saw my SX scar he was like that mess really work? Heck for 27 dollars a pack it better do something. Anywhoo with all this inflammation and itching I decided to research exactly what my body has been going through and to come find out I wasn't helping the inflammation almost every food that promotes inflammation I had tasted it was crazy so clearly I have to do a little more housekeeping to my eating . I hope all dolls are well. I start work tomorrow I'm terrified but we shall see

Avoid fatty foods process food which is everything that is not made of the earth eat whole grains Fishe meet veggies

Vets help? Anyone help?

How long did y'all wear your triangle? When did you guys start sitting? I bought a booty buddy from dr Miami for work I'm crossing fingers it feel great tomorrow at work because my legs are exhausted. My first day of work was hell!! I've been so exhausted and I am trying my darnest to continue to lose weight. I want to lose 10 pounds but again I'll settle to be 163 by the end of July. I'm so ready to work out but I have to wait 6 weeks. Vets what waist trainer did you use? Did you lose volume from losing weight? At what month did the swelling go away? What pants ( company did you get them from? I'm still 28!Waist swollen my butt got bigger it's 47:/ I hope everyone is well

29 days post op, lymphatic masages in Tampa up dated pics and questions? Booty buddy pillow dr Miami

Hey dolls I can't believe I'm 29 days since surgery. I'm just praying to be at week six so I can stop wearing all this fluff( lipo foam, ab board and triangle). I'm not waist training yet but my waist goes back and forth from 28 1/2 to a solid 28. I'll probably waist train once I get to six week to hopefully have a 26 or 27 waist. Sleeping still sucks to me because I sometimes sleep on my hands and arm and they go numb but I guess I have atleast 2 1/2 to 3 months to get it right lol. My butt is starting to soften and jiggles so that's a plus. My butt isn't supper jiggly and soft butt atleast it's starting I think to fluff my butt went from a 46 to a 47 I'm not sure what happened but that's what it is right now. My fist day of work was hell and I swelled up so bad my legs looked like Sausages but I'm hoping it gets better. Lymphatic Massages Omg I love getting my massages the soft pressure. My massage lady name is Kim and she knows exactly how to position is ladies after our BBL so our butts are protected. Every time I go to her my legs instantly go down and my waist does to. She gives me tips of things I can do at home to make if better. She's Amazing !!!! If you live in the Tampa, Riverview , Brandon etc area donyourself justice and try her and the bonus is she is cheaper than Marian and all those massage places I dealt with in Miami so I'm super happy. My goal is to go to her twice a week. She breaks down all hard spots and inflammation goes down a lot. This week I only went once but it was AMAZING!!! I posted her info if you ladies want to check it out. Dr Miami pillow: It's ok the back support is so soft but the booty part please only use on hard chairs anything else you sink in. I guess you can say it does it job and help out a little , it beats using my yoga mat. I'll keep y'all posted I've only used it twice. I'm also using scar away for my scar on my back I absolutely hate it. I feel like dr Fisher did tick tac toe on my body lol with all the different X marks but the rest have gone away except where my drain was and back so I'll keep y'all posted on the $27 a box badage. Finally Questions: I had a doll tell me about how her eating habits changed after SX, did any of you guys? Have anyone lost weight and lost weight? Well I hope all dolls are being Fabolous and healing as well. Let me know if you have any question.

1 month post op the ups and down/ work hater drama/ the BF again

I'm officially 1 month. The itching isn't as bad oddly it can get bad if I eat unhealthy it's weird but true. My eating habits are good for the most part but my period has me eating everything smh I lost one pound. Thank god! My volume / butt is still measuring 46- 46 1/2 my weight fluctuate from 170-178 which suck because my goal is is 163. My waist is 28 and at time when I get swollen 28 1/2 I'm not stressing it because I'm only 1 month and will not start waist training until 6 weeks. I still swell and my legs get big as ever. I still can't fit anything but I've been doing my best to hide the foams and the board. I still sleep on my stomach and do not sit on my butt. My boyfriend takes me to work and at work I sit on my BBL pillow.

Soo about the BBL pillow
I have a love hate relationship with it. I sit on it when I get to work as long as I can stand it you see the bbl pillow hurt my thighs after a while, maybe it just me but it has it's good and bad about it but overall I need the damn thing lol it helps out when I can't stand anymore so I would give it a thumbs up. I don't get super stiff but I have my days it comes and goes. I'm hoping that I don't lose any volume and pray I lose more waist I'm crossing my fingers. My thighs are still huge but I have came to the conclusion I have to wait atleast 3 months to get these thighs down. In the meantime I've ordered clothes to wear, researched and asked Vets where to shop. I've so far found out Fashionnova and pzjeans they stretch and fit people with small waist and big butts. As for stores you can just go to some say forever21 because it's cheap so I tried it. I'm in a medium so I hope this hips some of you dolls. My shirts are small at H&M before SX . I can also wear extra small well atleast now after SX. For Bebe I always wore an extra small and still do. Tags irritate my skin so I have to cut all of them out. I honestly haven't wore a regular bra since SX. I wear sports bras everyday because regular bras irritate me. Other than that 1 month is a milestone so at 3 moths is the safe zone so I will have to wait.

Now lastly work drama

So the hate is real for the most part at work people speculate. One guy flat out ask me I keep saying no and he keeps asking it's annoying what's even more annoying is I wear plenty of clothes to hide it so I think the people I work with are being messy. Funny thing is that I really could careless I won't be working their long and can't wait to leave smh my manager work the hell out of me and if they tried to get me to sit I'll quit. People when I'm out just stare at me it's weird I usually either wave or ask them if they need something it's rude. Every man of every race stare at me they all love butts. I haven't yet started to enjoy my surgery yet because the foams keep me sweating and make me look fluffy aka fat so I look forward to 6 weeks to only wear a faja so we will see if I like it more. Right now I look like a pit bull my whole body looks like calapillar smh

My measurements 6 weeks!! Lipo foams!???Waist train!! Help

Hey dolls I am slowly approaching my 6 weeks(thank god) and based off this I can stop wearing the foams triangle and ab board but my question is when did you stop wearing them? Did you swell super bad when you stop? Did you go longer with them on?? When did you you start waist training??? Other then this I'm still doing ok I still swell like crazy the itching last night woke me up so it seems that Benedryl and myself are still going to be best friends. My measurement is Waist 28-28 1/2 Hip/ butt 47. I want to get to a 26/27 which I know isn't impossible because I'm still swollen. I'll pray for all my dolls a speedy recovery. Other t

Almost 6 weeks , itching and swelling

Well the itch is still driving me crazy my body is like WTF. I'm just ready for 3 months. I still wear my Ab board foams and faja everyday the only time i don't wear it is when I shower. Lately the swelling has been having me blow up like those biscuits in a can smh. I've had my garment taken in which has helped me a lot with my lower back. I am feeling that middle feeling all over my back it drives me crazy. Sometimes I wake up out my sleep like WTF. Honestly Benedryl is still my BFF. My butt goes up and down today it's a 46 and my waist is a 28. My weight has been going up and down as well I'm working on controlling that and finally getting to my goal. I just can't wait until 3 months so that its permenant I'm super cautious about my butt. I still don't sit on it. My boyfriend drives me everywhere. I use my BBL pillow at work ( life saver of you sit a lot at work). I use my go girl urinal and i just continue on. I was so happy this pass weekend I used my bbl pillow to get my nails done. Y'all it's been forever so I was happy as crap. I hope everyone is feeling and doing well. Happy healing. I'll post pics on my 6 week Mark. I'm suppose to go without foams I'm not sure I'm that brave

6 week, lipo foam fashion nova updated measurement

Well ladies 6 weeks nothing much has changed swelling goes up and down and so does my weight it's a battle everyday. I still don't sit on my butt . I religiously use my bbl pillow at work and thank god my boyfriend drives me to work and pretty much everywhere. I finally got my nails done but still waiting to be more comfortable and have my balance to get my toes done. I still get itchy and dolls the pins and needle feeling is horrible it wakes me up sometimes. My garment with toms get super tight at night that I wake up early. Yesterday I got my garment taken in because I'm transitioning it to stage 2 no foams or ab board but immlow key scared I love my compression. My boyfriend waste alcohol on my foams I smh. I took them off and he knocked his drink on them I was low key super pissed bc I didn't know how the hell to clean them. I ended up putting them in the washer and leaving them Out to air dry which sucks so I'm stuck with my garment and a foam on my back and stomach only but honestly I need the compression for my tummy. I have a corset but it's definitely to tight to sleep in smdh. I ordered some pants from fashion nova they seem comfortable I'm just scared to smush my butt. I wish 3 months would hurry up lol that and my foams where in now a girl swelling up writing this message smh Measurement waist 27 1/2 Butt 47

Help Vets!!!!!! Ab board issues, Garment alteration next procedure coolsculpting

Hey dolls. I'm still healing my ab board slides up and down and is making an imprint where my vagina is( fisher's incision) has anyone had this issue??? Vets??? Or anyone reach this?? I'm still swollen today I measured 46 for my butt and 27.3 for my waist it's crazy because I feel fat but everyone else is like " you look bomb." Smh I've hit my 6 week mark and I'm ready to work out and lose 10-15 pound I know I would look even better with weight loss so I'll be starting Monday. I'll keep you dolls posted on that journey. I'm low key scared to waist train since our skiin is still reattaching itself I don't want to mold crazy. I'll research to see when I can. Now lastly I have a total of 3 faja. The one I got from vanity I have had taken in 6 times that one was a size 42 I bought another Diana the same size and had that one taken in as well. Everything has been great but today I went to have it taken in and the alteration lady was basically like it can't go in anymore smh she said it would rip in the laundry and that my waist needed a different one since that one would never get small enough. She measured me and was like your waist is Tiny you have sexy curves. I was so shocked. So thank his I had a Diane size 40 and she took that one in. I hope it gives me more compression. I love my compression now. I believe it's Key. Dolls if I get to a 26 inch waist I'll cry tears of joy!!!! Lastly I've been thinking about cool sculpting for my inner thighs. Ideally I want it done no later then August at my 3 month mark. Have any of you all had it done or know anyone whose had it done???

My garment super tight and I'm swelling up again

Y'all I had my garment taken in and it's so tight I can't fit my foams in there smdh I can only fit the one in my back I pray my swelling goes down in the AM so I can add more smdh do I need the extra compression hell no but I wish this thing wasn't so tight smh

Almost 8 month and what's come with it

Hey dolls I'm almost 8 weeks which would be my 2 month mark. Nothing has changed much except swelling in my tummy area has gone done a bit. My back swells up a lot and because I work 12 hour shift my legs are still in swell hell. It's Faja hell to me because it's so hot, a part of me like " you should have waited until the winter"'but at this point it is what it is smh. I no longer wear my foams during the day this is mostly because the alteration lady made my faja so tight I can't fit them in there lol.( I own 3 fajas) I only have only that I can fit them in and I wear that only to sleep with my foams and ab board I no longer wear the triangle. My weight fluctuate from 173/179 which sucks because I want to be 163 so I know I need to lose atleast 16 pounds of weight/ water weight. I plan to increase my water intake I walk 5 to 6 miles a day so I'll try it this week to see if there's a difference . My waist is a 27 and butt goes 46-47 this morning I was 46 1/2 waist was 27. I haven't waist train but again I'm not sure if I will I'm tired of garments. I still don't sit or lay on my back i lay on my stomach. Yesterday I took my bbl pillow and had a pedicure I was uncomfortable because the seat was so soft but I accomplished a well deserved pedicure lol. Now let me tell you about Coco (my butt)my dude follows me around the house watching my butt lol he finds his way to try to touch her and as for my waist having sex is crazy( first let me say I was abstinent for a while which he respected but now I can't keep him off me lol.
The attention is crazy the women either hate on you or stare you down people tell me I look like a life size Barbie. The women like for real stare you down. Lol the men omg stare you down break their necks or are just caught off guard. Me and my boyfriend were out at the Casino and I was walking out the bathroom and this guys standing by my boyfriend said " God damn her a$$ fat." My boyfriend usually be ready to fight but he said that was really his first reaction smh. Dudes follow me around at work the thirst is real but I'm still me. A women said that my body magic got me snatch I'm like I don't have one on she was like yea right I was like no it's called snatching souls and obviously I've snatched yours and yours don't want to come quietly however resistant does no good because I'll still be snatch while you're still bitter. Catch that smh my thighs still get swollen but I'm still managing . Ladies ignore the haters it's your time to shine. Let me know know if y'all have any questions Happy fourth

2 months after surgeryI'm going to lose 15 pounds!!

Well you guys I'm still not sitting but the swelling in my thighs are still here it drives me crazy. I have a cold that I'm trying to shake off too. My weight goes up and down on this recovery road but seeing that I'm 2 months I'm thinking I would start dieting and going to the gym. I don't want to get chunky so a girl has to maintain her body. Summer in Florida is hell with this faja smh I really don't like Florida so I'm crossing fingers to move in August so with all these deadlines I have to get on this immediately. My butt goes up and down all the time. It goes from 46-47 and my waist goes from 26-27 it's crazy my weight goes from 170-180 which I hate being this weight ugh however I know I'm the only one that can control this so I'm drinking tons of water and trying to eat healthy. It's so darn hot I have to workout inside which as soon as I get over this cold I will. My boyfriend showed me a pic of the shape he thought I had y'all I almost instantly cried( no offense if y'all like her ) but K.michelle no ma'am so I'm going to work the rest out. I hope everyone is ok and healing

Fisher! Botched ? wTH did he do

Hey dolls I've been quietly healing but I really feel like I've been botched I'm super annoyed And pissed my upper torso doesn't look the same it has this huge dent that I've never had before I don't know what to do. I'm going to reach out to Vanity but I doubt they say anything but oh it's fine but it isn't I liked my tummy before it makes me regret having this procedure smdh watch out ladies and be careful

Uploaded video on botched

Hey dolls I uploaded a pic so you guys can get an idea of how it looks


Here it is weird huh
Here is the videp

Update on tummy/ botched

Well ladies I stop wearing my ab board for 3 days and it appear I have not been botched my tummy went right back to normal. Thank god!! My sx buddy suggested I stop wearing it and I'm so glad I listened. I am 10 weeks which means I'm 2 months and 2 weeks out I still don't sit directly on my butt I'm still using my bbl pillow today my manage was like " your waist is non existing you're tiny! " I was like really? I guess I don't see it yet. I have a client ask me if she could take my pic to her sx to tell him she wants to look like me I was flattered and she thought I had a boob job! I told her I wish she said I look like a Barbie so I guess I'm a Fisher Barbie. The crazy thing is that Vanity told my my waist might get smaller I'm like WTH my measurement R always 46-46 1/2 but after my 12 hr shift (47 butt) my waist goes up and down 26-26 1/2 I am waist training and today I wore my waist trainer for 8 hr I'm trying to get to 12 hrs a day ( since that's a whole shift) i have 2 small garments that I rotate. I upped my water intake but tonight after a stressful day ( my dog went to the ER she stop breathing) I am eating a enchilada and a glass of wine. I'm definitely watching my weight so no more cheat days after this. My body still gets swollen but I'm healing. I love my body. I'm just praying my butt stays the same and my waist stays small. I'm going to start working out more and continue to lose weight. I hope all is well with you dolls. Thank you dolls for all you suggestion and support about my tummy. This journey is a crazy one.

Updated video

My tummy
Here is the new video and updated pics. I'm
26 inch waist I wear my waist trainers 8 hrs a day ( I worked myself up to this, it was hard at first) by but this morning was 46 1/2. I still he swollen but I'm feeling 75% back to normal. I know the doctor said I will be swollen 6-12 months so I'll be patient. I'll be 3 months on Wednesday which is when Dr fisher said results will be permanent so whatever is left would be mine so fingers cross this is true.

Waist training! When I did it, how it's working out plus mor booty pics

Hey dolls I decided to start my waist training not because I was trying to get a super crazy tiny waist( well not the main reason) but because my garment wasn't giving me the compression I needed and a doll suggested I put a waist trainer aka cinched on. At first I thought I was going to die so I start doing 4 hours a day then 6 then 8 and now I wear it 22 hours a day I love how the compression take you back and squeeze it , especially because I'm still swollen, yes ladies I will be 3 months next week and I am still swollen but expect 3-6 months like the doctor says. Any who the waist trainer that I have is Ann Cherry. I am currently on the last loop and I know within the next week and half I'll have to transition to another trainer. I am still the same waist measurements of 26 which I was to keep. I'll keep you ladies posted on waist trainer and if it has lasting results. I waited to waist train 2 months now some may do it earlier but I waisted 2 months now I'm obsessed!!!. I'm still trying to lose weight although I'm eating fries now lmao but trust me I don't eat eat like this everyday. I still don't sit on my but directly except today I attempted and it felt weird. Ask me anything dolls I'm getting use to this sx stuff. I have my feeling fat day but im definitely back on my health wagon after my cheat day

3 month review !!! Vets help!!!

Hey dolls !!! I'm 3 months and I'm so happy my swelling has come down my butt has stayed 46 and my waist goes from 25-26. I still have swelling but it's coming along. I wear my compression thigh high stockings every night mostly because I stand on my get 12 hours but I'm enjoying my new body. I never knew what dolls meant when they say the attention is real but it's really real from both mhen and women men follow me around super thirsty y'all I mean SUPER women ask about my waist all the time and literally call me a pin up girl especially at work. I am watching what I eat but as for working out dolls my butt hurts so bad after a work out smh does this go away??? I sit on my butt only to drive but I still use my BBL pillow I guess you can say it's a force of habit. I still sleep on my tummy because I'm so use to it. I'm still waiting for my 6 months to see what I look like I still get scared to lose volume. I don't want to lost nothing lol I need my booty lol. My waist trainer helps a lot especially with compression y'all that swelling in my back has gone down (thank god). Other then that I'm fine . How are you dolls ? I hope great!

4 months the good bad the Ugly

Hey dolls sorry I haven't been updating. I've had so much going on with work and moving. However I have to keep you guys up to date in this journey. I am finally 4 months. I still waist train mostly because I haven't been able to get my faja alterated ,which I majorly need to do but I haven't had the time to do so. I will probably go this weekend but any who nothing has majorly changed I'm still 25 inch waist and 46-46 1/2 sometimes my waist goes to a 24 1/2 but I'm not tripping I'm still healing I'm definitely still swollen and I definitely think it's because I have cut back on my water smh. I've gotten so busy I havent had time to focus on my healing. I stopped my massages a while ago but not because I wanted to but because of time. Ladies I wish I had time to really focus but I've been stressed. I'll post next time because I need advice. I really believe this healing process takes 6months to a year. You definitely need to watch your weight and be careful what you eat. Process food make me swell up and I feel it instantly the attention is real!! I'll update details later

4 month update with pics

Hey dolls I'm still doing ok. My weight hoes up and down depending on what I eat and drink. So I still go from 169-178 which I hate because I'm still trying to hit my goal I honestly know I can hit my goal but I do not want to lose my butt. It's my new bestie. Lol. My butt is amazing I love what it looks like. I must admit some days I'm like is my but getting smaller but my boo said its all in my head. My waist is a 24 and my but is a 46 it's crazy!!! Sometimes I wish my butt was bigger lol booty greed is like Seriously. I have been getting swollen lately mostly because I've been drinking wine, I've been so stress lately smh so it has my back on swell hell. It's just like when I was first recovering so it really sucks!. Also my cycle has come and my thighs are in swell so it sucks right now. I'm
Moving also so everything is is all over the place but by next week I'll be ok. I have been touched by so many dolls for continuing looking and checking on me. It means a lot. I will
Be watching what I eat starting
Tomorrow because I didn't lose weight to gain. I feel confident and sexy in my new body and I won't food or a stupid man take that away!!! At 4 month I feel like I can do longer without my faja as well as stil directly on my butt. I do not sit directly on my but unless I'm out to eat or just out. When I'm t work I still sit on my bank pillow and I still sleep on my tummy because it's a force of habit. I'm still drinking lots of water because I feel as if it really key to recovery. I don't think I would do a second round but I would love perky poops and although my man isn't complaining it's something I have thought about for a minute so who knows maybe I'll be doing a review on those next but I swear no other sx for me after that lol. I will keep
You guys posted on my butt. The attention is super real and dudes are way too thirsty smh


Well my legs and back are on swell hell but other then that I'm the same. I ready to work out hard. I do have booty greed which is funny because I always looked at the girls wanted round 2 like they are crazy. Now I'm not saying I'm doing it but I get it. I can't wait until all the swell hell goes away ...

Forgot some

Vet help!!!! Is fluffing real?

Hey dolls I've been trying to work out but the swelling is real, so real that my measurements went to a 24 inch waist to a 47 1/2 butt I was like how in the hell?!!! Now keep in mind I am definitely swelling. My thighs are fat as sausages and I drank at least a gallon of water. I'm hoping I'll go down by tomorrow. Help please because I'm trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. Tomorrow I will do my regular routine which is hop on the scale measure myself but this time I will stay on a strict diet and see what happens by this time next week. Dolls has this happened to you before??!

5 months

Sorry I'm so late on this update but I got super busy. So let's get straight to it im still a little swollen. My back get swollen whenever I drink alcohol it's crazy! I definitely have been drinking more water I'm 4 pounds heavier than when I went into surgery smh so I'm still trying to lose weight. I'm 24 inch waist 47 for butt. I don't feel like my waist is tiny but honestly people tell me all the time. I had. Lady stop me t the ga station because she told me I was her body goal I was super flattered. I work out my arms a lot I have a torn groin right now so it's hard to work out heck sometimes to walk so I have to take it slow. Some so call friend become haters but I'm not bothered I thank the Hayes because now I can recognize them for who they are. Mostly I think they just wish they could find the funds to do this procedure smh if they weren't hating so much I could possibly make suggestion oh well. I still wear my faja and cincher sometimes depending on if I show my stomach I go without all the faja get up. If you dolls have any question please ask or inbox me. I wish I had more projection but I don't know if I would do another round ....we will see

Thinking about a round 2 and boob job don't judge me

Hey dolls ill be 6 months tomorrow and i was thinking about a round 2 and boob. Ive always had boobs and that is the issue i feel like they are too big and i would love a boob lift. I need a consultation because i would prefer to get a lift with an implant. Do you dolls know any great doctors in Florida, Atlanta or Alabama? also i want a round 2 this will be it for me Im playing with the idea back and forth because end the end i would get more lipo. Anyone have any suggestion on who to go to?

6 months?!!!! I think here's my update

Hey dolls I'm 6 months I went for SX back in May and recovery let me tell you now it's continuous, I swell in thighs and back all the time my weight goes up and down mostly because right now I'm not working a traditional 9-5 I have started my own company and I'm home I haven't receive any money yet but a dream has to start somewhere. So let me first start off by saying that water is essential and stay away from salt and sweets. I went into sx at 173 y'all I'm 184 which is way heavier then I've ever wanted to be. My comfortable weight is 163-173 so right now I'm not comfortable in my body. I have also an injury to my leg which stops me from working out like I would like to smh it really sucks so I'm dieting and once again I have a weight goal but this time it's a safe 165. I will keep you dolls updated especially since I'm thinking about Lipo with a possible round 2 and a breast lift. Now don't judge me my boob are full but not as perky as I would like them. I don't have any kids so I'm up and down on a breast lift but I will be getting a consultation. As for me gaining weight and measurements my waist is a 25 and butt is a 47 1/2 ideally I hope I go back into a 24 inch waist. I still wear my faja every night because I I swell throughout the day. I wear it on and off in the day time it just depends on what I'm wearing. I will continue to wear my faja every night atleast until the swelling goes down. I swell the most if I drink or have salty or sweet food so yea it sucks. The attention is still there and the boyfriend is definitely crazy jealous smh. Ask me anything dolls and give any suggestions I'm here for doctors you guys have gone to for more Lipo or round 2. Although I trust fisher I'm way to sacarednto go to Vanity my experience want the best and the horror stories smh. Well I hope everyone is healing and feeling great!

6 months still healing and update

Sooo let's get down to it. everything is great at this point but you will still swell. I still swell and I drink it's horrible. My weight has shot ip but my butg still holds strong to 47 inches . I wear a lot of fashionova and boohoo skirts to fit my butt I still have hot or miss with these things . I stop wearing my faja for a week and I blew up so I'm wearing it only at night . I still waist train but I couldn't give an accurate measurement until tomorrow because I stop measuring it. I don't know why but I really need to. I know I've gain 10'poundsnsomive been focus on that I honestly feel my best at my pre surgery weight. So I'm on a mission to lose weight directly my the holidays because I'm still trying to be super snatched. The hate is so real y'all every day at work a girl has something to say smh I feel sorry for them because I could be there fairy snatch mother and tell them
How they too can be snatch but they rather hate smh it's sad. My boyfriend is still insecure as ever and the atguemwnt got so bad I moved out he just was so jealous y'all. It's been tough but I refuse to feel good about something I really wanted. I will keep you ladies posted and post pic once I get home ask me anything I'll answer. Good luck ladies on you sx and healing

Round 2! Who should I go to?

Hey Dolls I'm getting a round 2. I want more projection with a cuff and hopefully this time will be the last time. I don't want a huge round two just that cuff. My wish pics are still the same. I am also debating a breast lift but one at a time ladies lol. I am looking at a couple of doctors but do dolls have any suggestions??! Please let me know . I need a cuff with projection

Weight loss whose down

Hey doll I'm trying to lose weight anyone else down to start a sister support
To do this?

Round 2 lets go

Yep I said it, I want more projection but I can't lie and say I'm not scared. I mean what if he over stuff and my butt is like an Ant. Do you guys know any other dolls who did a round 2? I ideally want this done like feb Madchnwhile it's still a little cool because by summer I need to be out and about and I know swell hell isnt cool. Anyone have any great bbl docs. I'm literally paying cash and ready to go. I really want my waist lipo more. I think after that second bbl I'm done. I'm still waiting on my boobs so I'm hoping my doctors can do the procedures separate. Boobs first but you know I'll post it all so I can help in anyway possible. So I'll be losing weight going to Coachella and hopefully being super sexy in 2017. Ladies if you know any Doc in Miami or ATL for round 2 let me know

RD 2 help ladies

so i have bee researching and so far i have two doctors i am looking at. Dr lipo who price is 6400 and dr fisher....... and this is only because i believe the man knows what he is doing. Dr blinski is booked until October so its looking a little slim. I ideally would love arm lipo as well but these surgeons are booking fast( i picked the wrong medical field to work in). Does anyone or has anyone seen a dr lipo doll that look bomb because i need this to be my last surgery. I ideally would love to get this done ASAP especially because it it still cold outside an i can layer clothes on. I wish i could make my mind up/ I emptying cash so any advice would be great.

This is what happens if you gain weight after bbl sx

Hey dolls !! It's been a minute but I haven't forgotten about you guys. I have been going through it with my BF and have been depressed but no worries doll I'm back in full effect on moving on. I will be a year May 10th and on my anniversary I will be removing some of my pic( not all because I want girls to see and learn through me). So ladies I went from 173 to 188 so I gained 15 pounds. A lot of people ask what happens if you gain weight so I'm going to show you and tell you. So when I first started gaining weight I felt like it was going to my thighs and arms but mostly arms then I started seeing it in other areas aka my booty!!! I measured and was like WTH. It's been hard losing the weight but I'm so determine that I'm not giving up. People still stare at my body, guys still stalk me and my stomach is still on flat flat. Overall I think I made the right decision to have this procedure and I will not being have a round 2. I will be having a breast reduction and possible more lipo but other then that I'll manage with what I have. Please ask any questions remember no one has to make this decision but you. If you gain weight you become a bigger version of yourself. I will keep you guys posted on the weight loss so you can see if losing weight makes you go back down to the sx size.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I'm going to dr Johnathan Fisher

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