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I have been stalking RS for a while. I've ALWAYS...

I have been stalking RS for a while. I've ALWAYS wanted a bigger butt, it's nothing new it's just what I want to make myself feel much more beautiful. I want to feel secure without clothes, I want to entice my partner standing up naked putting lotion all over, not holding my nightie up in front of me embarrassed. I want to be able to just ONCE in my life walk into Victoria Secret & purchase a sexy bra/panty set for ME! I want to be able to wear a swimsuit weather it's a 2-piece or not. I hate having to hide my body in dark during sex. I want to just be SEXY in & out of clothing. Don't get me wrong I'm a gorgeous BBL, but when people give me a compliment I accept it, but I DON'T FEEL IT! I'VE been on the plus side for a while & after having children & dealing with the struggles of being a Mother I hv honestly lost myself. So this surgery will help me find ME! I want to hv something to look back at. I want to be able to take side pics as well, LBVS! So I'm searching for the perfect doctor that can transform this 5'6 243 pound moth into a phenomenal BUTTERFLY! I am still searching for other beauties that r or were my size, they r hard to find, but I know they r lurking like I was. I reached out for quotes to I believe Dr. O, DR. McDoo, Dr. FISHER & unfortunately I hv to lose weight and get my BMI down it's currently 39.5. I want to hv my surgery early next year, but if it's not in God's plan during the winter months. So RS beauties I would appreciate u ALL pointing me in the correct direction on this journey & I'm THANKING U IN ADVANCE for ur help, suggestions & sharing ur most personal & intimate journey!

Hasan Dolls

Hey ladies I appreciate RS it's definitely addictive can someone point me in the right direction on how to reach out and contact doctors and how to follow stories on Hasan Dolls?? Thanks


I just want to be a better ME!

The ugly truth

I need HELP!
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