Post Op Dr. Fisher Lipo of Back, Flanks, Hips, Thigh, Abdomen & Fat Transfer (BBL) - Miami, FL

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'm a 29 y/o student who in high school went from...

'm a 29 y/o student who in high school went from sz 22 to sz 9 and am now ready to go for it. So right now here are my stats: i am 5'4, currently 154 lbs (but plan to reach 145 lbs prior to surgery), 38-30-40, tight size 9. I had posted a question on this site to see doctors opinion but then some adviced that i go to a in person consultation and that is precisely what i did today. To my relief, I was told that though my skin after weight loss is not the most taut, its not loose enough for a tummy tuck. I was told i would benefit from lipo and i asked to fill my butt a bit (because my previously ghetto booty deflated on me during weight loss). Let me be clear that i do not want a kim kardashian or nicky minaj ass….i just want a little bit more round and perky butt. My surgery was with DR FISHER AUGUST 11, 2014.


I must say the pain gets better- I am so glad!! I also have an easier time pushing myself up to get out of bed. I got frustrated with my Go Girl (silicone on-the-go female urinal) because it would get floppy and leak all over the place (ew, sorry!), so i use a plastic cup and press it tightly to avoid leaking on my faja and throw the pee away in the toilet. Perhaps the P-EZ is better female urinal, i dunno but i didnt have enough time to order another urinal. I still haven't had any bowel movements (although i normally have trouble in that area lol). I've been drinking some gatoreade, eating Health Valley Organic No salt added soup (and since it tastes bland, i add Mrs. Dash!). Tommorrow i get my first massage, i've heard it hurts a lot. I will post as soon as i get out of the massage. I am a bit concerned that my belly still looks so loose. For those who don't know, I originally was checking if i needed a tummy tuck, but i didnt have enough loose skin. I am praying that i wont be left with loose skin and that the booty size goes down.

Post op day 3

So yeah, i've been able to get around easier because it's gotten better but Wow, i am getting massive headache and pain in the neck when i try to sleep. Besides this i am anxiously waiting for butt to get SMALLER (please do get smaller !!). My before measurements were 30.5 waist 38 flanks 40 Hips but are now at 29 waist 36 flanks 43 (!!) Hips . Dammit my main objective was to reduce in circumference NOT have bigger hips. I am going to make damn sure that they did not add hips and I also noticed, WTF happened to my inner thigh lipo !?? It was definetly paid for so where is it !? I can't even get a hold of my coordinator. She hasn't contacted me back. Anyways i'll post more after i receive my first massage today. Lets see how it goes.

No massage for me ?

I had called to book an appointment for a post op lymphatic massage with Massage Heights at Boca Raton. I had specified that I was operated in monday and still had drain. They refused to do the massage because I'd need a doctors consent form filled out and have no drains. Could you not have told me this before !! The massage lady Suzanne is a sweet heart and so helpful, she would be willing to give me the massage but management doesn't permit it. Now what !? Should i call Massage Envy for an appointment tommorrow !?

Day 4 & (today) 5 Post OP

Day 4 i didn't write an update because i was not feeling my best. I got my period and day 1 is the WORST!! Yesterday night was my last percocet. I have stopped getting massive headaches after stopping the percocet. I had my first BM yesterday and i did NOT sit my butt on the toilet , i just sat my thighs on my hands with butt in the air and went. Even with stool softener it was hard. I've been drinking pineapple juice, eating pineapple, and orange as snacks and sticking with low sodium foods. Today on Day 5, the worst of my period pain is over and still sore on lipo areas and butt but its all good, no percocet necessary just Acetaminophen. My boyfriend washed and dried my garment and compression socks while i was bathing and putting arnica gel on. He's been a real help. I don't know how i'm gonna be able to keep my promise of no sex for 6 weeks. Anyways, I took some pics after my shower which i will post soon. Do you think my butt has lowered a bit yet ? It looks so wierd so up high! I CAN'T WAIT to have this drain removed on monday !

Belly button , Itching and other Things i've read

So i have been reading of girls putting a marble, or cut off tip of a tampon inside their belly button to maintain its shape? is this recommended in Lipo/BBL ?
Also, i've read a lot about girls with bad itching and i feel like an outsider when it comes to this because i have had no itching at all- is that normal !?
I've also been reading of stuff some girls take after surgery- bromelain, Vit C, Arnica tablets (i only found the gel!). Should i get the bromelain and Vit C? Please any recommendations are welcomed. Don't by shy girls!!
Whenever i do get up and walk around i feel tired and sorta get the beginning of a headache if i overexert myself.

Post op day 6

So yeah recovery wise all is good, no itching, bruising is fading, soreness in lipo areas still there - basically nothing untolerable. I am however desperate to get this drain out !! I am concerned that today it has some whiteish cr*p around the drain opening. I've washed with a good antiseptic and taken my antibiotics so I hope it isn't getting infected. Anyways I was putting my garment on again and took a pic without the foams and board. I am a dorm and started crying- I should have just done Lipo !! I had a gut feeling he would not understand the concept of a conservative reshaping. Now my hips look huge (44") and I am SO ready for the expected reabsorption to happen. When did ya'll start noticing a notable decrease ?

Boppy pillow and Bottomless beach chai

Thanks to hotgirl2b I decided to cut up my beach chair so I can get a rest off my tummy (my neck hurts!). And the boopy pillow goes behind back. I'm only one week post op and plan to NOT sit until my mini vacation on Sept 4 (plane ride is like 5 hrs and I'm bringing boppy pillow with me). Any advice is welcome please.

Post op day 7

So i went to Vanity today:
* I have to have my drain in for a few more days- crap! I was very much looking foward to getting this damn thing off so i can wear something else than long maxi dresses. I asked so much today lol.
*He took out 4,000cc and put 500cc in each cheek (looks like more because i had bum to begin with, which is why i wanted minimal volume added!). He told me that he didn't even put that much in my bum "just 500cc". I told him "the max i wanted was 400cc ". Basically today was dedicated to him reassuring me that i still have inflammation in that high area of the bum and that it WILL go down soon and some of it would be reabsorbed.
*I also told him that it appears that i paid and did not get my inner thigh lipo, to which he is going to review my patient file and let me know thursday (of this i am sure of that these thighs are the same! so i am hoping they keep their word or give part of my money back).
* He didn't add hips to me so i asked him if i could semi sleep on my side sometimes and i was given the ok. I'm still going to avoid it 95% of the time because i don't want to jeopardize ruining my bum.
*I also asked when i could start "diet & excersize" and he said 3 weeks from now (so thats when i reach 1 month postop).
*To drive i was advised by girls to put a rolled towel under my thighs and a boppy pillow on my back so there is not too much pressure on the bum. Let me know girls- your DRIVING ADVICE?
* He said in 2 weeks i can start using scar treatment. He recommended Biocorneum.

I am grateful that he was busy but took time to answer my questions and reassure me but I am crossing fingers that will not be taken for a fool on Thursday (what if they don't reimburse the thigh lipo!). Meanwhile, i am just trying to be more patient. If you guys have any TIPS for being comfortable or anything, let me know.

Post op day 9

Can't wait to get my drain removed tommorrow. I hope Fisher reviewed my patient file because my 5k were supposed to include inner thigh lipo! I try to stay positive but I really dislike how wide my hips look and butt won't drop! When does this 30% reabsorbed occur.... hurry up please !!

Post op day 10

Nothing new besides that I STILL have to have my drain in for a few more days !!
I have to return Monday to have it removed.
What sucks is that i haven't had a single massage because Massage Envy and the other place i went to require a letter from Fisher to be able to give me the damn lymphatic massage. They told me to come back when i didn't have the drain anymore- and guess what….still with drain!
The massages help remove any possible imperfections in the skin due to the liposuction. The massages also assist in the draining of any fluid building caused by the surgery. Am i too late ?! I haven't been able to get a single one!!


Post op day 11

I had to move my review over here because i originally though i was going to need a mini tummy tuck and that wasn't the case. My original review is in this page:

Post op day 11 Nothing eventful just keeping track of how much i am draining to determine whether to go to Vanity tommorrow or Monday to have the drain removed.

Post op day 13

So this garment is not.offering enough compression. Is it time for another one? Tommorrow i get my drain out and get my first massage - Finally ! I haven't seen enough rebsorbing going on... is there anything to aid it !? I leave for vacation when i am post op day 25 and am afraid the booty will be high & hard.

Drain Out & 1st massage

I had my 1st massage with Marian of Medical Massage Professionals and it was great. The special was 5 for $150 which is great. It is in 752 west flagler st in Miami. You can go to the website at Medical Massage Professionals if you wanna look for it. Besides this i got my drain out. I tried waiting for the manager but was busy so i contacted my coordinator so she could handle the situation that i didn't get the inner thigh lipo i paid for and the bra strap area i'm unsure if it was even touched. Let's see how it goes.

Post op day 16

So i was scared to get weighed but was already in Publix and went for it. At 5'4.5 i am 150 lbs (i was between 155-157lbs the week prior to surgery). My goal is to reach 140lbs with diet & Insanity. I also hope this helps get the hips down a bit. I still have received no word from Vanity concerning the thigh lipo that i paid but was never done!! Anyways heres a pic of me trying on a Victorias secret set... i never had the nerve to put it on but now i have pretty sets that will look good :'-)

Post op day 18

Remember how i said that it appears they didnt do my thigh lipo !? Well, I AM pissed -They insist it was done. Impossible ! Now they say Hipaa gives them up to 30 days to provide the patient with a copy of their file. They are so sneaky and started crying when i got to the car. I made an appointment with Fisher for tuesday because my left hip is bigger than the right (had this happed to anyone? )

Post op day 21

Still Waiting for more reabsorption (please!). I hope volume goes down. I'm already day 21 and am getting concerned I'll need a revision to make hips/butt smaller. And this hasn't even fluffed yet .

post op day 22

So my last massage appointment was at 2pm with marian from medical massage. It appears I have liquid in my lower abdomen. I'm gonna have to visit fisher on friday. Skin wont reattach because of it and it looks squishy. Besides this, a lot of swelling has gone down...yay! Now I'm just waiting for the booty and hips to go down more and I can start to relax a bit. Thank god my guy is so sweet that he gives me massages at home! On another note we couldn't wait til the 6 week mark for sexy time ! We caved in at 2 weeks 4 days ! And it's been almost every day since lol.

post op day 24

Was trying on dresses etc for my vacation this weekend and decided to post a romper that i liked but it just didnt hide the booty. My guy loved it though lol. I do however still have that lower abdomen pooch ... wish i could get rid of that tommorrow but my trip is already tommorrow AM.

Post op day 27

I was on a mini vacation that was preplanned prior to surgery. Anyways i managed to keep the booty hidden (i used sundresses i got from marshalls. So i didnt wear the faja for one day and the swelling is sooo bad. This weekend i was trying to make safe choices but i doubt it was low sodium. Now i'm in full damage control- back to low sodium. I am still not back home and my boyfriend forgot my lipo foam and board. What can i do??

Post op day 29

Overall, i feel like i was late to get massages and it wasn't really beneficial at all to get it. After i took out my drain after two weeks, i already had a fat tummy and was softening up. Now i still have fluid accumulation in my lower abdomen which i have to have drained when i arrive to Florida (from vacation) tommorrow or Friday. I just hope it happens like i've read, that once they were drained the belly instantly flattened. I am just SO afraid it won't reattach !! Anyways, i've kept the booty hidden and for the most part no one has really noticed i had anything "done". On another note, i had to take back my dress for an even because it no longer fit my hips! it was sz 10 and i had to order sz 14 just in case !! Its better to take it in than have it too snug near an important event! Well i'll post pics once i've been drained!

1 mo post op

So I had called Vanity to schedule an appointment with Fisher. Then after waiting for my appointment, they tell me that Fisher is not there today. Don't get me wrong, I love juliette (fishers assistant) But I knew I needed Fisher to have this fluid in my lower belly drained. Luckily Juliette is an angel and coordinated so Dr. GHURANI could drain me. I am so grateful to them both. He stuck a pretty big needle in my lower abdomen and aspirated 50 cc in the first draw and I didn't get to quantify how much he drained on the second draw. I believe my lower abdomen looks way better.

Photo update

So I measured and am a bit excited that swelling & booty is going down - THANK GOD! Waist is at 27.5" and hips/botty went down to 42.5". Oh yeah ! Hope it keeps going down to 42". It has gotten softer and dropped.


Sorry for the lack of update. I had to take the red eye back home when I received news of my father at the hospital. I've been here for 3 days and haven't really had a chance to update. I have been wearing compression 24/7 after seroma was drained and so far it doesnt look like its really attaching that well. Sorta looks doughy. But still not that bad. My lipo board that I bought at amazon is REALLy flimsy and I do not recommend it. I dont feel its really doing anything and its really floppy and softer (the board, not me lol). I also gotta get a new faja. Well keeping my head up. I promise to photo update soon.

6 week update

My vedette CG is loose, my 2nd garment I sort of ruined it because the thong part was annoying, my abdominal calling it quits and I accidentallu teared my lipo foam. Oh brother this is not my week! I used my vedette with foams and board and the 2nd (ruined) CG over it- well this is obviously not working because I am getting major swelling!! Now I have my vedette and my steel boned corset for compression. The ruined CG hurts when I have it on- I broke the thong part and it hikes up on my lower back! I was really hoping at 6 weeks the booty and hips would be smaller :( I sure hope it gets smaller. I would love final result to be 38-27-41 . Something I am worried about is my no show period, has anyones cycle gone wierd after surgery? (And yes 2e have been protecting against pregnancy lol). Anyways , So here a couple of pics of my bloating at 6 weeks.

6 weeks 2 days: swelling update

So the swelling is down a bit which i am glad about. Here are some swelling update pics . I k ow most people try not to diet and do cardio because of fear of losing precious fat transfer BUT i am currently 5'4 and 150 lbs and would like to reach 145 lbs in 4 weeks. I am a seperate case because even though i was only transfered 500cc's i rrally wouldnt mind losing weight to decrease the HIPS (!) And lose some booty volume. Sometimes i get so mad at myself because i should have just done lipo and done squats. But whats done is done and i can lose weight and hope for the best ! Gnite girls !!

New CG & lack of menstruation

So yeah i've wearing my corset 23 hrs a day but my hips and top thighs were sensistive to the touch from how swollen i felt. I hate how big my hips ans butt look but now i have to get this swelling under control! I got a new CG for $75 in Rio Piedras, PR (where they sold columbian fajas). I did however think i should have gone a size less because its not tight enough around the waist and i really dont want the seroma coming back. Dispite wearing my corset religiously, my abdomen skin is not reattaching well enough which has me a bit bummed out.
Also, when i had surgery on aug 11th, i got my period the next day. Guess that was already in the works. But i havent had my period this month! And just in case y'all ask, pregnancy tests all came back negative. All i know is i feel Blah from the swelling and worried because my period is a no-show. Has this happened to anyone?
Anyways here are some update pics

irregular period after liposuction / BBL

So i finally got my period today. i wanted to know who experienced irregular periods, how long did you stay irregular after lipo,
and when does the infernal swelling (!!) go away ? I'm gonna start wearing my flimsy abdominal board and foams from 2pm until 7am (when i'm not in class/work). And probably have my garment taken in at a Tailor. I mean really...i just got that size 36 CG !! But i probably should have got it in 34 because its a tad unsnug around the waist. HELP ME WITH THIS SWELLING !! When does it go away ?
And When will the butt go down !?
Any BBL veterans have their butt volume go down after the 2 month mark ?

Seroma- AGAIN !? :(

So yeah you guys… i have another seroma (!!) Maybe i should have kept the corset on top of the new CG but i assumed the new 36 CG would be enough (it isnt tight enough in the mid section). Now i have to either drain it myself (because do not have $500 to have another PS outside of Florida draining the seroma) or wait until i am back home in florida in 3 weeks to have Fisher drain it. This is NOT an option. I have an event here back home and have to get rid of this seroma and swelling STAT.

* ANYONE KNOW A GOOD HOW-TO video for DRAINING A SEROMA in lower abdominal region

How long for a revision?

So far i love the lipo but dislike that the booty is. bit too noticeable for my taste and the hips when i wear a dress looks too wide. I am seriously considering a revision because i am constantly hiding my body now hoping more reabsorption occurs. I am even afraid of possible fluffing. My hips/butt is Still 42.5 but i am hoping it will go down to 41.5 with diet , exercise and some reabsorption. I know some have been questioning why i am complaining. Well girls, some want a donk and some DON'T ! I just wanted a nice shape. I already had a medium sized booty and hips (40 before!) So i did not want to go up to 42.5. Anyways, i'm just gonna keep hiding it as best as i can until i lose some weight. Wish me luck my loves. I really wouldn't want to pay revision. Does anyone know how much a revision with Fisher is ???

Insanity starts tommorrow

I am a girl on a mission to make the hips and booty go I will be doing insanity. I recently measured 42.25 without losing any weight or exercising (beforee was 42.5)- so I sure as heck hope it can still go down! I have no idea what I weigh but I will step.on the scale so I can quantify a weight loss goal. I am probably around 155lbs (I'm 5'4.5) and my goal is to reach 140 lbs and AT MOST a 41.5 hip/butt measurement by new years. I miss how my hips/butt used to fit -it was naturally curvy not unnaturally stuffed lol. My real problem was abdominal fat, flanks and lower back fat. Well heres a pic of my "unnaturally larger for my frame " butt.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE Dr. Fisher and how beautifully he liposculpted (!!) but I asked for MAXIMUM 300-400 cc because i wanted to RESHAPE not have a HUGE ASS. He ended up giving me 500 cc.

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