*New for Now ;)* Okay I've Wanted a BBL for a While Now. I've Decided to Do It Once I Get a Good Amount of Money - Miami, FL

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Im 5'1 long legs short torso but not too short. I...

Im 5'1 long legs short torso but not too short. I have no assss.. I've done the squat challenge and workouts, but I get nothing. I honestly don't mind working out I still do but I know I'll never get the butt I want without the BBL. :) All I think about is BBL! So I decided to save do what I gotta do and get this Surgery.. I know its going to be hard but I really want this!

This is the perfect but to me <3 I just want it bigger

Right now I'm trying to save at least 10,000 dollars maybe even more.. I want to be safe when I do my surgery, so right now I'm doing a lot of researching on doctors. I'm 17 btw.. I want to get this BBL when I'm around 18. This will be the only surgery I get on my body. No need for other surgeries. I know it's going to be hard for me, but that's how dedicated I am to getting this surgery its all I've been thinking about. My sister wants one too (shes 21), I'd have my familys support with this surgery..Thank god. I'm not trying to rush it either when ever I get the money I'll do it, it doesn't have to necessarily be when I'm 18. All I know is that this surgery is something I want 150% no matter what anybody says I'm getting this surgery :).. I honestly hate my butt! I want to be more confident in my body.
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