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So earlier in the year I planned on getting SX...

So earlier in the year I planned on getting SX with blinski in December as a graduation present, but the. My graduation was pushed back until May. I withdrew my money and just focused on school and work. Now I'm back to wanting SX but hopefully in December. Everything is so tight due to it basically being last minute. I'm supposed to be going to Dr Valls on 12/14, but I think I really want fisher. I also have no idea if I want to stay at a recover home or just at a hotel or apartment and get a nurse to come for the first few days.

Any suggestions?

Recovery homes

Any suggestions on staying at a recovery house rather than a hotel with loved ones?


after putting the deposit down for valls I automatically felt regret. not that I think he is a bad doctor, but I just feel like there weren't enough reviews for me to go off of and I don't want to waste my time not money. Vanity was upset, but did refund me my money without any issues. Now I'm booked with McAdoo at Seduction. I set my date tomorrow. I'm hoping for 12/13 or 12/14.

Any Mcadoo Dolls For December

Hey everyone,

I have decided that I will be going through with bbl with McAdoo in
December. Prob the 12/13 or 12/14. Anyone going in December? If so where
are you planning to stay? I have no idea where I want to stay or how
long I want to stay for that matter. Doesn't seem like many recovery
houses allow male guests or guest in general and I'm not looking forward
to coming alone.
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