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I Got my S.Date for BBL Quickily ONLY Do to a...

I Got my S.Date for BBL Quickily ONLY Do to a Cancelation, & My Question is About Smoking...

I have a Surgery date that is 3 weeks from the date I scheduled it. I was a smoker and I quit for 4 years, but then started Again. I was told NO Smoking-Quit! No problem. My BBL & all that it entails is All that I care about, so I will follow my instructions.

My question is, 2 weeks of quitting smoking makes me feel like I would Still have nicotine in my system/body. So, according to my scheduled date and length of time of my quitting smoking Again, I should be OK, right? I am following what I was told to a T. but I'm just confirming that this is enough time to be OUT of my system. I dont know anything about nicotine staying in your body.

Can Dr. Salama or anyone assure me so I can just be excited and look forward to my Surgery without worrying about this time frame?

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