Mother of 2 Looking to Enhance my Figure! - Miami, FL

I'am a mother of two beautiful children looking to...

I'am a mother of two beautiful children looking to get my body back! I never had a butt but noticed when I gained weight I had a little more and when I lost weight that's the 1st thing I lost! I hide my imperfections well I wear clothes like high waisted bathing suits and high waisted jeans. I often get u look good as you are but if u don't feel good then it's time to fix it! I give 100% of me to my kids it's time I do something for me!! I know I may need a tummy tuck and I'm ok with getting one I think right now with my working schedule the down time I cant afford! So I'll get bbl first let my body heal and Tummy tuck later. Idk still debating really on that part do I just do both now and endure the pain decisions decisions??

Blinski Babe in he making

It's more of a reality now and less of a dream! Scheduled my procedure for Dec 9th 2016. Super excited and have total faith in dr. Blinski can't wait to be a blinski babe!!

6 more months to go

It's starting to get a little more real!! Flight booked!! 6 months to go

The count down is on!!

4 more months I guess I'll start buying my supplies! Nervous and excited
Dr. Blinski


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