Violin to VIXEN- Perry Princess on 2/26. 5 month post op! I'm just honest!

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I have been visiting this site for several months...

I have been visiting this site for several months now and have finally gathered the courage to start a post. I work out regularly and eat properly a majority of the time. (In the pic that Im posting I am about 142 lbs. I am 5'5. I have gained a few lbs since these pics because I thought that I needed to. However I have decided that i would rather be closer to my goal weight when I get the bbl.) Despite my efforts I have not achieved my goal body. I have found that I have to choose between having the booty that I want or having the abs that I want. When I lose weight it tends to come from my butt first so I go through cycles of losing weight then putting weight back on so that I can have a little something more to work with. Even when my butt is at its biggest I still have indented areas on the side of my cheeks and it creates a unpleasant appearance in the hips from the from. I'm hoping that this bbl will give me a slimmer waist, smoother shape, and a fuller upside down heart shaped butt. I do not want a really big butt but rather a more shapely full butt. After seeing my pictures Dr. Perry recommends that in addition to my abs, flanks, and back that I also get my inner thighs and knees lipoed. The fat will be injected mostly into the sides and lower portion of my butt. I'm a bit concerned about doing my thighs and knees because I don't want to deal with a even tougher recovery. I'm also concerned that getting lipo on my thighs would increase the appearance of the cellulite that I have. I will address this issue with Dr. Perry when I have my phone consultation hopefully next week.

Just Talked to Dr. Perry!

So I just talked to Dr. Perry and he is such a sweetheart. He answered all of my questions and was very patient. I expressed my concerns about getting lipo in my knees and thighs and he said that I would be a knockout either way. I also asked him about not using drains and he told me that the drains increase the risk of infection. I am so excited to get this procedure and talking to Dr. Perry has gotten me even more stoked. I was so nervous and excited that I forgot to ask him if my quote would be lower if I decided not to get the lipo in the thighs and knees. I am so ready for Perr-fection!

More Wish Pics!

I think my wish pics are reasonable and highly achievable.

...when you get your new booty!

So my friend and my man were teasing because nowadays everything seems like it would be so much better after I get my new booty. I told my friend that I always wanted to ride a mechanical bull, I replied that I would try it when I get my new booty. My man mentioned a few places that he wanted us to go, I replied that I would love to go after I get my new booty. I decided to put a spin on the fortune "in bed" game. This is when you add the word "in bed" to the end of a fortune. It makes the fortunes much more interesting and even funny. Example: You will have the thrill of your life *in bed*. This works just as well if you add a booty-based addition such as "when you get your new booty" or "with your new booty". Examples: You will have the thrill of your life when you get your new booty! You will be very successful in your career with your new booty! Time heals all wounds when you get your new booty! Be careful what you wish for with your new booty!

Thinking about getting a transitional booty

Hey ladies. I've really been worrying about reporting back to work once I get my new booty. I know people will notice changes in my body since some of them have already taken interest in the body that I have now! As I mentioned, I'm not after a huge behind but I do want to see a "noticeable difference". I'm not completely flat right now and I know how to dress to showcase my bottom cuff. In fact I get quite a bit of compliments on my butt! I'm considering wearing booty pads beforr surgery so that it won't look so obvious when I get back from my "vacation" I won't wear them everyday, only with certain clothes that really show my full butt. It would kinda be like I was hiding it all that booty under my clothes and decided to let it out. I will explain away the flat tummy by saying that I've been dieting, exercising, and waist training. Fortunately I already have a fairly small waist so it should be believable. Currently I often dress with longer shirts that cut off just above my hips and bottom booty paired with a waist belt around the smallest section of my waist. That allows me to highlight my waist and the good part of my booty and hips while hiding my voids in the sides of my butt, my pooch, and my back fat. Trust me I have deceptive dressing down to a science. I did tell a few coworkers that I was getting lipo as I didn't think I could hide it from then. They told me that I didn't need it and I explained that I want a flat tummy without losing my curves. Hmm...I think I will start complaining of lower back pains as I get closer to my surgery date. That would help explain my adversion to sitting too long. I have my own office but I do have to attend a few staff meetings each month. Arghh so much to figure out. Any suggestions or comments on my plan? Btw I'm not hoing to proofread probably makes no sense lol.

I got an earlier surgery date!

I'm beyond excited. I talked to Norma today and decided to schedule my surgery for 2/26 instead of 3/6. I hope I have someone to go with me to Miami. One of my friends was supposed to get the surgery with me but I'm not sure if she is going to go. I met her at my gym several years ago and since then we have always motivated eachother to go hard in the gym. Despite our efforts we both fall off from time to time and neither of us is at our best right now. When I mentioned yo her getting lipo about six months ago she said that I was being crazy and I just needed to hit the gym harder and eat healthier. Fast forward to a few weeks ago she was complaining that she gained weight and thay she needed a booty. She's short with an athletic build. She never had any hips or much butt however she has nice thick thighs. Sensing the desperation in her voice I decided to mention lipo again. After hearing her disapproval the first time I had decided that I would not share my experience with her but I gave it another shot. This time she was much more receptive in fact she was excited. Feeding off of her excitement I decided to mention that not only did I plan to suck it out but I planned to put the fat to good use. No longer was she judgemental rather she was EnthusiASStic about joining me in getting the BBL. That was a few weeks ago and she has been researching on RS (she agrees with my choice of Dr. Perry) but she has yet to send her pics in for a consultation. I would really love to do this with her but I will continue to plan and move forward with the process. This is something that I have been wanting to do before I even knew it existed and if I can help it I am not going to let anything or anyone or anything derail my plans.

No medical insurance...

I am a federal employee and Monday was my last day to enroll on healthcare. I had been debating back and forth about whether or not I needed additional coverage especially since I have this procedure coming up. Anyway I decided not to. I am a veteran and I currently receive all of my medical care at Veteran Affairs and I don't have any children for whom I have to provide coverage. My concern is that I am only covered at VA facilities and I don't know if I would be near a VA facility if an emergency were to arrive. Just a ride in a ambulance can be at least 500 by itself. I was also concerned about the limitations in requesting lab work and an EKG for an elective service. Luckily I talked to my primary provider at the VA and she said that I can do my lab work, EKG, and get my medical clearance there! Whew...I thought that I was going to have to pay out of pocket. Now I just how to do my research to find out if I am somehow covered in emergency situations. I know Dr. J provides temporary insurance after surgery but I don't think Dr. Perry does (correct me if I'm wrong). I didnt really pay attention to that before since I thought that I was going to enroll in healthcare insurance. I am going to research VAs in the area as well. Hopefully all will go well and there will be no need for a hospital visit!

Second Thoughts...Help!

Hi Dolls. I thought I had it all figured out but now I am having second thoughts about my ps choice. I'll admit that I initially wasn't impressed with most of the before and afters that were posted but was more convinced with the pics that were in the reviews. To Dr. P's defense, I think his after photos were posted within a few days after posting so post fluffing results arent represented. I was further persuaded once I spoke with Dr. Perry and he assured me that he could give me the results that I want. After looking at the before and after pics again and some of the reviews I'm starting to feel less confident. Most of the ladies in the reviews look great but I'm not sure that Dr. P provides the projection that I want. I am also havong a hard time finding long term post from Perry dolls. I don't know who I would choose if not Perry. I'm not open to going to the DR and Dr. Jimerson is so expensive. I did pay for a consult with Dr. J over a month ago yet I have not received a phone call back to schedule a consult date. That combined with the fact that Dr. J seems so unaccessible made me look elsewhere. I wasn't to concerned about Dr. P's work before because my main goal was to whittle my waist but I'm starting to get a bit of booty greed after looking at some of the bigger booty results. I still don't want a huge butt or a shelf but I def want a full bubble. I really want to stick eith Dr. P but I want to make sure that I get the booty that I want for the money that I will spend and thepain that I will endure. Ladies if I decide to go with Dr. J should I pay for hips? My outer thighs stick out giving the illusion of hips and I think thats good enough especially once my lateral glutes are filled in and my love handles are lipoed to smooth out my curves. Btw I hate the thought of getting drains :-(. I don't know what to do...

Back to Perr-fection!

After careful thought and consideration I have decided to stick with Dr. Perry. As I've said before I'm not after a badonkadonk I just want to streamline my curves and enhance what I'm already working with. I do think that I already have a lil projection so Dr. P should be able fill me in nicely :-). On another note...I don't know what Jay Z is doing to Beyonce but he don turnt hunny completely out! Having said that, I love her new album! I have one of the lines from her song DRUNK IN LOVE in my head..."Can't keep your eyes off my fatty, daddy. I want you..." Speaking of her fatty, Beyonce's shows a lot of skin in her videos and her body is smoking hot. Can't wait to get my fatty!

These Cost Are Really Adding Up!

I booked a room at the Holiday Inn Express across the street from Dr. Perry's office and it came up to $1314 for 9 nights and that's with the discount for Dr. Perry's patients. The packet that I got from Norma said $89/night plus tax but when I called I was told that those were off season prices and additionally the prices were going up for the new year. I was quoted $129/night plus tax (Jan, Feb, Mar are the busy season and the prices are much higher). I haven't booked my flight yet but right now the tickets are about $366. I was thinking that I would save on cabs or a rental car by getting a hotel so close to the office since Norma said that it is walking distance however I will still need transportation to get massages so I might try to find a less expensive hotel and get a rental car. I would like to get about 5 or 6 massages while I'm there, if possible I will get one the day before surgery, if not I'll just have my love give me a preop massage. I'm thinking about going to CS Post Lipo Massage and getting the package with 6 massages for $360. These prices are really adding up. I still have to figure out how much transportation will cost. I can rent a car for a few days but I will have to get a cab or some other type of car service once my bf leaves on Sat or Sun. Really the only transportation that I should need would be to get my massages so maybe I won't have to rent a car at all. I don' any of you dolls have any suggestions? This update is more like me just thinking out's all over the place!


I posted the wrong hotel in the last update however I am still considering the Shamrock. Has anyone tried this place?

Massages and My Unintentional Weight Gain

I don't think that I will go to CS for my massages after all. I did a MapQuest and found out that CS is about 13 miles away from the hotel. The route supposedly takes 22 minutes but I think it will likely be much longer with traffic. I originally decided to go to CS because another Perry doll, MYB2013, who btw looks amazing mentioned them, she actually ended up going with Mariam and I think I will too. I am concerned about a few complaints about Mariam being late for appointments but I'll take that chance. On another note, I have gained about ten pounds since I posted my preop pictures and this was not at all intentional. I will admit that I have been a little less concerned with the weight gain because I know that I will be getting lipo however I still would rather be closer to my ideal weight when I do the procedure. The procedure is not going to remove all of the fat and it seems like back fat tends to be the fat that is left behind and that happens to be where I am accumulating quite a bit of the fat. On the plus size I mean side my booty has gotten fuller as it always does with weight gain. My booty actually got a fair amount of attention in my New Years Eve get up. I wore some red stretchy pants with a peplum top. I love peplum tops because they cut off right at my hips (top of my outerthighs) and highlight my bottom cheekage but camoflage my muffin top! What more could you ask for in a shirt? But back to my fat, I think I am going to try to lose at least eight of the pounds that I have gained before surgery. I hope that will be enough to help me to escape my newly fluffed back rolls! Happy New Years Dolls!

I booked my flight for the wrong date :-(

I somehow booked my flight one day early. The main problem with that is I have to pay for lodging for another night but that is still cheaper than changing my ticket. I paid $378 for my ticket and I would have to pay $230 to change my ticket! When I called Norma to confirm my surgery date and explained what happened she said she would talk to Mariam to see if I can spend my first night at her house for a discounted rate. This would work out great since I plan on getting a preop massage! The flyer that I received says that Mariam charges $200 a night for lodging and caretaking services to include transport to appointments. I just need somewhere to rest my head for the night so I'm hoping that I won't have to pay more than $75. I hope Norma has good news when I call her back on Tuesday!

Today I am officially 1 month away from my surgery date!

I am so pissed...I just wrote a long review and it got erased! Anyway I'll keep this short and random. I have 1 month until I get my new body. I've been considering doing just the lipo but not the fat injections however I am pretty sure that I will do the complete procedure. I'm not sure if I will do my arm and/or inner thighs. I bought two butt enhancement garments, one is a butt lifter with the booty out and one that is a padded panty. I've worn the butt lifter before but I had to wear my maidenform body shaper over it to help minimize my EXTREME muffin top (from low rise butt garment) and smooth out the lines from the garment and make my booty meat look more natural. I wore the garment with a sweater dress that I have been avoiding wearing until I get my new butt. In fact I have been avoiding wearing all of my dresses since I decided that I would get this procedure. It's harder to camouflage my lack of upper booty and my muffin top with dresses. I think I actually like the padded panties better but I haven't had a chance to wear them yet. Unfortunately they enhance my muffin top too. No worries since I will only wear either garment a few times when I wear dresses before my procedure. I think that my slightly bigger booty looks less suspicious now that I haven't been out of work for two weeks. It will seem like it's just really popping once I "lose weight". I have been telling my coworkers that I plan on dieting and that I will start back working out to shed the winter weight that I have gained. I usually drop weight pretty quickly when I diet and exercise so hopefully I won't draw too much attention after my procedure. My family doesn't live in the same state as me and I only see them every few months so I'm not worried about them. They are used to flutuations in my weight and for some reason my aunts already think I have a pretty flat stomach and a healthy size butt (thanks to careful dressing!) I was actually suppose to fly out to see my family today however my flight was cancelled until tomorrow. My family is having a get together for my grandfather and I have a nice flowy dress that I plan to wear and I will be wearing my padded panties and my body shaper underneath! The next time that I see my family after this weekend will probably be around May oy June so I should be nice and healed.

Trying on the butt enhancement garments has reassured me that I really don't want much more booty than what I have. If I can get a flat stomach, get rid of the muffin top, fill in my lateral butt dents, and add just a little more volume I will be completely satisfied!. I already have a little cellulite now so if my butt is not perfectly smooth I am ok with that. I really don't plan on doing a round two/touch up unless absolutely necessary.

So I was just watching good times and I have a new body wish...Thelma Evans! Honey is "Dynamite" (in my JJ voice) LOL. Btw, I was showing someone a picture in my phone and I accidentally exposed some of my wish pics. I quickly pulled my phone away before she could get a good look and explained that those were my selfies and I am tracking my weight loss! Well, I eneded up typing more than I thought so that's it for now dolls. TTYL

50 Dolla Holla

I forgot to add that I spoke to Norma and Mariam agreed to let me spend my first night there with her for $50! After my flight cancellation at the airport today I'm starting to think that booking my flight one day too early wasn't such a bad thing after all. I'm still deciding on whether I not I want to rent a car or use a cab service while I am in Miami. I'm staying directly across the street from Dr. P's office so I will likely only need transportation to my massage appointments. I do plan to rent a car my first day there so I can gather last minute supplies and pick up my prescriptions. I wonder how much Mariam would charge to pick me up for my massage appointments? I'll have to find out if thats feasible.

How will I bop my new booty?

I went to see my Primary Care Provider today and she has put the order in for my labs and EKG. I had bloodwork done in November so I asked her what my hemoglobin levels were at that time and she told me that they were 12.1! She told me that a good range is 12-16 so I am right on the borderline. I will start taking my iron pills tonight so hopefully my levels will be close to 13 by the time I actually get my labs done in a couple of weeks. I don't think Dr. Perry informed me of the minimum hemo level that is required for surgery but from the reviews that I have read it seems that it's 12. I'm happy to know that I should at least be at the minimum but I will continue to take my iron pills until at least two weeks after the surgery, I will continue with my multivitamin after that. I didn't have my lab requests from Dr. Perry when I went to see my PCP because I wasn't planning on going but I was in the area so I decided to do a walk-in appointment (I had to wait like three hours to be seen!). My PCP said that she can pretty much guess what labs I will need so she went ahead and placed the order. I just finished looking at the instructions fron Dr. Perry and it looks like she ordered everything that is on the prescription but some of it is hard to understand. She put me in for an chest x-ray as well but I'm not sure if that is one of the requirements. She told me that I don't have to do it if I find out that it's not necessary.

I got a surprise today when I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office. According to that scale which I’m sure is more accurate than mine, I weigh 143 lbs! That’s only 1 pound more than what I was weighing at the time that I took the pics that I sent in for my email consultation. I took those pictures in November and I look like I have gained around 10 lbs and the scale agrees with me! I came home after that and got on the scale again and it says that I weigh about 154! I have come to the conclusion that my scale has been playing a cruel trick on me and making me think that I weight more than I do and I think it is in cahoots with my mirrors! I think back in November I was weighing less than 142 because I can definitely see that I am more than 1 pound heavier than I was then. I had to remind my PCP that I was getting “lipo” when I went to see her. I originally discussed this with her via telephone when I was trying to figure out if she would order the labs and EKG with me and I’m sure that she couldn’t recall what I looked like. As I mentioned I get treated a a Veterans medical facility so the providers have a huge case load. When she saw me today she said “Where you gon take the fat from?” I grabbed my pooch and said “From here!” She said Hmm mm mmp (I actually think that’s how you spell the sound effect that is made when something is delicious…I don’t know how to spell the actual sound she made but you all get the point LOL) …that’s all I’m going to say.” She asked me how much it costs and I told her that I could afford it. When I left the office she told me good luck and she was just teasing me J

So I saw a boppy pillow in Walmart today and they are bigger than what I expected! I think they were like $25 without the cover but the covers cause an additional $12 L I think if I decide to purchase a boppy I will just use a regular old pillow case that I already have. I mean the boppy will still have the same shape underneath and do the same job! Speaking of that job…can someone please tell me how I am suppose to sit on the boppy? Do I put my but in the middle? Do I Put the back under my thighs with the opening facing the front to extend down my legs or to the back so that it cradles the sides of my butt but (ha ha ha) leaves the middle elevated and pressure free? Please help me figure this out.

A taste of travel with a sensitive booty!

I took a flight back home this weekend and I decided to wear my new padded panties. I thought that I would be getting a taste of what it would be like to have my new extended booty but things got a little too real. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided that I will wear a shaper over my booty enhancers to help tone it down some and give it a more natural look. For my quick trip back home I decided to wear a pair of high waisted tummy compression panties which of course compresses the booty as well. Normally I don’t like the fact that they compress the booty but it was perfect with the padded panties. Side note: I hadn’t originally planned on wearing them on the plane bur because my flight got canceled on Friday and rescheduled for Saturday, I had to wear my attire for the event that I was attending on Saturday afternoon on the plane. That shaper had me feeling so uncomfortable, I’ve worn them before but I guess the extra ass made them feel extra tight. To top the experience off I had to deal with an aching anus (TMI?) FYI, I have a minor hemorrhoid problem (not major like sausage meat hanging out my butt or anything LMBO) and for some reason they were acting like raging roids on Saturday. Needless to say, I was quite uncomfortable during my flight. I kept shifting from side to side trying not to put too much pressure on my behind. I really feel like a got a glimpse of how I will feel during my post procedure plane ride. I actually feel a bit more prepared to handle that discomfort now. My hemmies (as I affectionately call them!) have since calmed down so in a way they were like a blessing in disguise to help prepare me. Another thing that I learned from my recent trip is that I definitely need to get wheelchair service after my surgery. Another doll recommended this on her blog and I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t flown in a while so I had forgotten how huge the Chicago O’Hare airport is. In fact I’m sure that I would have missed my flight on Friday if it hadn’t been canceled! I think I had to walk at least a mile to get to my gate and I didn’t factor in that time. I was already running late because I underestimated the amount of time that it would take me to get to the airport. Lessons re-learned. Anyway, I think that’s it for now dolls. Ciao.

24 days and a wake up!

Time is starting to go so fast and I'm really feeling a bit unprepared. I just started taking my iron pills on Thursday and I forgot to take one yesterday and I left the bottle at work so I won't have have them until Monday! Furthermore, I was talking to my friend who is a physician and she said that it takes at least three months to raise your hemoglobin levels. I'm not sure that's accurate. I read somewhere else that it takes about two to three weeks? Luckily if not too much has changed since November my hemoglobin should be at least 12. Oh, I was walking to the train station last week and I discovered that there is a new boutique a few doors down (I stay above a business on a Main Street) that sells compression garments! I haven't took the time to go inside and really check it out but I plan to soon.

The doctor was wrong! I'm fat just like I thought :-(

I told you all in a earlier post that I went to my doctor's appointment and found out that I weighed 143 pounds (1 lb more than than my preop pic). I was shocked because I could clearly see that I have packed on some pounds since my pics. However I thought the doctors scale was more accurate than mine and suspected that maybe the discrepancy was because my scale wasn't properly calibrated and that maybe I had lost some muscle (muscle takes up less space but weighs more than fat) while gaining fat. I also thought that maybe my initial weight of 142 was wrong and perhaps I was lighter then. That seemed to be a pretty reasonable explanation and I actually started feeling a little better about myself. As I continue to think about it I realized that I had to be heavier then 143 pounds. I stepped on my allegedly broken scale today and it said 155 pounds! I was thinking that it was still off but maybe not as much as I thought before so I decided to test it out with some dumbbells that I have. I set two 15 pound dumbbells on the scale and the display read 30 lbs exactly! Wth...the doctor was wrong I am fat. I want to take this time to apologize to my scale and mirrors for wrongfully accusing you of misrepresenting my true size, lol. Starting tomorrow I need to get serious about losing a few pounds before my surgery. I only have about three weeks but I think I can drop about 5 pounds. Omg 3 1/2 weeks...I'm pumped! I will try to post new pics of me with my extra jelly when I get a chance. I will have to take them myself because there is no way that I'm letting my honey stare at this body long enough to snap a pic! Tmi...we were expressing our love for each other yesterday and he was actually gripping my belly like it was a juicy ass lol. He tries to grab my booty too but he can't get as good of a grip...oh we'll, that will change soon. Smooches

Pics of my unintentional/seasonal weight gain

I don't know if my "foundation" is so great now!

Measurements on 2/5/14

Measurements on 2/5/14
Natural waist- 30
Belly button-35
Just below belly button- 40.75
Booty- 40.5
Upper thighs/aka hips-41.75

The problems that I have: my waist goes from 30 to 35 going toward my belly button; because I have a high waist and "dents" on the sides of my booty, the measurement just below my belly button is more than the measurement around my butt, it then goes back out at the outer thighs/hips giving me a "violin" shape. That is not music to my ears! With clothes on you can't really see the dents so it looks more squarish. As I said previously, I try to wear clothes that accentuate my natural waist (I have a short torso and high waist so this area is just below my breast line.) hips, and bottom cheekage.

This week I started eating right and working out a little (mostly power walking). I also have started doing little things like parking further away and taking the stairs. My body has responded pretty quickly because it is not use to this extra weight and I have already lost 3 pounds! I think my body is comfortable between 142-145 but I have to work when I try to maintain between 136-138. Anyways if I can stick to what I'm doing I will lose the weight that I want to pre-surgery!

Do I need a care taker? I have a bit of anxiety.

My bf booked his flight last week and he is leaving at 7am on Saturday. I basically only have him for Wed- Friday...not even three full days post up. I wish I had someone to be there with me the whole time. I may have to pay for a care taker, I was thinking Nadege. I have heard other Perry Princesses talk about her. I leave for Miami in two weeks and I am starting to get a little anxious. I'm going to get my labs, chest X-Ray, and EKG done Wednesday and I hope everything comes out ok. I have picked up or ordered most of the supplies that I plan to take...I am taking a more minimalist approach. I have to find out if Dr. Perry provides anything more than the compression garment post surgery? Do any of you know? I plan on sending him an email this week to ask that and a few other questions that I can't remember right now.

My new booty is my baby!

I tried to go window shopping today and well I ended up for real shopping. I don't even know why I even entertain the notion of me window shopping because I ALWAYS end of buying something. Good news is I picked up a few items for my "trip". I bought a Boppy pillow including the cover for $24.99 at Burlington Coat Factory. I still don't know how I am suppose to sit on it :-/? Someone please tell me. I have to admit that I got a little sentimental when I was picking out my Boppy. There was a mother to be close by looking at baby items and it made me momentarily desire a baby. I don't have any kids and I recently accepted that I likely won't have any due to life circumstances (the issue isn't infertility). I guess I will have to give all my nurture and love to my new born booty lol!

My wish list

This is my wish list for my surgery in order of importance
1. Survive and avoid loss of any important functions (first and foremost).
2. Flatten belly and remove love handles.
3. Fill in butt/hip dents
4. Increase projection
5. Decrease arm fat aka baby turkey wings
6. Decrease upper back fat

I have decided not to lipo my thighs for several reasons. I have plenty of stubborn fat in my tummy and lower back. I like ( most of the time) my thicker thighs and I think they look more realistic with a bigger (I don't want a humongous butt but still). I don't want to deal with the extra area of recovery. I want to leave favorable areas for the fat cells to redistribute when I gain weight. Realistically speaking I'm likely to gain a little weight from time to time. Like a lot of people I gain weight when it gets cold out and I think that fat is distributed slower to the areas that have been lipoed. I'm afraid that I would gain weight in my shoulders and upper back...I'd rather have thunder thighs than look like a quarter back lol! I'm actually feel kinda relieved that I'm not doing my thighs even though they are rubbing a little ha ha.

Labs & EKG

I got my labs done today. My hemoglobin came back as 12.4, not great but good enough! I think so anyway. I'll call the office tomorrow to confirm. FYI I'm on my cycle so I don't know if that has an affect on the hgb results. My glucose was slightly high but only because I downed a Gingerale before I did my blood work. My PCP notated on my paperwork that my test were not done in a fasting state. My urine samples showed that I had blood in my urine since I'm on my cycle...she kindly typed that I was "still bleeding" in my write up! TMI. Btw I hate doing urine samples when I am on my cycle and not wearing a tampon and today my period caught me by surprise. Luckily I was able to slip my cup into the testing tray without anyone looking instead of handing over a discolored cup of urine to a male nurse. Anyways, She gave me my letter of clearance for surgery! Now I just have to focus on getting rid of my stuffy and runny nose. I've read several reviews with dolls getting sick close to the surgery date and I had been praying that it wouldn't happen to me. Well, no dice...ya girl got the sniffles :-(. I don't have a fever or cough so hopefully I can nip it in the bud before it gets any worse. I'm a bit worried because I read somewhere that having a cold can increase chances of an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

In other news. I busted my ass today! I can't believe I actually fell down the damn stairs leaving my friend's house. I'm probably going to wake up sorer than a mofo! Oh we'll, I least I didn't fall on my new ass, then I probably would have literally "busted my ass" lol. Smooches

Doctor, Doctor

1. Doctor, got 1 chance to make this happen. And if I like what I's my ass that will do the clappin!
2. From the front...I wanna look like I've been on a 2 month fast.
3. From the back...I wanna look about 3 months pregnant in the ass.
4. From the side...I wanna look like he can go 4 a ride on these curves. I want so much attention that that sh*t will be getting on my nerves.
5. When we past...I want men to give my boo a 5 when they see us together.
6. Will it last? I will work out 6 days a week to make this body last forever.
7. Why not 7? I have to rest on the 7th day, the bible told me that. you think I can get into heaven with an ass so phat?
8. What's my secret? I want people to think that everything I 8 went to all the right places. I wanna the kinda body that will make an optimist make sour faces!
9. Baaad kitty! I wanna wear a catsuit like I really got 9 lives.
10. Doctor, doctor...hear my plea. Please make me a dime!

Less than a week!

I can't believe that it will be transformed in less than a week! As the time gets shorter I've been debating a few issues. I'm still back and forth over whether or not to get my inner thighs and knees done. Believe it or not I've also been considering not getting the fat injections! I really think that once my stomach and love handles are removed my hip dips will be less apparent. I'm just concerned about dealing with not sitting and the possibility of necrosis. Also I'm a little worried about my butt being too big! I really just want to fill in my hip dents for the most part. I want my final shape to be more athletic and somewhat slender. The good thing is that Dr. Perry is not known for creating donks but more so for working with the natural curves that are already there. Hmm...ok I'm back on the booty train! I'm still not sure about my thighs, maybe I'll get a little taken out since they are rubbing together like newly weds lol. I'm so indecisive. Btw, I've not begun to pack and I feel so unprepared. I think I've been researching so much that I am overloaded and can't decide what's really necessary.

Boyfriend is nervous

My boyfriend shared with me that he is a little concerned that this surgery is going to change my attitude. He is worried that I will get more attention and it will go to my head. I will say that if all goes well this surgery will increase my confidence but I doubt if it will adversely alter my attitude. Not to toot my own horn but I already get a good amount of attention and have always been both appreciative and humble whether it's from a fine brother driving a luxury car or an unattractive custodian that drives a hoopty (did I spell that right?). It's ridiculous to think that you are better than someone or can treat someone rudely just because you are "attractive". Now, I will use my new body as a tool of persuasion when I want something from my man,lol...but I will not use it as an excuse to be any more difficult to deal wit than I already am! To be honest I'm really hoping that my transformation is nice but not so dramatic to the point that everything is all about my body. Do I like attention? fact sometimes I crave it a bit. But just a bit. Just enough to help me suppress inner insecurities that stem from me being a chubby, dry skin having, cheap clothes wearing, not quite popular child. Although I grew into a fairly attractive (so they tell me), reasonably shapely, quite popular woman, I still carry those insecurities. Btw, my skin is still dry as hell but i know how to take better care of it! I don't expect this surgery to completely fix those insecurities and all my flaws. I don't believe that there is enough surgery in the world that could. I'm aware of that and that's important to know. I don't want to get caught up in trying to be the baddest b*tch! I wanna be a better more confident me and remain the caring, sweet ( most of the time), slightly goofy girlfriend , daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, sister, friend, employee, stranger that I am :-).

Flight in the AM!

So I leave in the AM and I have yet to pack my bags! In fact I think I need to pick up a few more items from the store but I really don't feel like going back to the store. I'm again considering doing my inner thighs and I don't have any compression socks or thigh highs, whatever it is that I'm suppose to use for that area. I can probably just go to the store and get that when I arrive in Miami a whole day too early thanks to my absentmindness! I also don't know what happened to my stash of maxi dresses that I hardly ever wear. I thought I knew exactly where they were until I opened up the vacuumed storage bag and found curtains, sheets, and blankets :-/ . Hmmm...I guess I will have to continue my search today...last minute Nelly!

I'm in Miami

I arrived in Miami several hours and the weather is such a pleasant change from freezing Chicago! I packed all my stuff at the last minute last night and I managed to fit everything into my carry on luggage! I really didn't want to deal with checking in bags nor hauling them during my 10 minute speed walk to the train station. So, I decided to ditch my boppy pillow. I tested it out last night and it just wasn't cutting plus that thing is huge. I really couldn't see myself fitting that into the seat and I probably would have had to check one of my carry ons if I brought that along. Thinking back, now I remember one of the Vets suggesting waiting to get the boppy after you get to your destination. I had information overload so I didn't retain that helpful tip. Either way I don't think the boppy is for me. It was last minute so I looked around my place for something to use and I ended up with a cardboard tube that I was storing my LARGE glamour shots from 10 years ago in...I really don't think I would have the nerve to ever hang those up, seems a bit cheesy lol. Anyway back to my booty was too long so I had to cut it and boy was that a workout! I started out trying to use my cheap ass (6/$24.99) kitchen knives...uuummm no. It was not slicing through so I got out the hammer and placed the tip of the knife on the cardboard and banged my heart out! Progress....the knife went in but then it got stuck and it took about 20 min to get it back out. All in all it took about a hour to cut the tube and I plan to wrap it in a towel. It felt right when I tested it out butI dont know how it will feel on my legs if I do get them lipoed. I will decide for sure during my consult. Oh I tried to sneak my bottle of Hibliclens through security but I got caught and had to do a bag check. Actually it probably was a combo of the Hibliclens bottle and a strange tube in my bag that made me get searched. The TSA worker went through my bag and just side eyed my tube and then took out my Hib. He asked if it was prescription and I said yes he swabbed my bag and after it past he sent me on my way. Last night I thought about putting the bottle in my bigger rolling carry on but I didn't want to risk having that bag searched. That would have been a bit embarrasing since that's the bag that has my chucks, super sized incontinence pads ( reccomended by Exotic Asia Blue) and granny panties lol. My flight went smoothly and all was well until I went to pick up my rental car. I stood in lines at Hertz for about 30 minutes and when I speak to the representative she tells me that I'm at the wrong pickup location. What! I reserved my rental car along with my flight so I thought for sure I would be picking my car up from the airport (damn orbitz!) Anyway there was a $200 price difference if I would have gotten a car from that no! She did nicely point me in the direction of another car rental company, FireFly, and they were more reasonable. I downgraded from a midsize car to compact and I ended up paying about $20 more than my original reservation. To be continued...

Lost in Miami

I got my rental car and I feel so lost and lonely. I'm supposed to be staying with Mariam tonight but I really didn't want to go there too early...I'm thinking it might be akward lol. I did call and leave a message to let her know that I was here. Oh...I just spoke her up! I talked to Mariam and I am going to her place at 9p. I have three hours to kill! I wish I had someone here with me. My guy won't arrive until tommorrow evening. I walked around in a couple of stores and I'm trying to best not to past the time by spending money. I already picked up a couple of things at Old Navy. Maybe I can catch a movie. I been sitting in my car now for over a hour and I'm starting to feel a bit creepy lol. Bored in Miami...seriously?

Sleeping with Mariam

So I had the time of my life trying to get into Mariam Gated community. I used the GPS and it led me to an entrance that only residents could use. Anyway after several wrong turns and a conversation with Mariam's son I finally made it. The neighborhood is beautiful. Mariam's place is nice and a bit homely. I slept in the room where she does her massages. There are two beds, one where she does here treatment and the other is like a small guest bed. In the room there is one of those waterfall pictures that light ups and makes nature sounds (birds chirping, water falling) sounds relaxing but it was hard trying to sleep with the bright light so I turned it off. Mariam and I talked last night and she asked about my sleeping and care arrangements. I told her that I plan on staying in the hotel for the remainder of my visit and my boyfriend will take care of me for the first few days and bring me to my massage appointments with her on Thursday and Friday. She then asked me what was I going to do Saturday through Thursday and you know what...that was a damn good question! I still haven't decided if I would hire a caretaker (Nadedge) to help me out and to take me back and forth to my massage appointments. Well I knew that I was going to have to hire someone to at least transport me for my messages and that would get pricey. Mariam suggested that I stay with her for $200/night. That price would include food, lodging, daily massages ($65 value), transport to appointments, medical care, and internet access. I'm already paying $145/night just for the hotel so I'm really considering staying with her. She is really sweet (always saying "God bless you") and so is her son. He was really patient with me on the phone when I was trying to find the house. My only concern was staying in the treatment room? Would I have to get up and leave if someone came for a massage while I was there? It didn't really feel private enough. Also I had to walk through the house to get to the bathroom and the bathroom doesn't have a shower! Speaking of the bathroom, I woke up this morning with an unsettled stomach and thought that maybe I could creep into the bathroom and settle it before anyone was up. Nope, I opened the door and as soon as I turned the corner Mariam's son was there in the kitchen/den area! That was a little awkward for me. Anyway I asked Mariam about the shower situation and she told me that if I decided to stay with her for care taking services I would be in a different room with a private bathroom...perfect! After hearing that, it's highly likely that I'm going to stay with her for the remaining days after my honey leaves. Btw, Mariam is stacked lol, she's older but you can tell that she tries to keep herself up. She showed me how she tapes the lines in her forehead before she goes to bed...interesting. She looks like she had her boobs and breast done but when I asked she said that Dr. Perry only did her lipo. I'm not even sure if she had her butt done. She raved on and on about Dr. Perry and she said that he is the best and she recommends him to all her family and friends that want work done. She said she works with other doctors in Miami and some of them and/or the supporting staff are not licensed or the license have expired and she says that some of the docs do the surgery and disappear but Dr. Perry waits until you wake up and will even help you to your car. She says that he is very safe and only works with the most qualified staff and the price is well worth it. I agree :-)

Consult went well.

I went to my consult and I must say Dr. Perry is so pleasant and Norma is such a doll. I felt so comfortable talking to Dr. P even as I was standing there naked in in that hideous unflattering paper thong! After he took my pictures he pointed out that one of my hips was bigger than the other as well as one of my butt cheeks...I never noticed that before although I noticed the asymmetry in my breast. After we finished the consult he gave me my prescriptions. One for an antibiotic Ciproxxxxxx and one for a pain reliever Tylenol 3. I filled my prescriptions at Publix and the Cipro was free there and the Tylenol 3 was only $17 without insurance :-). Well lugs I'm about to down a couple more bottles and get some rest. Shout out and prayers for LayLay who is having surgery with Dr. Hassan tomorrow!

Where's my crew?

I am so absent minded sometimes. I realized late last night that I didn't remember if I was suppose to be at the Pierini at 7 or 8a! I called Dr. Perry at 6a and when he answered the phone I could immediately tell by the grogginess in his voice that he was not fully awake and my appt was at 8a...he confirmed. Ooops! I really did not want to disturb his last bit of sleep. I want he well rested. Anyway I arrived at Pierini at 7:50a and I was expecting to be greeted by at least a few staff members happily busying themselves preparing for my surgery. Noone is here! I called Dr. Perry to make sure I was at the right place (same location as consult) and he said that he was on his way. My boyfriend was like " Is he gonna do the surgery by himself?" Lol.'s 8:17 and I'm sitting in the car waiting...

he's here

Dr. Perry came out to the car to get me at about 8:20. I saw a couple of staff go in before that but not him. I guess he went in through another entrance. Well, dressed in my paper thong and robe and waiting to be mocked up! I'll update once I cross over ;-)

I made it!

I made it to the other side ladies! I'm not feeling too bad. I will update later. Thank you for your prayers and well's everything to me!

I'm feeling pretty good!

Ladies! I'm so happy with how my recovery is going so far. I have not experienced any major pain so far but more so soreness. The worst pain was the first couple of hours after I woke up my lower abs and sides were aching and my butt was a little bit too. I was solo cold when I woke up and I couldn't stop shaking like a salt shaker. I rested for about another 45 min then it was time to get up and put on my garment. I felt a little weak when I stood up but felt better once I drank some apple juice...I love apple juice btw! The only problem that I had with puttin on my garment was lifting my right foot up so that the nurse could slide it on...other than that it went quite well. I drank a lil more of my "power juice" and the nurse sweetie pie Jessica and Dr. Perry walked me to the car. Well we got outside and my bf was not there! He was there after surgery but he left after the nurse said that I was going to rest a bit more. Dr. P called him but his phone went to vm. We waited outside for about ten minutes And I decided to use that time to go walking with Jessica. After about ten minutes we went back inside and my bf pulled up about 5 minutes later. We walked back to the car and I laid in the back seat. My stomach was sore getting out of the car once we got to the hotel and I felt like a pissy drunk walking through the lobby with wet stains and my bf holding me up lol! Since I've been in the hotel I've been going to the hotel like every 1.5 to 2 hrs! I needed a lil ASSistance the first time but I've been doing everything myself since then. Also every time in use the bathroom I also eat, drink, and move. I have 2 Tylenol 3s so far and I plan to take one after this review and another just before I go to Mariam around 130. To be continued....

Random update

Oh I forgot to mention that my bf only left to go get me food so I didn't stay upset with him. He was so helpful last night until he fell asleep around 11! He looked so peaceful lying there so I didn't want to wake him. That turned out to be a blessing because it made me push myself. I can now go to the bathroom on my own (at first I needed help getting my diaper back up), bend down to pick up things off the floor, climb in and out of bag, extend my arms fully above my head and climb end and out of bed without assistance. Good for him because I have been going to the bathroom solo much. Btw, I am draining like crazy. I'm sorry relieved that I don't have drainage tubes but this open drainage is so messy. All I can say is chux, chux, chux. They have really come in handy. I ordered the extra large ones. I think not having a d tube also has made it more comfortable for me to sleep on my tummy. I'm surprised at how comfortable I feel on my stomach. I sle with my feet hanging off the bed so that I don't have to worry about figuring out how to lay them. So, I definitely recommend getting double beds if you are traveling with your significant other. I would not want to have to deal with him in my way or putting uneven pressure on the bed and I also don't want to disturb him every time I get up. Oh, I absolutely loo over my funnel...I decided to get one from the automotive section at Walmeezy. It has a long tube and the mouth is asymmetric, that helps me get a perfect fit each time and easily hold the lip of the funnel. I will post pics of it. For some reason, I feel so empowered when I'm standing up peeing got it good. I mentioned how much I was draining it has slowed a bit now and some of my swelling has gone down. My diaper has been extremely helpful with the drainage so I sent my honey to the store to get more...I only had the one that Dr. Perry provided after surgery. I've randomly been taking my arnica, bromelain pills. Today I also took a vitamin d and vitamin b complex. I started my antibiotics last night too. I've been drinking, I've been drinking, I get pissy when that liquid get into me ( in my Beyoncé "Drunk in Love" voice) I PEE ALL NIGHT! lol. Since I've been awake I drank 8 ounces of Apple juice, about four bottles of water, two bottles of Vitamin water, 2 cups of unsweetened cranberry juice, and one can of coconut water. I've been eating chicken & strimp with rice and vegetables, trail mix, and Kind bars (all natural fruit and nut bars).

1 day post op pre-massage

Hi dolls. As requested I am posting my 1 day preop pictures. These pictures were taken in Dr. Perry's office before I went to get my massage. If you notice my right hip is slightly bigger than the left. Dr. Perry confirmed this. He says that it may be more swollen because that is the side that was slightly smaller preop. After he took the pics he put pressure on the area and manipulated the fat a bit. He also applied an extra pressure bandage to it. Dr. Perry says thay he took 3000 ccs out and put 2800ccs back in! I don't know exactly how much he put in each side since he did not put an even amount into the sides. Anyway I wasn't expecting to get that much put it so I hope it is not too big once the swelling goes down. Right now I think I am a bit too wide and my butt is too high but that's not unusual at this point. I probably shouldnt critique at this point but Im just saying. AlthoughI drained lots last night I was still extremely full of fluid. I went to see Mariam today and she drained a good amount, especially in my arms! The therapy was painful at times but tolerable. She didn't use a machine today well yesterday since it's after 12. I am going back to her tomorrow. Dr. Perry says that I should turn out nicely and my waist will be super tiny once my swelling goes down. I should remind you all that his garment is not as compressive so it can take longer for the swelling to dissapate especially if you don't get therapy. Mariam says the first three days are the most important because you should drain while your wounds are still open.

More pics! I went number 2 yaaay!

Here are a few more pics ladies. My measurements: waist 27 inches with swelling, butt 44. I'm starting to see the shape coming together. I'm still working on my right hip to make sure it evens out. I think I'm being a bit obsessive and will probably end up making it smaller than the left! It's not an exact science. Btw I don't know if I said this already but I decided to take a little from the inner thighs.
I had a bowel movement this morning it went smoothly. I took 3 generic colace before I went to bed last night, woke up pulled down my garment, sat a towel under my thighs and it slid right out! was almost black and it smelled like chicken lol. That's pretty much what I've been eating. I was able to clean myself up but my love had to help me get my garment over my booty. Now I'm sitting here mad because I need to go again. Anyway sorry these pics are blurry. I hastily snapped them. My garment is also kinda twisted in the pics too. Oh well its only day judging lol

Still feeling alright

I'm still feeling relatively good. I had my second treatment with Mariam today and although it was somewhat painful I definitely feel the benefits. She had me do some streching exercises in addition to the "massage" too. My back is so full of fluid still. She is going to take me shopping for another garment on Monday. I really feel comfortable with her and she talks to me and treats me like I'm her daughter. I feel a lot better about spending my last five days with her after my bf leaves. She was complementing me on how well I am recovering and I told her I think that my anasthesialogist (where the hell is my autocorrect when I need it) did a great job and I didn't have a lot of residual anesthesia after I woke up. She asked who I had (George) and mentioned that about 3 weeks ago a girl at Vanidades did not wake up from surgery! I was so saddened by that and even more grateful that I made it through. This is random but I am so tired of pooping. The first time was a relief but now I've gon like 5 times since this morning. I only took the stool softeners once and I'm hoping it's not a reaction to the antibiotics. Whatever the case I started back taking my probiotics today so hopefully that will settle my stomach. Tmi...I had to use the bathroom at Mariam's place today but I left my funnel. I only had on my paper gown in preparation for treatment so I decided to just stand over the toilet...Man! I had stuff coming out the front and back! One of her sons was in the foyer area near the bathroom so I turned on the water to disguise the sound lol. I actually ended up making a little bit of a mess but luckily I was able to clean it up. I was in there solong that Mariam came to the door to check on me! I didn't drain as much today but she said it will be better once Dr. Perry removes my tape tomorrow. I'm posting a couple of low quality pics with the tape and no garment. I took these before my second therapy session. stomach is bubbling! Ttyl

About last night...

Last night I was more uncomfortable than the previous two post op nights. I couldn't sleep well and I was feeling extra bloated. The bloat may be unrelated to the surgery. I felt better after I tried a different sleeping position. I just pushed the chair up to the bed, put my knees in the chair and leaned across the bed. That turned out to be quite comfy. Putting my heating pad across my tummy was relaxing as well. Whenever I start feeling too icky I usually feel better once I , use the bathroom, drink and/or eat something, and move around. I didn't really have much of an appetite when I woke up this morning nor yesterday morning but I make myself eat and drink. Yesterday I started my morning of with a packet of natural peanut butter and vitamin water, today I started out with a mixed nut and honey bar and cranberry juice. I like those snacks because they are calorie dense and easy for me to consume. Throughout the days I nibble on chicken breast, salad, trail mix, and low sodium tortilla chips. The tortilla chips...I just love my sweet potato tortilla chips! Mariam will begin cooking for me after I go home with her today. I'm a bit of a challenge because of my diet restrictions no beef, no pork, no wheat or gluten containing products, limited lactose containing products. I'm feeling a bit lonely right now since my love left this morning. He actually ended up missing his original 645a flight turning in my rental car. That was his fault for leaving out so late. He ran into one of his Ivorian friends that leaves here and with my encouragement he decided to go out. He ended up staying out too late and didn't want to get up on time. Poor thang he was so tired. I have an appointment with Dr. P at 12 and Mariam will pick me up from there. The center is right across the street but o have to haul all of my bags with me. That's going to suck!

Second follow up

I managed to make the short walk to the office with all of my gear. I felt a bit exhausted when I got there and I was disappointed but not surprised to see that Dr. Perry hadn't arrived. I texted him to let him know that I was waiting and he said he would be there in 15 minutes. No problem. As I was waiting I saw a car pulling up and I thought it was a staff worker until he hopped out the car and proceeded to open the back door to release a newly created big bootied vixen! I immediately started missing my honey more. Anyway she slowly walked up the steps and then tried to open the door only to find out that I was obviously a b*tch that could have warned her that no one was there! My bad...I apologized and we began chatting. She had the surgery done yesterday and she said she is so amazed and satisfied with her transformation. Anyway Dr. P finally pulled up and he immediately grabbed my bags and escorted us to the office. He took off my compression garment and tape and stated how pleased he is with my progress. He seemed very proud of himself lol. I don't know if I mentioned this already but before my surgery I read Dr. Perry the BBL poem that I wrote for him and he was super stoked and impressed lol. He asked if he could put it on his website. When I went back for my first post op follow up he was still raving about it so I decided to recite another poem for him. When he saw me today he told me how much he appreciated me sharing my poetry with him and for a moment he had gotten lost in the words and felt a bit of culture! Since he was being so sweet I decided to do one more piece. He says " You can't keep that in" " You have to get it out there" lol he is so sweet and too funny. I told him how much my dry skin was bothering me and he took the time to lotion me up with some Aveeno before he sent me on my way. Mariam was there waiting for me and she brought me back to her house. She is actually in the middle of moving so she has been running around a lot. She picked up a chicken salad for me to eat at Walmart but it was a Cobb salad so it had bacon and cheese on it. I don't do pork and I'm avoiding lactose right now. She's been so sweet and patient with me so I didn't complain I just picked out the bacon and cheese and ate what I could. I did let her know when she asked me if I ate. She apologized and asked if I wanted something else. I'm still here at the house by myself because she needed to run a few errands and I am completely fine with that. I sat on her patio for a while and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery, there is a lake behind her house :-) I'm now inside both dreading and looking forward to my therapy that I will get when she returns.

I'm tired of pooping!

I just wanted to drop in and say that I am tired of pooping. I don't know if it's from the antibiotics or not but it's not solid. I'm so done with taking this garment on and off and balancing oh so delicately on my thighs. Geesh...

I think I'm over it

Since my last updated I have only pooped once more! I think my probiotics kicked in. In the end it wasn't too bad since I only had to deal with it for less than two days...I hope I'm not claiming a premature victory! In a way I can look at my short bout of runs as a blessing. I have a history of constipation and consequential hemorrhoids and was fearful that I would suffer through that doing my recovery process.
Last night was my first post op night at Mariam's and I was quite comfortable. In fact I ended up sleeping in the same room that I stayed in my first night in Miami. Mariam is still in the process of moving and I'm not sure if we will go to the new location during my stay. I am find with it either way. In this short amount of time I have grown so fond of Mariam and I feel completely comfortable in her home even if I have to pass one of her sons as I am going to the bathroom! They're cool too :-)

I slept in a different garment last night. It's one that I have had for years and it only has light to moderate compression. I will post the pics that I took in the garment. Dr. P said right now it's more important that the garment is smooth rather than extra compressive. He said that with aggressive lipo the skin is very sensitive and subjective to damage such as garment burns, creases, and indentations. He recommends worrying about getting something sturdier after about three weeks. I must say that my post op garment is comfy but I seem to be loosing the swelling effectively with the aid of my therapy and good post op regimen. Btw when he took of my tape yesterday my stomach was pretty much completely flat and smooth. I was concerned because Mariam does the drainage massages with the tape on and she is not able to easily see bulges under the tape. I was going to ask Dr. P to leave the tape off when I went to my follow up yesterday but once he explained the benefits I decided that it was best to keep it. Dr. P says that the type is playing a more important role than the garment right now. It provides constant compression, lies flat against the skin, it doesn't crease, and moves with the body! It basically a customized garment! Like I said, I slept in a garment that provides light compression and I did not wake up with extra swelling! Dr. Perry has only been using this taping method for about 6 months and he says that he has seen a significant decrease in patient swelling. He initially used the tape on a patient whose skin was extremely stretched out and after seeing how successful it was with aiding in retracting the skin he begin using it on all his lipo patients! The tape is breathable and can be worn in the shower. It can last for several days but applying oils and/or lubricants may cause it to peel away more quickly. I mentioned that because Mariam using an oil when she does her massages but it's ok since I do a follow up every couple of days. Btw, this is surgical tape not the regular medical tape. It does not rip your skin off as it is being removed and I definitely appreciate that :-) I was thinking about getting some but Dr. P said he pays either $200 or $500 dollars for a roll...I can't remember which one. Mariam also uses it when she tapes gauze over the drain site. Maybe I can Google it. Maybe I'm just rambling lol Smooches!

Bbl photo shoot!

Hi ladies. I'm posting some pics of me playing around in my light compression garment and paper gown. I thought my gown looked couture the way it was torn lol

BBL DIY TOTAL FAIL, Measurements

So ladies. We know that we be getting mad creative when it comrs to booty preservation. Well I had a moment of genius while relaxing outside and decided that it would be a good idea to lie across Mariam's patio table and enjoy the beautiful view. I went inside and got a plastic bed cover and my pillow and put my plan into action. Everything was going well in fact I wrote my last update as I laid across that sturdy table. Then Mariam came outside to check on me and asked me to carefully climb down because she doesn't want me to get hurt. It turns out that the table wasn't so sturdy and I guess this ass was a bit too heavy cause I sho nuff busted through one of the table tiles while trying to get down...Oops. My sweet Mariam didn't get upset. She simply said "Thanks God you no get hurt!" I plan to replace the tile. Btw, my measurements this morning: waist 26.5 hips/butt 43.5.

Faja, Measurement

Recovery is still going nicely. I have been feeling some tingling/itching in my abs and booty. I went to Catherine's today and got a faja. I'm not sure if I made the right choice. I'll post a pic of it later. When I went to get my faja the guy kept saying how grande my culo is lol. He wipped out a measuring tape and decided I should get a large. I was like what about my waist! He replied that I had to get something that would fit over my hics (he meant hips) and then use the adjustable hooks to fit my waist. We finally settled on a size large. I'm sure and I hope that my butt strinks a little more. Although sometimes I feel like it's too big and my hips are a little too wide, I think that it looks very natural and I still have the same shape that I had before just a bit fuller. Plus I would always dress to hide my hip dips and tummy anyway. Basically I think I can get away with not admitting to surgery. I havent tried on my new garment yet but I hope it fits. Aside going to the store I also decided to take a nice 20 minute moderately paced walk around the neighborhood. Well it turned into 25 minute with the additional 5 minutes I spent chasing Mariam's little dog, Muyo! After I came in from my walk he was sitting at the door wagging his tail and looking all innocent. So I decided that I would let him out into the yard for a quick breath of fresh air. As soon as I let him out he headed straight across the street! Seriously perrito? So I'm briskly walking behind him like "MUYO, VAMANOS!" He wasn't even trying to hear that. I finally caught up to him when he stopped to sniff something in the grass. I scooped him up and headed back inside. Whew! Anyway (I like using anyway as a transitional word) that's about as exciting as my day got. Measurements 3/3: waist 26, hips/butt...damn it Mariam threw away my napkin that had my measurements. Oh nevermind, I had an orange covering it up... hips/butt 42. Toodles

About this morning

I woke up around 6a feeling a significant amount of pain in my sides and lower back. I haven't really been taking my pain pills except before therapy but this had me reconsidering. Anyway I got up, peed, stretched and after passing a significant amount of gas I felt a lot better. I guess the pressure from the gas was building up and didn't have anywhere to expand with this garment on. My forward tilted pelvis also contributed to the pain in my lower back. To help alleviate this I folded a pillow and placed it under my pelvis to bring it to a more neutral position. Oh before I layed back down I took some arnica pills and wrapped a long scarf around my waist for about 10 minutes (this helped to push more gas out and give me a bit of back support). I was careful not to make the width of the scarf to narrow and I centered the knot above my belly button to encourage any fluid to flow in the direction of my belly button drain.
So I got back up around 8a and experienced an amazing pooping experience. Before when the antibiotics and anesthesia was still in my system my stool was very loose, dark, and fast. This morning it was a smooth, soft but solid consistency, that came out at a steady pace in a classic doo doo green/brown color. Holy Sh*t! I couldn't marvel at it too long because that sh*t had to be flushed immediately! I mentioned in a previous post that my poop was smelling like chicken...well hunti now that things are back to normal that sh*t don't smell like anything edible lol. I apologize for the TMI but I wanted to share that with you all. Oh I was able sit directly on the toilet this time. After cleaning the seat with a clorox wipe, I put most of the pressure on my thighs and helped support myself by holding on to the sink and window sill. I have had some terrible experiences with hovering (splashing everywhere) and sitting on a towel ( I peed on the towel just about everytime :-/) I actually had a pretty messy accident a couple of nights ago. Am I the only one that went through that? Anyway I just finished breakfast...yes I talked about poop the entire time that I was eating lol. I'm about to take a walk then get cleaned up for my appointment with Dr. P. Again sorry if that was tmi ladies. But I typed all of that from my iffy phone and I'm not going to delete it! Ttyl

About yesterday

Yesterday was kind of crazy for me. Mariam has been moving into her new place and yesterday she had some "professional" movers come to move the bigger items. So anyway I'm my room on the bed doing a little cat to cow (yoga move) to stretch out my lower back and the two men mistakenly bust in on me. I'm a little shocked at first because I wasn't expecting company but at least I had my butt in garment with sports bra so everything was covered. I ain't gon lie I actually was feeling kinda sexy in that short moment ;-) but I felt embarrased after they left and I glanced in the mirror and realized that I still had on a big as diaper over my garment lol! VIXEN FAIL! Shortly after that Mariam takes me to the new place (beautiful) so that we can shower and get dressed for my appointment. I decided to take a shower using my Hibliclens since my drains are still open. It felt so good to feel that water flow over my new curves! The struggle came when I tried to remove my tape :-/ Anyway I was struggling and then I hear Mariam knocking on the door telling me to hurry because we are running late. 5 minutes later I'm still struggling with the tape on my back so I stepped out of the shower and called her in to help. So after she gets the tape off I start gathering my stuff to get dressed in my room so that she could shower. Well before I could get my stuff she strips off her clothes and said don't worry about her just go ahead and get dressed there. We just became a little closer lol. I gotta admit that I really wanted to get a good look at her naked booty because that thing is juicy lol but I didn't want to be weird! Oh, she didn't know where the soap was because of the move so I let her use my Hibs :-) FYI the way that it is set up in the new place: The patient bedroom is directly next to Mariam's room, well It's technically inside her room since there is only one entrance. Her room branches off into a gorgeous master bathroom full of mirrors with sinks on either side of the bathroom. There is a nice deep tub and there's a seperate glass shower. The toilet has it's own door. That bathroom is shared by Mariam and the patient and you have to walk through her room to get to it. That's better than walking across the house. She is setting up a separate treatment room downstairs. Oh yea the rooms are upstairs. At the old house my room was downstairs. I'm sure that if a patient can't handle stairs immediately after surgery they could stay in the downstairs treatment room for a day or two.
But back to the story. I had to use my GPS on my phone to find the new office...did I forget to mention that Dr. Perry moved offices? He moved from the Pierini center in Doral to a beautiful more private, professional, spacious office in South Miami. He has updated his RS profile with the new address. Lol I think I'm his marketing director I told him to update his RS profile and company website and I suggested that he look into videoconferencing for out of town consults and follow ups lol. I've made a few other suggestions as well and he is genuinely open to them :-) Anyway the follow up went smoothly. He removed my stitches...yaay...and re-taped me. In fact he taped me to the gods, I feel like I have on a starter corset! He asked if I wanted to leave the tape off since things were looking good but I have grown a little dependent on this tape as well as these darn diapers that I don't even need anymore lol! I'll stop wearing the diapers today. But wait...maybe they can provide a bit more cushoin for me during my plane ride? Anyway during the consult Dr. P said that I was ready for the stage and I'm thinking ", I'm the business professional from Chicago not the aspiring stripper from Atlanta" Anyway he was like I should share my poetry...oh that stage...duh! Btw...the aspiring stripper from Atlanta is a fictional character. I am in no way passing judgement on any aspiring, current, or past strippers. Make that money honey!

7 day post op pics!

Hi ladies. Today is 1 week post op do I decided to take some pics. The pics that I am posting now were taken from my phone. I took some better quality ones on my Ipad but I don't have wifi access right now due to the move. I'll post those later. The garment that I am wearing is light/moderate compression around the upper torso and the lower portion of the garment is basically like heavy pantyhose. It basically compresses similar to a thong or butt out garment but does not create that sometimes unattractive lining around the individual cheeks :-) It's quite comfy. So my friend asked me how I was going to hide my new butt at work and I told her that it wouldn't be too hard cause I always dressed to camo my insufficiencies and I added that I basically have the same shape just a little enhanced, especially since the swelling has gone down some. Well she burst my bubble promptly lol. She was "Girl, your body wasn't shaped anything like that!" Lol But I disagree. What do you ladies think?

Traveling back home

Hey hunnies. These last 36 hrs or so have not been the best for me. So Wednesday night I decided to go to sleep in a fitted tank and panties (both of my garments were being washed) since both of my garments were being washed and I had on the tape. Wtf was I thinking! I woke up in the middle of the night swollen, aching and my hands and feet were going numb. I had to get up, stretch, pee, rub, pray, curse, and then put my garment back that order lol. I woke up in the morning feeling a bit better. Oh yea, I had also been having a slight headache for the better part of Wednesday resulting from constipation. I took some stool softeners that afternoon and finally was able to go this morning (Friday). A little after I awoke on Thursday Mariam called me down to eat my eggs. All the other times my eggs had been on point but this time, my last meal with Mariam they were slightly burnt. She looked lovingly at me eat and asked how they were and like a good child I said "Good". I could have easily demanded new eggs, after all I paid $200/day to be taken care of. However, I witnessed the stress that Mariam had gone through this week while renewing her licenses, moving, taking care of a household, and taking care of me and I am a very understanding and compassionate person. I honestly don't know how she held it all together. Oh yea she is quite dramatic ...sometimes I felt like I was living in a Spanish soap opera lol. After I finished my eggs, ate my fruit and drank my hot ginger drink that she prepared I went upstairs to shower and get ready for my final treatment. I decided to take the tape off so that I could get my last treatment without it. I showered and waited for Mariam. hurt so bad and it only lasted like 20 minutes. I originally wasn't suppose to get therapy yesterday but she missed my treatment on Tuesday night when we moved. To Mariam's defense I decided to stay with her at the last minute and I was aware that she would be moving during my stay. Anyway after my treatment Mariam and I headed to the old clinic. Norma met me there and took me to the new clinic for my final appointment. This is a favor that the two ladies did for me so that I wouldn't have to pay for a cab. FYI, if you stay with Mariam your last morning does not include transportation. That kinda sucks. Oh so on the way to the old clinic Mariam's practically brand new truck starts overheating! We made it to the clinic but she was still there with her son trying to get it started when Norma and I left. It needed coolant but I think she may have gone too long with it being low so even after it was filled it didn't start back up. Anyway I told her that that was the problem then a guy from the clinic came out and confirmed. I felt bad for her because she was already running late to take her test and her teacher thought she was making up excuses. She has had the worst week. Oh yea and right before we left out the house yesterday morning, the lights went out. Turns out that they didn't switch it over to Mariam's name. Que problemas! To be continued...

Traveling back home part 2

I arrived at Dr. Perry's office around 12:30. I was there early because I caught a ride with Norma. Dr. Perry came in around 1:45 and Norma called the cab to pick me up. Well Dr. Perry took a look at everything, took pictures and showed me how to use a form roller. He wanted me to practice in the office but I was just toooo sore having removed that tape and enduring Mariam. He again complemented me on my poetry and asked if he could record me doing Please Make Me A Dime! I respectfully declined lol. I did however recite another poem that he said gave him goosebumps as he urged me to "get it out there, people need to hear this" Please Make ....was something playful but some of my other pieces are more thought provoking and well written. I ended up recording a short interview since I wouldn't record the poem but I did tell him that I would record it later and send it to him, I would like to clean it up a bit. Anyway after that he escorted me back to the reception area where a young lady was standing. He introduced us and she asked how i was feeling. I wait for my cab and time is ticking away. Norma calls back and they tell her that there are no cabs in the area when they originally told her 15-20 minutes! Well Dr. P and Norma are getting worried and so am I since it is now about 2:30 and my flight is at 3:30p. Dr. P considers taking me himself but them Norma reminds him that there is a patient on the way. Finally the young lady volunteers to take me. Turns out that she was Nadedge from NaNa's Recovery Care Service! Dr. P gave her some money to cover gas (so sweet of him) and off we went. Mad edge was cool and we chatted on the way to the airport. We arrived at the terminal around 2:50p. She helped me get out and get my bags and out of appreciation I gave her a $20 tip. She was thankful and told me to call her if I had questions about anything. I think I'm doing okay on time since I checked in on my phone and I only had carry on luggage but when I got to the security check point I realized otherwise. Luckily I looked at the screen and noticed that my flight had been delayed 15 minutes so I kept hope alive. I finally made it through security and rushed toward my gate. I was power walking to the best of my ability then noticed that I had gone a little to far and had to turn around and go up the escalators to get to the train to take me to my gate. As I was riding up the escalator the maintenance worker was on his way down and he informed me that the train was out of service and I would have to walk to my gate! I'm pissed because I had to go back in the direction that I had turned back from. Anyway I continue my voyage to my gate and see on the screen that the flight was delayed for another 10 minutes (thank you Jesus)! I finally make it to the gate and I am the last passenger to board. I get to my seat and sat on my rolled up towel, put my coat behind my back and anxiously wait for take off. Of course not....the pilot announced that there were some technical problems and we would have to wait until they could be resolved. We ended up waiting about 30 minutes before we actually took off. I stood as much as I could I told the lady sitting next to me that I had surgery and couldn't sit for long periods of time. I can tell she wanted to ask what type of surgery I had. She said "you live in Chicago and had surgery in Miami" I said yep and left it at that. I think I spent about 3 1/2 hours on the plan and the seatbelt sign was on practically the whole time. I went to the restroom once and I stood in front of my seat a few times. My booty didn't hurt but I'm worried that I've lost some volume :-( After I arrived in Chicago I got on the train that goes to my neighborhood. I stood on the train the whole time so for about a hour. I called my friend ( not my boyfriend who lives way across the city) to pick me up at one of the earlier stops because I was feeling a bit light headed and very sore. Originally he was going to pick me up from the airport but my arrival time would have put him in rush hour traffic plus he wouldn't have gotten there in time since he was coming after work. Had I known my flight was going to be so delayed I could have still had him pick me up from the airport. Anyway he met me at my stop, took me home and helped me take my bags up the stairs....and then there was no one! To be continued

Home Alone...Is time running out?

After I got home and my adrenaline stopped rushing from my hectic day I realized that I was really in pain. I was also tired and hungry. All I had to eat was my burnt eggs, orange, ginger drink from breakfast, a few tortilla chips, and a ginger ale from the plane. I was feeling desperate I needed to eat so that I could take a pain pill plus I needed to feed my ass! I opened my refrigerator to slim pickings then I considered breaking it off with my bf. Wtf wasn't he there for me? I know he is still dealing with some family issues and I have tried to be as little of a burden on him as possible but damn I need a little more support. I thought about ordering food but I have such a limited diet, it was after 9, and everything is so salty seems like. Anyway I opened my freezer that I keep stocked with some type of seafood and I had crab legs, lobster tails, and a rack of lamb. I really didn't feel like cooking nor waiting for anything to defrost but I didn't have a choice. I'm in survival mode. I decided that the crab legs would be the quickest so I ran them under the water and took some plain rice out of the cupboard. I put the rice on them I quickly sprinkled my crab legs in garlic powder and a lil red pepper flacks since I can't use my normal sodium filled seafood seasoning. I through the crab legs in the broiler and set the timer for 15 min. While I was waiting I put my sole can of pineapples in the fridge so that I could have them today and I took out a small plastic container of pineapples that I had in the fridge. Pineapples that I forgot to discard before I left for my trip. Pineapples that I had taken to work for lunch but had not eaten. Pineapples that sat out all day before I returned them to the fridge. Hmmm...pineapples are grown outside so it doesn't matter that I left them out....the ones in the can aren't refrigerated...let me see what they smell like. Smells ok...I'm eating them! I finished my few pineapple chunks then quickly took a Tylenol 3. After that I took my crab legs out the broiler and cut the cooking time on my rice cause I couldn't wait anymore. I ain't my crab legs and some of my half cooked rice and I went to sleep. Somewhere during all this stuff I did an ass check and came to the conclusion that I no longer have a donk but my butt is bigger and fuller. That's fine with me cause I didn't want a donk. I'm more concerned that my right hip is still slightly fuller up top but less full than the left in the hip dent area. I also think that from the from I am looking a bit squarish. That made me wonder if my time was running out on my hourglass figure? I'm trying not to get too discouraged because Dr. P thinks it will even out and I have seen squarish hips turn into beautiful curves. In fact I felt better after I looked at SweetLady's transformation pics again. It looks like she went through a squarish phased but she is bangin! I need to be patient, it's still so early. I woke up this morning and had the same feelings about my body as I had last night. I put back on my garment from Dr. Perry and I made some alterations. I made the butt opening much bigger (now this garment is in my crack and irritating me). I stuffed a folded wash cloth on the right side of my hip in hopes that the extra compression will ease the swelling on that side. I have a pear shaped ab board but I don't know how to use it. Does the padded side go against the skin? Does the more narrow part go up top or down the bottom. I know at least one doll talked about this particularly shaped board but I can't remember who. Help! I also need something to compress my lower back but not necessarily a triangle board since I don't have a shelf. I need another stage one garment since I'm not quite ready for my faja. I'm feeling a little better now. I ate my pineapples and I'm about to eat the leftover crab legs and rice. I might walk to the convenience store to pick up a few items later. My bf is coming over tomorrow morning so that we can go shopping and he'll spend the weekend with me.


Hi dolls. At Mrs. New Bootay's request, I am posting new pics. These pics were taken last night after my flight. The quality isn't that great because I took them in a hallway. Unfortunately the only full length mirror in my house is attached to my closet door in the hallway and that causes many shadows. I might purchase another mirror in the future.

Lonely weekend

Hey dolls. Today is my last day of relaxation before I start work tomorrow :-(. This weekend hasn't been the best for me as I have been all alone and unable to get some of the things I need. My now EX boyfriend came over yesterday morning and we were suppose to go shopping but we got into it and I asked him to leave. Anyway I've made do with what I have around the house and I ordered some food from the Asian restaurant down the street.

I tried a few things to get the compression that I need in my torso. I started out wearing a sqeemish type vest but it was too long and I didn't like the way it was digging in above my hips. I tried to cut it but the wires were too thick. I then got my abdominal binder that I had rendered useless when I received it in the mail. I gave it a try and it was also too long. It's really challenging trying to find something that will compress my waist without digging into my hips since I have such a short torso (long legs don't care). The binder comes with three velcro straps and I decided to cut one off...fits perfectly. I'm still trying to find out the best way to apply extra pressure to my lower abdomen with squishing my butt and hips. Right now I am using an icepack off and on in that area. I put on a pair of stretchy tight shorts and place the icepack in the shorts. It comes with microfiber cover too that has a strap so it would stay in place without the shorts. I leave the icepack on at night even when it Is no longer cold because it still provides compression when I am sleeping on my stomach. I have down this for the last two nights and have awaken wit a flat tummy.

Speaking of sleeping on my tummy...I'm soooo tired of it now. Ive been alternating between lying on my couch and kneeling on my knees folded across my couch (this position helps to relieve pressure of my back) I switch positions everytime I get up to use the bathroom. Last night I added a third position into my rotation...on my back! I pushed my two plush but firm chairs close together but left enough space for my booty to hang out. I then laid my body pillow across the chair where my back would be to soften the pressure from having my butt hanging. I love it! It was a little uncomfortable getting unto at firsf because my lower back and sides are super sore but once I got settled in it was quite comfortable and refreshing. I will post pics of that along wit my ice pack and abdominal binder in the following post.

Pics from above post

Video of my booty teehee ;-)

Back to work

Today was my first day back to work. I drove myself and I spent a total of about 45 minutes in the car today counting to and from work with a short detour to Walmart. I work in an office environment that is very email, phone call, and meeting heavy however my day is usually very flexible. I share an office with one coworker and he immediately noticed that my butt looked bigger! He knew about the lipo so I told him that my butt looked bigger because my waist is smaller and my back fat is gone. I think I convinced him. My butt looked even bigger today because I wore my butt lift on top of my garment because I wanted the compression for my lower tummy and hip area. Work wasn't too bad today I did quite a bit of walking around. I sat down for a total of about 5 hours off and on today out of my 8.5 hr work day. I put a lumbar support cushion under my thighs and leaned most of my weight forward. I hope my booty can handle this 5 days a week!

Possible Office Solutions

Cute shirts to wear to gym after bbl!

First week of work First Massage. Ab board?

I made it through my first week of work! I am solo glad that the weekend is here. I have been struggling all week trying to find clothes to wear to work. I don't think my butt looks much bigger than bigger however I can't fit most of my work pants ( nor my other pants for that matter) and the ones that I can squeeze into fit in a way that is quite inappropriate for work. Not to be nasty but today I had a ferocious camel toe because my dress slacks were anything but slack. Luckily my shirt was long enough to cover it. I'm liking my results so far, I'm just hoping that my upper hips slim down a bit. I feel like that would look better on my frame because of my short torso. I had my first massage at Massage Envy on Wednesday. It was a combination of deep tissue and light pressure lymphatic drainage massage. It went pretty well. The only thing is she didn't touch my abs at all. I think she was as nervous as I was about putting pressure on my butt. I had rolled up sheets placed under my back and legs but I still felt pressure on my booty. I will take my own cushion when I go for my massage Monday. I was going to go a couple of times a week but I change my mind and I think I will go just one time a week. I have started developing scar tissue in my inner thighs so I will work on smoothing that out. My garments are really loose now. I've been wearing my abdominal binder and that helps but my lower stomach isn't getting much compression and it is a bit swollen. Next week I will start wearing my I received my lipo foam. I just stuffed this pear shaped ab board in my garment but I don't know if I have it on properly. I have the wide part on the bottom and the soft side against my that the correct way to wear it? Anyway, I'm hoping that will help with the swelling until I start wearing my faja. My compression game has been super wack but I'ma get together. I'll post new pics in a few days. Right now I'm bloated and extra swollen and not in the mood for pics...Aunt Flo is hear visiting right now :-/

About week three...

Hey babes! I'm so excited that I have made it to week three! Recovery is still going pretty well. I am walking at my normal pace more and I'm not that sore anymore. My booty has soften up more and sometimes I think I've lost volume since my last update but my measurements are still the same. I've been sitting a lot at work but I use my lumbar roll so most of my weight is on my thighs. I'm not as nervous as I was the first week I returned to work. Damn...I thought it was Friday for a second! Lol...I still got one more day til the weekend :-/ I am still struggling trying to find pants to wear to work. I have my sweater dresses but I feel like I look so fat and lumpy with my foam on. I've been pretty much staying in my office as much as possible. Today I wore a pair of dress pants with the zipper undone all day! I just wore a long cami on top and layered it with a sweater! So I got my second massage here on Monday and it was pretty good. She worked on breaking up some of my scar tissue. I seem to be developing a lot more scar tissue on my right arm. I can tell because it's starting to feel tighter and it more uncomfortable when I stretch. I plan on trying castor oil packs on my scar tissue areas in the near future. I don't know if you ladies have heard of that but it's worth looking into. Back to my massage...she massaged my abs this time but she did it through the blanket smh. Oh well, I still think she did a great job and my massages with her feel therapeutic with minimal pain, probably because I'm not that sore anymore. It's funny because I was bragging to her about being a Vet because I had the surgery and I told her that I was just as proud as I am about being a war Vet of the Armed Services (Army baby!)...I really am :-). Anyway, like many Vets I've had days where I like my results more than other days but overall I am really pleased with my results! I have more to say but I'm tired of typing so I'll just add my pics now and pics. Btw I am kinda bloated in these pics I haven't been eating as good as I should and I'm just getting over my period goes. Oh, I do want to say that the jeans that I tried on were a bit too tight I actually broke the zipper and probably killed about 20 ccs of fat squeezing them on lol. Also the dress is kinda big on my waist so there is a gap where the holes are. One more can see my scars pretty well. Im having a hard time keeping the scar guard on. I will post a video some time soon. Oh yea... I haven't really been itching that much throughout my healing process only here and there. Ok now I'm finished! Enjoy :-)

3 week post op video!

I posted a video of my results so far. I recorded the audio three different times and I couldn't figure out how to remove it so you will hear me talking over myself lol. Oh well..

5.5 wks Post Op

LADIES! It's been a couple of weeks since I have updated but things are still going pretty well. My scar tissue is pretty much gone but I still have some swelling. FYI I still have not been super strict with my garment regiment. Up until last night I'd been wearing light to moderate compressive shape wear with my abdominal binder on top. I've also been wearing foam inside my garment to help smooth things out and add a bit more compression. Just before 5 wks I stopped wearing the foam while I was at work or out and about because I was tired of looking so frumpy. I'm happy to report that since removing the foam I can now fit several pairs of my dress slacks and I can sit relatively comfortably with them zipped and buttoned! Lol it was about time because a couple of weeks ago I found myself in the hallway with my pants unzipped and I did not have my shirt pulled down to cover it. I had unzipped them because I wanted to release some pressure while I was sitting at my desk but I forgot to "tighten up" before I left my office. I actually did this about three times smh! Anyway, I'm so excited that I don't have to get a whole new wadrobe. I mean it makes sense to me that I would be able to squeeze back into my slacks (the ones that have a little stretch) since I have a high waist (this a good portion of my tummy takes up space in my pants as well) and my stomach was significantly flattened and while my booty is definitely fuller it wasn't dramatically enlarged (I don't think). I will say that it has not gone unnoticed. I used to walk around the hospital where I work for exercise sometimes and I recently started back up. This past week I was walking with a coworker and she kept telling me how nice my "ass is" She said I looked like Kim Kardashian with my tiny waist and nice butt lol. I didn't think my shape was really showing with the clothing that I had on. Depending on what I'm wearing you can't really see my tiny waist because of my short torso. Most of my tops fall at or below my hips so unless I cinch my waist with a belt or wear a tight shirt, this 25 inches is easily missed. My coworker is aware that I had lipo but not fat grafting. She think my butt is more pronounced because of my waist. Also, I was talking to my ex sister in law yesterday and when I turned around she was like "DAAAMN"! Me: What? Sis: Nothing....You got on one of them butt pads or something? Me: Huh? Sis: Nevermind. When I was leaving she finally burst out with "You butt is getting huge." Of course I played dumb. Me: No it's not...maybe a's probably the pants... I guess I'm just filling out...I'm getting older. Sis: But it doesn't look like anything else is any bigger? I stuck to my story lol. I play stupid and act a little concern when people that I know say something about my butt lol. I be like " Really? It's not getting too big is it? I think it's just because my waist is smaller" On the inside I'm like "Great! You noticed" Lol I'm sorry I'm all over the place with this update. Sooo my garment regimen. Wait...Ima post this now before it erases then start a continuation...

5.5 wks post op continued from above

Ok, I'm back. Does anyone else get extra nervous during the short time between when you Save Changes and when you see that it actually posted in it's entirety? Anyway, for the past week and a half I've been wearing the MiracleSuit #2781. I paid $64 at Macy's and I looove it. It is very similar to the garment that I had been wearing (not the one from Dr. P) but it offers a bit more compression and the legs don't roll up (hardly). I have that one and I also have a strapless version. Last night I finally squeezed into my my Faja Diseno de Prada! It was all in getting the inseams lined up properly. I would have fit into it sooner had I done that from the get go smh. It fits snugly on my butt and hips but not too tight and of course it's kinda loose in the waist. I added foam inside and put my abdominal binder on top. My abdominal binder is probably on its last leg lol. Soon I plan to order a steel boned waist clincher (I said c-i-n-c-h-e-r spellcheck! I know wth I meant to say and wth are you when I actually need you like when I'm trying to spell a complicated word?) This faja is really comfortable and I will probably alternate between this and my Miraclesuits. The Miraclesuits are less noticeable under clothing.

I've been getting massages twice a week and I really enjoy them. My masseuse was on vacation last week and I tried too other ladies. They both were really good but did not use any lymphatic drainage techniques. I decided that I will continue to go to my main masseuse on Sundays or Mondays and alternate between the other two on Wednesdays. I will properly do this for about 3 more weeks and then I will start reducing the frequency to only once or twice a month. I plan to continue to get at least one massage a month just because I deserve it!

How do I feel about my results? It really depends on when you ask my lol. Let me just say I am happy with my results but sometimes I am feeling myself a little more than others. I will admit that every time I take a shower I get the bath mat wet because I leave the shower curtain pulled back so I can look at myself in the mirror! I love to see the water dripping all over my juicy lol. I think I will really be happy once swelling subsides and after I get back in the gym. I don't know if I said this before but my bottom left check is slightly fuller while my right hip is slightly fuller. Will I need this corrected? Idk. Some asymmetry is natural as evident by my bigger right my booty was already lopsided. I won't make any final decisions for another couple of's still early. I really don't want to do a touch-up. If I did do a touch up I would actually remove a little fat from both of my upper hips. Now I know you ladies LOVE y'all some hips but I think my short torso will look a little leaner with that adjustments. Like I said I'm still swelling so it may work itself out. For now I have just been deeply massaging them and encouraging the fat to migrate south lol. I have also looked into fat freezing as an option to slightly reduce them...I'll speak more on that later. As a matter of fact I'll speak more on everything else later too. This is getting too long. I'll post pics and a video. Smooches babes!

5.5 weeks post op pics and vids

I've been trying to go at least one day without eating something that I shouldn't so that I could minimizes swelling and bloat but I'm out of control lol oh I forgot to mention a few things. My butt is mostly soft but quite firm. Some of my cellulite is returning but it's not too bad. My bottom right cheek is just a bit sore. I have been doing all kinds of sitting with and without my lumbar roll or yoga mat. I returned my Boppy to the store just didn't work for me. I hope you enjoy the video :-)

Packing List

Hello Ladies. I have received several requests to inbox my packing list so I decided to just post it. I didn't post it before because there are already so many packing list already posted. Please note that this is a packing list for someone with open drains (no drain tubes). I hope this is helpful.
Before surgery:
Iron-to increase hemoglobin
Vitamin c-overall health and increase absorbtion of iron.
Vitamin B complex
After surgery
Vitamin c
Vitamin b complex?
Bromelain pills-to reduce swelling
Arnica pills-temporarily reduces pain swelling and bruising from surgery (I'm not sure if it works)
Arnica gel-same purpose as pill but topical
Benedryl gel-to relieve itching
Extra large adult diapers- to help soak up some of the fluid drainage (depending on how early you early in advance you arrive to Miami, you can purchase these to avoid taking up space in your luggage.
X-large chux- to lay across bed to avoid messing up the sheets. (10-12 should be enough. You can use a sheet protector or shower curtain liner as well. Fyi I still ended up messing up some sheets. I didn't have a sheet protector.
Thermometer-to monitor for fever.
Xtra stage 1 garment-to wear while the other is being washed.
Hibleclins-used to shower the night before and morning of surgery (a small bottle should be fine.
Slip on shoes
Stool softener
Funnel from Walmart-to use restroom standing up (cheaper and more effective than female urinal)
Heating pad-optional (I would lay on it to make me feel warm and relaxed)
Personal toiletries
3 or 4 maxi dresses-
Light sweater or jacket
Item of choice to sat on during plane ride home. I used a rolled up towel.

Almost 10 weeks!

Wassup! I have been a bad Vet lately. I haven't posted an update in a while...sorry. Everything is still going ok. I am still doing weekly massages but I might reduce it to every other week soon. I'm still swelling in my stomach and back but I hardly ever wear a compression garment. I was just sick of it. The swelling is going to subside on its own eventually with or without the garment. I think it's more important in the beginning to wear a garment rather than later in the recovery process. My arms still feel kind of weird. Sometimes it seems like I started going backward in my recovery. My arms were feeling normal for a while then they started back feeling numb. I am also experiencing more swelling in my abs and back-this is probably due to my poor food choices that have been full of salt. I haven't been talking bromelain since about 3 weeks post op I think. I might start back taking those. I have began working out and I feel so much better. I've been working out about 2 weeks now. I mostly focus on weight training. I'm soooo tired but I really wanted to do an update. I will write more later. Oh I am no longer taking any steps to protect the booty. I think she looking pretty good although I went through about a two week phase where I was unhappy with my results. It happens. I don't know if I have fluffed or what but she started looking better to me a few days ago! As of now I am happy with my booty though I do think it could have been just a bit fuller especially on top. I will report that pretty much all of the cellulite that I had pre-surgery has returned but I'm ok with that (Nelly Celly!) I'm falling asleep so I will post some pics now. I will continue this update later. Good night dolls :-)

9.5 weeks post op pics

These pics were taken today. No garments. Some swelling and bloat.

3 Month Post Op

Ok ladies I am finally 3 months post op yay! I have to say this booty milestone is bittersweet. Let me just say that this update is going to be all over the place as usual so bear wit me Luvs. So early on I mentioned so areas of concern that may need to be addressed, mainly my upper hips. I felt like my upper hips were to wide for my short torso and also they are a bit asymmetric. I expressed the asymmetry to Dr. P after surgery and he said that it may be due to swelling. I decided to wait until I hit three months to make any real judgement and though I still have swelling I'm pretty sure that they will still be uneven once the swelling completely subsides. Bomber! Anyway regarding the hips in certain things they look very "come hither" and sultry but not so great in others. For instance, I can't wear tight pants and crop tops because my upper hips look like nasty love handles and in certain clothes I look squarish and too wide for my liking. I don't like looking too wide because I think it makes my slightly knocked knees and unproportionately skinny lower legs look awkward. As much as I hate the thought of getting more work done I think ultimately I will. I'm a little disappointed because I never wanted anything added to my upper hips I only wanted the dents removed. So now I'm like I have to get something sucked out that wasn't there before! Bomber! But I couldn't get too upset with Dr. P because after looking at my before pics again I realized how ill shaped I had become. I have a looong and high behind lol and it was also lopsided lol. The pics that Dr. P took in his office look waaay worse than the before pics that I took with my phone. Grossness...I will post a couple of his pics. My Perry dolls please be careful with the hips and make sure you clearly explain what you want and don't want. I told Dr. P before surgery that I wanted. To get rid of my love handles and upper hips and just fill in the dents atop my outer thighs. He replied that he thought that that would look crazy so in the end I think I basically agreed to the hips. I probably should have just stood my ground or maybe did a better job explaining what I wanted. After all the pic that I saved after researching I didn't have a torso/tummy pic in my phone to show him. Anyway, I recorded a video that I will send to Dr. Perry explaining the corrections that I would like. I will send it to him today or tomorrow and see how much he quotes me. Oh I forgot to mention there is a portion of my right butt cheek that needs to be rounded out a bit but I can live with that. Quite frankly I think both my butt checks can be filled in a bit more to round them out but the right cheek more. It's crazy because I had more put into the right than the left but after surgery he told me he had about 200 ccs of fat left but my cheek starting getting the fat back out. Ok so I want a quote for just the hip lipo and maybe a little lower ab (really a little I don't want to go too flat) and a quote for if I get just the right cheek filled in and if I get both cheeks filled in. I am also considering getting a quote from the infamous upside down heart master Dr. Schulman. He is the mastermind behind (pun intend teehee) Her Royal Thickness Booty4Real's and several other lovely ladies' beautiful booties. During my search he and Dr. Perry were my top choices but for some reason I thought he used drains and I just didn't and still don't want drains. A little of the subject...when I first started my journey I noticed Dr. Jimerson's popularity so I was like I want the best! I called the office and expressed my interest so I was given a date to join the online teleconference where they talk about the procedure, show examples and in the end give you an opportunity to book a consultation. It's $50 for online consultation. I paid for the consultation however I have not received a phone call to this date to schedule the consult. I received an initial email telling me to provide some info I did and I never was contacted. I tried for several weeks to reach my patient coordinator by phone and email to no avail. I finally gave up and somewhat forgot about it. As I was waiting I started seeing more complaints regarding communication issues, Dr. J's alleged arrogance and patient neglect after surgery so I no longer wanted to go to him. Plus he uses drains. I need to call to get my money back it's been about 9 months since I paid! I have more to say but I'm going to end this update for now because it's getting long. I will post a nasty before pic too. Yuckitty yuck.

Gross before pics

Please read the above update. Here are my gross before pics of my long lopsided booty lol. My dents were really deep too. I needed a lot of filling in. I still need a lil more.

Revision or not this body is a problem!

Hi babes. So I recently discussed my desire to get a revision. I sent an email to Dr. Perry but I've not yet heard back from him. The more I think about it the more I am leaning toward just getting additional lipo and leaving the booty alone. As I mentioned I really want to slim down and smooth out my upper hips. I wouldn't mind doing my upper thighs (aka hips) just a little bit too but I'm scared The doc will remove to much or maybe my cellulite will increase. If I do choose to get just lipo I would like to stay in the Chicago area. So far I am considering Dr. David Ross. I will probably schedule an consult in a few weeks. I have to say that even though my body is still not quite where I want it to be, it is definitely still getting plenty of attention. One of my co-workers nicknamed me the neck breaker lol. He said that men be bout breaking their necks to look at me! Now every time I see him he says "Ouch my neck!" Anyway on a slightly different note my booty has gotten me into a bit of trouble. Well not just the booty but she definitely was the ringleader. So today I was scheduled to have my cable and internet connected through a new provider. My boyfriend spent the night and when I woke up I asked him to get up so that I could make the bed and tidy up a bit. Anyway he moved from the bed to the living room sofa and went back to sleep smh. I quickly tidied up showered and got dress just in time for the cable guy to arrive. We introduced ourselves and he went to work trying to find a "cable drop" He was having trouble finding a drop so I went into "Above and Beyond" mode. This just means I was being extra sweet and attentive and just a bit pouty. He said that there currently wasn't a line and usually this job is handled by calling a contracted company to come out and the typically take 10 days. Well my baby loves soccer and the World Cup is going on all month and I really wanted him to be able to enjoy it. I told him I was said that He couldn't get a connection but I understand. He was like I don't want you to be sad. I'll see what I can do. Ladies I had this man up and down the stairs, climbing in and out the window and walking on the roof to get me hooked up lol. I offered to help him run the line (I knew he would refuse but it was sooo sweet and cute of me to offer lmMANIPULATIVEao!) While he was busy I whispered to my sleeping beau that I was "flirting" a little bit to make sure the cable was installed today. He didn't say anything at the time. I was really just teasing my boyfriend and being playful. I wasn't really flirting...I was just being extra sweet and giggly. Well cable guy went out to the truck to get something and my bf got up and started talking crazy. He was like you are so disrespectful. You ain't got to do all that to get some cable. It's his job blah blah blah. I'm like umm no it's not he was suppose to but in a request for another company to come out and run a line and then be on his merry way. He accused me of trying to hide his stuff to make it look like he doesn't live here! Ummm for don't live here dude...for two...I moved your stuff when I was cleaning way before the cable guy came. I like my house nice and tidy whenever someone else is coming over nobody who it is. That doesn't even make good sense for me to hide his things in the bedroom when he lying on the couch in plain sight! Well at least I thought he was in plain sight. Anyway he got super mad and left and I haven't talked to him since this morning. The cable guy had came back in and I know he overheard us arguing so I told him what happened. He was like well it's a good thing he said something cause I was sure going to ask you out. I said "wit my bf on the couch?" Turns out that he hadn't even seen my bf the whole time. Granted he was connecting the cable in my second living room but we had went into the other living room while we were looking for a drop. I had even briefly climbed on the couch where my bf was while I was trying to reach an outlet. I said how you miss a whole person lying on the couch. He replied "Have you seen yourself!" I said but I told you that he was sleeping on the couch when we walked in. He said to him I sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher lol. He said once I opened the door he was just mesmerized for a while! Anyway went on expressing his appreciation for my appearance and I thanked him for hooking me up. He also upgraded me to the wireless modem at no extra charge. He ended up trying to set up a date with me but I politely declined although he was cute. I don't think I did anything wrong and I am so pissed at my bf for acting the way he did. I feel like so what if I smiled a little harder and talked a little softer. I did that for him. I didnt even really care about getting cable and it's not like I was touching him or saying anything ridiculous. Craziness. Was I wrong ladies?


Pics from today!

Cropped pics

Disclaimer: I've been eating really crappy and I still have swelling!

More Revision Talk

I'm a bit anxious about asking my doctor to clear me for surgery again. I mean how do I explain that I want to get more lipo without seeming obsessed. She already thought that I wasn't big enough to consider lipo for weight loss. And speaking of weight loss. I still weight about the same amount that I was weighing before surgery since just about all the fat that was taken out was injected back do I explain that I got lipo but I didn't experience any weight loss? In fact the last time that I went to the doctor the scale was off so it read that I weighed about 10 lbs less than what I actually weighed. So how do I explain that I "gained" like 10lbs within months of getting lipo? Yikes. I still haven't heard back from Dr. Perry yet but I will try to call during the week. I checked my YouTube page and my revision video doesn't have any views so that means he hasn't even looked at the video yet! I don't know if this is because he didn't even see the email or if he just didn't care to look. I'm hoping he just maybe missed it. Honestly I don't think I'm going to go to him for my revision but I want his opinion. Since I already have my foundation and I may not touch my butt, I think it would be much more convenient and possibly less expensive if I just stayed here in the Chicago area. I mentioned that I was considering Dr. David Ross before but I am also now considering Dr. David Shifrin thanks to RS sister Midwest needass2. I think I considered them both before for the initial surgery but decided to go with Dr. Perry since he had more reviews and pics. I will start scheduling consults for my revision in soon. I would like to do my consults sometime after my 4 month mark which is fast approaching! I will keep you ladies posted. Btw Happy Father's Day to all the single parent mothers all there! Smooches


Ladies I am 4 months post op and today I will officially say that I am unhappy with my results! I hate my hips and back fat. I think my dissatisfaction is amplified by the fat that I have gained a few pounds and it seems to have gone to my fat rolls and hips but definitely not to my a$$. I'm PMSing too. Btw Dr. Perry still has not returned my call. I may post some unflattering pics latter. Do I look bad? No. But did I get the results I wanted? NO! I'm upset right now ladies :-(

Keep calm and get a revision!

Ok ladies. I've been MIA but I have a quick update. I am now 5 months post op! This month (June 29-July 28) I observed Ramadan with my boyfriend which meant no eating or drinking ANYTHING from sunrise (around 5:30a) to sunset (around 8:30p). I lost about 8 lbs during the time that I fasted even though I quit a couple of days early. I'm not Muslim but I just did the fast to support my husb....I mean boyfriend! I decided to quit early because we were abstaining from sex too but my bf couldn't help himself and we ended up having sex on day 27! After that I was like if he can't be strong and stick it out for his own religion, I am done. Anyway let me get back on track. So I lost about 8lbs but I found about 4 them already lol. I noticed that when I was losing weight it was coming mostly from my upper hips and I was liking my shape a bit better. Of course as I gained the weight back it went right back to my upper hips :-(. I also think I might be gaining a little weight in my face. Both my mom and dad said that my face is getting fat and they asked me if they had a grand baby on the way...Nope. Maybe my face is one of the places I will gain weight more quickly now? I mentioned in my last post that I would upload some unflattering pics of my body. I took these a few weeks ago but I still look pretty much the same. Not all of the pics are unflattering but some definitely show the areas that I am concerned about. I really want to point out the chunk of booty meat that seems to be missing from my cheeks. I look so much better when I wear shape wear because it smooths out my hips and I look pretty good in my clothes if I do say so myself :-) but there is plenty of room for improvement. Btw I spoke with Dr. Schulman today about my revision. I plan to start a second review to document my round 2. I have to find out how to add the link to my new review. Oh yea...congrats to all the new dolls that have crossed over!

I woke up like this!

I was feeling myself when I woke up this morning, bloat and all. I may be going for a revision but my beautiful sissy poohs Booty4Real and Sexeeangel told me to enjoy what I have!

BBL Part 2 Review

To read my BBL Part 2 review, please click here.

Dr. Perry for Round 2

I have started a second review but I wanted to post this on this review since it pertains to Dr. P and my first surgery. Ok let me say that I think that I may have been a bit too critical of my results. After looking at my discussing preop pics again from all angles I re-realized that Dr. P really had his work cut out for him. I do still think that less fat should have been put into my hips. Well, I have since spoken with Dr. Perry and I am considering going back to him. He apologized for not getting back to me and said that he had been having trouble with spam to his email account. Anyway we talked for about 20 minutes and he expressed his concerns about my revision. He told me to make sure that I really explain what I want to the doctor and he wants me to understand that one of my hip bones is higher than the other and one butt check is longer. He did admit that he thinks I can have some improvement if I remove some fat from the hips but he cautioned me not to remove too much or he thinks it wouldn't look good. He also said that my right butt cheek (smaller) should be able to handle more fat now so hopefully I can get it more even. I really don't know if I should go back to him or give Dr. Schulman a shot. I'm really anxious about going to NY because it's so busy. The hotels that I'm considering charge for parking and I just feel like I would end up spending so much more. I feel more comfortable going back to Miami cause I feel like I know what to expect. I am a bit concerned that Dr. P may not get all my back fat but maybe he will focus more on that since I'm not going to do the arms and abs this time. Actually, I'm not sure about the abs I have to see if it will make a difference in the price. Speaking of that, I still didn't get a quote from Dr. P. When we spoke I told him that I was researching other docs and I was meaning to ask him how much he would charge but I was distracted by my hot Portillo's fries that were patiently waiting to be devoured lol. Anyway, I requested my operative report and Norma faxed it to me at work. I told her to call me before she faxed it so I can post up at the fax machine to make sure that no one else saw it! I'm going to email my preop pics (he already has post op pics) and my operative report to Dr. Schulman and hopefully he will provide some additional feedback before I schedule my surgery. I need to make a decision fast before the prices go up. I'm posting some pics of me post weight gain. I need to get in the gym ASAP! Pics are a bit blurry sorry.

First Visit Home

Hi dolls. So I went to visit my family who lives in a different state last weekend. This is my first time seeing them since my surgery. These are some of the responses I received.
1. 9 yr old girl cousin- Dang! You got some big cakes! (She was cake blocking whenever she was with me she would wrap herself around my butt or pull my shirt down lol).
2. Aunt 1: Stand up so I can take a picture of you and your hips.
3. Aunt 2: Dang girl look at all that tail. You ain't never been this wide. (I proceeded to pull up my maxi skirt to show her my garment to explain my small waist and fuller butt). Aunt 2: a What's that for? Me: To hold everything in. Aunt 2: You ain't Neva had to hold it in before. (Lol)
3. Mom: I got you a dress but I don't know if you can fit it now since you don picked up some weight. Look at that big butt and those thick thighs.
4. Cousin: (After mentioning to her that my butt and thighs were getting bigger since I had liposuction. She's one of the few people and only person in my family that I told about my procedure.) Oh, i forgot you got lipo. I was wondering why you were looking so bootylicious...I thought you just had on a good girdle. (I then showed her my garment to help explain my butt. The garment has stitching around the butt part to add shaping and lift.)
Female in-law: That's a big load you carrying back there!

My dad also mentioned that I gained weight. Like I said. Although my waist is smaller my hips are wide and I gained weight in my upper body so I look bigger overall. I hope that my hips and upper body will be slimmer after my revision. I really don't want much added to my butt. I just want to shape it a bit better. Toddles.

Twerk video lol

This is the link to my twerk video. I couldn't use the new video upload feature bcuz it was recorded on my bf's phone and it wouldn't upload from there.

Uploading my video from above!

Nelly Jelly Twerk a sumtin

9 months post op

Dr. Perry is a very kind and down to earth surgeon. He made me feel completely comfortable when we spoke and I am so glad that I chose him.

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