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I decided to write a review because i literally...

I decided to write a review because i literally creep this sit daily and i know how helpful it is to see results so I'm hoping i could help even one person out there once my after pics come out. I'm not a great writer so bare with me ladies. I chose to go with Mcadoo... So far everything is OK. My coordinator is Daisy, she's nice but I can tell she gets annoyed with all my questions lol. I chose Dr Mcadoo because I think his price is fair and he mostly gets great results. I have seen a couple ladies though whom their butt isn't much bigger and i know what i want - a BIG butt. I'm not really nervous for the procedure itself (i had a breast reduction in may, covered by our government insurance here so totally free) but I'm more nervous of him either cancelling my date (I'm flying from toronto and its hard for me to book off work) or my butt coming out small. I have an idea of what my results will be and i feel as though I'm realistic but i do want a drastic change. Let me know if anyone is going in december i think I'm staying at Kaylas recovery house because i have a friend from Ottawa who stayed there twice in Miami and she loved it. My surgery is saturday the 10th and ill have to return to work after 9 days... I have a desk job so luckily ill just be sitting on one of those booty buddy or whatever theyre called and i should be fine. I'm super excited and i really hope mcadoo can deliver ASSSSSSSS
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