No Kids, 5'6 - Miami, FL

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Hi girls, I had my breast augmentation in early...

Hi girls, I had my breast augmentation in early February this year, now I'm pretty sure about this second one. I have butt but it have Small holes due to cellulite and I'm to young to be dealing with that. Details and measurement
I'm 24
no kids
5'6 tall
140 lb I was 155 but I have been depressed this past month due to a break up. I want to have my surgery on January 2017 so it will be my birthday present for myself I turn 25 on December this year so by then I'll be 160 lb. I have a lot of fat because I eat super unhealthy now that I'm skinny I can see it. I lose weight but my belly don't go away.
I decide this clinic MY COSMETIC SURGERY MIAMI because I have a friend who had surgery there Omg, she born again nothing to be with the old one. This clinic is very famous has been in the business for 20 years and counting and until today not death or anything of course has been people who doesn't like the result but not complications. I'm from Cuba I speak Spanish very well is my first language so I'm familiar with the Latina curves. I was thinking to go to dominican because they know how to give that figure until I saw this clinic and this doctor I'm in love with his work, he's American but he knows what he's doing so in love. I live in New Jersey and the clinic is in Miami so I'll travel. I'm not worried about that but I don't want to go by myself. Let's see

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