Oct. 9th BBL Surgery w/ Dr. Johnny Fisher!!!

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Hey everyone :) no need to say I've been stalking...

Hey everyone :) no need to say I've been stalking the site because that's a common thing to do in the rs world, lol. I'm going to keep it real short because I wrote an earlier post and somehow it got deleted which express my everything, yeah I don't have the energy lol. My price expectation is based on a quote I received from Pazimo in May 2012 and I would say at that time I had no hesitation in paying that amount because I absolutely loved him and his aura; he was very knowledgeable about the procedure, what to expect and body image. I felt completely at ease with him and honestly he was my first and ultimately only consultation I had. I've wanted this procedure before this was even a procedure, so about 6-7 years. However fast forward a few years I don't see any reviews on Pazimo that's recent. The only doctors I see rs sisters talk about is Salama, Duran, Fisher and Hassan in that order. I like how Duran's patients post op look however I have a thing about out of the country procedures and I don't want the hassle of all that; everyone else is local for me. Salama prices are kind of steep; Fisher seems to be the underdog on a come up, lol; Hasan had some setbacks that I've read. Honestly, I don't know where/whom to begin with... how to prepare, what vitamins to start taking even before you're on doctor's orders (and brand). All this if anyone doesn't mind helping a girl out, I'll greatly appreciate it :)

that's me in my profile pic however I did use the plastic surgery app and that's how i want to look; that's my wish pic, you guys! Going to make this a reality okkaaaayyyy :) thanks in advance to everyone.

Tidbits of my bio :)

I'm 26, no kids... 5'4, 180lbs even though I do not look it. I have a very muscular build, with all the loving going to my tummy, breast and face (in that order, lol). I'm going to load some pics of myself, unedited. My legs have always been great, they're toned. My arms have seen better years however they're not something to stress (I'm going to get back on an arm challenge). Under all the loving I actually have a very very nice shape, small indented waist, I love my tatas, I've always had an arch in my lower back that gives off the illusion that my bum is plump ;). Now the dreadful part my bum is boxy, it has a dent in the upper region then it blahs, lol. I don't really care for hips, however if my doc gives me some I won't complain. I love thighs, especially my thighs so I truly hope my doc doesn't need to get some loving from them. I think my shape is ideal for this procedure, well I hope it is. I've measured my bmi and it's considered as overweight and I heard they won't do a surgery if your bmi is over 35; however being that I have a muscular build that shouldn't affect anything. Whelp, I'll leave it in His hands as I do everything else, all my questions will be answered in due time.

Evaluation with Vanity Miami on 9/12 setup

Whelp, today I woke up with bbl on my mind. I won't fib and say that I've been doing everything required to get a date and so on and so forth. I think it's more so I don't have my finances all put together for the procedure yet and that's the reason why I'm lagging, anyways that's neither here nor there. I do know absolutely positive of it that I want to get it done this year. I think with all the years that I've been wanting this I know at least the basics. So I decided to call the 3 doctors I've had in mind of course Pazmino is one of the 3. I loved his vibe, really I did; however the assistance told me the office is closed on Saturday so was Salama's (another 1 of the 3). Lastly, I called Vanity for Fisher and they transferred me to a coordinator named Elisa (I hoped I spelled that correctly) and I have an evaluation for Thursday, 9/12. She said that he usually charges $5,000 for bbl however it's not set in stone; it's best I come in. So come I will on Thursday; hoping that being local matters in cost :)

Soooo, I met the man...

... and he walked thru, Fisher that is, everybody. Well, really let me begin from the beginning. My evaluation was and always has been Thursday I think I got happy too fast for just getting one that I got the date confused, so my evaluation was for Thursday 9/11 at 4:30; however my happy behind got there well before 3:30 and that's with traffic and all. The inside is not bad at all compare to most clinic locations in Mia (I'm born and raised here, my city is better than yours lol); I waited a good hour or so to be seen with a coordinator I believe; her name is Lia; I liked her charisma and her body for such a petite frame aww lawd. We got down to the basic she suspected that I'll need the full body (12 locations lipo) with bbl, price range $5,000-$6,500. Now this is when my poker face came on because I've done my research for awhile now and every rs patient I've come across so far for Fisher is $5K or less, I think one girl got it done for $4,500. I believe a tug of war will come about for the price when the time comes for that, I'm ready though (doing the crip walk). Anyways, she stated if I wanted to meet Fisher and honestly that's the only reason why I drove all the way to the other side (the boondocks) of Mia is to see him, just so I could get a feel of him. Yeah, I listen to how I respond to someone's aura/vibe. Well, I waited another hour and in that hour, this somewhat really doesn't have to do with anything but... there was this one coordinator I think her name is Lisa/Jenny and sweet baby lamb the planet that was on her back was craaazzzzyyyyy, I was told that she had a fat transfer and mostly all of her fat survived however damn! yes, everyone it was that serious. I personally positively was happy that there's a big percentage of fat survival (in certain cases and based on one's body type); I don't need my bum too be a foreign on my body, I just want to enhance my lovely frame. So on that note I get ushered in to met the man yup he walked thru, he walked down that white hall and into one of those "meet me for a few" rooms. He was to the point, funny, easy going in a "I do this all day everyday except vacay days" way. I liked him. He stated the facts about my body, what to expect and not expect... I have a boxy bum and a natural shelf and I will always be boxy and have a natural shelf; he can't change my frame however he could fill it out and I knew that already, so he said everything I expected and I loved that. I told him I want a date for mid November and he was like good because he won't be there the first week or ending of November and that was okay with moi. The evaluation with him was short and precise, I had already hit the coordinator with most of my questions. When I get everything situated then I'll probably have more. I'm just taking everything in bit by bit and not to mention rs has been really helpful on a lot of things which makes it so easy for others and I, so really thank you to every ass ass ass assssssss ladies on rs who shares their story, I really appreciate it. I received a follow up call from Vanity this morning however I was in the cottonfield and missed it. I believe that won't be the last I'll hear from them, lol... well until next time, sugas!

That "lately" game...

So "lately" I've been thinking of my pockets and how DR doesn't seem that bad now lol. I know I know... I was talking all that talk of not going to the DR and what not however I've been looking at Duran's patients and lordie they look good. No hard feelings towards Fisher of course, I'm sure if I get the 5K I'll be knocking on his operating table. It's just "lately" I've been thinking its' all. :)

Low key lurking, here & there...

Idk what's been up with me lately I think it's just one of those "uggh" vibes lol. Well today I sent an email to Duran for quote, you know to test her DR waters and she responded very very very quick. Really I was expecting to wait a minute for her reply email she or one of her minions hit me up in like an hour; with a quote of $3900 for bbl with lipo to upper and lower back, sides/flanks and full abdominal area. It's a stack or so less than Fisher and if I was to add everything that I would need for the trip, stay and post op care it would probably amount around or bit more than Fisher's quote, probably like $5500... hmmmm that's not bad. What do you ladies think???????????

how to get this a** 101

I speak of the a** so much, that the a** really should of just been born with me; to save me all the oxygen I've used. However the dear amazing lord knew what He was doing when He blessed me with everything else except that a**, lol. Now my thing is once I've really decided to get the a**, saving for it has become close to nonexistent. Money is going to everyone else except the a**. I've asked for tips however now I'll asked the gen pop. How do you all save????

I'm in the process of getting a better job and once that's secured; I was thinking of getting a second one and maybe a part time one too based on how everything goes. My thing is I don't want to get caught up with the potentially high quotes that comes with the tax season. Any tips will greatly be appreciated, thank you guys...

well done top shelf, 2 cheeks and 1 a** coming up!!!

Consultation this Saturday with Fisher, I'm ready.

Change it up - Vanity play too much!

Soooo I haven't heard from my coordinator in 3 months I left voicemails left and right so finally I get a call today from someone and I'm like "You do know that you all play too much right?" The lady laughed however I was dead ass. I told her to tell me how does the commission work with them and if I can change to another coordinator, she said yeah she'll be happy to be my coordinator mind you I'm still waiting for the email with her information that she said that she was going to send me after we got off the phone and that was at 3pm. So that probably means the potential surgery date of August 28th is out the window. Hmmm, this is just me talking ish - it'll work out.

update: how I'm looking like

I will have my balance paid in full this month or early Sept. However I don't want to go thru the coordinator I have supposedly have now, Lia. I haven't heard from her in months she doesn't return any calls. I want to switch over to another coordinator that I met by chance in the photo room. She's young about late 20s to early 30s she's slim thick 5'7/5'8 with boobs, brunette and engaged with 1/2 kids... Its crazy how she and I talked about all this for me to know that info on her but I didn't ask her her name, smh! If this fits someone's coodinator or very close to it, please send her name my way. Oh, another thing she speaks crystal clear english, no discriminating business here, IJS!

Surgery 10/9!

Dr. Fisher is my surgeon and I'm doing this finally after years of saying I was. No lie, I'm anxious, scared and excited all mixed in one. Hope I don't freak out the day of (side eye). Now I need to start on my supply list... I wonder who's page has the best supplies list????

**** Must have supplies list ****

Can you guys help me out by telling me the must have items for supplies, please???

I'm less than 2 weeks away from surgery with Dr. Fisher, any comment/dm would be appreciated!

I promise to put post opt pics lol

Oct. 9th BBL Surgery w/ Dr. Johnny Fisher!!!

I got my garment (XXXL) today and I just know that I am going to look so good lol (fingers all the way crossed). So far I have most of my much needed supplies; with my ab board arriving on Thursday. I went to Walmart (I do not for the life of me like Walmart like that, ugh but you know or whatever I couldn't resist lol) and got foams there 4 for $6.97 (I'll upload the pic) that Vanity approved of, for any other dolls who may be trying to budget as much as possible $6.97 beats $49 any day to me lol. The nurse even marked out their foams against mine so that I can cut it out to fit right. Vanity has been good to me so far (only "hmm" I have right now is that I still haven't gotten a call from the surgery dept. so that they can start that little countdown thingie), however I'm just chilling now watching cars go by lol waiting until this Friday brings it merry ol self along!!! Best wishes all! xo

1 MORE DAY!!!! FISHER BBL 10/9!!!

My day is tmw and I want to think all of those whom have been very detailed and informative on their journey. I want to personally and specifically thank @fisherdoll_chi out of all she really put herself out there for me. All I needed was just one person and thank you fisherdoll_chi for being that one, big shot out to you (you get my post op pic first) insider! lol! On the real though I just came from Walmart and got the rest of my supplies. Now come tomorrow I know I'm going to fall even more in love with Fisher bald self because I've always had absolute faith that I'll be more than Gucci with him because God, Fisher has always been my choice deep down. I've been crossing my fingers that I can have the first or second time slot for surgery however I'll see later on today. The only downside to this whole thing is that my mommy is cooking tmw and I'm hoping and praying that the food is done wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before 6pm because I will be so fire red hot if I don't get her cooking as my "last meal" lol..... best wishes to all see you all on the big buns side!!!!

2 Day post Opt!!

Hey I just want to update to whomever... I'll write a whole review soon however right now I get tired lol quick, everytime I go on rs I fall asleep before I could update (I'll try to see what I can type while I'm standing, just because). I was told that I got the first slot of 6am which was what I wanted because I know Fisher has a lot of heads and I wanted to get him before that lipo arm of his gets tired; there was someone else there before my sis and I however she must of been getting prepped. They came and prepped me the prep nurse barely speaking English however I roll with it born and raised in Miami. I had a female anesthesiologist she was cool very informative and answered all of my questions. Then Fisher walked in this is my second time meeting him and he's still the same he kept it real and he's funny and he told me all that I should expect and what to do and to drink a gallon of water a day and that the first couple of days is the most painful. He explained to me that my age is quite deceiving because I look younger than my 28 years however my skin does show my youthfulness because the skin is tight at my buttocks so he will put the max cc's that he could and I already knew that so I was cool with that honestly anything would be better than what I had lol. He stated that I had curves to being with and a natural shelf however I don't have a cuff and he can't make one (he stated that that's the one thing ppl think he can do however no one can do that unless you have one naturally and that tie up method could kill your skin cells and cause burns). He said that I am going to look great, my butt is going to be high for a little bit and may even look flat to me for awhile however don't panic it'll fluff out, I was just taking everything in that he was saying and didn't doubt him. I only told him to hold my hand at least one time while I was out, he laughed and said yeah I will. Then the anesthesiologist walked me to the back, laid me out and was like this is going to be wayyyyy better than Smirnoff because I told her I use to drink them at 16, lol. I told her to make sure Fisher holds my hand and that was the last thing I remembered, KO'd for me. I woke up COLD AS BLUE BALLS!!! OMG! I was soooooooo damn cold, with the chills, shivering and teeth chattering. That heated blanket did nothing for me, I was in and out of sleep the older nurse mami was sweet though, she gave me a cup of Gatorade, I think I was back there for an hour or so and they called my sis to come get me, wheeled me backwards to the back then I was gone in the back seat. When I got home and out of the car I almost fainted however fought it because my sis is a petite thing and I was thinking of my booty lol, everything is so sensitive to the touch bumps in the street a slight graze I felt it all. So far I only took the pill for nausea twice. I don't want to jinx it however my pain is very manageable to the point I'm thinking was he aggressive enough however I remembered he stated that I'm better off than most because my hemo level was 13.7 because surgery. I take the oxy/Percocets every 6 hours (I'm not trying to get hooked on them), now I take them with 1 advil, just to keep whatever pain away because I'm not ready for it ( I thank the Lord everything for blessing me this way and for my recovery and for the ppl that I have around me). My mommy and big sisters cater to my every need. Since I've been home I make sure to get up every 2-3 hours and walked 20-30 minutes or just stand for 15 mins no matter what I will purposely leave my meds and water/coconut water far away from me so I have no choice but to get them. So basically I've been walking by myself. The next day was follow up and everybody was saying how good my booty looked and I was like yeah yeah yeah lol I wished a month sped by already so that I could get this part over with and just to finally meet the real her lol. They took pics to show me because at this point I haven't really seen it. I ended up getting the massages at Vanity, I wanted to go to Miriam however I was like screw it at least if I needed to get drained I could get it right then and there from the doctor; I didn't get to see Fisher however he gave me the heads up about that already that he was going to be out. His nurse practitioner is going to be the one to remove my drain he stated because he's going to be out and she has gentler hands, lol. Everything was good to go, brought my ab board there too because the one from Amazon didn't come they gave me my triangle and showed me how and where to put everything. I had to fill out a form to the medical office to find out how much cc's were taken out and how much were put into my butt and hips. I went home and took my first shower and it felt good, my mommy has the movable shower head and I took a shower with dial soap and hibiclen and kept it on for about 3 mins. My big sis took my garment and maxi dresses for her to wash and dry while I was showering. My diet is veggie soup with chicken, grapes, protein shakes and pure coconut water. Today is the first day that I had something solid which was eggs (with low salt) and 1 thin bagel. (I haven't had a bowel movement yet, my mommy was a nurse and she said to give it some time because I haven't ate anything solid really. Today I took another shower mostly by myself because my mommy is going out of town for a bit and I'm trying to get around by myself as much as possible so the basic things I could do, my garment was washed again today. (I will get another one however I think the one I have now is not tight enough my sis thinks so too, it's a 3X, so I'll ask them tmw when I get there for my appt. what else, what else??? (drum fingers) hmmmm I think that's about it for right now while all that I can think of. Ask any questions if you want, :). The black dress is the same day of surgery, grey dress in the car follow up next day and orange dress is 2nd day too; I was laying there waiting on my faja from getting clean and drying. I have my first massage at Vanity on Monday

More pics

Taking a shower mostly by myself however you do need someone to wash your back. I'm waiting to see how this massage is going to feel tmw, I already calculated to take my oxy around 2 pm to give me enough time to get it in. I'm starting to feel the lil tingles here and there on my booty and I'll just rub on it softly thinking that's doing something lol

1st Massage with Vanity

I will tell you this off the bat, please do not be late to your massage appt. because they would not adjust your hour if they have appts. after you. I wasn't mad yesterday that I only got about 25-30 mins out of my hour of massage because we were late so I took that on the chin; we were late only because there was horrible traffic due to an accident on the 826. So now I have another massage appt. at 2pm today and I already told my sis that we're leaving the house at 1pm no later than 1:15pm, cool beans. My masseuse was Maria and she was kind and hones she answered questions that she did know the answers to and the ones that she didn't she said she didn't know them lol. The massage wasn't painful at all, even when I had to stand so that she can do my stomach it didn't hurt, she was gentle. I started to think that I probably should request someone with heavier hands idk because I fully went into this thinking that the massage was going to be some lip biting pain but nope nothing. She said that they don't use the machine because I have a drain so I'll only have hand massages. I drain a little bit however I drain daily at home... maybe I don't have that much fluid build up (fingers crossed). I have massages all this week until Friday when they remove my drain. She told me I'm going to need massages after I remove my drain too however I think I might go to Miriam for those massages. What do you guys think?

Omg, you guys!!!! (smh)

****TMI**** before I start just to warn anybody. FINALLY I had my first bowel movement and straight up it was the hardest thing for me throughout this whole bbl thingie. Oh my jesus! After 2 days of my whining to my mommy and sis lol talking about "I want to poop, you guys!" I've been taking the stool softener here and there because for the last 2 days I've been eating solid foods. Its like I know my body wants to go because I feel the pressure however my sis called it out saying that I am scared lol and she probably was right I was scared a bit for the bum bum. So I took a suppository and why did I do that lol I handled business however felt like I went thru a marathon and war smh sweating and all, oh lordie! Day 4 and I had a bm. Attached pic is what I owe my bm victory to!!! Lol

On another note my second massage was a full hour and went pretty well no pain actually felt really really good, she did the sides this time and oh yeah I needed that! I have another appt tmw at 3 pm. Xo to all!!!! :)

Being w/o garment for too long...

Don't do it for too long really, last night I was without my garment for about 4-5 hours because my sis took it to go wash however other things came up for her and I didn't get it back until 9ish and oh lordie how I am feeling it now. Vanity told me that I should not be with out my garment the most 2 hours and I've been doing that and now I can see why they tell you that... when I tell ya my back aches so bad oh wow it feels like gas is built up along my sides and back; to the point I am looking forward to my massage today... other then that I'm ok waiting on my breakfast... oh and another thing I am about tired of these meds and want to be done with them however I got a couple of days left, I REALLY WANT THIS DRAIN GONE THO; it doesn't bother me because I'm mindful of it however it's just one less thing I want to worry about.

w/o garment.... continued

I went to my massage appt yesterday and told them i was w/o my garment for a few hours and they all gave me disapproving frowns lol then a lecture. However that massage was just what i needed especially on my sides it was painful just the good painful to me though. Don't judge me however I didn't shower for that day or wash my garment. I just wiped myself down and my garment now doesn't get bloody as it use to so I wiped it down too with some antibacterial wipes only because I wanted to get the swelling and aches under control because it seemed goinh without my garment for those few hours made me feel as if I was back to day 1 post opt. So it worked for me, yay!!!

Now my diet has been pretty good so far my mommy and aunt cooks like pots of veggie chicken soup for me to eat and I've been sticking to it but yesterday you guys I did a boo boo and Ive been having a craving of chicken yesterday it was popeyes the day before wing stop oh lordie so I was telling my oldest sister this and bless her heart she got me some haitian food fried chicken and brown rice and beans and oh my lordie i was in grateful heaven I didn't overdo it though I only had 1 Drumstick and spoonful of rice with some chicken alfredo that my other older sister made and it was soooooooo good however tmw I'm back to my soups if not I will get murdered because i know the soup iis being watched to make sure it gets less and less loooool. Oh i stopped taking the Percocet meds, too much meds for me because I normally don't do meds of any kind, so yeah I only have the antibiotic pills left to finish. My bromelian and arnica pills came yesterday however I'll start those next week. Xo to all! :)

In pain...

Hey to all sorry if my responses seem a bit blah I just learned yesterday how to do the voice to text thingie so that's what I'm doing right now yes I know lazy stuff however oh my god recently I've been in pain type of pain where I should take the percocets it's the type of pain where yesterday I learned when I was saying that the swelling felt like J was coming up my back in my size comes to find out when I was getting my massage yesterday on it was actually fluid and see I actually seen her drain fluid out of me into the drainage pouch and it was a good amount and I feel so much better then again when I got home that feeling came back so now I believe it's because what my sister and myself thought that my garment is too big for me now and also I'm actually going to start doubling up the foams on my side today after my massage appointment at 5 and we'll be looking for my next game at online because besides the bowel movement I would say this pain it is one of the ones yeah like I don't like it at all my lower back constantly aches I'm sitting on all types of chairs backwards trying to relieve the pressure from the couches to my mommy's recliner - pillows stacked high on my bed to ease some of the pain that's in my lower back I do sleep more now at night however I just wake up now because of the lower back pain or you know the fluid moving and make my tummy or sides I am done with all of my meds I do walk better I can lift my leg higher yesterday I showered all by myself and I had a natural bowel movement that was crazy like seriously oh my god crazy I think since this pain in my lower back and he knows the fluid I only had one thought of all my god why did I do this to myself is it worth it then after that one thought I was like even in agony hell yeah it's worth it haha that's all for now love voice is getting kind of low which means I am probably sleeping so later! :)

Mini Update - Dr. Johnny Fisher's girl!

Been missing for a minute due to some personal matters, apologies to those who we're actually keeping up with me. Whelp let me jump straight to it! :)

I've been healing nicely, however I miss getting massages and have been fiening for them. I contacted Miriam and she asked me some questions such as 'what procedure I had done?' and 'who was my doctor?' then quoted me $50 per session. I was under the impression that she was less expensive then that and was trying to see if she was going based on what doctor you had doing your procedure however she told me no that's just her price. All in all I will still be going to her because she is like a skip hop and rock throw from my house and I cannot say the same for Vanity. I will follow up with her in another week or so. Recently I went on a "I Hate You" strike with my garment and haven't been wearing it and that lasted about a full day, lol. I've stepped out only twice without my garment and the swelling wasn't that bad at all. I got my new smaller garment today and I'm wearing it now without my foams or ab board, just breaking it in a little however to be honest I don't really need them right now because the garment is tight and snug right now (I'm on the last hook and it took my mommy and I to put this sucker on). I ordered my second garment from Amazon and it was the Maria/Marie 9152 Compression Garment I got it in Mocha because that's the only one that had XL in stock; for me I only went by the measurement for my hips only because I refuse to suffocate my precious and hips for my waist, chile lol and I fell under the XL category. I will say for some reason in the beginning my waist didn't budge it was smaller then pre op afterwards but didn't get any smaller until like a week ago, I am now 31" waist and pre op I was 34". I'm not crazed on getting my waist smaller by any means, I'm more so just going with the flow if it gets smaller than cool beans I'll help with it as much as possible and that's it. I say this only because the bae Fisher did such a great job sculpting me up my waist to hip ratio is banging regardless, ;)! Now back to it, I walk wayyyyyyyyy better now, bm's are still the devils to me just because I can't be as comfy as I want to be like normal. I eat everything don't go overboard on anything unhealthy really however won't eat after 7pm, still drink my pineapple juice. I'm taking the bromelain and arnica pills still. I do not wear the triangle lower back compression it made my back hurt even more. My booty, I love it, its just right and the fluff hasn't even happened yet too, hips is right and waist is tight. I look really good and natural especially in clothes too. The attention is starting even more now I went to Walmart and had everyone looking from the stock clerks to the Italian/Canadian tourists basically anything that was man was looking I caught a few and my cousin caught plenty, oh I had on a maxi dress without my garment on. By the time I got to the seat cushion aisle I was immune to it all, paid it no attention. Back to reality I go back to work next week Wednesday and I really am grateful that I was able to basically have a month off to recover even though I still will be recovering I know I wouldn't have been able to do have as much if I had to go to work sooner than I am; if it wasn't for these bills that I have coming up I would of actually extended my leave of absence but you know that C.R.E.A.M motto is very real out here, lol. I plan on sitting down 11/20 which should be around my 6 week mark, I really miss laying on my back ya'll or just driving to the beach solo lol not sitting on your booty will have you all in your feelings but then I think about the benefits of my bbl and toughen the hell up. All I can think of for now ladies, let me know if you have any questions! Pics will be posted shortly! I'm out! :)

23 days post opt pics

(continued)... Forgot to mention I have lower back pain/aches that drive me crazy and a little itsy bitsy of swelling there also. My sides and tummy itches and it feels really really weird when I scratch so I rub or graze with just my nails!


So I decided that I'm not going to sleep in my garment tonight, all day it bothered me at work mind you today was my first day back (every min I was wishing I was home). I might want to punch myself in the morning but I'll risk it just for the night. I also notice a few small pimples on my sides and back especially on my curves and I'm thinking its because I don't let my skin breathe because I wear a tank underneath my garment always, another reason I'm going without tonight... Wish me luck!

ok, ok, guessed I lied. I put my garment back on after 3hrs!!

(shamefaced) BOL!

1 Month Update - Dr. Johnny Fisher's girl

Hey luvs, giving an update while on my way to Fisher for a follow up. Sooo I've been doing some boo boos here and there mostly because its out of my control; I've been not wearing my garment or any type of compression for about a week or so because I think I got an allergic reaction to my new garment (even though I am not allergic to anything) because I have some pimples that hurt to the touch at types on my sides and the triangle of my lower back, another reason why I am going to see Fisher. I thought swelling would of been a mean bad mofo however its not, I only have a bit of swelling on my sides however it doesn't affect how my shape looks and I know eventually I can get it handled. I tried to see what would happened with my waist trainer I had it on a full day yesterday and took it off last night it did good however I won't wear it now because even with a tank top underneath it, it left marks on my skin and I know even a month post opt the skin would still be sensitive and the mark can stay..... so I'm going to see whats the deally yo with all that. On to the part anyone wants to read lol... MY BOOTAAAYYYY!!! I loveeeessss her, everybody say how big she is and I think she's perfect for my size now when the fluff comes if she wants to get bigger than by all means thats her however I'm good like great with her. My mommy always be like to my sisters when Im walking away like come look at this come look at that butt, ha ha! She a fool. My booty is so delicious in and outside of clothes, she's giggly however still not all the way soft; idk how long that would be. I truly understand now when vets say the pictures don't do their booty justice, my booty effect is wayyyyyyy more serious in person! Work is a drag and thats the only thing for me that doesn't help with recovery, because I stand even though I have a sit down position... only because I try to protect my "precious" as much as possible and it hurts some times even with the cushion and pillows I have at work because I'll get cramps and numbness. I pretty much eat how I want however still don't eat after 7/8 pm. I'm only taking bromelain pills here and there, my arnica pills are done; still drink pineapple juice here and there. I will be contacting Miriam soon for a massage. Any questions ask away luvs!

2 Months Post Opt - Fisher

Hey everyone!!! Quick update, everything is about the same. The only thing I have that is like wow is this lower back swelling that feels so damn tight and on fire; Ive been wearing my foams for my back only with my garment and I'll put my waist trainer over it all. I don't go by measurements however for those of you that do, I'm about the same still. Bust 36, Waist 30.5 (lost a half an inch), Hips 44.5. I haven't gotten any more massages, been using ppl as masseuses lol however when my money allows me the luxury I will be hitting Miriam up. I still take my bromelain pills and I will probably start working out at least on the elliptical or treadmill because I love how I am I'm still my pre-op weight more or less, so no biggie. I feel more than normal most days and start wearing my waist trainer when I'm too tired to put my foams and garment, lazy stuff smh. I'm counting down the days when I can stay fully on my bum bum (lord!). Thats all I can think of right now, hit me up if you have any questions luvs!!!!! Xo :)
Dr. Fisher

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