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Hi ladies , so after my near death experience 2...

Hi ladies , so after my near death experience 2 years ago from my infected butt implants I'm finally ready to do this again, BUT NO IMPLANTS! Worst mistake of my life that left me with permanent damage. I'm desperately trying to find a great doctor either in Miami or Atlanta area , I would go with dr Miami but he's booked till feb 2018!!!?????? so far I may be considering dr Ortega?? Need a drastic change and a good doctor to make the fat survive because I am left with scar tissue . Need help ladies ????????????

Hey loves!

So i decided to go along with dr rami ghurani, Jessica at spectrum has been very prompt and awesome with me so far, I hope it stays that way till the end but for now I've had a good experience with my coordinator at spectrum. I'm really scared but this has always been my wish so I just hope dr rami delivers. I'm from California flying all the way out to Miami , going to talk with Jessica tomorrow about surgery dates and let you ladies know. Much love dolls xoxoxo


I called my coordinators cell so I can schedule my surgery date today since I couldn't the last couple days and her phone is not in service? So I called the clinic and got transferred, she told me to hold for a second 20 min later she just never came back. I still have not received a call back. Like hello!!! I'm trying to pay off my surgery right now. Usually I like to gain my own experience and just keep other people's experience in mind but today was just bizarre. There's a time difference between California and Miami so now they're closed ( erggghh) I'll try again tomorrow to set up my surgery date. Just hope this won't be a re occurring thing. I'll post pre op pics soon , just need to be brave enough :(

A little annoyed

Still haven't heard from my coordinator kept calling but every time I do she's apparently still on her " lunch break" I'm getting a little impatient just want to book my surgery date already like what the hell. I'm waving money in their face and I'm getting ignored is how I feel, don't feel like a priority, I'm coming all the way from California like I need to make sure this is going to be well planned and organized . Sorry for the rant but we'll see if I hear from her today. I see what other people were talking about ... Jesus . :(

Just called spectrum again

And apparently she's in a meeting ... Again. If I don't get my call back today I will lose my cool. I've been trying to stay understanding and patient but it's been a couple days now with messages and not one word.

July 28th!!!!!

July 28th it is!!!! I'll be his first client of the day since I requested , thank god! Also dr ghurani ordered me to have a CT scan of my booty and the abdomin since my previous surgery left me with scar tissue. He wants to inject into the right areas so that it will last forever is what I was told. I've had many consultations with different doctors and I've never had a doctor mention this but the fact that dr ghurani did makes me feel like I'll be in good hands and he knows what he's doing. Although it's recommended I only have one surgery for this procedure I wish this will all turn out happily and safely. I'm excited dolls! This has been my very wish at first it was taken from me and ive just stayed sad ever since. but I have hope now and I just can't wait!

Flight booked!

Hi dolls! Just booked my flight today ! Leave from LAX July 26 at 9:30 pm arrive in Miami July27 at 6am coming back August 2nd flight is at 7:30am! It's starting to hit me ladies!!!???????????? but I'm so excited!! Here are some wish pics!

Williams recovery house

Williams recovery house it is! First of all ladies I need to say he is the nicest and has been so prompt with me. First impressions are very important and out of all the recovery homes I've contacted he was the nicest and gives immediate responses! Everyone else contacted me couple days later! He texted me literally within 10 min. That's such a big deal for me because I don't want to be chasing down the person who is going to pick me up from the airport and take care of me. Looking at reviews and stalking on Instagram lol he's worth the price. The house is beautiful and the food is healthy. What really sold me was the 4 massages included in the executive package with Yazna, I heard she is popular with bbl massage drainage so I'm happy it's with her. :)

Lab tests

Just got my email and referal to head to labcorp I pray I'm cleared!!!!! I'm going to try to go today but if not Monday it is , I'll let you know ladies! Happy Friday!!! More wish pics ! I will upload pre op pics today! But please be kind ladies the implants I had 2 years ago really messed my life up :(

Lab tests done today

Lab tests were done today I also had to take a urine test and I'm on my lady time right now I don't know if it increases or decreasing in any of my chances of being cleared but I'm getting closer ladies woohoo! I hope I'm cleared! Leaving in 20 days!!!!!!!

Lab tests pt 2

Okay ladies so I just spoke to Evelyn I believe is her name , which handles the medical records for dr ghurani and yes I'm cleared for the urine and blood but being on my lady time during my tests I think might have interfered with something, ugh. She said it might had been my period or something but to play safe dr ghurani prescribed me antibiotics to start taking today for ONE week. Still need to do my CT scan of my abdomen and Cheekies but I will be seeing my regular doctor for my referral. Dr ghurani said if the Doctor clears me that's fine but he still wants the CT scan. I absolutely love DR, Ghurani's style. Feel very safe with him. So excited ladies!!!!!! LEAVING IN 2 WEEKS!!!! HOLY MOLY THIS IS HAPPENING!!! Yay! Lol


Started my medication for a week , honestly I'm a little bummed that I have to take antibiotics *sigh* today it made me feel just a little fatigued hopefully I won't feel like this for the next 6 days . I know I said I will post pre op pics and haven't , but I will do so tonight ... Positivity and love only on this documentary journey , I am very self conscious about my body and damaged booty :( will do so tonight ladies

Waist trainer

Hi girls! Was doing some online shopping for some waist trainers ! Never really used them or very much experienced them but what's a good place or brand to purchase one? I might sound crazy but I plan to not take off and wear my waist trainer strictly for 6 months! And maybe be less strict about it at my one year mark. Also today my right butt cheek is a little sensitive today, sometimes it hurts sometimes it spasms and sometimes sharp pain hits but then goes away, not often but once in awhile. it's just something I effing have to live with due to my life threatening complications I had with the buttock implants 2 years ago. permanent nerve muscle and tissue damage. Sometimes I get really sad I just wish I never went through that procedure!!! ??


Wow, so sorry for not posting things have been so crazy , I finally did my CT scan which was a bizarre experience and last min, I finally got cleared today everything is good and ready to rock! I LEAVE TOMORROW!!!!!! Flight is at 9:30 pm from LAX should arrive in Miami at 6am staying at A new life recovery house.

Ps. Ladies just wanted to say me and the love of my life are back together and I just couldn't be more happy!! Just wanted to throw that out there! ;) hehe

Just landed in Miami!

Hey ladies just landed in Miami ! Hardest part was flying through the night and arriving here still on California's time , ugh so tired! Couldn't sleep on the plane that part was just horrible. Waiting to get picked up by William! It's also very nice and HUMID here lol keep you ladies updated! Xoxoxox

Can't sleep

First they said surgery was at 7am , then they pushed it back to 12 pm ... Wasn't too happy about that because I asked and really hopped to be dr ghurani's first client of the day , but that's okay. I'm nervous a little scared and excited all at once ... This is such an emotional roller coaster . I'll try to sleep but looks like I won't be getting any :/ only 12 hours away !! Prayers dolls xoxoxoxoxo

Hi dolls (surgery update)

I'm so sorry I have been MIA. A lot has happened. Day of surgery I went in , got cleared in financial stuff, went to the room I felt a little rushed with the paper work but I think maybe I was just so nervous I felt like everything and everyone were moving to fast. DR ghurani came in and At first after talking I was scared because he said " you are the hardest patient " and " you are a high risk" because of the previous booty surgery that went horribly wrong with the implant. I started crying but I appreciated his honesty and straight forwardness, he did not sugar coat anything and he told me I will be in good hands. He marked me up went in the room prayed to God before I went under and woke up around 6:30. I was freezing cold and couldn't stop shaking. Within 24 hours I lost a tremendous amount of blood, my garnet was soaking and they tried to keep me awake with rubbing alcohol. Was in bed to not get up and just drink lots of fluids. Today was a much better day! Walking around, eating and keeping up with my fluids. Also dr ghurani prescribed me two different very strong antibiotics because he said since I had infection with the implants small little bugs is what he calls them still live in there . Overall my body is banging! Wish my butt was bigger though but I'm happy that everything so far is going well. I will upload some pics in about 20 min , I'm tired of holding my head up on my stomach lol

One month post op!!!! ( pictures)

Hi dolls!!!! Sorry I've been MIA!! so here it goes!!! OKAYYYYY this shIT WAS NO JOKE!!! I literally suffered!!!! And just NOW feeling somewhat normal and able to move around. The stiffness was unbelievable. I'm still kinda stiff and somewhat numb but I called today and said it is very normal and common. My butt went down alotttt and my hips I'm sad but it still looks better then what I had before. Since I live in California I couldn't have dr ghurani take out my stitches and believe it or not I took them out myself. Wasn't too bad and felt better when they were out but I waited till basically the scab fell off. I don't wear my garmet at night now because it's simply just too uncomfortable but it's the first thing I put on in the morning. Ladies this was the most intense thing and the recover for me was worse than the recovery when my implants 2 years ago got infected. I swear dr ghurani must have done the most AGGRESSIVE lipo on the planet. I want to do a round two but then again I think I'll just pass on that and see what the gym can do now that I have a foundation to work with. Positivity only ladies what do you think?

Dr ghurani changed my life!!!

I can tell dr G dos the most aggressive lipo! the recovery was HELL!!! But He is an artist!!!! He gave me confidence I'm literally tearing up. Thank you thank you thank you thank you !!! GO TO HIM DOLLS!!!!!!

Ladies I think I want to do a round two

Hi ladies so this is such an emotional roller coaster as well. I really am thinking of doing a round two later on , I know I was told that sometimes women have to get a second round depending on what they start with but I feel like I'm going to be needing a round two ONLY because I want it bigger , I want bigger hips and ass. Don't get me wrong I love my results dr g is amazing! And because I started out with scar tissue already i was already a difficult patient. But I just want a nicki Minaj body honestly lol I don't know maybe I need to wait longer see how everything goes. So far I'm pretty numb on my lover back and lower abdominals. I'm trying not to diet because I'm trying to feed the booty but I feel like it's going to my stomach again. I really don't want to go through the healing and recovery process again to be honest , this was a nightmare! But I just want bigger dammit :/ I know I started off with absolutely nothing and trying to make the gay survive with an already damaged booty I'm just still not 100 satisfied I want more and I'm scared I'll look more fat. I'm one month post op

7 weeks post op

Hi ladies! So I'm 7 weeks post op!!! First thing is first is I'm happy I can NOW bend down to tie my shoes lol Iam STILL stiff in my lower back and sides , kinda feels like a burning sensation but honestly I feel it's because Dr G did a very aggressive lipo , my stomach is a huge transformation. Everyday gets easier though. Iam STILL refusing to sit on my booty and sleep on my back because I didn't do all of this for no reason so I'm not taking any chances. I can't wait to sleep on my back though because Im sickkkkkk and tired of sleeping on my stomach. I STILL wear my faja and lipo boards when I sleep at night and I wear my super extra tight waist trainer by angel curves during the day. I'm still wanting a second round bbl but I'm going to still give it time

2 months and I day post op!

Hey dolls! So I'm 2 months post op!!! Believe it or not I'm still numb and hard in my lower back and stomach and I still feel the burning sensation when I stretch it out but everything is slowly getting better. I have resumed the gym! Lifting heavy with no problem . I still refuse to sit on my bum and sleep on my back lol! I'm not taking any chances ladies!!! Lol I'm back to my fitness with a cup of rice and salmon with veggies 6 times a day lifting heavy with legs 2-3 days a week. With Sunday's as my rest day. Reason why salmon and fish is because I'm a pescetarian. My diet is not extreme, when I want chips I'll eat it , when I want a slice of pizza I'll eat that too. People stare at the gym and I'm loving it! Going to see how much bigger I can get this bum bum on my own and from there I'll decide on my round two . This was the best decision of my life. All worth it! Thank you dr g!

5 months post op

Ladies.... my body is bangin!!!!! I'm back to normal ! I go to the gym everyday and lift heavy weights and eat big to feed this booty. I did gin some weight on my stomach but I'm not complaining , it's no biggie for me. I've had people come and say wow girl you do your squats!!! Hahahah little do they know ;) . I love my body butttttttt I still want bigger lol! I'm going to give it time before I decide I'm in no rush . BUT I'm going back to Miami in march for my boobs!!!! DR GHURANI HERE I COME! ... again lolll I only trust this doctor

Round two here I come

Hi ladies so it will be one year post op in a week and half . I'm having so much fun with my new booty. But from the start dr and I knew I was headed for a round two. I gave it one full year before I decided . and speaking with dr ghurani today... I'm doing it! Ps ladies DR GHURANI HAS HIS OWN PRACTICE NOW!!! Woohooo!!! I spoke to him AND his assistant at the same time!!! It was awesome!!!! Last time I never heared or seen ghurani till my day of surgery. I'm so happy he is in his own practice , phone rang twice and I spoke to both of them for a good 20 min discussing everything , they even emailed me my information within 5 min! . Unfortunately doctor ghurani wants me to wait till closer to the end of the year to get my bbl because I do smoke, so I need to quit couple months before. Putting my deposit down tomorrow since I called closer to closing time. I'm excited! This time I will be doing lipo 12 areas again PLUS ARMS!. Let the journey begin!!!.... AGAIN<3 #TeamBigBooty

One year post op

Keep in mind I started with NOTHING!! so maybe you can see why I want a round two. If you want better pictures please inbox me or grab my instagram I don't want too much on real self, that's why I try to at least keep my post verrrryyyyy detailed . Well looks like I'm a couple months I'll be headed for my round two!!! Woohooo!!!
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