Finally Put my Deposit Down for BBL with Dr.Alvarez - Miami, FL

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I'm really excited about going to Spectum...

I'm really excited about going to Spectum Aesthetics in Miami, Florida. First of all, let me give you a little informations about me; I'am 26 years of age, African American female, very curvy body minus the fact I don't have a butt (obviously lol) Naturally large breast 36 H, weight 180lbs, standing at 5'2. I've been doing research for a year now and finally decided to make my dream a reality. I have always been a curvy or a thicker woman but I always had a flat behind. I tried doing squats but the showed little results. I hoping this is BBL procedure with give me a sexy back and a nice booty!!! The only thing I'm nervous about is being under general anesthesia!!! But I know I can get passed it by reading reviews and experiences. I put a down deposit down ($300) and I have 12 months to get the procedure done!! I have $3,800 to left to pay... I have to be payed in full 15 to 30 days before my procedure.

Weight Loss Program Before Surgery- Dr. Sergio Alvarez

Dr. Sergio Alvarez will be performing my Brazilian Butt lift at
Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami, Florida. I currently weight 187.2lbs and I
would like to drop 37lbs so my finally weight will be 150lbs. I haven't
schedule my surgeon date yet because I'm waiting to see if my stepmom
can go with me; so hopefully by next Tuesday I'll know my date! I'm
planning for the end of may or early June. I'm excited to begin this
weight loss journey because I want to maintain my new body once I get
the surgery done by understanding good eating habits. I really want this
surgery to boost my self esteem. I wear 36H or I depending on who makes
the bra but I have nooo Azzz at all. I'm going to post some pics of my
body. Hopefully I won't burn anyone's eyes. I know how to dress myself
really well to hide my imperfection. Currently right now I'm looking for
a recovery house where my stepmom can come too. If u have any helpful
hints please let me know especially if you've been Spectrum Aesthetics-
side note I'm considering a breast reduction and a tummy tuck too
depending if this surgery goes well next year.

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