New doctor alert... No longer going to Vanity.. Salzhauer it is :)

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Like many of you I've been on the site day and...

Like many of you I've been on the site day and night trying to decide on a BBL Doctor. I've finally narrowed it down to Dr.Fisher $5,200 and Dr. McAdoo $4,000... Of course the $4,000 sounds much better. I have not seen too many reviews for McAdoo so is there anyone that can vouch for his work. Also I'm planning on going in February if any ladies wanna split the cost for the room.

Thinking of switching from Fisher to Salzhauer

I was set on Fisher however I've been having a change of heart. I do not like the customer service at vanity at all. It's hard bc you can't beat the price but at the same time we work hard for that money and to have horrible service is not cool. I've stumbled across Salzhauer's work and received a quote of 6996 which is a lot more than Fisher but for some reason I just felt more comfortable with him. Something simple as his website made me more comfortable. It's just a more professional vibe and when dealing with money and your life I definitely want the best outcome.

Pre op pics

I never posted my stats 5'7 160.... 36DD-34-40

Research research research

So after going back and forth I finally settled on Salzhauer. I'm so happy with my decision. Ladies if you have any doubts don't book until you're completely content with you're choice. I originally booked with Fisher however I was not satisfied with the service I received. I've read so many horror stories with Vanity and I wanted zero parts with them. Don't get me wrong Fisher does good work however I don't like the aftercare they provide. Surgery is serious and I definitely want a Doctor that care about my post surgery recovery. I've consulted with every doctor from Cortez, Perry, Salama etc.. Salzhauer was the only one I trust 100% with both my procedure and life .. I wanted my procedure done before March but he is booked so my date is June 5th. I'm only willing to wait bc he's the only man for the job. Also it shows how good he is if he's booked 4 months out....Anyways let me tell y'all how my experience has been so far with the staff. Sometimes when I call I'm on hold for a few mins but nothing that is serious. My PC is Arianny and she is great. She answers all my questions and is very prompt. Hopefully I won't get on her nerves too much when I keep checking for a earlier date. But so far so good... This is like night and day from dealing with vanity.

Still no hope for earlier day *sigh*

Not much to update you with...... Although I already paid my deposit to secure my date I'm still waiting for my phone consultation which will be on 2/25.. It's crazy that I've read some reviews and a few people that called this month were able to get consultations this month as well as earlier surgey dates before mines in June. I'm not too sure how the actual process works but I've definetly been calling weekly and still no luck. Seems like I'll have to wait until June. I just pray I'm healed before my bday in July bc I'll be traveling to Jamaica... I've been on a diet and working out so I hope I have enough fat in June for him. I've already lost 13 pounds this month so I'm 147. Anyways I'll let y'all know how my consultation goes.

Had my phone consultation on Wednesday

So I finally had my consultation and let me tell you I was like a kid waiting for Christmas that day. It was quick I would say 5 mins or so but he answered all my questions. He did say I looked skinny on my pics and asked if I would have enough fat to take out.. I told him 2 weeks before I'm gonna eat everything in sight to make him work for it. He also mentioned just getting lipo on my full back, flanks and stomach to enhance my butt. Originally that's what I wanted but I changed and decided on the bbl... He said that I don't have to decide anytime soon so I shall think about it. He was also surprised that I booked my surgery date before my consultation but he said it was good that I did bc he's booking for October now... Ladies it's real out Everyone is gonna be snatched and I refuse to be left I'll post a pic of my current weight. Like I said I've been losing weight.... I would so rather just get the lipo but I don't wanna be disappointed if it doesn't enhance my butt.. Decisions decisions

Haven't posted in a while.... 6 weeks until the big day

Hey everyone, nothing has really changed so I haven't had much to talk about... I was going back and forth with the bbl or just full lipo and I decided on just the lipo. I'm hoping by taking the back fat out it will make my butt pop out. *fingers crossed*.... I haven't made any travel arrangements yet bc I want to get cleared first since I can't get a refund for the flight or hotel if something goes wrong with my medical clearance. I do plan to stay at the best western that was recommended by them. Has anyone stayed there? I hope there are restaurants walking distance. They had a pretty good deal for $475 for 6 nights. Also did anyone use ├╝ber for transportation during their stay? Any tips on things I need to bring please share.

Hotel tip....

Hey everyone just wanted to give a little tip to those staying at the Best Western Windsor Inn during their recovery. So I travel a lot so I have booking hotel rooms down to a science. Those that have ever booked through Priceline using the express deal or bid on your room deal knows that they only show the hotel after you pay for it. Well the Best Western Windsor Inn (North Miami) is the only 3 start hotel in that area so if you bid on a 3 star hotel in North Miami it will be the Best Western. I was able to get the room for 70 a night opposed to the 94 so I ended up paying 578 for 7 nights and without the deal it was 737... It's always good to save a few dollars :)

Tomorrow is the big day.....

So tomorrow is my surgery day... I flew into ft.lauderdale yesterday and took uber to the best western... It cost approximately 24.75.. I thought that was a good price.. The hotel is cool.. It has all the channels like VH1, Bravo, BET etc... That's a plus since you'll be in the room a lot. There is free wifi but it's kinda slow.. The room is actually pretty small but you definitely can make it work... There's so many food places and stores within walking distance. We walked to publix last night for groceries. It was a 5 min walk.. I would suggest bringing a tote bag if you plan on walking for the groceries..There is also a Whole Foods next door to the hotel.. So many food places like Boston market, panera bread, Denny's, ihop, Wendy's all the within walking distance.. Today I went to the office for a pre op... I took uber which was only 5 dollars.. Once there I filled out forms, took pics and met with the Doctor himself... It's weird to see him via snap chat daily and then to see him in person.. My mom has a little crush on him I also got my prescriptions which came to 107.. I have insurance but the Vicodin came to $70.. Idk why it was so much... well that's about it... Next time you'll hear from me it will be post op...pray for me :)

Made it through.... Thank God

So I arrived this morning via uber...peed in a cup and got pics taken of me... Soon the Doctor came in and marked me up... Shortly after the anesthesiologist Barry came in for some forms to complete... Then he walked me to the operating room, chatted for a min while he was given my meds and next thing I knew I woke up FREEZING... I was shaking so bad that I was scared. I was also in pain.. Ingred the PA is an angel... She's so sweet, gentle and accommodating... Simple amazing. Everyone in the office is great.. Of course is the man.. Barry made me feel at ease by chatting with me prior to falling asleep.... Moving along... One getting back to the hotel I needed a lot of assistance with moving around.. I didn't realize I would be this sore... I ate soup, mash potatoes and applesauce with pits of Gatorade... I'm peeing a lot... Every couple of hours.. Instead of sitting on the toilet it's easier for me to stand and squat... I've been draining so much fluid.. We put pads down and it soaked through the sheets was leaking all of the restroom floor and toilet seat... Other than the draining everything seems fine... And by the way I didn't get the bbl... Just the lipo.. I didn't have enough time for the recovery... I'll just squat my life away :)

2 days post op

Not much to update but I'm definitely in more pain than I thought I would be in. The nurse came yesterday and she was so sweet and patience. She had a procedure done so she understood the pain I was in so I loved the fact that she could relate opposed to someone telling you how you should feel and never went through it. When she changed the garment it was pretty painful. She gave me a shower and took pics... I was so out of it that I didn't even bother looking at my results. She kept saying my waist was so tiny so that's good... The shower was so refreshing and it actually made me feel a little better.. Overall my pain is about a 7.. It's more stiffness than anything.. It's hard getting in and out the bed... Everyone's body heals different and I know I drained a lot more fluid than others and my pain was more intense then some. Today I plan to walk around to help the stiffness... Tomorrow I'll take pics when I take my garment off to shower... If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask..

Trying to be optimistic... 3 days post surgery

Today was my first day seeing my body since the procedure and I'm praying these results are just bc of swelling... I don't see any real changes..I hope my waist goes in a lot more bc now it seems as if my stomach looks shorter and my hips and waist are the same.... I know it's only 3 days so I'm optimistic... When I see the before and after pics he post via ig or snap chat I still see a significant difference in their shape so it makes me nervous that I don't see mines and they're swollen too. My back looks the exact size to me.. But I guess we'll see what happens.. The soreness is getting better.. I'm able to move around a lot better also.. In regards to follow up care only thing I've got was the visit from the nurse saturday.. One of the main reasons I chose him was bc the reviews saying they provided great post op care and called to check on you etc and gave you info/videos of what to expect during recovery.. A few times we had questions and called the emergency line but nobody answered so we ended up googling the questions. I still think overall his practice and everyone is great but with gaining much popularity recently I think it's hard to provide the same service.. My mom mentioned that after my surgery nobody went to update her to tell her I was out of surgery and doing good...on some of the other reviews I saw that the doctor did speak to the family after the procedures so I guess it just depends. Overall I'm still happy just patiently waiting for the swelling to go down..

8 days post op

Just wanted to update everyone on my recovery and give an overall review on my experience with Dr.Salzhauer and his staff... Soooo I realized that a lot of reviews about the recovery aren't really detailed so I'm gonna try and be as detailed as possible bc my recovery is not what I was expecting it to be.. I did not think it would be this bad. Day 8 and I'm still super sore!!! My stomach doesn't feel like my stomach. It feels like leather and is super hard and stiff. I get burning sensations and sharp pains. It's weird bc I feel numb but I can still feel everything.. I can't wait to feel normal again. Rewind to a few days post surgery... My private area got very swollen and looked like I had a damn baby The swelling went down after a day. It kinda freaked me out.. On Monday after my surgery the Nurse did call to follow up with me. I had my post op visit at 5 days bc I was flying back home that day. I got my stitches removed and got some fluid drained. It was some discomfort when she drained the fluid and took the stitches out. All of my questions was answered and the staff was great as usual. I asked for a extra pair of lipo foams and they gave it to me.. I read that a lot of other surgeons make you pay for the foams and garments so that a plus. Dr. Salzhauer came and checked everything out and said everything looked fine and not to worry about the swelling. I think he was in the middle of surgery so it was a quick visit. I know he's a busy man so I understand. His staff is so helpful and knowledgable that he can pretty much just show up for the surgery. In all reality you really don't need that much time with him.. You only need him when it counts and that's in surgery when he works his magic. So I did fly home in 5 days. It was a 2 hour flight and I stood in back with the flight attendants for majority of the flight. At the airport I met a lady that went to Vanity and although she was happy with her results she said the recovery "house" was horrible and she had no assistance after the second day and she was paying 250 a night.. She was by herself with so support... I was struggling with my mom and she was more than helpful so I can only imagine... Anyways enough about vanity... But now I'm home and recovering... When I have questions I text the hotline and get a response pretty fast.. I'm wearing the same garment I was given.. I'll change into my spanx next week.. It does suck wearing this garments and foam bc you're limited to the clothes you can wear and it's super hot.. I've been waking up sweating.. I drink coconut water, Gatorade and use my arnica gel to help with the swelling and fluid. I have these little bumps on my face too.. Idk how all that ties in but I just think overall my body took a hit... I literally wake up every day counting down days.. I'm ready for this to be over.. I didn't wanna post pics bc I'm so swollen and I don't want anyone to think he did a bad job. I'll post some at my 2 week mark.. I know everyone heals differently and I can tolerate pain good but this surgery was no walk in the park.. Overall I just feel tired, beat down and drained. Zero motivation to do anything.. But on the bright side I'll be looking good soon :)

2 weeks post op

I've survived the first 2 weeks. Let me tell you plastic surgery is a emotional roller coaster. You go through so many emotions. Before surgery I was excited, then I got nervous and just wanted to wake up and have no complications, then once you wake up you're just grateful to be alive and since you're in pain you're not really thinking about your results but once the pain gets better and you've realized you've survived that's when you start to become psycho about your results and start to worry about if you made the right decision or did you waste your money.. Every morning I look forward to waking up to take my compression garment off just to see if the swelling went down. It's ridiculous. With that being said.. IM STILL SUPER SWOLLEN!!!! I know it's a slow process but come on. My stomach is still very hard and tight. I think my compression garment is not tight enough. I've been wearing the one they gave me but today I'll start wearing my spanx with a waist trainer. The waist trainer I have is old and 2 inches bigger than what I'm measuring now so I think it will work bc I know you shouldn't wear anything super tight. But then again I've seen some girls using waist trainers after surgery but I know Dr.Salz doesn't recommended them. As far as my results go I don't see too much of a difference. The biggest difference is my lower stomach and back. I would like for my flanks to go in more and that's the part that's the most swollen so I hope that means I can expect greater results from that area. Also my under arms and bra bulge look really fat... I hate it. I already carried a lot of fat right above my bra line and under arm back area and the morning of surgery while marking me he even had me grab that area to ensure he got all areas of concerns so I pray it gets better. I called yesterday and they said it's swelling and should go down. They said those areas tend to swell after lipo and can take months to go down. I thought that the swelling should feel hard not soft like fat. Has anyone else had this problem? I hate comparing my results to everyone so soon but I don't recall seeing anyone underarm area looking fat like this. It only scares me bc that area was never sore. But this is when you got to trust your doctor and the decision you made. Like I said before I didn't realize it was such a slow process. Since originally I was planning to get the bbl all of the reviews I read was about bbl's and they really don't touch on the lipo results they're more focused on the actual butt results. So a lot of them don't mention the recovery from lipo. And I think the results from the lipo looks more dramatic so fast with the bbl's bc of the added fat to the hips. It gives it a greater ratio from the beginning whereas I'm waiting for my mid section to shrink smaller to make my butt pop out more. I'm hoping I get the look I want and being that I'm still swollen it means I have more shrinking to do. I don't have any pain, it's just an uncomfortable feeling. I did notice a fluid pouch on my right side and when I bent over it caused a sharp pain. I think it needs to get drained so I contacted Yeni yesterday but haven't heard back from her yet. I'll try again on Monday. I can't really reach down to my feet yet. Like I said I'm super tight and hard. My stomach feels like one big muscle. Also I hate the imprints the lipo foam leaves on me and my sides are wavy but I'm hoping the spanx and waist trainer will help smooth that out. I've only got one massage. I debate if I need them or not. Dr. Salz said they're not necessary but other people live by them. So idk. Anyways I'm just paitently waiting for my old life back. I haven't been going out bc of that damn compression garment and foam. Maybe the spanx will give me more freedom. I only told a couple friends so people are calling to hang out and I've become the excuse queen. They're probably wondering how I've had a cold for 2 weeks In regards to follow up care from the office Yeni called to check on me this week and I had a few questions that I text the hotline and she responded quickly so they're still doing their job :)

3 weeks post op

I wasn't gonna do an update bc nothing has improved and it's actually looking worse but I figured this might be helpful to others. Anyways yes it's been 3 weeks and my stomach is bigger than week 2. I've been struggling with if my back looks fat bc of the swelling or that he missed that area. I rather have extra fat left on my stomach opposed to my back bc even when I'm in shape that area is always a problem. So it's frustrating that the one area I was worried about the most is the one area that's still there. As a top surgeon I find it hard to believe that he would really leave that fat on my back so I'm trying to be positive but it's extremely hard. Like I said before my abs, flanks, lower back and upper middle back my is hard and sore. I can't grab any parts of those areas but the sides of my back is soft and feels fatty. It feels and looks like it did prior to surgery. My underarms and bra bulge still looks the same. I can't even wear short sleeves shirts bc I hate how it looks. I still wear the garment they gave me majority of the time. I'll wear the spanx when I'm going out. The soreness is going away. I feel more secure in the garment they gave me opposed to the spanx. When I wear the spanx I have more discomfort bc it's not a lot of compression. I get weird sharp pains that goes through my body at times. I waited 3 weeks to have any liquor and when I did my feet swelled like a balloon so I won't be drinking any time soon. All in all I'm over all of this recovery. I'm back to my pre surgery weight too. When I got on the scale after surgery I was 7 pounds heavier. Oh and I still have that fluid pocket but it's going down. I've been massaging it. Dr.Salz did call to check on me last week regarding that. Despite this wack recovery I'm happy with the treatment they provide to their patients.

1 month post op....

So glad to hit my month mark!!!! It has been a rough month but it went by fast. As far as my results go I def see changes in my stomach and lower back. My waist have not gone in too much like I hoped but that's the area that's still really hard do I think they'll go in more once the swelling goes down. My upper back and under arm area is still fat!!! I sent pics to the nurse and she said that area is always gonna have more fat and be thicker than the other areas. She said it should go down a little but it will still be there. I'm sorry but I don't see fat spilling over every female's bra. I understand that area might have more fat but it shouldn't be hanging over and I shouldn't be able to grab it. Especially after spending 5k on surgery. If I would've known I still would have back fat I would've saved the 750 spent on that area. I'm not saying that he didn't do a great job bc my stomach is coming along great but I think he didn't lipo my bra area enough especially since that's the only area I mentioned to him being my main concern. I understand Doctor's can misjudge areas or whatever the case may be so I can't hold that against him. I started working out today and felt pretty good. I didn't do anything extreme just some light cardio and very light weights. Of course I was targeting this back fat. I typically work out anyway and that area is always a problem so we shall see how it goes. I'm making sure I take pics of it weekly for documentation just in case I need a revision so he can see it's been there from the beginning. Does anyone knows his revisions procedure and if he does local anesthesia bc I would hate to get put sleep again just for that one area. And I'm still wearing the garment they gave me at night with my foams and a waist clincher. I ordered a new garment this week so I'll post the info once it comes. I wear the spanx and waist clincher while I'm out I'm the day. I've gone about 2 hours without and garments and did not have extra swelling. I had one drink week 3 and my foot got swollen so I haven't been drinking. This is the most sober I've been since I'm still massaging and the areas are getting more soft. I don't need the lipo foam anymore but it keeps everything smooth so I still use them.

Not happy at all.

My stomach seems like it's going backwards. The more the swelling goes down and my stomach softens up the more it starts to look fat again. I only take my garment off when I shower so Idk what's going on. I eat healthy and I weigh less than my pre op weight. My back fat is so noticeable through my shirts that my guy friend grabbed my roll saying I missed a few gym dates. Smh. Everyone keeps saying it takes time but at almost 5 weeks out my stomach and back shouldn't still be this big. I truly believe he wasn't aggressive enough. My stomach looked better when it was super swollen.

6 weeks post op

Quick up date bc nothing has really changed. Still not happy with my results. My back is still fat and my stomach looks pretty much the same. I still wear my garments and foam. When I tried to wear the spanx my stomach swells even more. I've bought numerous garments from the squeem vest to a vedette garment and none has worked. They all leave painful creases on my stomach. My sides are still hard and dark and my whole stomach is still tender to touch. When I turn to the side there's a wave look. It's not smooth at all. I've gotten massages and self massage at home. There's a dark line going across my stomach too and idk where it came from bc I wear the foams. All in all I'm over this whole process and if I can go back I would definitely would have saved my money. Loosing a couple of inches off my waist was not worth 5k. I know this takes time but I personally don't see my stomach getting too much smaller Iike I invinsioned it. My waist is measuring at 31. I would like it to be at around 26. As you can see in my preop pics I was not really over weight. I'm flying out next week for a follow up to address these concerns. I will post after my appt.

7 month post op.....

Haven't been on in a while but I thought I'd share my 7 month review. Well overall I'm not satisfied with my results. I felt I looked better 1 month post op then months later. I haven't gained one pound since the procedure so I know it's not extra weight. I still have bra rolls which I was already worried about bc right after surgery I noticed that area was never sore like the rest of my mid section. I sent pics a while back expressing my concern and seeking a revision but I haven't heard from anyone. I'll probably follow up next week. But all in all I could've did a detox and wore a waist trainer instead of wasting 5k. My stomach is kinda wavy and my belly button pokes out differently.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salzhauer runs a great practice... I did many consultations and research before choosing him. I chose him simply bc I trusted him and his staff with my life. Of course he does great work but what good will it be if something happened to me. I felt at ease with him. I knew I could expect my desired results as well as professionalism. My experience was overall great. In the beginning Ari was my PC and stayed on top of things and answered all my questions. She returned emails and calls very promptly. Tati handled my medical clearance and did great. Taylor was very helpful in getting my meds ready and uber credit. She returned messages super fast. Barry the anesthesiologist was super nice and made me comfortable and being that I woke up means he did his job. Ingred was beyond accommodating. I can't stress how much care she provided right after surgery. I woke up scared bc I was shaking so much and was in pain and she was so attentive. Yeilin came to the hotel the day after and she was amazing and provided great care. She was extremely patience. There were a couple times we called the hot line and nobody answered but when after we texted and got a response. No big deal. I can't think of who assisted me during my post op visit but she was great too bc she answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. Overall everyone did a superb job. You can't go wrong with a great doctor and great staff. After this experience I would never go anywhere else but to Dr.Salzhauer.

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