BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Dr Darryl J.Blinski MD @drfixitmiami Blinski Plastic Surgery

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I've been wanting this done since I found out that...

I've been wanting this done since I found out that this procedure was possible.

I've finally found a Surgeon that I'm comfortable with after much research and reading many reviews.
I was initially going to go with Dr. Salama but I read a horrific review about a RS sister receiving horrible burns and then more sisters came forward.
I had spoken with his office about it when I went to go cancel my consultation and the girl on the phone was highly arrogant and dismissive.
I even told her that I knew Dr.Salama's partner Dr. Ghurani had left his practice and went to Spectrum and she had nothing to say after that.
Then I thought about going to Dr. Ghurani as I've always admired his work and he has received great reviews.
However, your relationship with the patient coordinator can make or break your experience as I found out when I was trying to schedule a consultation with Ghurani's office.
I found out about Dr. Blinski via the comments on the "Dr. Salama ruined my body post" and I thanked the young lady for her courage in coming forward.
I then started my research on Dr. Blinski and found nothing but great reviews and found comfort in the fact that he's a private practice and not a "cosmetic mill".
I called his office and Melissa answered on the second ring and emailed me promptly.
We spent the whole day going back and forth and then she followed up with me the next week and I put my deposit down feeling confident in my decision to allow Dr. Blinski to perform my bbl.
I'm 34, 5'8 1/2 and 176lbs and a size 6 in pants. I've always wanted bigger butt and that hour glass shape. I've waist trained (currently still waist training) and it definitely works! However, it's not enough. Lol!
I follow the very popular Dr. Miami on snapchat and he was saying that there's a muscle portion of the butt that you're either born with you have a bbl to put it there because no amount of time in the gym will transform your booty to something so dramatic and perfect and I totally believe him!
I'm excited and I feel that I'm ready although I don't really feel that I can talk to too many people about it.
People are Hella judgy and narrow minded where I'm from so I'm gonna blog here and make a separate IG to track my journey.
That's all for now.

Edited on 9/2/16

Dr. Blinski tells you like it is

So I made a sx page on IG and met a fellow Blinski doll who told me that she spoke to the doctor herself.She said he called her on Memorial day on his personal cell phone to answer her questions and that's what sealed the deal for her.I was like what???That's unheard of! Lol!I told her that I had some questions that I wanted him to answer directly so she gave me his cell and email info.I emailed him with my concerns and my number and within 5 min he emailed me back and while I was reading the email, the phone rang and it was him!He was very honest about my concerns, he's not here to coddle or tell you what you want to hear just to take your money.He was super nice and super honest even telling me of stories where he had to send patients away because he felt he wasn't the surgeon for them.I had a question later on about the chances of a fat embolismand he emailed me back within a half hour with an honest straightforward answer.It doesn't get better than that!I feel totally comfortable and confidant that I'm in good hands.
It doesn't get better than that!
I feel totally comfortable and confidant that I'm in good hands.Edited on 9/11/16 

Dr. Blinski weight requirement and sleeping options

Talked to Dr.B the other day because some of the other dolls were confused as to the weight limitations for sx.Dr. B WILL NOT touch you if you're not under 200lbs.Those who know him know he ain't playin lol!I'm currently 185lbs (gained 10lbs for sx just from giving up all tobacco) so I'm good. *whew* ????This is actually a relief for me as I'm glad that he goes by weight and not that stupid BMI chart which was created by insurance companies years ago and is a joke, especially for AA females. GTFOHWTBS! ????????????I purchased this giant pool gummy bear to put on my bed and sleep on. (An idea borrowed from another doll)I refuse to allow anyone to capitalize on the increasing popularity of this sx with their marketing gimmicks.Basically I'm not paying all that money for a bbl bed when this serves the same purpose for a fraction of the cost.I need all my coins!????????????I've been researching and following this procedure for too long to fall for that. Lol!Gotta get them now tho cuz they're about to be outta season, those and maxi dresses which I also purchased several for the low ranging from $4.50- $7.00 online at Walmart. (Also a seasonal item) I posted a pic below of the pool float, it's over 5ft when inflated.That's all for now,ttyl dolls! XOXOEdited on 9/2/16

What made you choose your surgeon?

Reason #63,8953 on why my Doctor is dope!
ANY time I've had a question or concern I've contacted him directly and he either calls or emails me ASAP.
He has returned other doll's calls during holidays and non office hours.
He shows up at recovery houses if you have a problem and has even had rides arranged when doll's rides have bailed at the last min.
Does your Doctor do that?


Besides an Iron and vitamin C supplement(I'm getting those from Walmart or Walgreens), this is what's in my shopping cart.
I was looking into bio oil as well.
So besides wipes, a squeeze bottle, a sleep aide, and stool softener am I missing anything?
I'm not buying pads or chux unless I need them afterwards because I don't think I'll need them.
Dr. B uses a technique to where his dolls don't bleed heavy afterwards.
Already bought my pool float, maxi dresses and I'm buying a package that includes the ab board, back board and foams for $50.00
I'm not buying any extra garments till after my sx and the compression socks are included in the sx package.

I also have a long Beach lounge chair that I'm going to alter to lay in and another chair that folds up into a bag that I'm going to alter so that I can sit down.
I'm still undecided about a bbl pillow at this point.
The dolls on IG seem to like the Dr. Miami booty pillow (or whatever it's called) for the back piece as they use it to help them sleep.
I sleep on my stomach anyways so Idk how much use I'll actually get out of it for $100.00
To anyone who bought the female urinal, did you actually use it after your sx?

Research, Research, RESEARCH!!!!

I get a lot of dolls in my DM asking me about sx, and I can tell that they haven't done much research about the surgeon that they're looking at or the procedure.
I can't not stress to you enough how important the research process is!
I too was once green when it came to this sx.
I remember years ago wanting to be a doll of some of the more "popular" surgeons from the D.R and Miami.
Then I researched the heck out of them and what I found made me uncomfortable and in some cases downright scared me!
I can only comment on what makes ME comfortable and secure in my decision. Experience, body count, technique, cost and aftercare concerns were definitely in my top 5 factors.
Hell the search for the surgeon for ME was a journey within its self!
For a newbie I knew not only did I need to be comfortable, confident and secure with my choice but my family needed this as well.
We all want amazing results but I never hear or read about dolls talking about experience, technique, body count or aftercare when it comes to choosing a surgeon.
It's always "Can they give cakes?"
"Who gives the tiniest waist?"
It's all fun and games till you start signing your life away!
I think for myself based on those top 5 concerns for myself Blinski was the best choice for me.
I honestly love Ghurani's work but his level of accessibility via Spectrum makes me pause.
Now that being said, just because I wouldn't let some of these "popular surgeons" touch me for $free.99 doesn't mean I don't admire some of their work. I'm just extra cautious like that when it comes to serious and risky stuff.
It's all about what you're comfortable with after you've completed some intense and extensive research.
Google and realself are your friends!

Wish pics: an unrealistic expectation?

No shade to those who live by wish pics, however I personally don't feel that's how this is suppose to work.
It's okay to use a pic with a similar body type and/or foundation to get an idea of what you could possibly look like, but to want to duplicate another unique human beings body seems not only ridiculous but unrealistic.
That's how you set yourself up for disappointment from having unrealistic expectations.
I'm clearly all for cosmetic enhancements, but some dolls don't realize that their core foundation has an impact on their results as well as the surgeon's skill level.
Look at yourself in the mirror and pull your skin, suck in your gut and envision yourself with bigger/smaller whatever it is and think about those improvements.
That way when your results exceed your expectations you're happy!
Why would you wanna be a carbon copy when you were made to be an original?

Lifestyle changes, not diets

No point in spending all of that money to end up gaining all of the weight back and undoing all of that hard earned progress.
Gotta maintain this results and that means maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

BBL pillow: Worth it or over priced marketing gimmick?

Okay sooooo maybe it's because I've been following this sx before any bbl pillow came along but I'm just not sold on spending $100 on a pillow.
Cakes were being given out and survived waaaaaay before that pillow came out.
For those that bought the actual pillow (any variation)how did you like it?
Was it worth the money?
I just don't think I'll use it that much. Besides driving I can't really see a use for it.
I walk at my job and I have chairs to alter to sit at home and I naturally sleep on my sleep on my l stomach.
I was thinking something like this or that high density half roll thing for under $8 if anything.
If I HAD to buy a pillow I think the Dr. Miami one with the back piece to it would be the best value.
Another doll showed us in a video on IG how she uses it to sleep and I thought that was a good idea.

Change of plans.....

So Jackie at Dr.B's office him and asked if she could get me in 2 days earlier.
Ummmmm.... HECK YES!!! LOL! This actually ended up saving me money!
So now I'll be in Miami on the 13th for my pre-op appt which makes me 70 days away! Still seems like forever but time is flying by!!! I remember when my countdown started and I was at 157days. I quit smoking and gained more weight than I woulda liked so I'm trying to lose 1lb per week until then. That's 10 weeks=10lbs
Let's get it! ;-)
*I just want it to be o-ver!!!* in my Keyshia Cole Voice

Dr. Blinski's work

Cake daddy! Snatched! What waist?
I have 59 days to go!
Just biding my time.....waiting to be snatched. :-)

The Countdown is REAL!!!!

Okay so a few updates for my journey.
I've got 39 days to go!
After Jackie changed my date I decided not to stay at a hotel after all due to the fact that I booked my hotel back in June after I dropped my deposit at a much lower rate than the current going rate (that's right around the holidays).
My sx group told me about Curvy Angels Rh having an amazing special that was too good to pass up so I jumped on it.
My Husband and I decided that I should fly down (only an hour flight) and he'll come get me at the end of my 7 day stay.
I've started my iron regiment, I'm ordering my tart cherry extract, bromelain, arnica Montana and pentrex next week, paying off my sx balance by Tuesday, paying my rh balance by the 18th.
My massages are all booked!
I'm going to get 3 in my Miami @mybodycontour305 (included in my recovery house package) and I purchased a package of 10 for $550 from @Norely_Esthetique so that's 13 massages total.
I've got maxi dresses, camisole tank tops, manuka honey, granny panties, and compression socks.
My sx includes foams, stage 1 garment, compression socks and a massage.
Everything else I need is included with my rh stay.

More of Blinski's work

Just show casing more of Blinski's work.

Recovery Houses for Blinski dolls

For Blinski dolls inquiring about a RH.
Dr. B works very closely with ALL of the recovery houses that he recommends. ????
If you've dealt with him then you know he's a straight shooter and takes this whole process very seriously. ????
He wouldn't put his name on it if he had a problem. ????

Sx paid off, now it's time for labs!

I'm sure nobody was happier to see this email besides me than my Husband.
I'm so thankful to have his full support emotionally AND financially.
Gonna schedule my labs on Monday.

RH paid in full and cleared for sx

I did my blood work 11/14 at 2pm and got an email from Melissa the next day at 12pm saying my blood work came back and I'm good to go.
Talk about fast!!!
Paid off my rh with Vanessa the other day (talked to her on the phone for like an hour, love that lady) and now I've just gotta pick up a few things and I'm done.
23 days till I fly out, 24 days till I get snatched!
#teamblinski #countdown #bbl

Last of my sx supplies

The last of my sx supplies have been purchased!
Arnica, manuka honey, cami tops, dresses, warm socks, bromelain, compression socks, tart cherry extract, boppy pillow, and a heavy robe.
Already purchased 2 beach/camp chairs to cut the bum out and sit, and I'm gonna get a body pillow.
Everything else is already waiting for me at my rh! (Curvy Angels had a birthday special a few months back and I took advantage)
Included in my RH stay: Faja(Diane or Maria E), lumbar and ab board, happy booty pillow, 3 foams, 3 massages and all the supplies that I mentioned above, (I just wanted my own for home use)
Gonna grab some silicone gel scar sheeting strips and that's that!

#teamblinski #countdown #bbl #17daystoflyout #18daystoslay
#forevercheeky #blinskibaddie

My nerves are bad and my rs news feed is trippin

So I'm up trying to check my notifications on rs and these horrific reviews from a few years ago when I started my research for the bbl procedure began were right at the top of my news feed!! What are the chances of that? Why did that happen?
I was already feeling nervous af the last few days but then this.
To make matters worse I didn't realize what they were at first and started to read them again and the tea is always in the comments.
I ended up alllllllllllllllllll the way on FB looking at the profile pics of one of dolls who is no longer with us.
Idk why I did that to myself, I've been less than excited all day about the pending procedure even tho I know I'm in good hands.
Anybody else's realself trippin?

Pre-op pics

I started at 167lbs after losing almost 80lbs.
I was 176lbs at the time of my consultation(weight stabilized) I gained a solid 12lbs then lost 2lbs but it is what it is at this point.
I'm 5'8 1/2 186.4lbs and my pre-op measurements after the weight gain are 39-36-44 (those hips!)
I'm gonna ask for him to lipo my inner thighs but I have a feeling he's gonna tell me he wants to anyways.
I've got a busy last 2 days at work so I'll be back after my pre-op appt with Dr. B Tuesday.
#teamblinski #countdown
#blinskidoll #blinskibaddie
#forevercheeky #snatchedcity

Pre-op appt w/ Dr. Blinski

I had my consultation and he said that I had good fat lol!
He also said I may need a tummy tuck in the future as I have really soft loose skin on my belly from my being 243lbs at one point, losing weight and having the kid 4 scores and 7 years ago.
I hope not but my husband says if I need it done then I need it done and that's that.
God I love him!
Melissa said she'll give me a deal on my boobs (lift) and tt.
I think he was just reiterating the possibility so we can't say that we didn't know prior to as he tells this to a lot of dolls but we'll see.
When I stand I look great, but it folds when I sit.
Honestly it always has, no matter if I were a size 6 or bigger. It doesn't bother me though, I'm fine with that I just don't want to look crazy.
I'm not trying to be a Barbie I just wanna be a better version of me.
Prayers up!
See ya in bootyland!

Made it to Bootyland!!!

Heeeeeeeey dolls!!! I'm good like great!

I'm sleepy but I'll be back very soon to give a detailed review.

I'm with Vanessa over at curvy angels and things are going great!

House is spotless, food is great and staff is AMAZING!!! #IloveMichelle I'll do a separate post about the rh but I'll tell you now that I made a really good decision coming here.

I'll post pics when I shower and update.

I promise to keep my journey update via rs for the first year because without rs I would have been lost.

My dream FINALLY came true!

Ttyl :-)

Post-op pics

Soooooo....there it is.
I found out that the reason why my buttock on the right was extremely flat was because I had a band( a deformity) that stretched across which was pulling my butt in and no gym was gonna fix that. It was highly uneven but @drfixitmiami evened me out really good!
I've got to get a pic of my stomach Because these pics don't do me ANY justice! (The discoloration on my pic is marker from being marked up)
I couldn't have picked a more thorough surgeon who actually cares about my life, well being and did what was in my best interest.
1400cc's on the left, 1600cc's on the right because of the deformity.

1 week post op

I've got sooooo much to tell you but I've got bigger fish to fry at the moment.
Just didn't want you to think I forgot about my rs.

My horrific experience at Curvy Angels Recovery Care a.k.a Serenity Recovery Care

I'm never too proud to admit I was wrong.

The level of unprofessional business practices that I encountered is mind blowing. I won't rest until every agency worth reporting to is aware of her. Thank God my Husband and Doctor Blinski were there for me!

3 weeks post-op

I'm off in two days and I promise to give a through review about the Blinski experience, my massages who I chose and my recovery thus far.
Here's some pics tho. :-)

The Blinski Experience

I'm now 5 weeks post-op and my healing process has come along quite nicely.
Although my rh experience wasn't ideal to say the least, I honestly couldn't have had a better experience minus that.
I honestly feel that I couldn't have chosen a better surgeon....period.
It's not until you arrive in Miami and realize how crazy the surgery scene truly is that you appreciate being in Dr. Blinski's caring hands.
This man honestly cares about your life and your wellbeing and I honestly cannot stress that enough.
Shit is crazy down there and these "popular" surgeons who botch these dolls, guess who fixes them? Dr.B does, guess who sits on the board down there and has clearance to the best hospitals? He does.
I had the pleasure of meeting his passionate side as he had came from a board meeting that particular day and was disgusted by way some of the super popular IG "surgeons" were doing things. From botching dolls and abandoning patients, to adding saline to the fat, to the 15 undocumented deaths....shit is crazy son!
Out of all the dolls at my rh, Dr. Blinski was the only surgeon that called to check on any patient that was there not Alvarez, Mannon, Hasan and the likes.
Dr. Blinski was literally checking on me even after I had been home for a week.
He just cares like that.
He referred me to a really dope colleague of his in Winter Park, FL Dr. Jeffrey Hartog MD, whose lovely wife Michelle removed my drains for me (remember I left early) and had nothing but praises to say about him as she had worked with him many years ago.
I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, from my journey being ongoing since 2013 to my finding Dr.Blinski....honestly I think he's one of the major the reasons why I recovered so well with no complications(knock on wood) him and Norely Esthetique in Kissimmee,fl my review about my post op care is next!

6 week post-op update

Yesterday was my six week post-op milestone!
I'm at about 90-95% mobility and flexibility.
I've had 12 massages and I'm going to purchase another package from @norely_esthetique to concentrate on my waist with wood therapy and such.
I finally sat down yesterday and it was so hard to get over the mental block of sitting on my butt after not sitting on it since 12/14/16.
I'm thrilled to not NEED my happy booty pillow anymore because I doubt it would have lasted 6 weeks as it's blew out and I only used it to drive starting at week 3.
I'm extremely happy with my results so far!
I think my booty has dropped and I love it!
Going to go see my booty's daddy the one and only Dr. B Monday for my post-op appt.
#blinskibaddie #forevercheeky #snatchedcity

12 weeks post-op

Well it's actually tomorrow but with manager meetings and such I'll probably forget to post.
Anyways, I've been very fortunate to have had zero complications.
I still take bromelain faithfully,
I don't wear my faja unless I'm going to work, (I'm about to buy a new one and try to wear it more, but I didn't want to super compress because I was worried about excessive loose skin)
I find that I don't swell when I drink alcohol if I take bromelain and drink tons of water before and after but beer is a no go.
I still follow a low sodium diet and I've maintained my weight since sx.
I'm beyond pleased with my results and couldn't have had a better surgical experience.
He DID that!
I was truly blessed by Blinski.
#teamblinski #forevercheeky #blessedbythebest #blinskicheeks
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Words cannot express how fortunate I was to have been blessed by Dr. Blinski. From his genuine care, concern and honesty to his bedside manner and skill level I honestly couldn't have picked a better surgeon. His aftercare and follow-up is unparalleled .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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