6 months post op w/ Dr. Salzhauer

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After looking online since 2012 I am ready to take...

After looking online since 2012 I am ready to take the risks and the pain to have my BBL. I couldn't find a single surgeon who I liked the photos of. I was considering Dr. Jimerson for his experience and excellent sculpting ability but I disliked how every butt looked like 2 basketballs were stuffed under the skin. I thought maybe I could see if he could change design for me but my experience is that PS do the same work the way they like and this is hard to change :(. Then I was considering Dr. Salama bc of his butt shaping I really like. His lipo looked lumpy and I thought that was an issue bc of how it would be obvious every time you have your shirt off. Plus he has majorly hurt some of his pts in the past. Then Mendieta... He is the original doctor I was astonished with back in 2012.but his shape really looks like it's lacking in volume in the mid buttock. He seamed very caring and like I could trust myself in his hands. Then... I discovered Salzhauer. In one day I felt confident enough to book him. Well, try to book. I have to get my paper work to review first. I like the reviews. I LOVE the shape the contouring is great too. The only downside thus far is that he's booked til May 2017 AND the operator was VERY short when I called today. Maybe spent like 20-30 seconds on phone. Could tell she was not interested in my inquiry of scheduling a consultation. She told me he CAN NOT consult until November 2016 and that I had to give a 1000 dollars to reserve my spot, even though I can not consult with him for another year. That's CRAZY. But I guess his work is that good to where he can do that. He ain't hurtin for money lol. So I am giving my depo and am excited. Is rather wait a year and a half then to get something I disliked for the rest (I hope) of my life! Surgeon skill determines how long your results will last!

May 9th 2017 Sx date

Ok so I spoke with both Cynthia and Monica today. Monica is my assigned PC. She was very friendly answered a couple of questions I had and seemed to have an overall friendly disposition. Loved her accent! Something you don't hear much of in Ohio! OK so I paid the 1k over the phone. Dr. Salzhauer is booked until May 9th. Monica advised me to come to MIA a day before to get my prescription filled and come by the office. I will stay a night at a hotel and then stay at a recovery house for at least 4 days. After that I may stay at a hotel or decide to remain at recovery house. I have found the price to be around 130 a night and they pick you up from surgery and help you out. I do not think they are LPN or RN but still it will be nice to have the help. I recovered from my TT entirely alone. A family member took me to the TT surgery and dropped me off at my home after and I had to take care of myself. The day after the TT I had to take care of my then 2 year old as I was a single mother. Oh how I remember how terrible that was! I have also had lipo 3x and that's a breeze. My BA I was driving the same day back to work the 3rd day. I am crazy determined or maybe just crazy. Also, my pain tolerance is pretty high. With all of that behind me, something still says I should stay in a recovery house and make sure I am not alone. I think that's the smart move, especially being out of town. Plus I think it might make recovery smoother with people to talk to :). If anyone has any questions about BA or TT, feel free to ask me. I also had my daughter after my TT so if anyone has questions about that please ask. That's all I know at this point!

PS desired result suggestion for anyone scheduled for surgery.

Sometimes its helpful to not only provide your surgeon with wish pictures but also provide "do not like" photos. Those are photos that are unappealing to you but close in shape to what your desired outcome is. That way the surgeon knows visually what turns you off. Print them, 2 of each, and ask if they can hang them in the surgery room after you label "wish" and "no" on them for reference during procedure. It has helped me with my breasts.

Surgery date moved from 5/9/17 to 12/28/15 w/ Dr. Salzhauer!!!

I just received a call from my wonderful PC Monica, at Dr. Salzhauer office! She offered me a change in surgery date! Yay! December 28th or March 11th! We chose December 28th for a few important reasons, aside from really really wanting my BBL. So now I am scrambling to get medical clearance, lodging, and an affordable flight out off CIncy. The flights run about 600 right now.
I am waiting on Dr. Salzhauer to call me to have my consultation today. I have prepared for him a list of questions.

If you are considering booking your bbl with him I wouldn't hesitate. I will have surgery less than a month from booking it.

Spoke to Dr. Salzhauer

... He was very to the point and kind. We briefly discussed my medical history. Nothing significant other than some previous surgeries. I had just three questions, that he answered to my satisfaction. He thinks that I will do great and I was happy to share my wish pics with him.
My flight is booked. 575 dollars cvg-fll. Holiday travel is costly, so are accommodations at this time of year. But I don't mind too much, as I am lucky to be getting in so soon! I am trying to decide on a recovery house. Taylor, the travel assistant recommended Mary with elite nurse concierge, I spoke to her briefly and she was very nice and explained why her price was $200 a night. I asked her to send me an email with arrangements for a 4 night stay but that was hours ago maybe 5 and I haven't heard back. Tried to call again. No answer. I have been talking with Keyla recovery house. She is a little further out from Dr. Office, she doesn't have private rooms, in fact some of the beds are set up in the living room with Japanese dividers in between. Not really how I envision my recovery. Her prices are only 130 a night. Regardless on where I stay as far as recovery, I am getting my own room for the duration of my stay. I look forward to my quiet hotel room to lay in bed and order some take out. 13 days is a long amount of time to be without my kiddos but I can't wait to have my hips revised and my shape to be amazing. Can't wait!!!!

Dr. Salzhauer before pictures surgery in 13 days

As promised. Here is my current state of behind. I won't even show my butt bc it's that bad lol

Promising to give you the full scoop on my experience of Dr. Salzhauer...

I was recommended to stay at the elite nurse concierge run by Mary an RN. I promise to disclose my entire experience. I also will give honest feed back on everyone I come in contact with involving my BBL, so ladies can get an authentic idea. Also I will post lots of photos. Each day so you can see his work. Im am elite yelper on Yelp, bc I love to give the real deal. I'm pretty excited.

Pre Op appointment

Ugh so annoyed I weigh 159 and my bmi is only 23.6.

I am hoping I can gain some weight. I know they say it's not always necessary but I have the math and I've done some extensive research on how fat acts within the body and I'm trying to get my fat cells bigger, even though I read a few doctors say it's not necessary. I never thought I would be in need for more fat. :(

Margaritas and tacos here I come. Every one get out the way.

Everything finalized within 48 hours.

Wow what a whirlwind! So I found out Tuesday late morning I could have surgery in 2 weeks. Within, 48 hours I booked a flight (576), decided upon a RH for 4 nights (200 per night) , found a condo in North Miami to rent for 8 nights (650) that is really clean and close to the office, applied for credit to pay for my procedure, went to a pre op and received my pre op clearance. You need someone on your team it's me ok? Lol I get things done. But mostly it's bc it is Christmas and I want to spend the time enjoying my family instead of worrying about the arrangements.
I feel broke as f""". I just charged more things than I can think of. I'm a minimalist so I'm not into buying all the extras. Aside from food, this is it. If the garments become uncomfortable I will get a new one. They always seem to dig into my side :(
Oh, lastly, I don't have a place to stay when I arrive the night before surgery. I'm gonna price line it. I've had success in the past with that. And so here's how it's going to go..
Flight.12/27 hotel?, uber to the recovery house morning of Sx 12/28 put my belongings there have RH transport me to Dr. Salz office, RH return me back there after surg for 4 nights, go to nearby condo stay for 7 days and come home on 1/8. I'm going to go crazy missing my family board out of my mind. Mentally that's my biggest struggle, I have no problem being poked and stitched up, I just don't want to be gone for 2 weeks :(


Spoke to Mary the nurse who runs elite nurse concierge. She works only with Dr. Salz patients. She advised the only items we need are a boppy pillow and arnica. I have bought pills and lotion. She says with his technique do not use any other pillow but a boppy. Hope this helps. Also says you are able to sit with modification. And when you wake up in recovery you will be in a recliner. She does not work in the office however, she has close ties to the physician and is very familiar with his results and procedures.

7 days out from my BBL with Dr. Salzhauer

Ok so

6 days until BBL with Dr. Salzhauer

I am 6 days out from my BBL complete with lipo on my back, sides and abs, inner thighs, and chin. I have not weighed myself since I was at pre op Thursday, 4 days ago. I told the doctor I weighed 168 but I found out I only weigh 159 so now I am trying like hell to gain weight. It mentally feels so strange. I have a low metabolism and I have been struggling to lose the weight I gained almost 3 years ago from my daughter. My wedding was this summer and I hustled 7 days a week 2x a day to get into my wedding dress. I found out 6 days ago that there was an opening and I am trying so hard to get my money's worth with my BBL. I am eating taco bell, and pizza and drinking soda. My husband says I am not eating that much, I feel like I am. I just pray he gets rid of it all. Ok so 7 6 days away.... I am getting a little nervous. I finally got in touch with a nurse by the name of Chelsea. She is extremely competent and I received answers to a ton of questions. Here is what I was advised. Please consult your physician for your specific treatment plan... Do not take multivitamins bc they contain vitamin e, which has anti coagulation properties, do not use any pillow other than the boppy, Dr. Salz gets the best results with this pillow, do take arnica pills 5 days prior to surgery, do take iron pills 3x a day on an empty stomach for best absorption. And that's all for that. I have worn medical garments and they suck. They just do. The Dr. will provide two and if I decide they are uncomfortable or what not I will wait a couple of weeks and will get new. I probably wont know what ones to buy until I wear the ones they provide. I have had a history of the zippers digging in on the sides. Nothing too big, I always cut the crotch out a little more. LOL one time like 4 years ago my then boyfriend, now husband had to help me with this bc my vagina swelled up from being compressed and I just had to make the hole bigger in the garment. TMI but something to consider.... I am bringing my own pillow to sleep on at night, my essential oil diffuser and lots and lots of things to read.
I do not get into MIA until the night before, and so I will not be really sharing my wish pics with the Dr. until then. I briefly showed him a pic, but I want to go over everything in depth the day of. Im not too concerned that I haven't spoke to the doctor in detail, bc in my heart I know I am making the right choice. So I will go over everything the morning of so that it is fresh on his mind.
Well I am over and out. Will report when I land. I pray that God protects my children, husband, and family and myself while we are apart, that he keeps me safe during travel, I pray that he gives the doctors clarity and intuition when they touch my body, that the Lord keeps me strong and safe during surgery, and ensures my safety during recovery, I pray these things in his name, Amen.

RH road..

There has been an update. I was able to cancel my condo booking. I am going to be staying 12 nights at the recovery house. 12 of those nights will be after the surgery. I am thankful the condo owner let me cancel. It a beautiful condo very close to the Dr. office. I booked it for only 92.00 a night, which was an incredible price considering how nice it was and the location and the holiday season. However, I don't know how my surgery is going to go, how my body will feel, how I will feel emotionally, if I will have a bad headache will I am prone to, if I will just want a face to talk to, support and encouragement. I have decided to book the remaining 7 nights with Mary, at Elite Nurse Concierge. I will not have the ability to just pop into the Dr office once I get back home. So I want to stay there for 12 days to make sure I am satisfied with the results, and there is nothing I need to address. I think 7 days would be too soon for me to return for that reason alone. This is a huge investment. I literally maxed out my CC for this. I have 2 kids, I never want to take from them without cause. I would feel guilty not being responsible for my health and aftercare after spending so much. I don't feel completely guilty bc yet bc for one, they come first, I have had to hustle to get them what they need in life and they are taken care of, 2.) I have wanted this procedure for almost 10 years and 3.) I have one life to live.
SO I decided to spend the extra money on the RH bc I KNOW it is worth it.

Mary is very accommodating and friendly. She will be away for a few days immediately after my surgery. She had this vacation planned before I even asked her if I could stay, so not knocking her at all. She will have her assistant there to take her place and I am totally fine with that. I figure Mary would have my best interest in mind when she personally reached out to me for my food preferences since she would not be there.
Anyways I hope this review helps with anyone who may feel like the RH is or is not worth it.

????????????Merry Christmas????????????

Merry Christmas and I pray that all of you are safe and healthy this Christmas and May your New Year be filled with confidence, self esteem, and the power to obtain whatever goals matter to you! May the limitations of the past fall back and the new you transpire!

Also... New wish pics... Hafii Amira is amazing. I think wish pics are essential posting on here. If you can find a woman who has similar wishes as yourself as evidenced by their WP, you can see the results the PS gave them. And compare.

8 hours til bbl

Hey everyone! So tired. But happy real self is back! So I traveled to MIA today. Seriously the worst luck, phone software crashed no numbers addresses physically written down etc. Thank the Lord for kind travelers who helped me get reestablisbed. Shout out to Taylor at Dr. Office who took me to Apple and picked me up. Ok so I am at Mary's and there's just one other woman here who will be leaving tomorrow. Nice home, clean, just moved to this house. Seems like a new house, meaning not decorated etc. no biggie. At least it's very clean. The assistant she is pretty nice and down to Earth, easy to talk to. The kitchen is open access, meaning help yourself or ask for help. I took my Xanax but it's not really calming my nerves. I'm pretty nervous. My daughter was so sad when I left her at the airport, my husband shed a tear, my son gave me a big huge. I am honest with him about what I am doing. I'm not overly detailed but I explain the concept of my travel. I live by my actions and I want my son to do the same. So I have detailed photos to which I have marked the details to what I want and don't want. Mary said no one has done that before. But I want to be sure my vision is clear. It's 11:30 now and I will wake up at 6 to get ready. Lord hear my prayer, my heart is true. Please protect me and keep me from harm. Wake me up after surgery and walk by myself throughout recovery. Love me like a father and do not codemn me for my choices. I serve you and am obiedient. Keep my family safe while I am recovery. Comfort us.
I ask these things in your name, Amen.

Post op...

At RH butt hurting Lol I'm a solider though. Will give lots of details soon. At RH. Haven't seen butt. I'll update as soon as I get moving around

I'm on snap chat

First Bbl pics of day.did not want procedure recorded, but allowed him to snap my pics. Enjoy everyone! P.s... But hurts. P.s.s anesthetist was so competent. Shout of to Barry, ex- military well certificated man. Took time with me before surgery. Also Dr Salzbauer uses a safe technique when doing injections. Mary's assistant Maria is awesome. Only thing was that out of surgery and for a hour after sx they a e you sitting on butt in boppy. I freaked but said its all good, medically necessary, I believe. Man did it hurt to sit on butt but I eventually asked for pain meds... Kinda helped. Ok ladies. Look at snap pic. While I rest

1 day postoperative

Not much to update ladies.nurse came from office to shower me, was way too dizzy so I opted out. She changed my garment and took off medical tape. So painful but worth it. I haven't taken pics bc I can barely walk without feeling dizzy. I had my chin and thighs done too so my face is swollen. I did not buy a pee funnel, should have. Kinda annoying holding myself up over toilet with garment and drains hanging down. Drains suck. Knew what to expect with them but yep they suck. I hope I don't faint when they remove them. I will update all of you as soon as I feel better

48 hours post

So let me just thank God for keeping me safe. Secondly I want to thank Mary owner of RH. She is on vacation but when things weren't working out with her assistant, Mary sent her out and called over another person to help. Since then I've had assistance to restroom, access to fluids relieving most of my dehydration, and my meds have been given on time. I'm not going to trash talk anyone but I just thank God I have help now. I haven't looked at my butt yet bc I know it's pointless with all the swelling. Plus getting garment off is so painful. I'm going to stay in garment until I literally have to shower. My recovery has been rough. Laying on stomach sucks. My face is so swollen and I can hear my heart beat in my ear from all the fluid build up. I don't want to ruin my butt so I'm staying mentally strong and staying on stomach. Will post pics when I get feeling better. The recovery is no joke. Make sure you have a person committed to help you.

Antibiotics, drains, migraines

So the title says pretty much how I feel. :/ I can feel drains in my body. I know how deep they are inserted bc I've had them before. ;( ouch. I want them out!!! I'm not draining. I had to unzip garment on my sides about 6 inches, it's so damn tight I am hurting from it, I watched the video he sent as follow up where it mentions to call office of your CG is too tight so I will tomorrow. My migraine won't go away. I haven't taken pain meds today bc I'm trying not too. I just took one tonight right now hoping to get sleep. Sleep is hard to come by. Today was also the first day I was up walking around. Felt good to be out of bed. No I haven't looked at my butt yet. I'm smart enough to know its swollen and I'm just going to continue to wait it out until I take off garment. Possibly tomorrow. I get sick looking at my body all bruised up so its hard for me, I'm sorry I know you all want to see.., so do I!

72 hours post op PHOTOS

Today I felt well enough to shower. It was quick but I did it and am proud. Last night I felt like my temples were going to explode. When I'm up walking I feel ok, only when I lay flat do I feel terrible. So no sleep. But I'm still holding out from using a Boppy to sit on. Don't want to lose all this I've invested in. My caretaker said I'm a G. Lol here's pics from today.

4 days post op..reference to an amazing caretaker

Hi ladies! I know I promised to be accurate and provide as much info as possible to help you in your journey. It most certainly has been a journey for me.

I checked out of my RH 4 days post op and am now staying at a hotel. It has a great location next to walgreens and some accessible food options. I feel very thankful to be here today.
Dr. Miami lol I mean Dr. Salzhauer staff has made my trip go from miserable to happy. I DO NOT know what I would do had I not chosen his office. 2 times my iPhone broke and Taylor the concierge assistant was amazing quick in getting me to the apple and att store. When things spiraled downhill for me at the RH, Taylor checked in on me each day. She has literally spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with me trying to find me a solution to my woes. There was also another very special angel that came to my rescue and turned me into a viable person again. Her name is Dominique. I have her phone number so please message me. She is an angel. She is actually the sister to Mary's assistant (owner of elite nurse concierge). Mary called her when she found out my situation and boom she came and took such great care of me for the remaining two nights I was there. So if you ladies need someone to be by your side I highly highly highly recommend her. She is the reason my son said on the phone last night, "mom you sound better!" Amen!
The staff at the office made it so that I could continue my healing process and stay until my original departure date.
I'm looking forward to drains bring out in 3 days! I have spent the entire day walking around Miami trying to kill time before checking into my accommodations and am a little wiped out. I may post pics if I get a shower tonight.

Post op day four Salzhauer photos.

Sorry my photos might be not be so good. Very great but long day! Turns out I didn't end up with any additional help BUT I was able to give myself my own shower and get back into the garment alone! My drains are empty and I can not wait to get them out. My swelling is still intense so not too concerned about how big I am and the shape bc it's too early to tell. I think my right butt cheek is smaller then left. But could be swelling etc. not stressed out its impossible to make them exactly even, I'm just so impressed anyone can do this!!! The lipo is amazing. When the swelling goes away its going to be outstanding! Go Dr. Salzhauer you the man!!!! I had a bunch of bad spots were my doc didn't do good job on lipo. And Dr. MIAMI smoothed that all out! Amazing!!im feeling so much better today. Stay strong ladies!!

4 days Salzhauer bbl post op

Day 5 post op

On the fifth day of recovery my true love gave to me...

Patience and strength. Ok so I have to say the first 4 nights are the hardest. Your in pain, your sore, you are on your belly, your helpless, but it soon turns over overnight. If you have a hard floor I recommend putting down a nice fluffy pillow next to bed to lay knees on to kneel beside bed. So clear a spot before surgery next to bed for this. It provides and alternate position to employ during your recovery instead of standing and laying. You will prob feel worse in the morning bc your stiff from laying. The more I walk the better I feel. I walk a lot. My appetite has increased but I'm unable to eat much so I think that's normal. I keep popping the arnica pills and using the lotion. I am able to get myself in and out of garment. Hey, when you put your mind to it you can do it!
Garment in and out tip - when taking of unfasten the CG to hips slide drains through pull garment off. When putting back on- pull garment up the legs to the hips...will already be fastened remember.
From there put in your foam. Start by one side and slightly pull garment up on that side to hold the very bottom of the foam in place do the same to the back triangle, then the other side, remember to fasten a notch once foam is in place on each side. Button another notch on each side then insert front pad. Reach through vaginal opening of CG to pull front foam down. Did it like this and it's a breezy. Let's see... Last tip, I've been grazing. Slightly grazing my cheeky cheeks with my hands to promote circulation. Not scratching just getting some slight friction on the butt to hopefully increase blood circulation.

Week 1 complete

I can't believe this time last week I was heading into surgery. So many things have happened in those 7 days. This morning I took off my CG. Im not putting that one back on. Instead of complaint about things I just fix them. So after my FU today I am going to get a spanx or similiar. I took off my CG this morning it was causing all kinds of dent and irregular bumps on my sides. my left side is def larger on the lateral edge of my butt. I'll see the the man says. He's the expert!

Drains out and pics 7 days post

I had submental, thigh, abs, flanks, and back lipo. Waiting on the Dr. This changed my life.

Post op visit! drains out photos

Met with the doc. The first word out of his mouth were that he heard about what happened during my recovery. I stopped and thanked him in his tracks! He said I made his day. I told him exactly how I felt about my body previously and how it blessed me with 2 amazing children and God has kept it healthy. I told him that now my body matched my inside and he changed my life forever. I think it touched him pretty hard. Because I am staying another 4 days he wants to see me on Thursday. So we didn't talk too much about other stuff I think he could tell how happy I was. I met my PC Monica and she is just as sweet in person as on the phone. I met 2 women in the elevator who are having bbl tomorrow and they loved my results! Drains didn't hurt too bad and are now taped up. Overall I love my body and am so thankful. Getting uber or lyft off of the island sucks. I waited an hour and finally called a taxi. I want to wait til traffic dies down and head to mall to get a spanx. I've been without compression all day. Xo

8 days post op (pics) garments etc...

Ok couple things- my spanx garment is bomb. It is called oncore or something. Ladies don't waist your time trying to be comfortable AND cinched during your recovery! Compression is important but it doesn't create curves where the doc hasn't ready and it's just there to make you feel secure and help the skin reattach.like every other PS's CG, the ones they gave me post surgery suck. They got me through the first week. Thank GOD seriously for epi foam! That helped. But I caught a cab to the mall yesterday walked into Nordstrom bought me an XL spanx oncore and walked out 5 mins later happy go lucky. Look it does its job it's SUPER DUPER comfy. Has opening to pee, covers breast so I can slip in my "dimmers" cover and boom out the door! No bra lol do I look like Jessica rabbit? Nope? Am I comfortable? Yes! Did Dr. S recommend spanx? Yep! You get the point.
I decided to go home today. And am waiting to board so give me a day or so to respond while I get settled in. Can't wait to show my husband and hug my children!!


Ladies, I hope you know I have promised to keep it real so that you all can have a clear picture of my experience and form your own opinion. There is a young woman on this site by the name of Dreamscometrue14. She wasn't even a DR. S patient, . She has made a personal mission to try to discredit my experience. Her whole point is to discredit my experience by claiming she was at the recovery house with me. I had my SX date first thing 12/28 the Monday after Christmas. I arrived to Mary on 12/27 at 9:30 pm. The girl left Mary's before I had even woke up at 6am. So let me VERY CLEAR she was not there and has no basis for my experience. She was there before me. So I'm sure she has her OWN input to HER experience which I think is appropriate and fair bc I was not there during her recovery. She DOES not have ANY right to give testimony on my stay however bc she was not there aside from the two hours the day I arrived. Upon her name calling and disgraceful behavior I have decided to just let her rest and thank God again for the blessings I have in my life. I am reminded by others how many things I have to be thankful for and this is an opportunity for me to displace grace towards her. I am here to be honest and hopefully support you beautiful ladies. I will continue to do so, but not address this negative energy. Lots of love to you all. Am also happy to report Mary's house now has curtains in the back! Yay! That's a step in the right direction!
Also here to report my body is still getting skinnier and skinner and my butt getting fatter and fatter. I sat on my nippy pillow today for about 2 hours and I made sure to sit it on my mid thigh and lean forward. Okay first it was weird and I was scarred but it felt like it was in the right position. So keep playing around with it until you feel like it's on your thighs and not your behind. I am going to wait another week before I post a pic so you all can see the difference compared to when I left MIA. I think I have one pic on my phone I can post to show my tummy. And booty. :) ok over and out! Xo

Best family

I'm so thankful for the support I have. I came home to this... (Pic)

Tired.. Thinking of you all

Hi all :) I have read all of your messages both public and private and I promise to respond soon. I'm starting 5 new Literature, Composition, and other communication courses on Monday. I'm trying to get everything organized all while standing and taking care of my kids, cooking, you get the gist. Also, I have been really low on energy. Have to remember to take my iron as ordered and learn when to rest. I took my CG off yesterday and washed it, I put it on this morning and the pants I put on over them, left a huge indent in my skin so I feel pretty swollen. More than a few days ago. It's ok, just gonna keep wearing sweats and stuff. I haven't measured today but the last I measured Bellamy belly button (waist) I was 36" and hips 44" and I'm 5'9. Have not weighed myself and I won't I don't like to put an emphasis on a number. Well hopefully I'll put up some worthy pics before too long.

16 days post op

Today I am 16 days post op. Feeling really great. I'm still swollen in medical terms even though my waist is so tiny. I know bc when I wear leggings I get an indent around my belly. No biggie it goes away after I take them off. I have swollen lymph nodes in my groin but they should calm down after awhile. I am considering getting a smaller (L) Oncore spanx garment. I have had no compression on my thighs really since week 1. They seem to be just fine. My experience is CG don't do anything aside from help with swelling, in other words the work is done in the surgery. A really tight CG might help the skin tone but I don't think will shape you.
I take my CG off to wash it and leave it off for awhile. It's more of a comfort garment at this point over compression garment. I haven't sat yet, with the exception of my flight. I'm not ready to sit. I have a lot of help from my husband he will drive me where I need to go etc. I stood in class for 3 hours yesterday, told them I had tailbone surgery. No one asked....
My dad came over for dinner yesterday I kind of stood behind kitchen island and he didn't notice anything.
Alright so the butt... It's gone down a lot. I'm ok with that. It's still really shapely and looks great. Idk about fat reabsorption but the swelling has subsided. It's still really hard, and I think I may try to sit around week four. The nippy only works well when paired with the most ideal seat and in my home I have low sitting furniture of high bar stools so I'm standing. That's really all I have to report. I'm still glad I did not get a breast lift as I was considering. God bless anyone attempting multiple procedures!! Pics don't do my ass justice.

3 weeks post op bbl with Dr. Salzhauer

Ok today makes it officially 3 weeks since my BBL. Shout out to MLK!
Today and the last few days I have noticed a lot of swelling is gone. I know I have some residual swelling that will take time to go away, but bc I'm no stranger to lipo, I know what my final results will mostly likely be. I'm happy overall. I still have these stubborn fat deposits at the corner of my pelvic bones. So frustrating. This will now be the 3rd attempt of lipo to remove the areas. I am not sure why this area is so stubborn. It's right at end point of my TT scar. It could be excess skin, I say that bc Dr. S made the remark of that possibility prior to Sx. So that's a little disappointing for me. To say it's not improved is a lie, it's 90% improved and I have to keep my expectations realistic. On to my butt- ok it has gone down some. I'd say 20% to be fair. At first my left was slightly larger then right. Very slight keep in mind, but now my right is more curvy and appealing. I wish I had more bottom shelf like my wish pics. I know he graduated the slope from my butt apex into my top thigh nicely but I know there was fat grafted to the top thigh bc I've seen my post op pics of me laying face down on op table as well as my ROM (range of Motion) is different, specifically on my left side. I have noticeably greater resistance when I move my left leg a set back. This is not apparent on my right side and my ride side has a bubbly appearance, more so than the left so overall I wish the fat graft was not so graduated on my left side of possibly both sides resulting in more of a bottom shelf as Hafiia Amira (wish pic).
I do not think this is a Dr. Issue maybe better direction my end would have achieved this. But what do you do when you only meet the Dr. 15 mins before your surgery. Sure this is a consultation via phone but so much time can pass In-between it's illogical to have these detailed conversations when there are hundreds if not thousands of patients between your your phone consult and op.
Why am I saying this? Well for the same reason I tell you everything else, so you can plan better and be as prepared as possible to achieve the results you want. In short, think of every aspect of the butt and depict it so there is s clear understanding. He nailed it in every way, if only I could have thought to mention the lower portion of the butt.
Recovery- it's going well. I'm still without sitting, not ruining this butt! I am ok, I stand all day my feet hurt. Another week and I think I'll feel comfortable to sit. I am some what disappointed in the lack of educational literature I received during this process. This is something basic that they teach you in Nursing school- the importance of pre op and post op literature and patient education. They teach it over and over and I see on so many other Dr. Website post op BBL instructions. Aside from my post surgical instructions I received no other post surgical care specifically directed towards BBl. The Dr. mentioned Boppy for 6 weeks but, Marlene said 4 weeks. The staff does great to call you the week after surgery, provide you with Dr. Phone number which he is responsive too. Etc but I think having a print out of let's say post op care 0-6 weeks surgery would be extremely beneficial. If they do provide this I am unaware bc I wasn't given paperwork when I left Sx (caregiver never handed them off to me, I never saw them) and I sent an email asking for instructions to Chelsea and Monica yesterday and haven't heard back yet. So make sure you understand the importance of this and ask for something before you go under anesthesia. It could save your life ( important phone numbers what to expect ) and save your BBL results by having a clear expectation on what to avoid while recovering. I just stress this bc thorough nurse and post op literature is what saved my sons life when he hemorrhage from a T&A surgery ( common tonsil removal) and the forms on my fridge let me know exactly what to do and who to call while rushing him to ER. Simple as that. I know you want photos trust me I do too, but the lighting in my old home sucks and through this website I realized the only full length mirror in my home is in my sons room. Mom going to take some photos soon! Oh lastly CG. For me they don't change anything. I know there is a lot of debate over the significance over CG so to that I say do what makes you feel comfortable. I have no waist at all so they bunch up weird and the thought of waist training is crazy for me as I have only 1 inch if that between my ribs and pelvic bone. As long as I am not showing any signs of Seroma or fluid retention I'm only going to wear my CG during the day. I bought a smaller size Oncore Spanx and it squeezes the hell out of my ass getting it on and doesn't make a difference in my waist besides smashing my G size breasts together and making them sweat. So to each their own on that one :)

Post op instructions from PC

Ok so I sent email yesterday again and Monica quickly answered me. His staff is really prompt and helpful. I might be biased but I think they are the best :)

Bbl after care from Dr. S says....

Use Boppy for 4-6 weeks depending on your comfort.
Can sit for 1-2 hours at that point, listen to your body if it starts to tingle you should walk around a bit
Sleep on sides is ok (I'm at 3 weeks)
Sleep on back is ok at 4 weeks
Recommend to wear CG for 6 weeks or longer if you prefer.

Hope this helps with anyone unsure.

4 weeks post op!

Today marks exactly 4 weeks since BBL. I am still extremely satisfied! No complaints. Any thing I've mentioned as far as my BBL results during my journey are only observations. I'm so happy with my body. The swelling is really going away and I'm only wearing my Spanx during the day. I'm still not sitting and I only sit to drive short distances and I use my Boppy. I have been sleeping and laying on my side as of last week and that's nice bc it's gives me a variety other than just laying on my stomach. Whenever my side tingles u move to the other side! I took a bath this week it was wonderful. Just amazing! I love baths. I knelt mostly I stead of laying on back though. I'm measuring 43" around waist still and I haven't weighed myself bc it's not something to me that's important. Let's see... That's about it!!

5 weeks post BBL

Today I'm 5 weeks post op with Dr. Salzhauer bbl. I'm feeling ok. Today I'm just kinda feeling bummed that my left butt cheek is so perfect- It's full, round, perfectly curved and my right cheek is the opposite. It looks ok if you look at it front on but not if you look from the side. The right side has flat spots and is not as full as the other. I'm going to upload pics. You ladies tell me what you think? The pics are about 3 weeks old, the lighting in my house is really bad, no overhead lights aside from my son's room. Tell me your thoughts.

Farewell booty.

Ok so I'm 5 weeks post. Not sitting aside for driving with Boppy. Maybe 2x a week I drive. I am disappointed that my butt has gone down a ton. I would estimate that it's gone down about 40% since surgery. I am not sure why it's coming down so much and so much. I am taking greater care of my but then I was advised to. It's really sad. And I'm disappointed erase tha much. I am taking greater care of my but then I was advised to. It's really sad. The fact they collected from my body to use in the surgery has been the most stubborn fat and I've had my whole life around my flanks and buy my armpits so I'm not sure why it's reabsorbing so quick here are a few more photos. I can still notice the difference in the right cheek being smaller the left

Sat today.

Today I'm 5 weeks and 6 days post op. I sat at church tonight for about an hour total including drive time. I had to get up 3/4th the way through it. And they lay on my belly for the rest of the day. My ass hurts SO bad. It feels like some one took a hammer and hit my butt cheek right in the muscle. It aches too. This has gotta be expected I guess, after you think about what was done to you. I sat with a really thick pillow BTW. Nothing else really new... I'll put pics up next week!

Where did it go? 6 weeks

Tomorrow, I'm 6 weeks out. I am just going to update today for the week with pics bc I know I have a really busy week ahead. My ass is gone. And I'm disappointed in the results. I feel like I bought into the marketing of it all. :( I am not paying another 8k for another shot at bbl. Ladies - when you do it, make sure the product is good. Over and out.

Still square and still no answer on amount injected on each side.

I emailed my PC last night. She said Dr would correct my issues if he said he would. Problem is that's really all she said. Oh and she said that maybe one side is absorbing quicker than the other as expected with the 30% loss.

She still didn't answer me as to what amount what placed in each side and how much was removed from body all together. My other PS always provided me that info ESPECIALLY after I asked. I responded by saying that information should be readily available and can you please provide me with it, so I will wait another week. Monica is nice enough and I don't want to upset her.

I also told her again - that the shape and volume deficit was noticeable on day 4 post op And is not bc loss of volume.

I did talk to Taylor the concierge girl, and she asked how it was - my results. I told her lipo was great my left side was great but I'm unhappy with right side. She said take detailed pics and send to Yeni, (nurse), Rosy (Dr. Salz sister in law and office manager) so I will do that.

There has been no talk of what type of procedure will needed to be done to even it out or what cost (if any) recovery etc. once I know I most certainly will keep you beautiful women informed. Here is some updates pics of the right side. I took these at tanning bed and the lights were really bright so I changed to black and white. You can see the half assed job lol pun intended. I don't think he did a terrible job but my butt is half way chopped off on outside where it should be round. The interior portion of this side is almost as Volumous as the left side but it's like they just didn't finish the job or something I don't know...


Dr. Salz surprised me with a call this morning.

Ahhh. Finally typing from a computer this should help everyone read my reviews better, no more thunder thumbs. I am getting ready to take some mid terms and I got a call from Dr. Salzhauer. He asked me how I was doing and what I thought. We agreed to text so I could send photos. I sent photos and he asked for a direct back view, to which I then sent. He thinks I need to wait another 3 months before we talk about options. I do too. I have been doing some thinking and I wanted everyone to know that I am becoming happier with the results each day. Yes, there are differences amongst the two sides but overall, it does look good. I had this impression in my mind over the last few days and I just wanted you all to know. I took a close up pic that I am going to upload and show you all how good it looks from the back. Keep in mind, I had nothing to start with AND I'm 5'9 and weighed 163 at surgery time. So tell me what you think.. .As always, be honest! I will keep uploading pics as I progress, but I am going to save all the emotional stuff until I finish healing bc it has its ups and downs for sure. I didn't realize just how emotionally involved I was until this weekend.
Also, the Dr. didn't commit himself to anything today, nor did I ask, I can tell that his patients happiness is a big concern of his. If he didn't care, he would not have called me today. I am glad he called me today because mentally I am in a better place about my surgery then what I have been the last few weeks. I hope anyone reading this takes away 2 things 1.) It's ok to be honest with yourself, but know this is a little rollercoaster. 2.) Dr. Salz is a busy PS but I do think he cares about his patients and if your not happy, I believe he will take you serious.

So, I have to get back to what I was doing but I wanted you ladies to know that. Good luck on your journey and I hope everyone is doing great, feeling great, and LOOKING hot!!!! Summer is approaching, time to get tight.

7 week pics

Feeling better about results

Almost 9 weeks post.

Hi everyone I am almost 9 weeks post. This week I've become depressed about my results again. I know if you look "straight on" it doesn't look too bad. But would you be happy with a face lift if only the front looked good but the side looked bad. I've always known the right side had less fat transferred to it from day 4 post op. :( now it's even more evident. I have a really weird dark area under fat graft. It's a dark line. It's because the boxy fat graft on my right side just ends and there's not enough fat in that area. The fat graft because it's like weirdly shaped put a shadow on the skin below it. And below it there in no fat placed in the graft. It's not a gradual gradation like the left side. I think a successfully butt job should look good all the way around. I mean ya- you can have large breasts implants but what does that matter if the sides ripple? Lol this is frustrating. I hope this doesn't happen to any of you.

Another photo.

10.5 weeks post BBL- & I'm SO tired of crooked seams!

Hi everyone! I am 10.5 weeks post BBL w/ Dr. Salzhauer and things have not really changed since my last post so I haven't posted. I just want to say I am SO tired of my pant seams on my butt. It doesn't matter what pants I wear, the same thing happens: my pant seam ALWAYS pulls to the left side. Why? Bc it's simply more Volumous and had more fat transferred to that side. So annoyed. I have to adjust it constantly. Anyone else have this prob? I'm ready for Dr. S to make them even. I might check out some cheap flights and go down there. I just don't feel like paying 300 for a flight. Here's som photos. You can notice my pointer finger is on the bottom corner of my pocket and my thumb is on my gluteal fold. You can see the difference. I am only showing this in case someone else is going through this. I'll keep updating until it's fixed and then I'll update that. Lol God bless.

3 month post op with Dr. Salzhauer BBL

Well this is it, I made it (finally) to my 3 month mark post op! This is such an emotional experience. There are so many things to think about. It's your body, your only body. I feel I was true to myself during this whole recovery. I don't mind sharing the raw honesty of my review with all of you. I know how many of you my reviews have helped. I've read the comments and private message and I am happy my review was relatable. Sometimes people may be experiencing the same feeling I had during the same period of recovery and I hope my review let's them know they are not alone. So this is my last review on this surgery.
My final thoughts: I love my results.
Yes, I know my review has had ups and downs, but overall- I love my new body.
Is it perfect? No. Are their noticeable differences, yes but only to me; afterall it is my body. Am I pleased with the work Dr. Salzhauer did? Yes. I think he is a great surgeon who is highly motivated to capitalize on his talent. The cons were, I felt rushed during every post op, and right before surgery, and I feel like he should not operate from only one side of the table, as this creates differences amongst each side. The pros: He is personally available to you via cell, he is very intelligent, and honest. He creates a natural/perky butt. He is great with lipo, like really top notch in addressing problem areas - he did wondered on my abs, flank, back!
I would recommend him. I hope you all have lots of success with your surgeries and if you need anything just message me!

4 month post op BBL with Dr. Salzhauer (photos)

Ok, so I have let another month go by and the shape of my butt has not changed, it has just decreased in size. So that is disappointing, but I expected it. I reached out to my PC April 10th, but when I didn't hear back I text the Dr. Just like 'that' I heard back from him. I will say that Dr. Salz is very responsive. Although, I don't know what the plan will be, he asked me to send him some photos of what my butt looks like and the areas I don't like. So I did and I will wait to hear back from them. I will include a few photos here.
I hope he fixes it soon and the fee is nominal. I remember spending an extra 2 -3 k last time in travel expenses alone, so I know I can not avoid that. Not to mention having to go under again and all the risks associated with that...
Man, I wish this wasn't the case.
But my butt looks disfigured and I am kind of embarrassed to go in a swimsuit and turn to my right. :(
Any other ladies have a revision?

Waiting... Waiting...

Hi beautiful women. Hope everyone is doing good. Well sadly I am still waiting to hear back from Monica my PC at Dr. Salz. Not very efficient at all. But it's ok I'll wait, I'm sure they are busy. But I just to refresh- I emailed in April. No reply, waited a few weeks, resent email and text Dr. He replied right away. Per his instructions I emailed them both about a day or two before Passover (end of April). Still no reply, so I sent another email yesterday and I am waiting. Funny thing- yesterday I went to my facial PS in Cincy and the nurse injector told me she worked for him for a summer. Anyways- have any of you heard back from the Dr. about your revisions? I'm sure if your an existing patient you don't have to wait long to get s revision right? I'm def going to see if he can suck all the fat from my arms and underarms to fix the areas that need fixing. Ok.. Talk soon!

Fat pics.

Ok ladies, Monica confirmed that she had received my email and photos and that Dr. Will get in touch with me next week. So that's great news! I spoke to another beauty today who went back in the office to discuss a revision. The Dr. said she didn't have enough fat. :( I still do. My arms, under arms, and top of flanks and behind my arms still has a TON of fat to pull from. I'm hoping that with all this fat he can not only correct the squareness on my right side but put it all in. I am terrified of an 'over correcton.' Agh idk I hope to hear back soon and I will update! I'm including pics of my fat, so you can see just how much I have left to use. Xo

Revision approved

Hi everyone!

Dr. Salzhauer called me himself and was very sincere. He acknowledged the areas of concern and said he would take care of it. I don't have anything as far as price or a date yet, but I am so happy! Now I need to save up some $ for travel arrangements and make arrangements for my children, arrange for someone to come with me this time, work and school. I am extremely thrilled that he is revising the Bbl and I am extremely happy he called himself. He will be taking fat from untouched areas, the pictures are in my last post.

June 24th 2016

Is my revision date. Dr. Salzhauer said he would try to fit me in and fit me in he did. June 24th is my date. I'm not staying at a recovery house. Instead, I am going to try to bring my husband or someone. Nervous. Can't believe it.

ANOTHER DEAD by either Dr. O, Dr. Hasan or Dr. Llorente

I was telling my best friend about my up and coming revision. She lives is WV and told me that someone from there, a mother of two, just like me, died from a BBL in FL. So I go online and looks like the crooks at encore are in trouble again. I read this article and many like this and I am so disgusted. We all know surgery is dangerous and that is bummed that mine did not come out right. More than money I am bummed about surgery and the risks. But I feel like driving down the highway carries more risks and I also feel like Dr. Salzhauer is not like these bastards in the local community. Sorry for the fowl language, but after reading the stories from girls on here about DR. O and now this article, I can not think of a better word. I hope all of you ladies stay safe, and do not go to a Dr. that does not neglect the safety and well being of you not only during surgery but after. I can attest that above all else, Dr. Salzhauer was extremely responsive after my surgery and his manager put me up in a hotel when my recovery was a little bumpy. I hope this post helps someone. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article77410852.html

BBL Revision in 17 days.

Hi everyone! My BBL revision date is scheduled on 6-24 and I am flying down there on 6/22 and staying onl7 7 days. I will be leaving the Wednesday after my Sx which is on a Friday. I was in MIA for 10 days the last time and I took care of myself, so the fact that I have my husband coming with me should make my recovery a lot better. I know my body and I have a really high pain tolerance so that is the schedule I decided upon. I do however want to get to MIA 2 days in advance so I can relax and meet with Dr. Salzhauer. I do not want to feel rushed again. I am not really sure if you call this round 2 or a revision, or if there is even a difference? Overall, I am not looking for a bigger butt, I just want to have the right side even with the left, but if he has more fat to use, don't let it go to waste, right? I hope my recovery is less painful this time. i am really excited that he is taking the fat out of my arms, arm pits and upper bra area. Those areas were not done previously. And although they were not fatty before, they became fatty. The fat will reroute to the areas of your body that still have healthy fat cells. So even if you are in great shape, recovery can make you lazy and if you put on a pound or so, it will go to the unlipoed areas. :( I think eventually it will go to your butt once the fat stabilizes, but wow did my arms get chubby. I went to my doctor today and had him do the physical and I will be going tomorrow morning to have my labs run. I picked up my medications and let me tell you the clarithromycin was not cheap. It was 70 bucks. i guess the doctor switched out the kflex bc ppl were having allergic reactions or something. This doctor has you on like 12 medications it is so crazy. Make sure to take probiotics, bc your body will surely be wiped out of everything good and bad. i still have my boppy pillow, and I am not buying arnica pills again. IMO they were useless last time. You really do not need any supplies other than a boppy with this doc. I am also going to tell him no on the drains bc my body just does not gives a lot of fluids and I am not staying for the week. That is really all I have to say right now... Damn, I remember after my last bbl waking up in so much damn pain and thinking ppl were insane to do this twice... and well, here I am. Anyways... I just hope my head doesn't have galloping horses in it this time around. Lots of love and strength to you beautiful women, may the Lord keep you safe and the Dr. bring you through it.

Blood results in.

Please prepare the cabin for takeoff... Ok so my results came in and everything is on normal range, I can't believe I'm about to do this again. Has anyone had a revision? Did it hurt as bad? Like, if they don't have to craft a whole entire new butt I would think it wouldn't hurt as bad. Getting nervous...

Revision Bbl Dr. Salzhauer in 5 days

Hi beautiful women, I am leaving on Wednesday and my Sx is on Friday. I'll snapchat you if u guys wanna see pics. It's just easier. I'll post about my experience on here after its alllll the way over. Shit is so emotional I'm not going to roller coaster on here again.! Love you all. Stay beautiful Snapchat user OhlalaLisa

Revision Bbl tomorrow, pre op yesterday.

Hi everyone! I had a pre op with Dr. Salz and Yeny yesterday. Yeny or Yeni (not sure how to spell) is so damn sweet and caring. Love her! I didn't get to meet her last time. Anyways, the Dr is going to perform a little lipo on my right side where it bulges at bottom and then fill in the flat areas. I'm going to discuss final detail tomorrow when he marks me up before Sx. Unsure of time. Unsure if I'll let them snap. Unsure if he will want to snap bc it's a revision. I reminded him that he agreed to lipo my arms and touch up parts of nine thighs. He remembered and kindly agreed. I'm still 26.6 % body fat which is about 40 lbs of fat. I know there is gobs of fat left to pull from to shape my butt. I asked him if he would use it and not throw it away. We kinda laughed and he agreed. So is it a 2nd Bbl, no? Is it a revision, yes. But a bonus revision bc hopefully he has enough left over to add! He revised a woman on realself called "Angelinadoll" and if u look her up, you can see her body is BANGIN now! Love you all. Wish me luck and pray for the Lord to keep me safe.

Sx was today!

Hi gorgeous women! Listen, I'm feeling great! I've only taken 1 pain pill, I'm about to take second dose. It's been about 5 hours since last one! I'm up and walking around great. My arms are sore as hell, but I have do not have drains so I'm moving around great. No blood on garments, I'm not a bleeder anyways. Dr Salzhauer listened to me and went above and beyond. He spent more time with me, and did not rush me. I was nervous So I wrote a small script on a tiny piece of paper and he listened and delivered. I will wait to post pics bc you can't tell yet. This was not a 2nd Bbl really, but he filled in all flat spots And fixed lower bulge in right cheek. That's why I feel so good. But he corrected a tiny bump of fat left over on my right thigh, he lipo my breast bulge, arms, and upper back above bra area. So that hurts but my butt feels great. I'm walking around and doing everything all by myself! I have help now of course with my spouse, but ladies so far so good. Feels nothing like first time!

Day 2 post op revision

Ok so yesterday was really hard on me. When the anesthesia wore off my arms HURT. I have only taken 3 pain pills total. They make me sick so I would rather be sore. Took two Tylenol and took my second shower today. Everything is going good so far. My long sleeve compression garment is skin tight. I'm SO swollen at top. My butt looks great. I'm swollen everywhere but I still want you to see all the work he did. His staff seemed a lot more caring this time around, even Dr. Salz seemed less rushed this time. I can't wait to go into my post op and see what he says. Even though I look like the Michelin man or a fat kid in a little coat, I know I'm going to look great in a few months! So thrilled with my revision and the extra work he did. He didn't have to do all that he did for me.

Before & After

Ok so I found a few before and after photos. I love my before body. It carried 2 healthy babies, is healthy and I am not ashamed of what God gave me. Notice the after picture is all that and more! I'm going to wait about 3 months before I update again. I'm back home and it's time to be mommy, student, employee, wife. But one small note- in my before pic I weighed 158 in my after (now) I'm at 167. It's very easy to get s new body and think the fat is only gonna go to to booty. But that's NOT true!!! Let me repeat! That is NOT true. I used to have skinny knees and calves, well no more! So it's a fine line between fat booty n fat body. I'm going to reduce my calories (taking 18 credit hours makes it hard for me to exercise) and start some cardio for my heart and lungs to stay healthy and slowly start strength training. I'm going to wait 6 months before I begin my hot yoga practice. It's my FAV but it gets hot and I'm paranoid will effect my fat graft. Again, Dr Salz was great, thank you to him, Rosy, Yeni, Taylor, Chelsea! My patient coordinator didn't even really talk to me after I sent over my medical clearance. Actually, she never spoke to me after she sent pre op forms. I don't know how to read Tatianna. But she was there and she spoke to me before surgery and I appreciate her help. Overall, my revision experience was great. I have recommended a few ppl to him!
Check out my before and after!

3 weeks post revision

Hi everyone!
Ok so a lot of my swelling has subsided and I am disappointed with my revision. :( my arms look great and so does my breast bulge area. To be fair I see a *slight* improvement in the right side, however it's still square and I still have a drop off in the bottom of the right side :( it's odd, so I still have shadow and it still looks unnatural. I'm not sure if he lipoed the area to reduce the cliff or if he attempted to fill it in. I'm not sure if it didn't "take." I'll update some photos later. I give up.

Pictures 7.17.16 :( butt still deformed

As promised here are the photos. The left side looks great and... The right side still deformed. The right side needed to be filled in so I'm not sure why it didn't get filled in. But I can't afford another trip or a 3rd chance for him to fix it. I'll update my review at 6 months. P

Photos taken in April 2016 and 3.5 weeks after "revision"

Do you beautiful women see anything fixed? I don't. I'm SO disappointed. It's actually worse then before. I feel like instead of adding fat below the cliff he added more fat ABOVE the cliff. Adding more weight to the wrong area made it even more boxy and droopy. I feel sick.

Every day I'm more depressed

Omg. I don't want to be dramatic I aware, and I know I said I wouldn't post for awhile but I'm seriously having a break down. My butt looks awful on the right side! If I didn't look like an idiot I would bend over at the waster and take a pic to show you guys how much higher the bottom of the right side is compress to left. And right before my infamous "bottom cliff) the fat is so thick that it is like a lump all around the top of my gluteal crease:( I finally swam yesterday and I was mortified in the water. When I went to swim and like walk through the water the whole right side of my right cheek was like flapping and felt sooooo loose and not full at all. It's way softer than the left side.
Also i I think I know why im having this problem- hear me out... The left side projects more at an 3/4th angle whereas my right side is still flat like a pancake there. I think if he would have filled in he box instead of just putting fat in the wrong place at the bottom it would have pulled everything up! But instead, far was only added to bottom causing the already flat area more weight as the bottom making is sag and feel looser. I can even see where he worked last month based on my right side post op bruising. The box area has no fat deposited. Instead he just worked on bottom and added a bit to my top. And of course that area is furthest away from him when he stands. But that shouldn't matter! He should have filled in the center part of the box creating more volume lifting it up, not having it sag more. My pants feel awful on the right side when I walk. Literally the crease area feels like when you have saggy heavy breasts for years and they begin to lay on your stomach. My Butt is so floppy and also loose now. Such a terrible feeling. It so bad I already know I have to fix it. Last time I needed time to think on it, no, this time bc it's a physical annoyance coupled with a visual "fake square butt" look it's way worse. I am going to work out like crazy and see what I can find out. Dr. Salz said this week I was still swollen but this isn't my first time n I know it won't get better in time.

5 month revision post op

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been away. My life has been extremely busy and it seems like every day there is a new commitment and deadline. Anyways, like this post suggests I am exactly 5 months and 1 day post op revision. The right side has certainly improved in volume, but sadly the box and the dramatic crease is still there. I get so embarrassed when I am doing warrior 2 in yoga when it comes to face the right ride. I try my hardest not to look at my reflection in the mirror, bc the way it's super square makes it look like I have implants that migrated out of their intended pocket! The left side is still good. One thing is that I noticed some uneven texture and kinda cottage cheese looking areas at the bottom of my left side so I think some fat absorbed. Also, recently (I know this is gonna sound crazy but hear me out I've yet to be wrong in my theory lol) the top of each side of my butt shows darker skin, the odd thing is that the darker area goes along with the natural shape of the top of each cheek resembling skin that was once stretched and shrunk. I'll keep my eye on it. 8 hope I'm not losing volume! I can't find my measuring tape! I'm fluctuating 1-2 pounds every other week or so, but holding steadily at post op weight. And let me tell you - where you lose is NOT where it goes back. I don't GAF what anyone tries to tell you, that's a damn lie. My legs are now thick AF and my knees are full and I've even had fat go down towards my ankles. After this surgery best believe if you lose a pound and then gain it and keep doing it, each time you lose it won't go back to that exact spot. So overtime your body shape will change. I guess we can't play God forever. I know with time saggy and fat shifting will likely occur, just like boobs! Oh btw I'm getting my implants out and a lift dec 14th! But honestly this surgery changed my life. Clothes like killer. No more droopy bottoms. People both men and women compliment you. Would I recommend this surgery to everyone? Hell yes. Would I recommend Dr. Miami? I would. But I would caution them of his jammed pack schedule. Let's face it, the man has a huge heart but time is a resource that can not be bought and once its gone you can't get it back. Anyways I'll post some pictures sooner or later:) take care!

BBL procedure. He is extremely talented, caring plastic surgeon who I wish I lived closer to. Would use him again. If rating him on his morals and ethics as well as aesthetic eye I would give a 5 star review. I did feel during my post op appts. he could have spent more time. He seems to be in a hurry a lot. Also, patient education needs to improve. With all the use of social media you think the office would provide post procedure care instructions on paper after surgery to give you guidelines on how to maintain your new body. I do trust he as a surgeon and would hire again. 6/30 just had my BBL revision with lipo on arms, upper back and bra bulge. It went awesome!! He was SO sweet and literally just wanted me to be happy with my BBL. He went out of his way to help me! I love my bbl and I love that in Miami, a city with plastic surgeons a dime a dozen, I found a real gem. Stand up person. Oh and I feel SO safe under their care. Everyone is great! Don't think twice go! You will wish u had done it sooner!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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