Dr. Hasan is amazing and so are my results!

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This is a quick review because I already did a...

This is a quick review because I already did a really time consuming one on IG so if you want more info you can find me there name: Hasandoll but I only accept other surgery pages.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Hasan and my coordinator Margeret and all the staff at Vanity.

My surgery went so smoothly as did my initial consultation I did three months before my surgery, my payments and preop all went great. I know Vanity has a bad rep, but I have nothing but positive things to say.

I was 5'5" 150lbs before surgery waist was 31" and hips 41" and after surgery waist is 27" and hips 44". I've gained about 10 or so lbs since surgery and now my waist is 28" and my hips are 46"

I only considered surgery after I had a horrific pregnancy where I spent 4 months on complete bed rest and half of that in the hospital. I was only allowed to get up to use the rest room and to take three, 15 minute, seated showers a week. I gained around 90/100lbs and it destroyed my body. I have a cute, perky butt and afterwards it was pancake flat and deflated. Dr. Hasan completely fixed my dumpy body and gave me the perfect butt. I love him!

Everyone at Vanity was great, but special shout out to Margaret, Keyla, Yuliet, Roxana and Sergio! You all rock and I love you! Also to the amazing, pretty blond nurse with the fat booty, I'm so sorry I forgot your name but you were my angel before the surgery and in recovery.

The recovery is no joke. The first 5 days I was regretting it. A lot of swelling, burning and stiffness but now, I'm so happy I did it. It was worth every moment of pain. I have a lot of postop tips and detail my recovery process extensively on my IG. I don't have the time or energy to repost everything here though. I just wanted to give Dr. Hasan praise here! Thank you!

Info about Dr. Hasan

I see quite a bit of misinformation about Dr. Hasan so I wanted to clear things up a bit. Dr. Hasan is a board certified dermatologist and he's a board certified cosmetic surgeon through the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Hasan holds a clear and active FL license. For those of you who don't know, tumescent liposuction was actually invented by a dermatologist. This is the type of lipo used during a BBL procedure and dermatologist are more than qualified to perform it since it was their medical field who invented it to begin with.

Dr. Hasan did have a patient pass away. She was in her 50's and passed from a heart attack from a fat embolism and secondarily from an underlining heart condition. Dr. Hasan was completely cleared of any wrongdoing in her death by both the medical board and the police who investigated her unfortunate passing.

Dr. Hasan was reprimanded by the medical board for improperly prescribing Viagra to a friend. He was put on probation and had to complete a class. He completed his class and probation years ago and his license is clear and active now.

Dr. Hasan is a highly trained and capable doctor. He is honest, blunt really, and from what I have seen, he puts his patients safety first above his own financial gain. I have met more than one doll who he declined to do surgery on because of something concerning he saw in their lab results.

I hope this helps to clear up some of the outrageous misinformation I see floating around about him.

A few more random postop photos.

A video.

So you can see it move

Explicit - Click to view

I have more videos on my IG hasandoll

I've been waiting so long to take this picture, lol!

I saw girls post a picture like this after their breast lifts and BBL and I told myself I'd take it as soon as I got a BL. Here it is!

9.5 months post op picture

Took this yesterday.

10 month post op video

Clapping with no hands lol!

1 year booty anniversary and huge weight loss!

My booty is a year old! I lost 18lbs over the last 10 weeks and I lost two inches off my butt. I'm now 5lbs lighter than when I originally had my surgery. The shape is still great but it's much smaller than it was. I was 46" and now I'm 44". My cholesterol was very high and my doctor encouraged me to make a lifestyle change. I started eating really well and exercising 5 days a week and the weight melted off. I miss my bigger booty, but my health comes first and at least the shape is still good. I mean I guess I still have a big butt by average standards. Anyway, I think this will be my last update for a while. I'll post again when I hit the 18 month and then the two year mark because I don't see a lot of dolls showing the long term results of BBL. A year later, I can still say this was 100% worth it!

Taking a break

I temporarily suspended my IG and I'm not active on here much right now. I have a young and very sick parent to care for right now. This is taking up all of my time. Good luck to everyone with your research and surgeries. I'm unable to answer questions or be involved with the surgery community at this difficult time for my family. Thank you!
Miami Physician

I LOVE my doctor! He's so cute and fit and very honest, blunt really. He told me I might not like my stomach and might need a tummy tuck. He warned me of the risk of excessive blood loss from high volume lipo and told me to really take my time considering the risks and long term commitment to the healing process. He dissuaded me from adding in arm lipo because he didn't think it was worth it. He was not money hungry and he spent so much time going in depth about the possibly risks and no other surgeon had done that. I'm so thrilled with my results and had such a great experience with everyone at Vanity!

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