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Im so excited I have been doing my research and I...

Im so excited I have been doing my research and I know now that I will get a bbl there isn't a thing stopping me and u hope nothing does I researched so many different doctors and I am going with doc A Pascaul she is locaded in Florida and has all A if u know what I mean I am going to put a deposit down. can't wait I have put 1000 dollars down and I plain on doing that in September so that I can get a appointment in February of 2014 I just had a baby and was told by my doctor that I should wait a few months

supplies I may need

Hello everyone im trying to buy supplies for my recovery I an going ti Florida hopefully in February for a bbl I need to know what I'm going to need for my recovery... I also need to know about the garment I have read that I need two I know for sure that one is included with my surgery but after seeing review photos it looks very thin I wonder if I buy my own if they will take it off my total. also us there anyone who has been to Dr. Pascaul. recently that is where im going let me know a little if u can.

Paid depost!

Hello ladies to day i paid my deposit it just so happened that i was looking for credit and came across carecredit it is great and it is allowing me to get my bbl faster than i thought today i paid my deposit and set my app for 2-5-2014 i am so happy my husband and son are worried and i have given the just in case speech because when it gets near i am going to be trying to think all great thoughts and running a round like crazy so besides that i found a forum on realself that told me what i am going to need go realself i have been asking this question and not getting a answer there is a chair i am looking for and it has the bottom out if one of you ladies come across one please let me know i am going to loose 40 pounds be for i go i am now 5/4 and weigh 187 i had a baby 4 months ago and now is the time that i need to start working out if i start working out when i get my bbl i should be a nice size and then i am going to loose weight healing and then when i get in the gym i should be at a nice weight going to the gym to maintain not loose i still have no one to go with me my husband is going to stay with the children he says he thinks i should fly down and they should drive and that way he will be able to support me to be honest i want to go with a female friend instead of my hubby and children so that is out i just need some one to go so ladies let me know if you are going to Dr. Pascaul or any other doctor in the first week of Feb 2014 and also if any of you ladies know of a affordable recovery house in Florida please let me know i will keep you ladies posted as i go through the steps...


I made my appointment for Dr. Pascaul in Florida for Feb 5 2014 cant wait thought i was not going to be able to make it and then i got approved for a care credit card and things took of from there... so my deposit is made and now i am going to sit back and wait until December and January so that i can began my vitamins, work out a light work out don't want to loose to much weight and washing with the antibacterial soap i also am going to start juicing but not until January. I cant wait but i can say that time is ticking and before i know it will be time to board the plain..

Hubby going with me

Well ladies i am going with hubby i was told buy a few of my lady friends that they would go but when i plain i like to do things ahead like buying plane tickets and when is was ready to buy my tickets none of them were ready so my hubby bought two and i ask why and he said he is sick of me complaining that i may not have no one to go so he is going now you ladies know i wanted one of my girls but who better than him right and better safe than sorry so besides that im just letting the time tick away because every thing that needed to be done is i think i have to much time on my hands because now i want fat transfer to my breast i have six children and my breast dont look bad but why not i emailed Irivett to see how much extra it will be and im praying she says some thing like 1000 we will see...

No fat to the boobies!

Well its a good thing that I did my research fat to the boobs is not a good idea it is not safe and it does not form in the boobs the way it does the butt so my doctor wont to and I don't want it ladies im going crazy these 10 weeks are going by slow not to mention my b-day is in January I told him a while ago that I wanted a mink vest for my b-day he said spending to much we we discussed this a while ago so I say what every I said so mad dont remember he said u have so much what u need wit a vest I ask who the hell r u peta... he best get that vest or well u know... other than that non going on wit m re I was the thinking we should try to get as many ladies together in the summer and bbl Vegas out check you schedule ladies lets go...

fix fix Dr Pascaul

Look at these ladies I know I need to walk to get rid of lumps in the rump but with 800cc in each cheek will I be ok be honest oh and with out the back and front fat fat of course!

see its the top and middle I lack if she fix that and add

Its the top and middle I lack if she fix that and add more to the bottom ill be happy I want 800 in each cheek and that means I may get close to 700 with lost im ok with that i have the crease on the bottom so thats a plus I think but the way my back runs into my butt it could be a slip and slide I cant blame the 6 kids cuz my gym habit has fell way off in the last year and im just getting back into it because khy my baby is 5 months so until next time.

hey hey ladies

Im counting down It was brought to my attention that my doc isn't on realself well she is but oolnk


Ladys I know why this site is here and I have so much appreciation for you ladies shout out to bkl and nikky10188 stillbabyfat missparis booty4real mysexyback backtome45 and all others who have encouraged me brooklyn you look great ant been on your blog in a while its long as hell but needed these doc and there assistant dont tell shit but what you ask and what if I dont know what to ask here I am six weeks to go before my ass is born and I had to ask for someone else to talk to after reading blogs and testaments of u ladies I had sooo many questions like shopping, meds garment and so fourth and irrivett wasn't telling me shit here I am coming from Pittsburgh luv my city all the way to Florida for a surgery and u think you going to tell me what I need to know at a pre opt one day before my surgery I went off like the ceiling couldnt hold me but in a nice way... hoe u gone tell me Dr Pascaul is my doc for 4 months and now I get the tell from some one else in the office all of the truth after I research and find out She dont do the bbls Lagrossa does but I had to play private eye why im glad tho because his work is on here at least so ladies ill keep u updated and im not going to say dr Pascaul office is weird but irrivett is my word untill January heal great look and feel great and ooooo kill em!

Its the eve if Christmas. ..

Hey beautiful ladys happy merry xmas im excited about Christmas every year but this year is special 12 o'clock I was awaken by my hubbie with a early gift can u say Bling Bling I knew he was upgrading my rings and I knew they were going to be great because he always says the ring is a reflection of the man so when he woke me with them I was speechless this is how my year should end happy healthy family and bling my year is going to start of with a great b-day January 19 and a new booty February 3rd its going to be great God knows what I need and want i know this because we talk...Feb lets go cant wait to send picks of my bubble so until then ill leave picks of my BLING luv u ladies stay

close up not that its needed lol.....

Garments are here!

Hello great ladies my garments are here and im so glad that you ladies were here to let me know what it is because it was not a easy choice. This is getting more real every day the short one is for dresses in the summer and the long one Is for other clothing the short one snaps in between the legs and the long one has a hole in the middle I tried to find one that doesn't but couldn't im going to have to watch the swelling in between the legs im going supply shopping this week and ill be done im not going to go crazy with supplies as I didnt go crazy packing and yes I am packed lol so ladies until next time much luv and happiness!

Its a new year....

Hi Queens as my hubbie says im going to my hubbies frat brothers house to chill so I thought I would say hello we are cold as ever im Pa. My hubby rocn the Columbia boots and me the uggs wit the vic secret leggns you know relax mode im going to get comfy when I get there so untill next time heal great feel great!


Im up this early in the morning thinking about taken all these blood test I had six kids and was not ever this nervous..... ive been taking my iron 65 and eating foods with high iron percentage and doing the calcium thing so im sure ill be fine but when I put so much work and to something and it all rides on something so simple as blood levels It gives me nausea pray for me.

last post talking crazy

It gives me nausea lol im sooo nervous.....


Its funny because today is the day I am getting my labs done so I get my ekg and it comes back all crazy because I am were baby oil gel and the stickies didnt stick so I took another after putting alcohol all over myself now I am waiting on the results and it is taking forever and I said I was going to take it easy today yeah right...... after this I have to take blood and then its thee hurry up and wait game I will call on friday and see what the verdict is so until Friday heal great feel great.....

Big Wheeles Keep On Turning......

Hi ladies I just got word that my results were great and that im good for surgery! :-) happy happy happy this is it im ready with only 19 more days to go im ready did I say im ready lol..... until next time happy healthy healing....

Birth day over Birth of Butt Comin....

Well its 15 days until im on the other side and it feels like forever...... I have a lot to do so i hope it goes fast and im beginning to be worried about leaving my children for that long I know I have the best caregivers for them but im a mommie and im going to be saying I want to go home after 3 days so I have 15 days to feel bad and 13 more while im away I just pray god places his hand over them and all is well I know he will we talk.... untill next time heal great. ...

11 days let's get it

Well ladies I have 11 more days to go until my new bootie is born lol..... I'm ready just thought I would let you ladies know about this body shaper I bought from victoria's secret I'm thinking it was a good investment..... ill let you ladies know once I wear it. Until next time heal and feel great

change of plans

I'm now going with my sister hubbie and I agreed that taking baby is a no no and I'm cool with it I'm just glad he will be here with our children and I don’t have worry about them here with a sitter I am also glad that my sitter has vacation days and willing to share them with me so until next time heal great.......

At the airport

Hi dolls I am at the airport I know and cant type nails to long and first thing I need to do is hit the nail salon I will up date when I land.


This has been a wonderful experience painful but great I would like to thank all you ladies. When I went to my pre opt on the fourth I felt so comfortable and when I came back the next day things went soooo smoothly I was called to the back as soon as I got there got my prenatal test and vitals taken and then it was on from there all I remember is walking up to a great body and seeing Dr
Lagrossa and he was telling me how great I look today I went to get my self cleaned up and when my garment was off I couldn't stop smiling when I get my drains out ill leave more info I am very happy.


Here are some pics



Feeling much bettrr

I feel so much better today dolls I luv my body! Shout out to shay looking great sis im eating now and garment is loose around the waist I brought a smaller one but its a 34 im in a 38 I need a 36 so until I get home i made a board here is a few more picks until next time heal great

feeling ok

Its about to be a werk and I feel like I had surgery. .. I get my drains out in 2 more days I Can't wait I will say this is not for the weak and all that one can do pre opt to prepare one should if u think u are buying touch you are not also pick some where to recoup that is overly comfortable but some where that has places that you can walk to so you are using your legs and make sure mentally you can go through all the emotional up and downs I think I like by butt and as it settles ill luv it I know I luv my belly and shape he did a great job cant wait till Wednesday. .... untill then heal great

Dr Lagrossa has great HANDS

Well let me say im luvn my new body I think it is shaping up to be a work of art. ... here are a few pics and I will update after Wednesday when I get my drains removed.. heal great

more pics

Hi dolls I am going to wash today and take pics without garment so sick of drains cant wait to get them out im still very happy I had the... untill tomorrow heal great

Ted compression socks are butttttt

Just let you ladies know that Ted compression socks are butttt lol I have big legs and they dont stay up I dont know if I bought the wrong ones but they
Were 20 bucks and when I got my surgery they gave me the same ones they didn't fit me.

There is no place like home.

Well ladies I've been here long enough I'm ready to go home and I went to get my drains out and was told to leave them it because I was draining to much still Friday is tomorrow and they must come out because I go home Saturday and im out if I have to keep them me and my drains will be getting on the plane lol... im doing fine and my body is great everyone at Pascaul med spa was so sweet and pretty with great body's...Lagrossa is great i know I said that But ladies he is I don't have a lot to say im happy and if you need to know anything please ask. Heal happy:-)

Im home

Hi ladies I'm home I've been home for 2 days now and it feels great im getting my first massage in 1 hour this is not as easy as thought body swelling can't sit on my butt and This garment stuff if crazy Im ok though Thanks for listening.... heal great

Here are a few pics ladies

Hello Realself.....

Hi to all you wonderful people! Its been so long. I'm happy all are sharing:) Just to recap im a 34 year old wonderful women.....I had a bbl done 2 years ago in Miami, by Doc. Lagrossa, happy with my results still I knew i was going to have to go and get another! I thought i would go after my tummy tuck, I had my tummy tuck done 3 months ago and I made my appoint with my surgen for my consult so I can get my bootie that my body deserves:) My consult is Jan 5th, Im going to Dr. Alvarez im Wexford, Pittsburgh Pa. I had my tummy tuck done by him and im going to go back to him. His hands are blessings he cares and it shows through his staff and through his work. I can say when i got my bbl the first time i was so excited, this time im taking my time because i want to be specific realy specific i have spent over 14000 and this is it for at least 10 more years. I must say if i would have taken better care of myself after my 1st bbl i would need a second but not so soon.... soooo ladies wear those garments and go to the gym..... you all can look up my 1st bbl on youtube it is under Miami, surgen Keyannas transformation. I will post picks of me now and of my Tummy tuck, please leave feed back, ask questions, and give all advice:).

Pictures added

New Docter!

Hello, I have changed docters, I have been reading that you should see lots of pictures of the work the docters of your choice has done. ...although docter Alvarez did a great job on my tummy tuck im going to go with doc Hasan at Vanity. I haven't seen any bbl work that docter Alvarez had done and I have looked every were. I m going to pay my 1000 doller deposit on the 31st I have also booked 7 nights at the recovery house for 1000 bucks with a roommate. So what you think? I cant keep spending thousands and not being happy:)

Dr. Hasan Here I Come....

Well Its done round two started....Date set March 24th, I want a body not just a bootie a body...I think I'll get it.


Ive been thinking dangerous I know:) I really want for docter Hasan to give me the body i0 want i have invested a lot of money into my body and we'll im afraid i know Dr. Hasan will understand when we talk at my pre opt appointment... Im just afraid:( I really want a smaller waist and arms and thighs with a fat ass and i have invested in it and after this surgery i pray i look like i spent 21000.

Booked Room.....

I booked my room and its not fancy..... But way better than where i stayed when i got my first bbl in Miami. I will be there from March 22-27-2016. I booked with Extended Stay for a few reasons, They let you cancel at anytime and I can pay as I stay. I thought about paying more and then I thought AGAIN!!! I know that I will be comfortable, I will be fine. If any of you ladies will be there on those dates and close let me know.

Getting more bootie thats what I want!

Hello, im going to keep this short ladies im going for round 2 round 1 gave me top and round 2 i want a bubble! I chose Hasan because that's what he does....I paid my deposit and thanks to the ladies of realself and going thru this and tt i know just what i need so if you ladies have and questions please ask my surgery with Dr. Hasan is March 24th I have my room and all that's left is plane tickets if your im Miami around that time let me know we can meet and have smoothies!

Thank You Jessie!

I herd thru the grape vine, that vanity doesn't reply to emails or text after deposit is paid....not according to me lol im having no problem, communication is great! Thank you Jessie.... shout out to all dolls getting ready for surgery this week Go Girls! Be strong see you on the other side! let me know if you were able to use your garment or had to buy vanitys Thanks. Enjoy Hasans Hands... lol.

Belly right!

Taking picks of belly!

Picks didn't load

Belly right! see no update of that ass nothing to update until Hasan, gets his hands on it i luv all of me, i just don't want to take pics of it lmao......

Up allllll night! and Morning....

Hello ladies! thought i would play with the stimulater:) shout shot to Hasan, to be you are now honey! first full day on the other said great job! I left picks below, befor app and after. I know I got to work out and believe me ladies my days are going to be about health and glam! I started a lil while ago so when hasan aka hands on as in hands on me...lol does his magic because it is magic my next thing ill be working on is my skin its pretty but I have got to tighten it.....Ladies any ideas?
Pascaul Md

Hello, Im not new to this....lol I'm going to Dr. Hasan, im praying i get the bootie i deserve! Please lord! This is my 3rd surgery, I've spent 18000 on my body (after this bbl). My first was with Dr. Lagrossa , Miami. I then had a TT by Dr. Alvarez, Renova Plastic Surgery, Wexford Pa. The best choice I have ever made it looks great....I WANT MY ASS TO LOOK AS GOOD....And that is what leads me to getting the 2 bbl, Im not excited, im afraid more afraid now than my first time. My fear is not medical its financial. I cant walk away with questions or concerns... On a lighter note Im seasoned right:) I know what to expect and what to do, I did handle my deposit via wire transfer, on New years eve. I have my room and my list one for needed supples and one for the things i need to take im ready.

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