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My RANT and BIO Hi guys I've been wanting a bbl...

Hi guys I've been wanting a bbl for such a long time and I'm now 27 yrs old and I don't want to keep waiting. Throughout my years I've had to postpone things that I wanted to do bc my family depended on me financially and in so many other ways. I've kept putting my own needs aside to help everyone else but I'm getting older and I don't want to keep putting myself aside and I almost feel guilty for feeling this way bc I know that my family depends on me. But I also want to enhance my looks and feel better about the way I perceive myself. I'm not doing this to get attention or whatever I just want to look in the mirror and love what I see.

I don't even know how to tell my boyfriend bc I've brought the topic about lipo before and he told me he didn't agree bc I didn't need it and he thinks I look beautiful. My bf is 59 yrs old so I don't think he cares so much about my body bc he's never been one to objectify women or even be overly critical. He is also very educated with PhD and has taught philosophy, Afro amer studies, and anthropology so he sees surgery from a very different perspective not quite the advocate.
Did any of you ladies have problems with your boyfriends or husbands over surgery?

I've been stalking dr. Fisher and it seems like his patients have similar consistent experiences with him. Every review I've read about him is positive and he is also Harvard trained. I didn't want to fly out of California but I feel like he is the doctor for me after all. I was just scared of being on my own in a different state and not being able to take care of myself. I looked at the bbl doctors in California but i just love the way fisher works on the waist. And if I'm being totally honest I love the way the do the surgeries in Colombia and Dominican Republic but I don't have the balls to go there and plus legally speaking I cannot leave the country now.

So I found out about fisher here and I was debating between him and Blinsky .... I emailed vanity and they called me the next day early in the morning. I spoke to Leomarlys and she answered all of my questions. I'm completely new to all this and I pretty much need guidance. when I first became acquainted with realself all I would do was look at the pictures but now that I'm committed about this I find myself on realself all day even during my breaks at work.

I was quoted at 6,000 when I used to lurk the price for a bbl with fisher I think was 4,500 but since he's become so popular his prices have increased. So 6,000 includes your surgery (liposculpture and fat transfer), anesthesia and the general stuff. What is not covered is your garment. You have to do your own labs before your surgery and they have to be good for up to 30 days. I didn't ask about prescriptions but I'm assuming that I'll have to pay for those. Leomarlys also told me that I needed 1,000 to set my deposit and get a surgery date. I also sent pictures to her and I'm sooooooo impatiently waiting for her to call me back, she left me a voicemail when I was at work saying that dr. Fisher had looked at my pictures...I can't even sleep waiting for her to call me...

For FINANCING a ladies, dr fisher does not take care credit but I guess you can finance through United medical care credit. Has anyone tried this? If any of you ladies have used this I would love to hear about your experience with this company. I was told about paying through a third party to vanity just in case they were to cancel my surgery I could get my money back.

Leomarlys from vanity told me about curvy angels I think is what it was called but I've also looked into miami escape recovery but I am 27 yr old full time working adult and student so I don't think Miami escape is affordable for me, can you ladies share contact info for recovery homes...I've heard about someone named Kayla, Joanna, and Marian but have not gotten their contact info yet.

The Raw Material

I couldn't go to sleep this morning bc I was so anxious to hear from Leomarlys from vanity. I was half asleep when she called me bc it was 6 am here in California. What I remember her telling me is that dr. Fisher thought I was great candidate for bbl and he wanted to focus on shaping my waist. Apparently he said I had a nice figure and that the flanks and indentions would be gone. She also said that he would give me projection. Uuugh, I want this so badly. I'm trying to decide if to go in October or January ...if I go this October I would have to take a semester off school.

Fyi, I asked about chin lipo and I was told it $500 and my nose job would have to be in a separate surgery. In the state of Florida they can only do one procedure at a time and you have to wait six weeks before the next procedure can take place.

Ugh I'm so upset that I have to wait 2 weeks for my paycheck bc dr fishers deposit to lock your surgery date is $1,000..

THOSE FLYING to vanity
Just as an fyi if you're interested in having a procedure there you have to be there a day before your surgery

Obsessed with butts. Trying to decide what kind of shape I want.

So I'm always on rs and I'm seriously obsessed. I look at all the pics and a lot of the girls know exactly what they want. I know exactly what I like but I've always been self conscious about my body bc I feel like I'm too short not just that but my knees are so low and my legs are out of proportion...there's so many butts that I like but I want spa butt that's going to look good on my shape. I never knew there were so many shapes lol...

Laterals, hips, projection...

I don't think I have ever researched anything as much as I've researched butts and bbl's...

I did it...

I finally called to pay my one supports my decision not my mom, my boyfriend, or my best friend...which makes this a lot harder. I was getting cold feet and nervous bc I'm from California and I'm doing this all alone. My coordinator was Leomarlys and she answered all my questions so far.... My surgery isn't til January so that means I have to save ...every penny and paycheck for the next few months will go to this ..Is there anyone else going around this date?

Anxiety.. Am I making the right decision?

have any of you guys felt stressed out before if you almost start questioning yourself if you're making the right decision? I'm having so much stress feeling like I should've waited bc I keep piling up bills and I have to help put my mom and little brother. But I also feel like if I don't do this then I never will bc I'm always going to have to help out my family either way. I thought about financing but I let someone use my credit when I was younger and of course they didn't pay me and at the time I was young and stupid. The girl screwed me over and now here I am in this scenario. I blame myself for not thinking straight then. Anyways, I haven't been able to save anything for surgery yet and I'm feeling a bit depressed. On the other hand I keep stalking peoples booties to keep my mind off the true reality and wonder off into booty lala land...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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