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Hello everyone I am 25 years of age I would...

Hello everyone I am 25 years of age I would consider myself curvaceous I am 5"6in tall and weight 158 pounds I had my son 2years ago and gained a lot of weight I went from 125-160 in 9 months I then lost most of the water weight and the swelling went down however the juicy butt that I once had is now gone and I just want my sexy back I am schedule to do my surgery with Dr Salama on jan 14th 2014 but I want a earlier date for July 2013 if anyone want to switch dates please inbox me thank you


Hey ladies so i have been away for some thing and i am now trying to find a doctor to fix my butt Dr. Salama messed me up so bad that i was embarrassed to post my pics i am sorry but anyone that can do so much damage and not show it bit of concern needs to be shot in the face u are a doctor and doctors are suppose to care about there patients unfortunatly he only cares about the money i hope he gets wat he deserves an goes out of business soon a man as dishonest as him should not be practicing on anyone else period and u would think he would say fair is fair i ruined your body the least i can do is fix it for free but nope he wants u to pay him again for him to give u a f88ed up job again i also heared that most of his african american patients are the ones that he jacks up not so much the whites and the hispanics if u notice the patients that put up pictures with horrific deformities are black i dont know if there is a personal vendetta but i spoke to a few women who states the same he does not even follow up with u smh dont worry all things come to and end and he will get that crazy patient that wont take this shit likely.

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