Big Booty Pleaseeee Bbl - Miami, FL

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I have so many questions in regards to getting a...

I have so many questions in regards to getting a bbl. I was speaking with the staff at Spectrum in Miami because I saw the $4100 special but it turns out that special is for Dr Llorente and Dr Ortega and Ghrani is a couple thousand more. We Llorentes crimminal past doesn't bother me so much but it seems like he mostly does natural looking and I want something alot larger than natural. She then emailed me about Dr Alvarez but i havent seen many reviews about him and he isn't even on their website which I thought was weird. Has anyone had a bbl by Dr. Alvarez? I'm interested in him because he also has the $4100 price

Vanity or Spectrum

Decisions decisions. Does any one have any advice on which facility is better or even a different facility that you had a good experience at.....I want to stay at $4500 or less for the 12 area Lipo Brazilian butt lift I plan on going to Miami from Kansas due to prices everywhere else I have researched.

24 Yrs Old, 1 Child, Wedding in September

Trying to look perfect for my wedding. I've been wanting this forever but now seems like the perfect time. So far my experience with spectrum has been good. Liz is my coordinator she's been answering most of my questions. I got a loan through my bank with a pretty low interest rate because I didn't want to deal with the free from care credit and the other companies out there. I'm slightly nervous about if I'll be completely recovered by the wedding day (September 30th) but I'm going to take the risk.

Surgery in the AM

9:30 a.m. slightly nervous just hopping everything goes right

day 1 post op

Very painful :( woke up in the recovery room moaning in pain. Not sure about how I look yet due to constantly sleeping. I'm omw for my appointment with Dr. ALVAREZ hopefully everything is okay

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