I'm Getting a Bbl in 2 Weeks! Miami, FL

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I'm freaking out. I honesty can't wait to get this...

I'm freaking out. I honesty can't wait to get this done, but I'm super scared. I'll be posting Pictures. I was very careful on picking a doctor and a place to get this done. After looking around for a good amount of time, I finally felt comfortable. My bbl it's June 22nd. If anyone has any advices or anything please I will really appreciate it!!

My surgery it's in 5 days!!

Seriously freaking out! I can't wait to get this done.

Wish body Picts

Surgery day

Today's my surgery @11:30 am

Surgery day!!

Bye bye fat!

Day 1 post

Pain hasn't been that bad. The medication they prescribe has been so bad! I'm drugged out super dizzy. I can't get up from my bed without being dizzy. First massage was today she could only drain my back. Since I can't even stand up! So far loving the results!

2nd day

I'm super swollen!! I see curves!

Trying some dresses on

So it's my 4th day today. It's been so hard! I got my period and I suffer from horrible cramps. I've been super sick! The pain from the surgery isn't bad I learn how to manage the pain. I'm having a really hard time touching my stomach and my back I freak out because it feels so weird!! Other than that everything has been good!

4th day

5 days!

Okay so today's I actually woke up with an appetite! I went shopping! So I'm doing pretty good. My friends don't believe in letting me rest to recover. To them I have to be up and running. But I feel so much better. One more week to recover to go back work and school!

Today I make a week!

6 moths post-op

I feel and look amazing!
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