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Hello Everyone! the BBL is something i was not...

Hello Everyone!

the BBL is something i was not educated exactly what was entitled in the procedure. I did my research and i have found that there is so much information and I can see pic of other ladies doing the same procedure her on realSelf.

I'm so excited to see what the ending results will be for me. I had one procedure in feb 2012 Smart lipo. I was not satisfied and I m looking into the BBL for more extensive body transformation. I have found Dr. Perry here in Miami and Im pleased to say the least with his work - pics he has onhis website and the reviews from here. I am booking my appt for October early in the month - and Im planning on traveling about a 1 hour drive to stay inMIA for the weekend. Any suggestions on how long it takes to recoup will be nice to hear from past clients or anyone who is also seeing Dr. Perry.

Waiting patiently for the weeks to go by ! I can't...

Waiting patiently for the weeks to go by ! I can't wait to see my results ;) n Evonne gettying there BBL at the same time in October - oct 5th or oct 12th? Let me know !

Where is the best place to get garments ? Also...

Where is the best place to get garments ? Also going to up load before pic of me - kinds scary but everyone is here for the same thing - I'm muscular and i have fatty areas (saddlebags) :( that make me look large. Can't wait for those to b gone !

My pics before just posted - rear end has to much...

my pics before just posted - rear end has to much going on ! as well with the hips- looking for smooth hips and butttt~ soon to come I know that it b great ! just being positive.

Deposit is down now its time to find a hotel room...

deposit is down now its time to find a hotel room ! this is soooo exciting i couldn't be happier! i have a great support group from 2 very close people in my life. I have only those 2 people that know im doing this. not spilling the beans! LOL i can say that the weeks are going to fly by - next week will be here before i know it then one week to go!!!! YES after speaking to my patient coordinator norma- i felt REALLY good but i want to see my family doctor to get my clearance! that is the next step - and that will be on Monday ! just curios if anyone has went to a walk in clinic ( urgent care ) etc. for their medical clearance. my F.P is always booked and i have to have clearance by 2 weeks in advance - my appt is in 2 weeks! I m on my way soon! any advice people let me know!

Found my hotel! yes 1 down of the list of...

found my hotel! yes 1 down of the list of "to-do's" ....



im online looking to start my list of items to buy - vitamins. soaps to wash with after surgery and /or to stay away from ? any that is less irritating (my skin is sensitive.) amazon or gnc or vitamin world.. how long does amazon take to ship - surgery soon . clothes to wear > dresses- tights- loose gym pants - (i was going to by long dresses or loose pants) - suggestions on that - how the swelling will be im only imagining that it will be a lot and how long before i shower after surgery. thanks BBL girls !

I have some "wish pics." I like the muscles along...

I have some "wish pics." I like the muscles along with feminine back side. I like to look nice and curvy with strength. I run a lot and do squats and lunges . i really want to make the butt perky and soft looking like some of these pics. :)

Im getting a procedure on October 5 th. not to far...

Im getting a procedure on October 5 th. not to far away.....i spoke to the patient coordinator at pierni est. and i had to ask her all sorts of questions that i thought i would been pre informed of when i was there for my consultation but that day i was driving up from p.b and saw the doc right after he finished surgery so it was not as formal a meeting than i thought it would've been. Granted he saw me on short notice so im happy that was possible. But i filled out paper work and he left it in the office to walk me out. SO i told the P.C today when we spoke that i wasn't sure where my paper work was and i still needed pre car and post information sent to me. She reassured me that she had all my addy info and telephone and cc info on file. i gave my email again but im
un easy thinking the packet i filled out was misplaced at there office.
I would appreciate anything that you can tell me that can help with make me feel a little more confident what to bring ladies. I also see other girls "what to bring list" and iv wrote them down. I have to shop for everything in between my days off from work to get prepared, and not having much instruction is bothersome. Im very meticulous in all i do . i like order and i make sure im ready to go a week before any travels any where. and this is not a vacation trip so do not want to go the store if i forgot something feeling like crap and being swollen. goal is make sure everything is packed from the get. including post care. ok thanks fro reading

SOOOOOOO today I have spoke to my P.C and im...

SOOOOOOO today I have spoke to my P.C and im booked for my first 2 massages (day after procedure and the 2 nd day. ) Im excited and scared from all the post that this will hurt! i know im strong but not whenever comes to pain!!! ommmman! i hope she doesn't hurt me too much . DO i take pain meds before appt? or noo. I don't want to feel like death and cry on her table like a baby. I hope that i have enough strength not to embarrass my self. Well hope i can with stand for the first 5 massages i was instructed to have - question have any of u ladies did a massage every day? or every other day. thanks





Okay !!! It is real family !! I'm checked in at my...

Okay !!! It is real family !! I'm checked in at my hotel - I'm paid in full - I'm scheduled to go under at 7 am - I'm sooo happy !!! I did all my pre photos with the doctor - and he will be emailing me those for my journal :) yay ! No off to dinner and then back to relax and chill out in my bed ! It's Ben a long day. The paper work at the clinic took over 3 hours - (he was seeing patients ) and then I was seen last after all my paperwork was signed off with Norma the P.A cordinator ) witnessed everything. Whoooooewwwww immmmmmmm soooo happpppyyyyy!!!! Also I got to see to other girls at the office - 1 girl was 1 day post op - and she was hurting really BAD - I could tell - n THe other girl was 12 day post op - she looked great :) bootylooked good too !- but the best part was her stomach ! That was very sculpted and defined :)) congrats to her !

9 hours and counting till I'm back up to shower...

9 hours and counting till I'm back up to shower and get ready to go to get my BBL!! Goodnight :D sweet dreams ill see everyone on the flip side ! & thanks for all the prayers 2.

This mt first post since surgery on Friday - I...

This mt first post since surgery on Friday - I will say that this is the most painful recovery that I have felt. I feel as I was beaten by a bat or hit by a car - no correction - hit my a truck :( just saying that anyone who has done this surgery knows exactly how I'm feeling - I only had one glance a my body - that is when I went for my massage on sat - she had to take my garmet off to massage me. You have to get massage for a good recovery - and being awake for this was so traumatic - had fluid coming out and but te swelling had to b released so 1 hour of screaming and I was done. I'm on the way to get my second massage after j get my pain medication filled since the other meds did not help at all with pain. Having trouble urinating - but this also happened when I had epideral - couldn't pee with our discomfort for a few days. This feels the same way -Dr. Perry saw me today Sunday) since I was -hurting and just wanted to double check about my bladder/pee discomfort. I got the ok at nothing wrong but just I wait it out for a few days. Pics will come soon - prayers for all the girls getting this surgey - it's no joke - I have to go home and drive back weds since j couldn't b Alone in hotel these next 2 days. Lucky for me my help is staying tonight for me even though that wasn't the plan - I can get out of THe bed by myself or walk to the bathroom - he is driving me back on weds for my massage and follow up. So grateful !

Surgery on day Friday / today is mondAy 8 th - I...

Surgery on day Friday / today is mondAy 8 th - I feel 75% better and thanks to massage since sat - I have less fluid retention. At night is the hardest to get through / I'm up every 1 hour or 2 hours -2 go to the bathroom and then drink more fluids (water). 8/9 bottles a day - I'm going to take more pics today - my body has gotten so slim / the lower abdomen is swollen but those massages r getting those fluids out. I'm glad to have meds - got stronger ones to take before the massages. Then I switch back to the tylonel with codin when I need help with discomfort. The only issues is going to the bathroom -still feels numb and Pee won't come out on its own - it's a struggle to go every day. Hope that goes away ! N e one had this happen ?
Ok thanks for Feedback..

99.6-99.8 low grade fever - not hungry and my legs...

99.6-99.8 low grade fever - not hungry and my legs are swollen and feel heavy - n one else experience this on the first few days ?

On a better note pics r going up - from day after surgery till day 3 after surgery . Just a little shy but we r fam on this site soo here it goes .

Here are my measurements before and 5 days thus...

Here are my measurements before and 5 days thus far- excited since this measurements for post op are still being swollen ! Can't wait to see the future measurements :)

Pre op measurements
34-1/2 bust
28 waist
40-1/2 hips/butt
12-3/4 R & 12-1/2 L arm
25-3/4 Rth & 26 Lth

Post op measurements
(5 days)
34 bust
28-1/2 waist
47-1/2 hips/ butt
12-1/2 R & 12 L Arm
24 Rth & 24 Lth

That's it for know - have nice day everyone

I have been fighting coming on my personal review...

I have been fighting coming on my personal review to ask for some support - but today has been a bad day. The pain is bad on a scale from -1-10 it's 9 - and going to get massaged make The pain around a 15 which is not even on orginal scale. I've been cold then hot and back n forth - I didn't want to complian becuase I signs up for this so I decide to keep it in as much as I could. Then tonight I go my massage and I was screaming how it burned - felt as I was being cut with a knife. This is my 4 th massage. Wen I get back in the car I'm still crying and
asking what can I do to help myself heal
faster. Then I course the person with me doesn't understand how I feel since and I quote" I should o known what to expect and cyring won't help anything." We'll of course I tried the mind of matter concept and didn't work & and I just cried more since my
stomach was still burning. Any help please that I can do when I get home to help with the discomfort - (I already have medication and I take it every 4 hours ) this week I was already in Miami on Monday - so I only had to drive today from palmbeach - although i start driving from palm beach 2x a week for massage starting next week - so that drive will suck each way. I am a happy person and I feel this entire surgery has messed up with my mind and how strong I really thought I was/am.
Thanks for reading and helping me with thoughts...

Since my last post - I have really took the time...

since my last post - I have really took the time to analyze what i have put my body through this past week, and to remember that its only been 1 week. I need to make sure that im giving my body ample to time to re-cooperate. SO i sought out after another Massage therapist since the one i went to was to painful. I had my incision close and there was no way i could bear the deep tissue technique she was using on my body. I have no idea why i even endured the last 2 massages the way i did yelling and crying. The alternate way to have fluid released is through Lymphatic drainage massage. They use gentle touch over the body to release the fluid build up after a sx and help our body come back to its shape. Im started my LDM on Monday next week 2 x a week for 3 weeks. I cant wait since my stomach is sore and getting harder in some areas. On another note i couldn't afford the luxury of staying off work more than 1 week - but today was my first day i worked about 4 hours and im about to leave as i type this last sentence! thanks to my great manager that allowed me this much time off thus far has been a blessing! Thanks r.s readers any advice for being back on the feet for work or leisure- let me know.

Posted some pics of me 1 week post op and another...

posted some pics of me 1 week post op and another 2 pics of me 11 days post op- a day after my LD massage. I have another scheduled for thursday . The pic of my ankle is from last night- after standing just for 4 hours. It is painful and thats how my feet looked after my son was born. Im just hoping it goes away soon -

I wanted to say thanks to realself and the ladies...

I wanted to say thanks to realself and the ladies that are on here broadcasting there journeys - I'm a shy person so writing all down on here is harder for me - but reading and knowing others are going through it like me - help so much knowing I'm not alone. My goal is to help others who may expierence similar struggles when they have their personal sx - just like others have helped me know what to expect . So thanks to those who keep it real - I follow ur updates and helps me along my journey.
So to continue my journal im at day 11 post- op : My days thus far have been harder than easier - each day is diff / my struggles vary from swollen " cankles " to swollen lower stomach problems- I gave my self 1 week before going back to work and it was a choice I ddnt have a say over - being in a position where I'm unable to take to much time of limited me only 1 week for recovery.( I have used vacation earlier this year already ) I'm pleased that I'm just going in 3 days a week 5 hours a day to slowly get back in on my feet. I have not drove yet and by this upcoming week ill see my first test drive will feel like. Scared to say the least ! My garmet is loose so I feel there is not much for compression - I have a my own stomach brace I wear off n on with the garmet I was given at Dr. Perry's office - when I go back this Thursday ill be getting a smaller size - to get a little personal my vag is soo swollen - its bruised red and yellow colors- I didn't post a pic since I'm sure no one wants a close up of that but it' feels like fluids r in the top part by the lower abdomen - vets - will this go away soon ? It hurts and looks gross :( I massage my arms and lotion up everywhere after showers now since I'm more flexible to get down my legs an massage my lotion to my butt - (before I couldn't move around tooo sore ). There r little hard knobs under my skin by the arm lipo areas and the knee areas are swollen and are touching when standing with my legs Apart - so if u can imagin standing legs slightly apart and the knee area r fat n touching when nothing else is -I got lipo there so I think healing slower than other areas - Dr. Perry is aware sent him pics - so Thursday he will Adress this - wish me luck - I really hope I don't have seromas - I feel like I do In my stomach - it hurts bad - ill b in touch - advice to me will b appreciated / thanks

Today marks 2 weeks op- op - feeling great today -...

Today marks 2 weeks op- op - feeling great today - discomfort is low about a 5 now when sleepjg and getting up is easier. I massage lotion out the shower everyday / n go 2 massage (Ldm) 2x a week. They have helped tremendously :) my fluid has been coming out so much faster and I'm not hurting afterwards ! Such a relief ! ;))) next week back to work at 30 hours - last week was just 18 hours. - Dr. Perry said all is healing good yesterday at my appt. I'm just so happy seeking I'd going down like it should - ;D

Today marks 2 weeks op- op - feeling great today -...

Today marks 2 weeks op- op - feeling great today - discomfort is low about a 5 now when sleepjg and getting up is easier. I massage lotion out the shower everyday / n go 2 massage (Ldm) 2x a week. They have helped tremendously :) my fluid has been coming out so much faster and I'm not hurting afterwards ! Such a relief ! ;))) next week back to work at 30 hours - last week was just 18 hours. - Dr. Perry said all is healing good yesterday at my appt. I'm just so happy seeking I'd going down like it should - ;D

SO i bought 1 pair of pants and I had to have them...

SO i bought 1 pair of pants and I had to have them altered in the mid section since i bought them size 14 to fit my butt. (before i wore a size 8/10 )- so now after i buy these size 14 pants last Sunday and had them altered to fit me - this past weds i try them on for work and they are now to loose in the mid section - AWESOME !! love the waist is going in but need pants to fit ! so now i'm wearing a stretch material that is a "large " fit and they conform to the body like a glove -they stretch with my body so i don't have to worry about them getting to big or small. looking for jeans to wear though when the swelling goes down more- n e suggestions ? i want the first : outing " with my hunny to be special when i;m wearing my sexy dress or pants for the butt to look like "Pow " when i'm walking -He loves the way the dresses fit my body thus far and he says he is so happy i'm feeling better and not crying like i was! im happy too. This upcoming Friday this week will be 3 weeks - i'm happy so i can start showing this body off~ i wan to show it!


I went for a nice walk yesterday - felt great -...

I went for a nice walk yesterday - felt great - nothing strenuous. I walked slow but it was refreshing mentally since I wasn't getting out much. I also have been Able to lotion up after showering easier / I know it sounds funny but before forget it - was to hard - I have a my medium body suit on now no longer wearing the large - feels good I can get into it and not feel like I'm suffocating. Tried on before 1/1-2 weeks wouldn't come past my hips ! I have some pics coming up ! This Friday will b 3 weeks so I have been taking a few photos this past Friday to mark 2 weeks time post / op. I'm working more so harder to get to upload and blog on here that much :)
Recovery is getting easier thanks to patience and telling myself this will get better !

So I have been trying since the 3 rd week - had no...

So I have been trying since the 3 rd week - had no choice - was hard to get in and out of the car - but sis what have to so to get to work . Luckily I live 7 min from my job :) some others news to report - swelling is going down but the waist area is taking the longest to get feeling back ! Washing with the was cloth still hurts. N e one feel this way at 2-1/2-3-1/2 weeks ? I know my butt has dropped a whole bunch - still 47 inches around in circumference. I also wanted to report I weighed 157 2 weeks before surgery on oct 5 th and I gained weight not on purpose but from nerves -went to 166 the day of surgery :( now now on this past Friday was 3 weeks and I have dropped 4 pounds - as long as my weight is back at 158-150 ill b happy :)lets c - i also started walking 2 x a week at the park for 45-1 hour as of last week. N today I did 1 hour in the morning and 45 min this evening. I worked out a lot do for me laying in my stomach has been hard for me and not feeling good to get moving was depressing. So even though I was sore I did a little and I felt good :) lymphatic drainage massage has been such a help - love my spa! The only concern I have is my compression is not what I want it at- my medium size hurts just a little by the end of the day and leaves marks / but my large doesn't feel as tight - where can I by a waist cincher that's long enough to cover the lower stomach but not hurt my hips ? Pic will b up soon for 3 weeks post op. sorry I'm behind in that !

So I have been MIA since last week - I had to...

So I have been MIA since last week - I had to travel across the US and it took 12 hours and 3 plane rides to get where I am. I'm telling h right now - I sat on my towel rold up the whole time - couldn't fit anything bigger in the airplane seat - butt hurt the whole time ! I tried to get up a few time to stand but the whole was the seat belt light - so technically I was supposed to sit . So I have dove worries about my butt - 9 hours of seating / and I'm being seriouse - going from the east coast up to upper northwest coast - takes that long plus lay overs - my poor butt has suffered I'm at 4 weeks yesterday - so hoping sitting was ok - here r some pics thus far

Could not b happier with my self and my body - I...

Could not b happier with my self and my body - I really believe that when u have a surgery to help with your outer beauty that can help help with you outlook on life and ur inner beauty will blossom even more. I jump even higher out of bed each morning ready to go - I love getting ready now with some sexy gym pants on and cute top - nothing is jiggling anywhere - EVERYTHING IS TIGHT AND RIGHT some one women say i look great other i hear laughing when i walk by. I went to the nail salon the other day I went passed some girls talking - they stopped talking when i walked passed them - and then started talking again when i was finished with my service i was there for and started laughing when i walked back passed them. i don't mind since it could've been anything but just seemed odd since that really didn't happened to me before and also there was no one else but us in the shop.. .. if i see money walk by and she looks good im going to say yeah she looks good - im just saying that since some females don't give credit where its do. I can say im walking with my shoulders held back and smile on my face each day more ever ! im happy and thankful that i can be this fortunate to have come out of my sx well and thriving ;) tHANKS DR. P!!! AND TO ANYONE GOING TO HIS OFFICE THIS UP COMING WEEK Im goint ot ravel to see him for my 2 month spot- op appt. msg me so i can say hey to who ever if your there ;) we can check out each others bootays jk



I couldn't b happier ! Holidays went good - booty...

I couldn't b happier ! Holidays went good - booty us still popping / stomach still healing - glad to catch up in the newbies getting there procedures with dr. Perry ;) he Is soooo awesome ! Pics soon ! 3 months coming up also !! Yeah baby !

I'm so excited - 3 months jut flew by :)...

I'm so excited - 3 months jut flew by :) everything is good - working more and not much time to get to My blog - but I contest to Rookies I still and feeling good and still healing - I work 40s and week plus school etc . I work out on a regular basis -plus eat good balanced diet. The stach area is still healing - around my belly button still hard and firm to the touch - arms have healed good still sore just a tad when massaged- the legs and knees r all healed. Hips r sore and some parts of my booty are sore still - booty ha dropped and is super full - still 48- 1/2 inches and I have maintained my waist @28 inches as well. I didn't spend almost 7000 plus to have my body to waste. Maintaince on ur body is so important - walkin and drinking fluid is just like getting up and getting ready ready for the day.
I have taken some 3 months pics - hope u like bbl girls :)

Hello! I have been gone for a little and really...


I have been gone for a little and really have been living up my life ! I love my results still and have been making the best out of my new bod. I can say it has not been easy ladies! when you make a commitment of changing your body- in my opinion make sure your that your making a commitment to change your lifestyle as well... otherwise everything will be in vain.I have had my battles with eating the correct diet since i was in younger and let me say it has been a ongoing lesson to keep learning to eat what is healthy and right! furthermore with SUPPORT and a good husband I have made sure that i can stay healthy ! Dr.P told me before i left- low carb and no sugary food. i think every person knows that sugary food and drinks are not that good for u in general.
(soda juices alcohol etc they are not the best for your daily food intake, nor is too much bread pasta rice or other starches.) that doesn't mean i don't consume them at all - just now not on a regular basis. I have tried to remain faithful to what he said since i wouldn't want to waste $7000 on my body for nothing. Make sure to workout ! i have made sure its apart of my daily regime - 1. i feel better when i do a run or jog 20-30 min a day. drink water through out the day - no soda - minimal juices - and i have 1 cup of coffee with my breakfast or lunch - plenty of veggies - and plenty of sleep and sex if i can.
2. mentally im happier and i feeel sexier! That is what we all want right after all this right?? Well i can say that no matter how much "work" you do on our bodies cosmetically or how much exercise - the realization to me was this is a lifestyle change and mental change- of what i put into my body and how i maintain my body from here on out ..I made sure I found a good support system and have them being honoest with me when i mess up and help learn to keep on the right path of a healthy lifestyle! yaayy cant wait till 6 months and i can post my 6 month post op - they hopefully will look my best !~!

Still feeling great :) now maintaining a good...

Still feeling great :) now maintaining a good healthy eating and walking regimen. Feeling good and you will be looking good !! Now I'm starting my research for a BA .. Any suggestions from girls in so fla . I was looking at a doc in Hollywood , fl - so far he is on my mind and his pics are good -xoxoxo to all BBL GIRLS ! Life is busy and I wish I had more time to update here since I know helpful it was for me ! Ill add some pics soon - just passed 8 months ! Time flew by beginning of THE NEW YEAR my goal is to get my BA!!! HOPEFULLY

7 months pics

7 months post op pics. Feeling good - working on keeping it tight - still at same weight since surgery - good diet - staying positive and keeping up in the gym and staying focused - happy with results thus far - booty is so soft and stomach is finally not hard and feeling weird/numb like before - thanks BBL sisters :)

Just past 1 year

Im still happy with my results. I'm still holding my weight since after surgery. Work out 4x a week and trying to eat good. clothes still fit good - the only thing is - BOOTY GOT BIGGER !!!! Lol so cray cray!!
I have to buy size 14/16 pants just for my booty. And have the waist taken in - so now skinny jeans are better to wear. Hope everyone is well - pics on the 2 nd of November- xoxo ;)

Year check up

On the way to Dr. Perry now ! Can't wait to see him - :D be there soon - little late for the year mark - but it's all good ! Yay!!! Any perry girls going to b there around 4:30/5 pm today ??

almost 2 and half years :) PICSSS

Still feeling good. Now moving on to my B.A. check out my other journey I'm now starting. Good luck to all the ladies looking for a SX.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found out about Dr. Perry here on Realself and Im soo happy i did ! i cant wait to see the results in October. I have already had my consultation and next week im going to put my down payment for the procedure. YES!

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