BBL Surgery Booked W/ Dr. Blinski

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BBL surgery date booked for March 12, 2015 with Dr...

BBL surgery date booked for March 12, 2015 with Dr. Fisher!! I'm a 25yr old mother of one and have been wanting a Brazilian butt lift for a long time, but never expected myself to actually do it. I've definitely been researching/obsessing over it a lot more these past few weeks and finally built up the courage to call. Dr. Fishers work and reviews are what caught my attention, but I'd have to say his price was definitely a plus! My coordinator is Ana, she's very nice and so far has been very quick to respond to me. I sent her my pics today and it wasn't long before she called me back with what the doctor had to say. I'm almost 5'7 and about 135, was told I had to gain about 10-15 pounds before surgery. She said I'll be getting my full back, bra line, flanks, love handles and abdomen lipoed. I was planning on only paying half today but was told if I paid in full if get $200 off. I have a Care Credit card already and decided to go ahead and pay the remaining balance with it..hey who doesn't want to save $200 dollars!? I will be staying at the Vanity recovery house for 7days since I am going by myself..I figured it would be the easiest thing to do since I'm nervous about traveling alone. I'm definitely excited and nervous about this procedure but glad I found RealSelf, I don't really want to tell anyone other than my boyfriend because I'd rather not hear any negative opinions. So seeing how positive you ladies are with each other is very reassuring :)
Ps: Ana assured me that if at any point I want to cancel my surgery I get a full refund!

Finally getting this booty done!

I feel like I've been on this BBL journey for forever now. I was supposed to get it done a year ago but some things came up. I tried to forget about having a BBL but couldn't seem to shake the thought, so here I am once again. I'm actually happy with the way it all worked out. I'm very happy with the doctor I chose and his office. I'm scheduled with Dr. Blinski May 10. I'll be staying at Miami escape. I couldn't decide on a recovery house at first but as soon as Miami escape extended their $175 a night special I took it. Also if you pay in full you get an extra $100 off. I was definitely hesitant about giving all that money upfront but already had saved up for it so I figured I might as well save an extra hundred. So my total for seven nights and supplies is $1,262. Not bad when my original invoice from them before they extended their deal was $1,547. I already got most of my supplies just need my extra garments now.

PS: Ladies you should check out for Arnica gel, Arnica tablets, compression socks and other little things. They have free shipping and 15% off your first purchase.

Two weeks till surgery ????

Time is definitely going by super fast. Talked to Dr Blinski office today. Everything came back normal from my blood work except I have a latex allergy I never knew about. But they reassured me that they're a latex free operating room. Everything is good to go, thank God. I faxed all my paperwork today. I just have to make my final payment which I'll probably do tomorrow. My coordinator Melissa asked me today of I'm still trying to gain weight, which I am. I started at 135 I'm anywhere from 140-142 now. My goal is to weigh at least 150. I definitely see the weight gain when I look in the mirror and none of my clothes fit. To top it off today my brother asked me if I was pregnant ????. I'm sooooo ready for this BBL!

Just my luck...

So I got sick with food poisoning and was throwing up all day yesterday. I couldn't eat or drink anything. It only lasted 24 hours thank God. I'm feeling much better today but I lost 5 pounds because of it. I hope I'm able to gain it back quickly. I weighed myself this morning and was at 136. Just when I'm able to keep some weight on, I loose it in a day. I need to get to 150 in two weeks. I'm not sure if that's possible, especially since I don't have an appetite right now.

Late update

I'm about a week and a half post op now. Dr Blinski took out about 3 liters of fat and put in 800cc per cheek give or take. We talked about 1200-1500 cc's which was definitely what I wanted because I know it doesn't all stay but oh well. Either way my butt was huge at first in person but has definitely gone down now which makes me sad because i have a long ways to go.
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