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So it begins. I've always had big hips and a big...

So it begins. I've always had big hips and a big butt, but after losing 35lbs my fat came off all wrong.

I'm currently 113lbs. I've tried everything from gaining weight to building muscle, to cardio and toning and none of these give me the results I am looking for. So, hellooooo plastic surgery to end my body battles. I don't even care. With all the money I've spent on gym memberships, crossfit, diet pills to make you lose and diet pills to make you gain, I'm ready to put my money into something that IS permanent and guaranteed.

Currently scouting for doctors. I have a consultation with dr.fisher this Friday. We'll see what he quotes me.

Did an online consultation with salamas but he gave a pretty generic response and for the price he charges Its just out of my budget.

Got my quote

So I got my quote from vanity. 3500$. I was scheduled to meet with doctor fisher for my consultation but he ended up not being there so I had my consultation with salas and a nurse who was really comforting and honest. She had her lipo done with fisher and she looked good. I liked salas, he was honest with me and took his time even though I know it was busy.

I don't have enough fat right now. I have to gain 10 to 15 lbs. sigh. I just lost 35lbs last year and it scares me to go back up in weight but I personally don't feel comfortable being this thin anyway.

My current measurements are:
34 upper hips
36 lower hips/upper thighs

113lbs. 5'3".

I am hoping to be 32( we'll talk boob jobs later)/23/38 post surgery. Or at least something like that. As long as my hips are significantly bigger than my waist I'm fine.

Ever since I lost weight it's been really hard to put the weight back on, and trust me, I'm eating like crap. I want to take my time gaining the weight though because I want stable fat to be transferred. I want my results to last. I've heard that if you just gorge on McDonald's and gain weight super fast the fat can burn easily when transferred also I just think that's really unhealthy and I don't want to shock my body like that. Especially after just losing. I'm hoping to get up to 120lbs and see if that's enough to be transferred. Since I'm short I'm scared to go higher than that because it will show in my face and arms :(

Sigh. I'm so nervous and I have so many doubts and questions. I need to start buying my supplies little by little so it's not a big shocker by the time my surgery date comes along.

some photos

Ok so here are some before photos. This is me at my workout peak i guess which is why im resorting to surgery. My body plays tricks on people. It looks good in very specific angles so dont be fooled.

Gaining weight has been hard for me. Ive been eating like a pig and i feel like im just getting smaller everywhere except my arms. Ew.

feeling depressed

I feel like ill never have enough fat for a bbl and i really dont want implants. I definitely do not want to lipo my thighs at all. Just my arms and tummy. I wonder if thats possible. I ate burger king for breakfast with a sugary starbucks drink. Sweet potato fries, pizza and beer and soup for lunch but i feel like i pooped it all out an hour later.

Feeling really sad. I Need to go in for another consultation. Maybe ill just get boobs instead :'(

major curves butt enhancement does not work

I wanted to throw this out there for any ladies thinking about using major curves butt enhancement pills. They cost like 50$ on amazon and have amazing reviews. I bought them hoping theyd do something but they dont work. Save your money. I even doubled the dose and saw no change.

Finally gained 2 lbs. I weighed myself today and am 115! That was on an empty stomach too so i know its real weight gained. 5 to 8lbs to go. Thank god.

this is the photo that makes me sad and why im getting this done

I hate how my thighs stick out more than my hips and butt. It looks so awful. Im not going to gain anymore weight for this procedure either. I just want to have a nice evened out bottom in proportion to my thighs. Why is it so hard to be a girl and look good?


so i've calculated everything and i should have this bbl payed for by mid march. i know its going to be impossible to get two weeks off from work, but i do have a one week vacation in march, now i just need my co worker to switch vacation dates with me...

i'm going to slowly start buying supplies so it doesn't hurt my wallet later on. any of you ladies know what supplies i need to buy? i'm at a loss! i see everyone with certain vitamins and drinks and little care packages after surgery.

my pants fit me tight and my belly is bulging out of my pants, i feel pretty gross since i haven't been to the gym in 3 months but it will all be worth it. i'm up to 120lbs! I want to get up to 125 for surgery, i want a big booty but I'm really short (5'3") and still want my results to look natural, just natural in a kind of "DAMNNNN BITCH" kind of way :D

3 months till

so, i have about 3 months till I'm all paid off, i haven't booked a date yet because i still have to work around amy work schedule.

i'm updating with some wish pics to keep me motivated. i'm 22 and shelling out 1k a month of my hard earned money for this so i HAVE to keep motivated. lately i am thinking i might want to gain even more weight for surgery. i want a big ass booty don't play.

midnight and can't sleep

feeling bummed out about my body right now. my back is pretty wide, you'd swear i was a swimmer in a past life. gross :(. it's going to take a lot of fat injection on my hips to balance it out. 3 months can't come any sooner. i'm going to keep eating like a hog and downing ensures to get where i need to be.

the one thing i can be happy about are my thighs. they've got a little chunk on the inside and out so i can't complain too bad, things could be worse. and yes, i am on my period and yes you can see the tampon string. deal with it!!

can't stop looking at ass pictures

more wish pics. i really want ass cleavage. i will be super sad if i don't get any ass cleavage.

doctor switch!!

So i just had a 2nd consultation with dr.fisher concerning my weight gain! Im 8lbs up and he wants me to gain 10lbs more for surgery. It scares me but im ready.

I had put my payment for dr.salas but im switching to fisher. He understands exactly what i want and sees my body exactly how i see it. Everything he said made sense and i agreed with him. I saw some pictures of doctor salas work and it scared me, i saw two girls come out with long square butts. Not what im going for. I just feel so much more secure in the hands of fisher.

gained 12 lbs

and i feel good about it. i love how i look with the weight on me. i look so much better. wish i would have never dropped so low in my weight but then again, you don't know what you have until you lose it. the grass is always greener on the other side. i hated being heavier, i lost the weight and hated being skinny even more. going back up in weight has made me appreciate the extra fat and i even embrace the cellulite that comes with it.

i feel great. of course i still want to get my bbl done, i just feel more comfortable in my skin and feel like i'm going to look even better after. i feel like my shape is pretty good to start with so i am crossing my fingers that i get amazing results. i'm half way paid off and will be making another payment when i get paid on friday.


pre op booty

my pre op booty with an extra 15lbs gained. looking better.

currently up to 126 lbs. 5'3". going up to 130 by surgery date.


my butt was looking pretty decent and now it looks flat again. idk what is happening. i guess all the fat is just starting to droop down. i can't even handle how fast my body changes.

i'm like 5 weeks away from my surgery date and i'm flipping out. going to try and meet with fisher today if he isn't too busy to see how my weight gain is coming along and if it looks like i have enough for surgery. i feel like I'm still too skinny to get the results i want. meanwhile I'm stuffing my face with oreos and pasta and ribs trying to get some weight on my tummy. i look wonky as fuck. can't even go shopping or buy new clothes because everything looks horrible. nervous. i want my ass to look bomb ass hell, don't play. I'm not going to spend all this money and go through all that recovery for an "ok" ass. AHHHH I'm seriously freaking out.

booked april 17th

Well, i spent 3 hours waiting in the vanity office to finally see dr. fisher to have him sign my leave of absence paper for work and look over my weight gain. it happens....

he says i have a lot to work with now that i've gained weight. i'm 126 and will go up to 130lbs for surgery. he keeps saying i have good skin so the results will look really good. not sure what he means by that but i'll take it.

i wanted my surgery to be april 6th but he's off the beginning of april on maternity leave. april 17th it is. congratulations to him though. thats very sweet. babies are awesome. looks like i'll have more time to build up anxiety and gather supplies.

lossttt ass hell

Ok im feeling lost as hell ! I dont really like my coordinator, her name is Diomy. She tried to tell me that it was required for me to buy my massages at vanity. Ummm no. I know i look young but im not a dumb ass and ive done my research. Ive heard they forget or dont follow through with massages plus theyre always packed im not going to wait an hour to get a massage.

She also sold me this skin tightening facial package for like 250$ then when i met with their facialist she was like "yeah i dont think your old enough for that treatment" and advised against it. So now i just think this won tries to sell u anything.

Im super confused on garments and lipo foam and where to buy it and how many u should have? And i keep hearing about foam boards too... ahh so close and i need so much stuff!

22 days till

So i get my surgery in 3 weeks. all paid off with the surgery date locked and the days off work. just need to buy those damn massages and that garment. i've been looking around miami for some decent prices for massages because at vanity it will be 1k for 10 massages and i ain't tryna drop another grand. found some places, nothing lower than 600$ and i don't even know if that includes tip? do you tip for these lymphatic massages?! are they covered by insurance? idk!!

i got my bloodwork done a month ago and all my levels were fine. i wonder if i have to get it done again before surgery or if its ok to use those results, really don't want to pay for that again.... or have my primary doctor know that i'm getting a BBL.

anyway, feeling really lonely in this bitch, like i had to do everything for myself. i have had no assistance from these vanity coordinators, i'll tell you right now, they only give a fuck if you're from out of town because they want to sell you a damn recovery room and shit and make miami look good or something. I'll tell you, not ONCE have these bitches called me to give me ANY pre-op information or instruction, they don't even respond to my emails! If it weren't for real self and my own initiative to set up follow up appointments with dr. fisher i'd be CLUELESS. the coordinating and organizing there sucks.

One thing i feel very happy with is my doctor choice. I've been looking at his patients before and afters on here and comparing them to other doctors that get an amazing wrap like Dr.mendieta that is the supposed "booty guru" of miami and charges like 12k for his butt augs, and i really prefer how fisher sculps the body and gives women projection and a nice shape.

well, heres to 3 more weeks!

official wish pics

i plan to show these photos to fisher right before surgery. please oh please i don't want a square booty. i had a dream that i had the surgery and the next day i was drove for 4 hours sitting on my butt and went to an amusement park and was sitting on one of the rides and the ride broke down and i was stuck sitting and it ruined my butt and i wasted all my money and my butt looked the same :((((( talk about anxiety!

two weeks to go. no word from the vanity hoes but i see a lot of other rs girls (out of town rs grls) being contacted with instruction. INTERESTING. like i said, they don't give a fuck unless you're out of state.

all good, i got this on my own.

Booked my massages

So, vanity was charging $500 for 5 massages. i'm sorry but just hearing the possibility of dropping another $500 depresses me. I just can't. So many damn hidden fees with this BBL. I decided to look elsewhere and found a place that is relatively close to me and cheaper. 6 hour long massages for $360. If i feel i need more after that i'll purchase another package of 3 or 6 depending. The place is called body mind and spirit, it's in miami close to dadeland mall, maybe 30min from vanity.... I already booked all 6 appointments because they seem to be pretty busy, i had to call like 15 times because they were always on another line every time i called. A friend of mine gets regular massages there and recommended it to me. Can't vouch for them from my own personal experience but they seem nice and I'm glad to have this massage ordeal over with. this shit was stressing me ouutttt.

There is another place called CS post lipo massage here as well that is cheaper, only $300 for 5 or 6 massages but it's closer to downtown and i am not about to bust a mission in horrible traffic, hopped up on meds, ass up in a car to save 60$. chilllllll.

In other news i called vanity and was like WUSSUP nobody seems to be contacting me about surgery thats in like LESS THAN TWO WEEKS SO UH WHAT THE DEAL HENNY. the girl on the phone was nice about it and apologized. she informed me that they contact you a week prior to your surgery date to book your labs and what not. i'm really nervous about that because i hope everything is fine and that i can go through with surgery. I WILL BE CRUSHED if they say i can't because of these labs. i have everything in place, money, days off work, massages, i even bought a maxi dress :'( !

I asked about surgery time, I'm booked for the 17th but they don't give you a time. She let me know they call you the day before surgery to tell you what time to come in. I guess that makes sense. so nerve racking.

ALSO, lesson to those going into this- just don't tell anyone that you're getting your surgery, except like your ONE best friend thats been there forever, your sister if you're good like that and your partner. At first i told a couple friends/co workers that i wanted it and that i was going to get it. i kind of played it as a joke a lot but once they realized i was serious and taking off work, they were pretty harsh. let me tell you, as the date reaches and these people know you're getting it done and going through with it, they are not very nice or encouraging. I almost cried the other day listening to "friends" tell me that i don't need this, that i'm going to screw up my body, that i'm going to look unnatural, that i'm going to look too bottom heavy and "thats gross", that i won't be able to wear this or that, that i'll look trashy and "i can't believe you're going to do this", or "you're gonna waste your money and its not gonna be a big difference" , "can't believe youre throwing your money away on this you're fine" and blah blah blah. LIKE, SHUT UP. nobody else is going to understand. they don't know why you don't feel "fine", they don't know how you feel when you're naked, they don't see your bare ass and body when its stripped down, they don't know what it means to you to have this surgery or what your confidence is like when you get dressed in the morning or shopping in the mall and seeing a really cute dress that you can't buy but cant because it doesn't look right on you. All they see is some vain girl that wants a "FAT ASS" to show off to the world. ON THE REALS, better off staying quiet, nobody needs that negativity and disapproval. Do this for you, move on, love yourself before and after and be happy.


a dress you want to buy but can't ****

stupid mac autocorrect.

anthony hasan death

welp. just heard about the death of anthony hasans patient at vanity. i had heard about someone dying from a bbl in miami through the grape vine but didn't want to look it up and scare myself. turns out, it was from vanity. oh boy. LOVELY. is it a sign or a coincidence?

THANK GOD i did not choose hasan for my surgery. he is NOT board certified in plastic surgery, he is board certified in DERMATOLOGY. please read the profiles on these surgery websites before picking a doctor. their descriptions are always embellished to sound really nice and professional but if you read through the lines you can tell that they're making up for something. OKAY NO THANK YOU HASAN BUT I'LL HOLLA IF I NEED A FACIAL. i feel so horrible for the woman and her family. that is absolutely devastating and traumatic. it really scares me and i'm worried to go through with this surgery but doctor fisher IS board certified in plastic surgery and i trust him. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL BE GOOGLING THE SHIT OUT OF FISHER TRYING TO FIND ANY DIRT I CAN POSSIBLY FIND IN THE DEPTHS OF THE INTERNET THOUGH. boy, i will be searching article after article, you'll see me in libraries dusting off encyclopedias trying to find any article on this dude from 1965 to 2014. DONT PLAY.


he is board certified in "general surgery" and "thoracic and cardiac surgery' NOT plastic surgery.

Just be safe and think hard before selecting a doctor. i almost went with salas but paid the extra $500 for fisher.

you can check for board certification on this website:

oh vanity....

I called a few days ago and was informed that someone would call me a week before surgery to give me my pre op instructions and what have you.

well, its 6 days before my surgery and NOTHING. i'm pretty sure a week is 7 days correct? not an email not a call. so this morning i call and speak with a woman and tell her my situation. I say i need pre op instructions and to book my date for labs because i'm working all these days leading up to surgery and this can't be a random thing, it needs to be scheduled. she says she understands, she takes down my email address and says she going to send me the pre op info and sorry for this and that. i should expect a call from a woman named claudia who will help me out.

4 hours later.... no email. no call. i call back. i speak with a woman and tell her that i am exactly 6 days away from surgery and have not received my pre op instructions and that i need someone to handle this right now and email them to me right now. she says ok and i stay on the phone with her until i check my damn email and see it in my inbox.

what a mission. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO DO WITH THESE PEOPLE. ridiculous, i can't believe it. lovely to know i shouldn't be taking aspirin or drinking! wish i would have had these instructions sooner. i'm pretty sure i popped an ibuprofen a few days ago and had a glass of wine. for the love of god, these coordinators want me to not have surgery don't they? trying to stay cool and relax.....

final update from vanity

i might as well have not had a coordinator.

they said i can come in anytime before my surgery date and get my labs done. i made sure to let them know i worked and didn't have all day to be waiting around. it'd need to be an in and out thing right before i head to work. they said it should be fast. we'll see. i will pick up my garment and lipo foam (do we really need that shit?) the same day. very excited but with the way vanity is handling my surgery, i feel worried that i'm going to show up for surgery and they're going to tell me "oh no sorry we no has u on da list today u come back tomorrow or in 3 weeks!" and i will kill a bitch. kill. a. bish. WOOSA my girls, WOOSA. i need to relax....

passed by vanity

To get my garment and labs taken. "Come by anytime to do your labs" they said "it will be fast" they said. Welp, just my luck i show up before work and their lights went out. Couldnt do shit. Now i really have to get it all done the day before surgery


Claudia from vanity called me today. I come in at 9am tmrw for my labs. The last piece of verification i need. If they same my labs arent good i will b so defeated. I just wont have the energy to fight for this anymore.

Corporate at my job called last minute saying they need all this extra crap to approve this leave and threw me for a loop. 2 days prior, really? It was approved now 2days before i leave youre still working on it? Luckily my manager said hed give me the time off whether corporate approved or not. Thank god.

Bought some supplies.
Arnica oil
Maxi dresses
Witch hazel wipes
Stool softner
Antibacterial soap
Gatorade lol

Hmmm wat am i missing


man for some reason the site isn't loading

all the pictures i post. going to try again. these are the before pics in my garment.

-.- gotta do one by one.

i bared it all for you

well, here you go, no fancy angles, no garment, no jeans, no faja. some king of the hill shit going on.
fisher needs to fill in my upper booty, fix my bottom creases and round me out! it looks like my top butt is square and my bottom butt is round. oh lord. two shapes going on and my big ass thighs throw everything off.


this sucks

I'm sorry girls. i can't even post a photo for you. i feel awful. I'm bed ridden. i have no idea what i look like because of all the padding in my garment. every time i get up i feel dizzy and need to lay back down.
my ass feels like someone shot me with bebe guns. my stomach hurts like a bitch and today i woke up to eyes swilled like a mother fucker.

i'll update photos when i can. thought it'd be an easier recovery than this. I'm a damn fool. this is no joke.

post op . day 2

Feel terrible

some pics

well my ass is pretty huge and swollen. looks fake but I'm sure it will get better with time and healing. its still hard. had my second massage today and i drained a lot. thank god.. the massages don't hurt too much. Its just hard sometimes cus i get really nauseous.

my bf loves my results. he is more excited than i am. i think its too big and hope it goes down a lot.

been drinking lots of pineapple juice, gatorade and water. eating small portions. lots of soup. my face is still all swollen and I'm thinking i might need 3 weeks off work instead of two. not gonna happen though. sigh.

it gets better each day though.

it only lets me upload one photo at a time ughhhh


i have on the lipo foam on sides and board on front.

my waist and back should go down. still have a lot of fluids.




so i finally feel ok to write an update.

i am still pretty weak. sometimes my arms go numb. I'm one of the unfortunate ones whose face happened to get swollen too so i don't leave the house without sunglasses.

i don't want to scare anyone but if i would have known what this recovery really felt like before going under, i probably would have backed out or at least made sure i had a month to recover fully. please, if u can take a month off.... take it.

it gets better each day but somedays its horrible somedays its ok. i also got my period yesterday so thats a whole different mess I'm going through.

my bf has been the best nurse i could have asked for and I'm so thankful to have him helping me. i know i get really annoying needing this and that every 5 minutes but you seriously cannot do this alone. i can't even bend over. eating has been hard for me because I'm so nauseous, I'm just not in the mood for anything.

the faja is the biggest pain in my ass. its the devil. i hate wearing it. i had to get up last night and rip that shit off because i was getting hot flashes and sweating up a storm in it and it was starting to burn. I haven't put it on all day today but i will have to suck it up and put it on when bf comes back to help me from running a few errands.

my ass looks super fake, but thats how it is in the beginning, or so i've heard. once it drops and fluffs it will look natural. i make little jokes and shake my big ol swollen bruised butt in front of my bf and he loves it. i can't stress enough how much he loves it. its hilarious. i worry a lot that it won't look natural but he continues to say that it looks amazing the way it is and that it will heal nicely. the massage lady says I'm healing well and draining a lot and that my butt will drop and look more natural soon. apparently there are butt massages we can do later once approved by the doctor that will enhance the natural shape. i can't wait till it jiggles!

new faja. how tight should it be on your butt?

i wish i could tell you the name of it but i forgot. i bought it at this faja place i live by. its reallllyyyyyyy really tight. i almost didn't believe it would button up but the lady working in store was like oh yes honey this is going to fit, trust me. it was a mission but i finally got it on. i bought it because i know you need a 2nd stage faja and my initial garment from vanity is getting big on me.

i'm really confused though. it feels very tight on my ass and has a certain structure to it that worries me that its applying too much pressure on my lower booty and upper booty. is that normal? should it be super tight? is it too soon to wear something so tight? i took it off for now and put my looser garment back on. i figure after i can sit, i should be fine to wear a really tight faja but i don't want to compromise my results but squeezing my butt into something too soon.

thoughts? insight? should i wear the smaller one or bigger one?



i have been getting my massages as per a recommendation from rs beauty: themainattraction. she got her bbl done with hasan a day after mine and she looks amazing!

the woman is named marian and i'll leave her info below. she is the sweetest lady and her prices are unbeatable. she's legit and her massages have helped me a lot. I'm going to continue to go to her for all my massages.

$150 for 5 massages.
752 w flagler st. ste 107 miami fl 33130
786 488 8805

gotta post pics separate still so annoying

sooo, no garment. in a thong.


wish i had some more projections but I'm hoping dropping and fluffing will happen and get that for me.


can't do much about my bigger back/rib cage but this is an amazing improvement. i feel so sexy already. of course there are minor things i would love to tweak but we'll see. worried because i really love where my booty is at right now and don't want it to get any smaller :(((( if anything i want it to be a little fluffier with more projection. we'll see. very happy i went through with this. i used to be embarrassed of a full back photo but i think it looks pretty damn good right now!

sooo happyy!!!!!!

what a difference side by side.

give it up for the vanity chix

i wanted to update on the vanity girls. they're slow as hell but they grew on me. particularly claudia and dr. fishers assistant julie, janet or juliette, i don't remember her name. they're awesome and call to check on you and take care of shit when its getting ridiculous. i would go back to them for another procedure.

waist got smaller!!!


in other news i tired to drive today. i was going to go to help out on an odd job but i couldn't. as soon as i got into my car and sat down on my weird pillow/blanket set up, i was like "oh no... this is not going to work". it was just so uncomfortable and i didn't feel safe driving. also, my ass hurt a lot to sit on. i don't see how I'm going to make it to work tomorrow (its an hour drive with miami morning traffic) and the pressure i felt on my ass was too much. i can do like a 15 minute drive sitting max but an hour? idk.

does anyone know a good way to sit in the car? is it supposed to be extremely uncomfortable?

pre op instructions from vanity

they don't give you a lot of pre op info first off.

a week prior to surgery
-do not take any medicines (ibuprofen, advil, aleve etc)
-do not drink alcohol

day of surgery
-do not eat/consume anything 8 hours before surgery. NOTHING not even water.
-no makeup
- no nail polish. nails can't be painted, if you have acrylic take them out.
-no body oils or lotions on your body day of surgery

more views

as requested....

i go back to work tomorrow so i won't really have the free time to be updating. these will be the last pics i post up till i hit 3 months.


kind of funny stories since this surgery:

1. i got harassed at the pharmacy. some creep blocked me in an aisle, looked me up and down and whispered something to me in spanish then walked away. bf is on another level. its kind of insulting to my before body but flattering and funny at the same time how happy he is with my results.... this fool is talking about marriage now (he's dead serious too) and asking me if i'd say yes if he proposed to me and if i'd have his babies... this boy is on some lets go to vegas shit.... pretty funny cus nobody mentioned proposals before surgery -.- i said to get a steady job and an apartment first and we'd see...

be ready for this kind of shit ladies. guys do crazy shit for ass... good luck with your journeys and i hope you all are happy with your results! everyone deserve to feel like a lady. stay modest and classy. don't turn into a crazy ho with your new body, don't put other girls down, just love yourself, be kind and be happy.


deserves to feel like a lady... damn these typos

for realself5678 AND CC'S ANSWER

thank you for all the warm wishes and love ladies.

this is for realself5678 and her questions:
honestly, besides the gauze, garments, scar cream, bromelian, massages, prescriptions (they come out to like 30$ so cheap), and massages, there weren't really any other expenses. oh yeah, the lipo foam and board (80$ from vanity, i hear you can get it a lot cheaper online but idk where).

i bought myself a small blanket (like a throw) that was on sale and i used that shit everyday!!!! a pair of house slippers (my feet got cold a lot), a pair of big sweat pants and a boppy pillow. thats it. those last three things helped me a lot, you should definitely get them... everyone thinks they're gonna look cute after surgery and they buy all these maxi dresses and leggings and NONE OF THAT SHIT LOOKS CUTE. you look bloated and fat and you're uncomfortable and you're ass looks insane and you can't fit the leggings over your new butt and your ass looks so swollen and fake the first week out that all you want to do is wear sweatpants and a tshirt and walk around with a blankie over you.

As for drains, fisher doesn't do drains. if you need it, he will drain you himself but i didn't need that. He leaves one of your incision sites open a bit so that you can drain the liquids (mostly anesthesia) through that small hole. you drain a lot, thats why the gauze is important. a day or two after, you go back and they completely removed the stitch off that incision site so you can continue draining fully (its a good time to take advantage and get your massages while they incision site is open so you can get as much liquid out before it closes on its own) because after it closes, you have to rely on peeing it all out which takes a long time. i did two post op visits. i healed well. one visit was to take out the first stitch to drain, the second was to take out the rest of the stitches and for me to ask questions, for fisher to analyze me and how I'm healing and address any questions that i had.

People keep asking me how many cc's i got.... i do not have a clue. and i don't really care to know or ask. the cc's you get are not a defining factor. 1000 cc's can look great on one girl and terrible on you. We all have different body types and fat in different places. I don't think fisher is the kind of doctor that will put your mind at ease by saying "I'm going to give u 1000 cc's, sounds nice and juicy right? ok lets go!" no, everyone is different. he gives you what you whatever the hell he can with what he's working with, listens to your wishes, analyzes your body and works it out for you. I don't think this is like a breast implant where you pick a size and run with it, it takes him doing the work to see whats right for your body, when he needs to stop, etc... However, I'm sure if you are hell bent on getting a certain amount of cc's, he'll make sure to give it to you.

back at work

My co workers were not for me getting surgery. Now that im back and they see my results they are very happy for me and love how it came out. They say theyre shocked because they thought it would look fake but they Admit they were misinformed because it looks 100% natural. Some girls are considering it now lol.



I ended up taking your suggestions and using a yoga mat under my thighs and bobby pillow on my back . It works! My but grazes my seat but its not causing too much pressure. Besides the car rides i do not sit. Waiting till 3weeks.

tummy "scars" 3weeks

going to start using mederma on them now. they're not too bad and i feel like they'll go down on their own. they don't bother me.

under butt scars 3 weeks

profile view

it keeps getting more and more natural looking. i like it but I'm worried because it keeps getting smaller and smaller!!!!! no more please!! i'm scared its going to go down back to my old booty :( this "fluffing" thing needs to happen...

1 month post op

butts still doing good but my stomach is healing so weird.


its getting all square and what not. not what i was hoping for. i also have a lot more fat/ softness sitting in my upper tummy while bottom tummy is super hard and flat. it's strange. I'm getting a massage in two days so hopefully it helps. need to pass by to see fisher in a few days too.

nurse question

you don't need a straight up "nurse" but you definitely need someone to help you out. my bf took care of me post op and it was fine. as long as you have a friend or boyfriend or teenage kid to help you you're fine and don't need to hire a real legit nurse.

also for those asking about recovery houses, i live in miami so i stayed at my house. sorry.


its been a month but i don't feel comfortable laying on my back to sleep yet. my butt is still sore and it feels really scary and crappy when i lay on it full force like that. doesn't feel like i'm ready. i sit a lot more but it's not like... real sitting.... its hard to explain but maybe by the 6th week i'll be 100% back to normal again.


My booty just flattened out and dropped over night. i feel like a HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN 30% is gone and i look flat again. not what i was hoping for. feeling really bummed out like i blew all my money. MY ASS JUST KEEPS ON SHRINKING EVERY DAY. when will this fucking stop? please tell me that this a part of the process and it will "fluff" or get bigger in a week or something. i feel soooooo bummed out with how this recovery is going. i thought after two weeks the fat you had is yours to keep and i just keep losing and losing and losing.

ugh and my ass is starting to blend into my thighs. awful projection.

so if this doesn't work it self out

I'm thinking a touch up is in order. i still have extra back fat that i am not happy with and i'm just really lacking projection that i wanted. haven't had time to go see fisher so hopefully he can answer some questions for me. i'm sorry i just feel like i spent too much money to not be 100% satisfied with my results. it's a shame.

ok girls.... booty, tummy and hitting the gym

sorry it's been a while. i have been up and down and losing sleep. between family and work and school, i haven't had the time to update.

GOOD NEWS, i no longer feel i need a revision. i guess i was getting butt greed because my ass is pretty big and if i got it any bigger, it'd be ridiculous and i wouldn't be able to wear anything but stretch body con dresses and leggings. maybe the fluff fairy came around or my swelling subsided and it looks a lot better.

Yesterday was the first day i could finally lay on my back. i swear to god. it took like 7 weeks for me to feel OK to lay on my back full on. FINALLY!!!! My butt feels good, it looks super natural, its jiggly and stuff. Still has a bit to go, i'm sure over the next month i'll see some slight changes.

AS FOR MY STOMACH.... ughhh, i'm tore the fuck up. my stomach still feels super weird and uncomfortable. it feels tight and sore. it's still a little swollen too. I met with one of fishers assistants for my check up today. she said i was healing well but still have swelling in my upper stomach which explains the "squaring out" i was complaining about. she said once the swelling goes down it will hourglass out but that i need to wear that damn garment (curse that thing) every day with the foam and board.

i finally hit the gym today! i have to admit i've been eating like shit. pizza, cheesecake, burgers, you name it. today i snapped. i was like hell no this ends today!!!!! i will not ruin my body that i spent so much money on! i did like 10 minutes on the tread mill and sat in the sauna and went home... :[ baby steps... baby steps....

ok pics

stomach pic

the caption didn't upload with the pic. but if u see the pic my stomach bulges a little in the upper part. still swollen.

Oh squeem talk

Fuck a squeem. I bought "the perfect squeem" on amazon for like 50 bucks and its the biggest piece of shit. I'm convinced that squeezes just aren't in the picture for me. They're too soft and roll in too much, they don't give enough compression. I wanted to originally swap out the garment for just a squeeze but it definitely doesn't compare to a garment in any way. I'd suggest to save your money, suck it up and put on that garment till your 3 months stomach jail time is up.


i'm alive. i feel so much better about my body after surgery. i'm still healing here and there. my tummy is the part thats taking the longest but i guess it makes sense because i haven't been wearing my garment. its just so damn hot in miami, i get angry every time i put it on. if i could have done anything different, i think i would have done my arms. it's only an additional $200 and i think it would have been worth it. My arms are SLIGHTLY bigger than i'd like them to be in comparison to my tummy now so i have to bust balls to get them looking right at the gym (which i haven't been going to that often... sigh)

even without wearing the garment, my tummy is flat and i can FINALLY feel comfortable wearing a bikini. I have not worn a bathing suit since i was 5 years old, I'm dead serious. i'm happy about that.

my booty is juicy but now i deal with big booty problems. its really hard to shop and find things that fit over my butt. i have yet to find a pair of denim shorts and a pair of non stretch denim that works for me. it's sadly been leggings all day every day till i get some things altered. i'd rather have this problem though than a flat backside like before, that looked awful on me.

well ladies, pictures soon when i get a chance. good luck with your surgeries, you won't regret it!!!

hello hello! 4mo post

Been a while since i've updated.

I feel very bad because i STILL have not gotten my ass to the gym to take care of my new body. lets not even talk about that. Lets talk about life with a big butt post op.

A blessing and a curse. big butts make men really immature and dumb. my bf is always trying to cop a feel when i'm just trying to relax... needless to say girls, its annoying. the thirst is all too real.

i never notice but my friends tell me that guys are always staring at the booty and talking amongst themselves in disbelief. not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing considering i want my results to look natural.

nonetheless, still enjoying the results and happy i did the procedure.

good luck on your journeys loves!


stretch marks

So, i didn't expect this to happen and it sucks to have to give you this feedback but.... i noticed stretch marks on my booty. yep. along the bottom sides of my butt. purple ones. they're not atrocious but they're there. not sure if its from the actual weight gain i did for the procedure or if its from the fat injection. i haven't gained weight since the surgery, i've remained the same.

so, just keep that in mind that because of the weight gain or because of the fat thats being injected into you, expanding your booty rather quickly.... you may potentially get stretch marks. pros and cons to everything. still happy with my results and would do it again.


My inbox is FULL of messages asking me questions I ALREADY ANSWERED ON MY PROFILE ENTRIES. Take the time to READ and you will see that all your questions are answered. THATS WHY I WROTE THIS REVIEW. theres some lazy ass girls up on this site.

Care packages

Hello soon to be booty goddesses,

For those you going in to surgery soon who are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the post operation supplies, garments, lipo foam and board, post op vitamins etc, I am willing to lend a helping hand!

Feel free to message me or leave a comment with any specifics from your doctor and I can work with you to figure out what you need to create the perfect care package for you.

Message of Advice

do not tell anyone you are getting surgery unless its the person who is taking care of you post op. just let them wonder.

1 year 8 months post op : losing volume

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but i've definitely noticed some shrinkage happen in the past few months little by little. I haven't gained or lost any weight. I'm still around 133 lbs as i was when i got out of surgery.

Not huge losses but definitely lost at least an inch and a half. Immediately post surgery i was around 44inches for hips and butt, after swelling went down i stayed at a steady 42inches on the lower hips/butt and around 40inches on the upper hips/butt. It's now decreased to the following:

32 bra
28 waist
39 upper hips/butt
40 1/2 lower hips/butt

not sure why because my weight is stable. It's a little disappointing and i might go in for a check in to see whats going on or consult for a round two if i have enough fat available. But i probably don't and refuse to pack on more weight for surgery again.

I'll put some photos. what do you ladies think? a lot better than before but i'm worried that its reverting back to its old shape... :(
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Fisher is a miracle worker. I am so happy i chose him as my doctor. He understood all my insecurities and worked it out to give me the best outcome i could have achieved. i don't think i'd be as satisfied with anyone else and am so glad i chose to go with him. he listens and is open to hear all your questions and provide answers for you. he knows what he's doing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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