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Hello Ladies, 5 weeks ago I had a brazilian butt...

Hello Ladies,

5 weeks ago I had a brazilian butt lift with liposuction to full back, full abdomen, flanks, inner/outer thighs and arms with Dr. Fisher.

My overall experience with Vanity could have been better but after reading many reviews/bad ratings, I knew what to expect and was willing to take the chance. I felt like Dr. Fisher himself had many good reviews/ratings that outweighed the bad from Vanity and his price was also reasonable.

The advice I can give you regarding Vanity is to save all of your email correspondences and either book your flight close to your surgery date or purchase insurance because they have a tendency to change surgery dates, which is what happened to me. Follow up care is horrible too so any questions you have, I suggest asking Dr. Fisher during pre op (if you're lucky enough to get to see him) or on the actual day of surgery. It's almost impossible to reach his assistant or anyone in post op for that matter and if you send emails, many of your questions will be completely bypassed.

As far as Dr. Fisher, he was okay. I say okay because I find it quite disappointing that you cannot personally reach him prior to or after surgery, there is absolutely no bedside manner, after care or follow up and the fact that he continues to work at Vanity despite the bad reviews/ratings/deaths is questionable. Aside from that, he did willingly answer all of my questions the day of surgery and was very honest about expectations, which I do appreciate. I believe he did his best to give me what I wanted but unfortunately I do see imperfections (my left butt cheek sits higher and rounder while my right cheek is lower and flatter). Dr. Fisher says this asymmetry is due to my anatomy but I question why he couldn't just put more cc's into the flatter/lower side to make things look a bit more symmetrical. I'm sure there's a reason why he didn't but I'll likely never find out and hope that with time, things will even out more.

Recovery has been quite difficult as I had very aggressive lipo to many areas. I experienced a lot of pain and I've had a tremendous amount of bruising and swelling. I've had other procedures and I will tell you that this procedure by far has been the toughest and most painful. Although I was told that I could sit after 3-4 weeks, I still am not able to sit because the bruising pain is so bad on the back of my thighs. In fact, I'm still not even walking normally. I have tried my best to stay positive/calm and tell myself that this is just the course of recovery but I am seriously beginning to be concerned as I am 5 weeks post op already and still do not have my legs back. I am awaiting a call back from Dr. Fisher's assistant to find out whether this is all normal or not.

At this point of my recovery, I feel like I am so over this entire process and I just want to live my normal life and feel like myself again. I do question whether this was all worth it or not. I can't say for certain that I would do it all over again or if I would even go to Dr. Fisher again. I feel like going to Vanity was a huge risk that I shouldn't have been so willing to take. I also feel that having communication with your surgeon, being well informed and having all of your questions answered during the entire process is extremely important, especially when you have no clue what to expect. Hopefully as I recover more, my feelings about it all will be a bit more positive. I'm sorry for the negativity ladies but I am just being honest.

Other things to note, Dr. Fisher does not recommend sitting on any booty pillows after surgery so don't waste your money on them unless you don't wish to follow your surgeons instructions. He says they cause more bad than good and can lead to blood clots, etc. For flights, he recommends sitting directly on your butt during take off and landing and walking the rest of the flight.

Also, Vanity's supply list includes an abdominal board. However, he does not recommend you use an abdominal board and instead says to wear a lipo foam on your stomach. So you will wear a lipo foam on each of your sides and stomach (3 lipo foams total). Furthermore, a lot of people here recommend a lumbar board but Dr. Fisher does not recommend a lumbar board either. Vanity provides you with a homemade triangle to place right above your butt crease that you will wear along with your lipo foams for 6 weeks.

In addition, Vanity lists 5 lymphatic massages as part of your post op care. That's 5 lymphatic massages right after surgery while still in FL. They fail to mention that you will need an additional 5 once home, perhaps even more depending on how you are healing. So ladies, find your massage therapist and book your massages ahead of time. I failed to do this as I was unaware of what post op consisted of and getting my massages done in a timely manner has been a huge challenge. Since home, I have only had one quality/proper lymphatic massage and two improper ones, all of which were spaced out and started way too late. The sooner you get these done, the better.

Another challenge for me has been finding a second stage faja that fits! I am 5'6, 160 lbs, have a 28 inch waist with 45 inch hips and a large butt. I am currently still in my first faja, which is a 2x Diane that I got from Vanity. It fits me perfectly in the hips/butt but I have absolutely no compression in my stomach/back if I take the lipo foams and triangle out. I have one more week of wearing them and then I really need to get into a second stage garment. Any recommendations on fajas that work for large hips/butt but small waist, would be much appreciated.

That's it for now, ladies. I apologize for being all over the place. I'm still not feeling myself and trying to cover as much helpful information as I can.

Before and after photos to come...
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