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OK, goes. Im 30 yrs old, I have 2 kids...

OK, goes. Im 30 yrs old, I have 2 kids and I dont like the way my body looks anymore. I already have a butt, but I want my old waist line back!! So I figure that if Im gonna get lipo, I may as well put that fat to good use. I dont want a reDONKulous booty, just a rounder, better version of what I was already blessed with. I've only spoken with one doc and I decided that he was the one for me. I like Dr. Perry's before and after photos because they look natural. I dont want a fix-a-flat looking azz! I'm a little afraid as the time approaches, but I'm just praying to God that I make it through alright. Any advice from the BBL veterans? I would love to hear it.

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