5'4 135lb Soon the Be a Fisher doll - Miami, FL

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Hey Dolls! I'm not new to RS, but I finally...

Hey Dolls! I'm not new to RS, but I finally decided to add to my profile. So...about me. I'm a 34 year old mother of 3, and a nurse. I've have a decent body, but I'm challenged in the back. Lol. I've wanted a bbl for the past 10 years, but I always let other things get in the way. Not anymore. My deposit is paid, and my date with Dr Osak is reserved for May 24, 2016. Right now my struggle is gaining weight. He asked to add another 10-15 pounds, however my severe food allergies, and intolerance to gluten make it really hard. I pretty much eat French fries all day, and it seems to working. I'm up to 140lbs in the last month. That's my introduction for now ladies.

Switched to Dr Fisher

Fisher Doll on the way!!! Thanks to all the ladies who messaged me privately and publicly about there being a problem with Dr Osak being able to practice. I called Vanity, and indeed he isn't performing any procedures anymore. I had already done my research, so I knew who I wanted as a backup surgeon. Thankfully Dr Fisher is available on the same date I had for Dr O. It's so nice not to have to worry about basically starting from scratch with everything.

Low Hemoglobin

Ok, so my original date to have my bbl was back in May. However because my menstrul cycle is every 22 days, my body was having trouble recovering the blood loss. 2 weeks before my bbl my hemoglobin dropped down to 10.1! There was no way to get it above 12 in such a short period of time. Ladies, I found a product that works and got my hemoglobin to 12.0 in 3 weeks. It's called VitronC. I took it 2-3 times a day and ate a balanced diet. It worked for me and I would reccomend anyone to try it. I got it from Walmart for $13. I got a new date for surgery in August, and continued to take this faithfully. My hemoglobin stayed up and I'm now post op BBL.
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