5'2 Ready for This Booty 5th September!!! Miami, FL

Hi guys I'm 22y/o female. I've been on this site...

Hi guys I'm 22y/o female. I've been on this site for over a year now and I've decided that this is the year I'm going to get my dream body. I like my body but I'm looking for that hour glass big booty figure. I have 425cc silicon breast implants.. It's time to proportion my body. I first choose Dr Hazani but during our email consultation he stated that I was too thin & should get but implants ... That is definitely not an option for me I'll stick to the fat transfers thanks. I then saw a lot of good booties from Dr Fisher I've read many good reviews about his work, only bad ones about vanity's customer service..he has experience with a lot of smaller girls like me too & his price on point. I'm very excited about my journey and would like to share my results & experience to help future dolls just like you guys have helped me. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I will be updating frequently.

My experience wth vanity so far

My coordinator is Margaret. I was recommended by another doll to use her she was suppose to be very helpful & provide good service.. So far I feel like since I've made the deposit I'm not a valued customer anymore. I had to email her numerous times to actually make a deposit I had the money ready and wanted to book my surgery date between 31st August & 2nd September but it Margaret took over 1.5 weeks to give me the payment details for vanity. I was getting pretty upset because I knew the dates I wanted were getting booked up. I feel like she is not very attentive & she doesn't care. The day I made my deposit I decided to call her up, she told me 9th September was the earliest they had I told her if that's the case I can't do the surgery anymore.. She quickly changed her tone and said there is one spot left on the 5th of September & would try to fit me in before that if there were cancellations I agreement to that date. Made my $1000 deposit through a bank wire because I was an overseas patient. After my deposit it took me a week to receive my patient portal, and after a I emailed her a few times about my invoice she finally sent me mine. Margaret also gave me her what's app number so she could send me post op photos of her dr fisher patients. I had to remind her countless times because she forgot to send photos. About 2 weeks later I was very interested in buccal fat removal as well because when I gain weight it goes to my face first. So I sent her a what's app text, it says she's read my massage but still no reply it's been over 1week this make me very sad and annoyed. Why would you ignore a patient? Especially when she is interested in another procedure as well. This is very rude. I will call vanity up speak to Margaret's & ask her why she didn't reply to my message and request a new coordinator next week.

My before pics

I stared at 108lbs 5'2 vanity says I need to gain 10-15lbs for my sx. I'm happy with that I use to weigh 120lbs 2 years ago. My goal weight is 120-124lbs for my sx I feel like that is more than enough excess fat for my bbl. I'm a small person. It took me 2months to gain 6lbs so far I have about 3.5 months left to gain another 6-8 lbs. I'm pacing it out slowly. I have been eating more Thank goodness I love food lol so excited for my sx

I am looking for dates between the 30th of August to the 2nd of September with Dr Fisher. anyone cancelling their sx??

Hi guys my sx date is 5th of september with doctor Fisher I am looking for dates between the 30th of August to the 2nd of september. Please inbox me if you need to cancel between those dates.

Dolls recovery getaway

I'm looking at some RH I came across one called Dolls Recovery Getaway. But I don't see any reviews from them. Photos look nice on Instagram and prices are good... Anyone been here or know others that have??

2nd September Fisher Doll looking for a later date from October onwards

2nd September Fisher Doll looking for a later date from October onwards. Any fisher dolls who have a date in October or November/December who is looking for an earlier date please message me

Dr Fisher 24th October booked

Anyone else going around this date? I'm so excited I'm happy for the change I need more time to gain weight my life has been crazy lately I lost weight through stress. I'm looking to stay in Miami from 21 October to 1st November at a RH would love a sx buddy

Weight gain 11 days to go

I've been having a real hard time gaining weight I've been stress I keep losing weight fml. 11 days until I leave for Miami. Annual leave booked in taking 3 weeks off. Flights booked RH booked ????????????????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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