40 and Fabulous, 2 Kids, " Undecided Doctor" - Miami, FL

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I have been stalking everyone on this site. I am...

I have been stalking everyone on this site. I am so glad there is an avenue for us to discuss, support and relate with each other. I am determined to have surgery next year, I am between Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hasan both are Miami and I believe are at Vanity Cosmetics. I am concerned about the low blood after surgery, that has taken me back to think maybe I want to have here in Chicago near my primary doctor etc...... As I am building my blood maybe I can put some up for me just in case I need transfusion, I may be going to extreme but this is major surgery I need to be as prepared as possible for obstacles that may occur.

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I have changed doctors, I'm going to Dominican Republic, Dra. Tania Medina is the greatest. I changed my doctor due to me reading about the rough recovery. In United States it seems every doctor is big on general anesthesia, well in DR the norm is epidural anesthesia which allows for pain free operation but you are not fully out of it which dramatically reduces your recovery time, bleeding etc.....
As well as price if I'm going to do it I'm doing it all, BBL, BL no implants, and TT with of course Liposculpturing with my butt lift.
Drs. Tania Medina

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